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Napkin Dreams: A Book for Kids, By Kids.

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S: Napkin Dreams

FC: Napkin Dreams | A Book For Kids, By Kids. | Written by 4th Grade Students at Hulstrom Options K-8 School

1: Napkin Dreams | A Book For Kids, By Kids. | Written by 4th Grade Students at Hulstrom Options K-8 School Northglenn, Colorado

2: Napkin Dreams, A book for kids by kids/ Edited by Karen Robinson and Mia Cunningham Summary: What kids hope their lives will be like when they grow to be an adult. Copyright © 2012 By Hulstrom Options K-8 School All rights reserved. For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book, write to Hulstrom Options K-8, 11511Wyco Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233

3: When do we begin dreaming of the future? When someone or something inspires us!! This book is dedicated to all who have inspired these young authors to reach for a goal! May they always be eager to look beyond the present and reach for the stars! Pick up a napkin and a pen, enjoy a moment in the day when you can stop and relax, and dream!! The sky's the limit and the future is full of hope! Continually, Creatively Composing, Mrs. Karen Robinson Fourth Grade Teacher

4: Wow! Apple is the best, biggest company in the world! I'd like to work there and invent the Sun Game- a solar-powered glass gaming system that you plug in and enter the world of gaming. Your mind will be blown by the adjustable 3D setting! I will make millions! If I could buy any Apple product what would it be? My choice-EVERYTHING! Apple, here I come! | George

5: London | To have my own sports magazine would be a miracle! My magazine name will be Sports Time Live. In this weekly magazine, I would talk about all the games that were played that week. All the money left over, after I pay my employees, will go to a place where people in wheel chairs can play sports. I will have money to pay for wheel chair basketball and everyone can get their head in the game.

6: “It's a shot . . . and a goal!!” My soccer team finally won the World Cup for USA! Winning a World Cup trophy would be so awesome! My friends and family would scream, “USA! USA!” and wear red, white, and blue! Who knows, maybe someday I will play professional soccer or get to coach a U4 team for one of my own kids! Playing soccer is hard work, but it's a blast!! | Andrew

7: Brice | “Barday, in the shotgun, throws it deep . . . touchdown!! Broncos win the Super Bowl in triple overtime!! My football career: - CU Buffalos' quarterback and winning the Heisman for starters! - 1st round draft choice and be picked up by the Texans! - 5 Super Bowls in all-2 for the Texans, 2 for the Broncos, and 1 for the Cardinals - Most Super Bowl wins and breaking Bradshaw's record! “The Milk-dud Monster” Barday, would be in the NFL Hall of Fame forever!!

8: When I grow up I dream of being an OSS secret agent. I will live in Washington D.C. with three kids. It would be terrific to be in the center of danger! I will be educated at an OSS training center. My goal is to get to the highest rank. Well there you have it -“Max you have an assignment.” “I'm on my way!!” | Max

9: Click, Click, Click! I dream of being a famous and beautiful MOVIE STAR! I think it will be terrific to be on TV! After going to CU, I will move to Hollywood to start my career, with my whole entire family living with me! Being a famous and beautiful movie star won't be simple, but if I believe in myself, I can do it! | Joanna

10: Clay | Touchdown! “Clay the Terminator” wins the SUPER BOWL and also holds the records for most valuable player and most valuable rookie. I made it through the season undefeated! When Sport Center interviews me, I will tell them that “It has always been a dream of mine to win the Super Bowl and that I always listened to my coaches.” Holding the trophy in my hand I would also tell them “Next stop Disneyland!”

11: Someday, I will create some inventions that will change how people live. - bathtub chair-wouldn't it be fun to take a bath in the family room and watch TV at the same time? - pocket anti-gravity device-I could float through the room with very little gravity! - force glove-with it, I could move things around, like the force from Star Wars! Maybe the first thing I need to invent is a wallet full of money!! | Noah

12: My dreams are as colorful as Picasso's paintings. When I grow up I want to be a famous artist! Ever since I was little, drawing was my passion. I want my house to be filled with my artwork, and I want to be inspired by my amazing family. Drawing takes me to a world- a world of my imagination!! | Vika

13: It would be amazing to be a famous scientist at a research lab in Germany! I would be | famous for the “Dorscheid Disease Destroyer”, which proves how important it is to wash away any food particles after you eat! Otherwise, flying insects and bugs could be attracted to the scent of the food and give people diseases and injuries. My discovery would save millions of lives and I would earn the Noble | Peace Prize. Most of all, I would prove scientists are not nerds, they are really cool!! | Colin

14: Wouldn't it be amazing if I was a famous singer? I'll be one of those singers who had a concert almost every night; maybe one like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. I would either be a country or rock singer. I'll be the most popular singer ever!! I'll have the most beautiful clothes (from my very own closet that's as big as a bedroom). When I'm not on tour, I will write my own music from my mansion in Salt Lake City, where I'll live with my awesome family! Singing my heart out on center stage; look out Taylor Swift!! I'm ready for the spotlight! | Maggie

15: Someday, I want to be a famous and rich artist! I sketch pencil drawings, but I love to create cartoon characters! Maybe I could make a museum of all of my drawings! I might even become a professional cartoonist for a popular TV show. If I got a penny for how much interest I have in being an artist, I'd be rich!!! | Carson

