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Children's Book

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FC: Children's Book

1: Faith Vanderbilt Children's Book about World History

2: Ancient River Valley | River civilizations were formed along the Nile, Tigris, Euphrates and the Yellow River. The weather allowed the people to farm on the fertile crescent. This was in a curved shape that was a good area for farming. When the people from the other valleys crossed paths, there was some cultural diffusion, or mixture of different peoples life styles. Religion was also forming where some believe in many gods, known as polytheism. With all of the foundation of control, empires were made, allowing one ruler to come into power. The civilizations started the beginning of order. It began to organize the rules set on people and started to have leaders take on responsibilities.

3: If people had not learned how to farm then i think that eventually all the animals would be near to extinct because they would hunt so much. The population was already growing and if all they did was hunt, then eventually the humans would completely kill all the animals. | What if? | Then i think that from there maybe they would figure out they needed to do something else, and they would find out that they NEEDED to farm. The growth process of developing civilizations would have been a lot slower.

4: Classical Era | Civilizations started to form in Greece and Rome. There was two different types of groups that were formed. One was the Spartans and the other was the Athens. These were referred to as polis', or city-states. Athens government was a democracy. A democracy is a government that is ruled by the people. In Greece, people had a love for art. They would make pieces that showed their values such as, | order, balance and proportion. This famous art was known as Classical Art. The two city-states got into a war called the Peloponnesian war. It was mainly a battle over land. The classical time period was a time of change.

5: If Rome did not fall then they would have probably been the ones to find the United States. They would have ended up creating more of the inventions. Depending on the ruler and if they wanted total control or not would have determined the type of government that would have been used. | What if?

6: Post Classical Asia/Africa | African climate is extremely hot. They are known for their deserts like the most common one, Sahara. It is the largest desert. People would most likely settles on savannas. These were areas that were very open and grassy. The people in Africa organized themselves into family groups. They also created belief systems. The only way that the ways of the Africans were passed down were because of the griots, the people who told the stories of their families. This allowed traditions and stories to be told. Big groups of people started to migrate. The Bantus were the main ones who were involved in the migrating. They created their own culture and way of living.

7: If the Mongols had not opened the silk roads there would have been less cultural diffusion because people would not have traded things to that extent. A lot of the isolation that we saw in certain places, such as China, would have occurred in several different areas. The Mongols opened the doors to things we have now such as the mall and shops because we can trade with other countries and sell them here. | What if?

8: Post Classical Medieval Europe | This time period had to completely deal with the churches control. They wanted everyone to know the principles of the Christian religion. The style of their building were called gothic. This was a style that came from a German tribe. It had more of a harsh look. The main thing that happened during this time was the crusades. This was when the people wanted to gain control of the Holy Land. They wanted to retrieve Jerusalem. The Spanish crusades were when they were trying to get all the Muslims out of Spain. This was called the Reconquista. Once the crusades stopped, more of a civilization took place. People had jobs and farmed and had homes. A guild, a group of people, would work together to make or build something. Just one more era that was a little bit more of a change.

9: If the Black Plague had not killed all those people in Western Europe then their population would have a serious jump from now. Also, the Church probably would have never lost it's power because they would have still had all the people that backed them up. They would have had an advantage. | What if?

10: Renaissance/Reformation | The Renaissance was a time period when people say that creativity was spread all across Europe. Humanism became a very popular thing at this time. This was the study of human habits and humans way of living. Art was also a popular thing at this time. The printing press was also a huge achievement of this time. It allowed them to print out news that they wanted people to know and kept them up to date. Now with religion , the Reformation began. The Reformation was a movement of religious reform because of a persons beliefs and what they think should be happening.

11: If Gutenberg had not invented the printing press our societies success of creating our democratic government. The enlightenment thinkers would not have been able to get their ideas out. Who knows we might have never had the constitution made. And without the constitution there would be no order or rules. | What if?

12: Enlightenment/Revolutions | This time period was between 1550-1789. It is all about how new ideas and advancements happened in Europe, which then spread to the United Sates. There was the scientific revolution, | which was a break through on when people actually started to question certain beliefs that were previously made. Scientist started doing many investigations. Ideas about how the government should be. John Locke, the guy who was famous for his philosophy on people being born free. He also believed in the 3 natural rights; life, liberty and property. These rights are the ones that he believed should not be taken away from a person. When the news spread across the United States a group a people gathered up to write the Declaration of Independence. This was a document written and signed in 1776 that freed the United States from Great Britain. This time period allowed for new developments to come along in America.

13: If the ideas from the enlightenment thinkers had not been taking into consideration and eventually embraced by the colonist then we would not have the government we have today. Those thinkers gave the ideas of having equality and natural rights. The people would still be controlled and have no say in how they were living. | What if? | The enlightenment thinkers gave the colonist an option of a better life and of course, they took it.

14: World War I | Pride is a really strong quality. The countries involved in World War I all were very high on Nationalism. This is when a country is very dedicated to itself. Germany and Austria-Hungary were known as the Central Powers. The Allies were Great Britain, France and Russia. A lot of the battles were fought on the 2 fronts, east and west. They used the tactic of trench warfare. This is when the military would get into these long skinny pits with a ton of men in them to try to protect themselves but still gave them something they can get over to get a shot at the enemy. In the end, the Allies won over and gained a lot of land and blamed Germany for the damaged and cause of the war.

15: If Germany was not the main blame for the war, they probably would have rose back up to power because they would not have lost a lot of land. They also would not have been in a huge debt like they were. Germany would probably to this day be one of the leading countries. | What if?

16: World War II | This was was a violent one and a lot of people were killed. There was a nonaggression pact signed between Germany and the Soviets. This was | suppose to give each of them security of no attacks on each other. Germany turned on the agreement and their main leader Adolf Hitler was beginning to go after certain people. His plan was called "Final Solution". This was his idea to kill off groups of people. The most common one that you hear about is the Jews. The United States joined in after their own territory was attacked by Japan. Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. This was a sailors station in Hawaii. The US joined the Allies side. This was the Germans, the Soviets and now the US. Luckily, the United States chose the right side | because the Allies won the war. They changed some of their tactics and ended up winning battles. They then took control and won.

17: What if? | If the US did not drop the bomb on Japan than I believe that the war would have continued to go on. Things would have only gotten worse. I also believe that the development that happened in the United States would not have happened how it did. | By dropping that bomb and gaining some superiority allowed the people in America to change and live the way that they wanted to.

18: Cold War | The cold war was between the Soviet Union and the United States. The US did not want the Soviet Union to try and spread communism. Communism is the idea that everyone is equal. This war was not a normal war, it was mostly threats. The Truman Doctrine was created with the US saying they were going to support other countries. The United States had nuclear weapons and that was definitely a threat.

19: What if? | If the Soviets had landed on the moon before the United States did, I believe that we as a country would not have continued to explore outer space. The Americans were already thinking that the US was spending too much money on NASA and if we did not accomplish the landing on the moon I think a lot of support and hope would have gone straight down the drain. We have discovered so many more things now, and I am not sure that would have happened if we did not land on the moon.

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