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S: Jenny's Memories

BC: "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

FC: Jenny's

2: The Baby Girl My parents had recently moved from China to America. We had stayed close to my cousins Willie, Ellen, Lisa, and Sam who lived in Connecticut. I was born on June 20th, 1999 in some Connecticut hospital that happened to be nearby. My birth was special because I was one of the few in my family who were born in America. After my birth, two things were quite noticeable. One, I was very chubby. My face was like a big squishy rubber ball. The second thing was my lack of hair. Even after a couple of months, my hair was still incredibly short. My parents have told me that many people mistook me for a boy.

4: ." | Blue Sunglasses I don't quite remember when I got them. I just remember opening my little white cabinet by my bed and wearing them. They were they little blue plastic sunglasses that I always wore. At the time, I thought they were the coolest thing ever! I especially liked wearing them because they made the world look darker, everything looked different than usual.

6: My Cousins My first cousins that I had met were Willie, Ellen, Lisa, Sam. They always lived in a big white house with a garage in the back and a forest surrounding them. After my birth, we had moved to Rhode Island. We always went to there house for the weekends. As an impatient baby, the one hour long ride took forever! Willie and Ellen were the closest to my age and were the nicest to me. To this day, all four of my cousins are my favorite out of all ten cousins in China.

7: independence day

9: Red Balloon Balloons were always engaging in my eyes. They were like floating toys. Ones I could carry around with me. Ones that could defy gravity. If you let them go, they would just fly up into the sky and once it got high enough, you couldn't see them and they were gone. At my old church, it was a big circle. You could never get lost or anything. Occasionally they would hand out balloons. Red balloons. Each balloon was a special gift to me, and a big decision. Should I keep it or should I let go? In the end, I got to see a lot of red balloons flying away.

11: Cold Winter Day It was a very cold winter day. Snow was everywhere when I looked out the window. The sun shone on the piles of snow like there were billions of tiny diamonds imbeded in the snow. I couldn't wait to play outside. I wore all my winter clothes including my huge snow pants and my big white and pink winter coat. When I wore them, I looked like I was a mismatched snowman. I also wore my rainbow gloves and my mom's purple Canada hat. Now I looked absolutely ridiculous but it didn't matter. I jumped into snow pile after pile, made snow angels that I kept messing up because I tried to get up. I even made a small snow fort with a little snow couch in case I ever got tired. I didn't. I played outside until the sun went down and the sky was a beautiful arrangement of pink, yellow, and other colors. The snow still looked like diamonds but softer, more muted than before. It was as if the diamonds were hiding in between the snow.

12: The Alaskan Moose My dad had gone to Alaska for a business meeting or something. He had left us with our tearful goodbyes and a suitcase with his personal belongings. We all drove in our small car to the airport. The airport was massive, 100+ times larger than our shabby little rented house. When my dad came back, he brought back more than just his personal belongings. He brought back a purple winter hat that said Alaska on it for my mom. For my brother, he bought him a baseball cap also saying Alaska on it. But for me, I had gotten a stuffed moose with a long cotton strap on it that reached my feet. He even had a zipped up pocket down his back.

15: Disney World It was amazing. There were rides everywhere my little eyes could look. People in costumes of my favorite Disney characters constantly passed us. I was especially happy when Cinderella passed us in her pretty blue gown. People selling little pins with Minnie the Mouse or Goofy on it pushing little carts. I was with my mom when we rode rides I was old enough to ride. At the end of the day, when the sky was dark, the castle started glowing different colors and big fireworks exploded in the night sky. The tiring day was catching up to me and my eyelids were drooping. Right before I fell asleep, I saved the image of a huge pink firework in my mind and promptly fell asleep.

17: Rose Garden It was a beautiful day. The roses were blooming and covered every inch of the bushes that were in the garden. My dad told me that where we were going was a surprise. I ran around the soft green grass with the wind breezing just so slightly so my pink plaid shirt ruffled in the wind. All the roses were different colors: reds, pinks, whites, and an occasional yellow. When I ran, all the colors of the roses blurred, like an oddly arranged rainbow. They were absolutely gorgeous.

18: Every Year at the Lake Every year at the lake was the same. It was always the long car ride with the sun in my face. There were always canoes with paddles and boats where you could go fishing. I could always count on falling asleep late with all my cousins and friends and wake up to my brother and his friends playing Uno while eating Captin' Crunch. But most importantly, I could always expect to have a great time, having fun, every year at the lake.

21: The Dreaded Piano I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said I wanted to play piano. I had no idea about the hour long practices every day. Nor did I know about the humiliation of the piano recitals in front of 20 people max. And I especially hadn't expected my piano teacher to force me to sing in front of her the song I was playing. But how was I supposed to know that when I was jumping up and down saying, "Yes!" to my mom?

23: ... | Peanut the Hamster | From the hot summer day to the cool air conditioned building, I ran. Inside of PetSmart is where I knew my destiny lay. I had weeks to ponder how I was going to feel once I got it. I felt extremely joyous. I ran toward the section where it was at. I man was there, his name was Adam or Allen or something. He asked me if I need help. I looked in to the cage next to him and I saw five of the most adorable hamsters ever! That day, I came back home with a hamster, a pretty green cage, hamster food, and an irreplaceable smile on my face. I had chosen a small, brown gray, hyperactive hamster. I still hadn't decided on a name and it took me a week to think of the good name. When I thought of it, it was a perfect name. From then on, his name was Peanut the Hamster, even when he went to Hamster Heaven up in the sky.

25: The Zoo The sun was bright and the day was nice and warm. We had gone to the zoo pretty close to our house. There were lions and lioness laying in the hot sun, their manes looking like the sun itself. There were pink flamingos that were in a little lake standing on one foot, dipping their head into the water. But the animal that stood out the most was the peacock. I had never seen one before and they looked magnificent. Their bodies were shades of blues that looked like a night sky, their wings laced with big green feathers that could fan out. When they fanned out, they looked much bigger than before, but much prettier and more graceful than before.

26: I'm From....Poem I'm from the Power Rangers in my brothers room. The ones that lived in a plastic box. I'm from the pink baseball mitt I used to play with my dad near the Two Trees. From the yellow school bus that would drop me off at my house. The one where I would literally jump out because of the obnoxious kids that sat next to me. I would run across the soft green grass that smelled like mud and go into the three storied red apartment. I'm from the best friends who have always been there for me. The ones that I have done the craziest things with. From the screaming on the red swing with the trio, to sitting in suitcases in my driveway, to losing glasses in the deep snow and having a search party going through for thirty min. This is where I'm from. :)

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