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Old Yeller

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BC: The End | E

FC: Old Yeller By: Fred Gipson

1: LaShonda Hopkins | May 11th 2nd Period Simmons

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss Is a Lil Boy That Is Five Years Old With A Big Brother , a Mother , and a Father .Arliss Loves To Play With Animals and Insects: Like Lizard's , and Mules.Arliss Has a Habit Of Throwing Rocks At Somebody When He Gets Angry With Them.

4: B | Bird Song Creek

5: In Old Yeller, There Was a Place Called Bird Song Creek. Bird Song Creek Is a Lake , Where You Can See The Sun Set. Travis, Little Arliss and Old Yeller Would Go There Somtimes.

6: C | Cabin

7: In Old Yeller, Travis, Little Arliss, And Mama Lived In Ah Cabin.They Built The Cabin From Ground Up. Every Now And Then Friends Would Come To Visit Them.

8: D | Dingy

9: Dingy Is Darkened With Smoke or Grime; Dirty or Discolored.In The Story Old Yeller Travis Had Went To a Dingy Place. The Place Was as Dingy as An Recent Volcanic Eruption.

10: E | Entrails

11: In Old Yeller, At The End Of The Story Old Yeller Entrails Where Out. Travis , Mama and Little Arliss Had To Carry Him Home. He Was Sick Because Of He Was Hurt.

12: F | Frantic

13: In Old Yeller Most Of The Animals Were Frantic.They Were Frantic Because They Had Hydrophobia. Hydrophobia Is Distraught By Anger, Worry.

14: G | Gnarled

15: Gnarled Is Used Of Old Trees . In The Story Old Yeller There Was a Gnarled Around By Travis Lived. In The Story There Where Plenty Plenty Of Gnarled Where They Were.

16: H | Heave

17: Heave Is To Raise or Lift esp With Great Effort or Force. In This Picture, This Man Has Effort Of Lifting The Weight Bar. In The Story Old Yeller Even Though Mother Told Travis To Go Lay Down He Had Effort To Go Back And Help Old Yeller.

18: I | Illness

19: In The Story Old Yeller, Travis and Old Yeller Had Ah Illness. Travis Had Hurt His Leg.Mama Had To Give Him Turpentine

20: J | Jumper

21: In The Story Old Yeller, Travis and Little Arliss Had an Pet Named Jumper. Jumper Was ah Big Mule. Mama Had To Take Hair Off Jumper's Tail To Help Old Yeller.

22: K | Knoll

23: In The Story Old Yeller, There Was a Knoll. In The Story There Was an Knoll In The Woods.A Knoll Is a Low Rounded Hill; or Mound.

24: L | Lunging

25: Lunging is to thrust or to thrust forward suddenly.In the picture the man is lunging the horse.In Old Yeller they were lunging.

26: M | Mournful

27: In the story old yeller it's kinda mournful. Mournful means that it expresses sorrow. In the picture the face is sad , thats expressing sorrow.

28: N | Nettles

29: In the story old yeller nettles were around everywhere in the woods and by bird song creek.Nettles is plants with stinging hair that cause skin irration.Nettles can harm you in all kind of places.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old yeller is the title of the book. Old yeller was travis' and little arliss' dog. Old yeller became sick at the end of the story.

32: P | Puppies

33: In the story old yeller, old yeller had, had puppies. Burn Sanders brought travis one of old yellers pupps so that she could help them out. The pupp was alot of help.

34: Q | Quiver

35: Quiver means to shake rapidly. Travis quivered when he heard little arliss scream because of the big bear. When travis tried to pull a piece of hair off jumper's tail he quivered.

36: R | Rabies

37: In old yeller there were animals that had rabies. In the picture the dog has rabies , he was trying to bite someone or something. Rabies is something that you can get frm mostly from animals.

38: S | Shoat

39: In the story old yeller, there were many shoats and sows. Travis had to mark all of the sows and shoats. In the picture its showing you a shoat,A young pig.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis is the main character in the story old yeller. Travis is the oldest son of him and little arliss. While papa was gone travis took over.

42: U | Unique

43: In the story old yeller, mama was unique because of her attitude with taking care of her son. Unique Mean Something is Beautiful. In the picture the walls are beautiful , and how they have it.

44: V | Venison

45: Venison is the flesh of a deer used for food. In the story the deer flesh was ate for food by things. In the picture its showing the flesh of a deer.

46: W | Whetted

47: In the picture it show something being sharpened. Whetted means sharpened by rubbing.In the story old yeller, people whetted things.

48: X

50: Y | Yeller

51: Yeller is old yeller's name , because old yeller was yeller. In the story old yeller it descibed him as a dingy yeller dog. Old yeller's ear was half cut off and had ah fat stomach.

52: Z | Zoom

53: When travis got chased by fightin bulls he zoomed away from them. Zoom Means to run really fast away from somthing. In the picture the dog tryed to zoom away from the man.

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