16: A car was stolen in our neighborhood and the police came to ask if I had seen anything suspicious. He gave me a badge and that was so cool! He was working on solving the crime-and that makes me think-wouldn't it be exciting if someday I could be an officer like him! I could help people by solving crimes, and go on high-speed chases to catch criminals. Being a police officer would be an exciting job for me!! | Warfa

17: Practicing for my swim team, the Cudas, can be hard, but if I keep at it, I will someday swim my way into the Summer Olympics representing my country! I love the freestyle and butterfly stroke, so that would be my favorite races. Up on the starting block, waiting for the beep, watching my family cheer for me in the stands, feeling the cold water splash as I leap into the water-how wonderful! With a gold medal hanging from my neck, shining in the sunlight, I would be an outstanding Olympic swimmer! | Anna

18: I wonder what it would be like to be a professional football player? I would lead my team, the Broncos, to the Super Bowl as their star quarter back! Shaking in my cleats, I would run the ball in for the game winning touchdown! Streamers and confetti fall as my team accepts the Super Bowl trophy and super-sized ring! When I retire, it would be awesome to be a football coach for an NFL team and go all the way to the Super Bowl too! My statue and retired jersey could make it to the NFL Hall of Fame!! | Tanner

19: Wouldn't it be amazing if I got to travel around the world! I would start with Paris, Spain, and Italy. I'd explore the exotic rainforests and the cold, deep Pacific oceans. Every day I would be on a new adventure and I would take millions of pictures! After seeing the USA, I would travel to all of the continents in the world! Pack my bags - I'm out of here! | Jordan

20: “Amazing!” The Colorado Rapids miraculously just won! In my future I wish to play on the OSU collage team (Oklahoma State University) and then get picked to play on the Rapids team. I want to play for the same team, and wear fabulous #10, just like my awesome dad did! If I am drafted to the Rapids team, I would be thrilled! I dream of living in a big house close enough to the Dicks Sporting Goods Stadium that my family can hear the crowds cheer when I score the winning goal for another miraculous win!! | Michael

21: I wonder if someday, when I go to MIT and am an engineer, I can invent the world's first time machine. This machine will take me to the past or the future! Everyone will love this invention and my family will be so proud of me!! Inventing this time machine will make me the richest man in the whole world! With all that money, who knows what I will invent next? Maybe I will become the world's most famous inventor-even more popular than Thomas Edison!! | Kenji

22: “Bon appetit!” When I grow up, I want to be a famous MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). I would be so proud to wear the French red, white, and blue ribbon around my neck. I would make the best pastries ever. I want to work at a five star bakery. My parents would be so proud of me. Now that's a dream worth savoring! | Tristan

23: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Liam! I dream of being a hero someday. I will be muscular, tough, brave, and fearless. I will save people and defend my country. I also would like to have one of those heroic jobs; like being a police officer, a firefighter, or serving in a branch of the military. I would travel to investigate, save people from flaming buildings, or join the Coast Guard and save people that are about to drown. I feel more like a hero than anything else. Is that the "bat" symbol in the sky? Got to go!! | Liam

24: Someday, I want to be the first person on Mars! Here is the way I imagine it. I am floating in a silver spaceship named Galaxy Star, anxiously waiting to land at the space station. After lunch, I go to the controls and pilot the ship on this new adventure. At last, my crew and I are ready to do it! We blast off to Mars and I land the shuttle. Smoke billows around us. Finally we are ready to step out. I am honored to take the first step on Mars. Who knows, I might just stay until my next adventure comes along! (No little sisters on Mars!!) | Olivia

25: Someday I want to fly my very own plane in the Air Force. I want to serve my country by helping in a war overseas, flying overhead to make sure no enemies attack the base. My job will be to report what the enemy is doing. Flying a stealth bomber at night, I will be an invisible spy doing top secret missions for the USA! Playing on the Air Force Falcons football team would make this dream out of this world!! | Colton

26: Sometimes I have great ideas, like candy that helps my teeth! Wouldn't it be great if my parents didn't say ‘’No candy before bed” or “No candy because you just brushed your teeth”? Well I'm going to invent an amazing tasting candy that my parents will love too! My amazing candy will take away cavities, freshen my breath, whiten my teeth, and I will never have to go to the dentist ever again! Yummy and healthy! | Gracie

27: Like no one else, I want to discover what it is like to live on the beaches of Hawaii and be a famous, professional surfer! Daily hearing the crashing waves outside my bedroom window, I'll live on the beach side of Hanalei Bay. Training hard to reach goals as I take my board out into the powerful waves, would be a dream come true! I want to also create a new surfing move that is named after me and later be a surfing coach! Look out waves-here I come! | Amelia

28: As the music begins, I enter the stage as the main dancer in the show! I want to be a professional ballet dancer with classical ballet and classical ballet with point shoes. At BNC (Ballet Nouveau Colorado) I will train my hardest to become SPECTACULAR! When I become the star of the Nutcracker, I would be Clara, twirling around in my fluffy tutu, while my family is watching in awe! Someday, I really hope to be an AMAZING ballerina and be able to travel the world-dancing!! | Grace

29: .....keep dreaming!!!

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