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Spirit of the Renaissance and The World of William Shakespeare

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FC: The Spirit of the Renaissance and The World of William Shakespeare | Jacee Cappelli English 9 Period 7

1: Italian Renaissance | Table of Contents: Essential Question- Page 2 G.R.A.P.E.S of the Italian Renaissance- Pages 3-8 Essential Question (#2)- Page 9 G.R.A.P.E.S of Elizabethan England- Pages 10-15 William Shakespeare's Life- Pages 16-20 Citations- Page 21

2: Essential Question: | Q: How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | The Renaissance influenced literature and history in many ways. An example of this is, during the time period of the Italian Renaissance, many artists and authors came out of "hiding" and shared their hard work with the world. Because of this we have our hands on some of the most magnificent pieced of art ever created.

3: G: Geography | -Overseas trade lead to expansion -Italian City-States; Rome and Greece. In Italy there was an explosion of art & writing educated men and women tried to bring back the arts to Rome and Greece.

4: R: Religion | -Church leaders spend money on art and became a place of art. -Catholics became patrons of the church and funding artists, they donated art to the town. Unlike the suffering people in the middle ages, these people were wealthy and appreciated the arts.

5: A: Achievements | -All educated people are required to create art or literature. -Baldasseire Castilione wrote the book "The Courier" in 1528 -Some examples of artists were; Isabelle D'Este, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Giovanni Bocciccio, and Victoria Colana

6: P: Politics | - Merchants dominated politics - Nobles didn't inherent social rank. - Florence came under the rule of a giant banking family, The Medici's. They had branch offices through out Italy and in major cities in Europe. Cosimo Medici was the wealthiest man around. - Then, Lorenzo the Magnificent ruled as a dictator and kept being elected by the government.

7: E: Economy | - Expansion of trade and business which transformed European economy during the 16th and 17th centuries. - ideas were traded and bounced around amongst different societies to expand ideas of religion throughout the land.

8: S: Society | -intellectual movements in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements. -Humanism -people were expected to learn the arts and get creative. Instead of focusing on government. -This time period was full of color and ideas, sculptures, literature, paintings. It was a happy time.

9: Essential Question: How did Elizabethan England influence the life and work of William Shakespeare? | Elizabethan England influenced the life and work of Shakespeare in different ways. One way is that, Queen Elizabeth actually encouraged art and went to see plays, herself, giving Shakespeare credit for the work that he did. Another way Shakespeare's life was influenced was because this time period was a time of art and literature so being brought up in a time where all of your interests are encouraged and welcomed can help a great deal in the way your life turns out or how successful you become.

10: G: Geography | -Population, around 3 million people. Today, around 60 million. - Peninsula - America's, India, China, and the Caribbean surrounded. - Small piece of land, virtually untouched by people.

11: R: Religion | - After Mary's reign the question was; Catholics or Protestants? - Elizabethan Religious Settlement tried to find a middle way so both religions could be happy. - The Catholics got upset and started to executed the Protestants.

12: A: Achievements | - Women writers - Poetry= Blank verse, sonnets. - Edmun Spencer, Sir Phillip Sydney, John Donne, Ben Johnson. - High Gothic architecture. - Renaissance - English domestic

13: P: Politics | - Common to monarchy - A queen ruled, major power. - Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603) - Political symbolism - had to pay to be into politics.

14: E: Economy | - Trade - Markets - Wealthy men in politics- Merchants - Very prosperous due to their friendships with other countries.

15: S: Society | - Glove makers - Writers - Poets - Artists - Peasants, farmers. - Merchants were the wealthiest. - Protestants hated Christians

16: William Shakespeare's Life

17: MY LIFE | -I was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in April 23, 1564. -Stratford Parish Church on April 26, 1564 - I lived most of my life in Stratford as well. | I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I am the 3rd oldest. | I married Anne Hathaway and we had 3 kids; Susanna, Hamlet, and Judith. -A rumor went around that I loved another women. - Son Hamlet died of an unknown cause at 11 | My parents were; John and Mary Shakespeare. John= made gloves and then was called to government. Mary= housewife | I attended school for until I was 13. i learned math, grammar, writing, art, Latin, and geography. | -I died on April 23, 1616 at 52-years-old because of a fever/mystery -My wife died August 6, 1623

18: MY CAREER | I am famous for my Playwrights, poetry, and being a shareholder. - I moved to London in 1503 for better theater opportunities | I wrote 37 plays. But aside from plays I wrote; plays, sonnets, poems, he was also an actor. | Lord Chamberlains Men was the name of my company until 1603 until James I became its patron and changed the name to King's Men. | I wrote all sorts of plays; History: King Henry VI Comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Tragedy: Romeo & Juliet (Got is from Aurthur Brooke's; the Tragedy History of Romeus and Juliet) | -Romeo, oh Romeo, whose sore task does not divide the. (Romeo & Juliet) -What's done is done (Macbeth)

19: - Queen Elizabeth ruled England from 1508 until the death of King James I of England. - Queen Elizabeth helped make me successful by starting religious conflicts with the country. -My plays were mostly recognized by the Queen and are still today. - I built my theater outside London because I didn't want to deal with other competition. -I opened the Globe Theater in September 21, 1599. | The theater was large, white, spacious, and classical and I co-owned it with Burbage Cuthbridge. - But then in 1613 things took a bad turn and Edward Allen demolished my theater and then when we finally rebuilt it, it was closed along with all theaters, for 2 years because Puritans found the theater vulgar and intolerable. -Women couldn't join because they couldn't be open to mens gaze

20: The Language of my Time | I wrote all my pieces in Shakespearian English, but people didnt actually speak that way. | Art: are Coz: cousin Hark you: Listen, you Knave: young one Stay: wait Thrice: 3 times | 'tis: it is ope: hope o'er: over gi': give ne'er: never I': I e'er: ever Oft: often a': a e'ev: evening

21: CITATIONS | -Hoffmann, Joseph. “The New Oxonian.” Online Image. 2009. Of Pharisaic Humanism. 26 April 2012 -Harms, William. “News Office.” Online Image. 2004. NORC survey finds America’s Protestant majority is shrinking. April 27, 2012 <> -Monarchs, Tutor. “Queen Elizabeth I.” Online Image. 2005. Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources. April 27, 2012. <>

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