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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

S: Virginia History by Zachary C.

BC: This Book is has lots of great facts of Virginia.

FC: Virginia History by Zachary C.

1: In 1607 men landed at Jamestown.

2: Reasons for Picking Jamestown

3: Jamestown could easily be defended from attack by land and sea. | The colonists thought they had a good supply of food and water to eat and drink. | The James River had deep enough water to dock ships. | To find gold and silver and to start a economic venture

4: There were many hardships at Jamestown.

5: There was no clean water to drink. | Indians were all around wanting to kill the colonists. | There was no food for the colonists to eat. | Bugs carried diseases such as measles.

6: Here are some important people at Jamestown | John Rolfe experimented with tobacco and found out a good way to grow it. When the colonists sent it to England, it became a major cash crop there.

7: Christopher Newport sailed from England to Jamestown with supplies and settlers. | Captain John Smith was a great leader. He started to trade with the Powhatan Indians. John Smith said "You don't work you don't eat!!!" this made the colonists work.

8: King James the I granted charters so the colonists could settle in America. | In 1619 government started. It was called the General Assembly.It had two representatives elected by the colonists.

9: In 1619 Africans came to Jamestown. They farmed in the tobacco fields. In 1620 women came to Jamestown they cooked better meals. The women sowed better close,and began families.

10: The American Revolution started in the mid 1700's. It started with the French and Indian War.

11: The British parliament decided to make the the colonists who lived 3,000 miles away pay for the war by taxing them. | The French and Indian War was fought between the French and Indians VS. Great Britain. The British smoked them,but the cost of the war was an amazing $58,000,000.

12: Since the French and Indian war cost so much the British they taxed the colonist with the sugar act of 1764, stamp act of 1765, and the Townsend act of 1767.

13: The sugar act, the British taxed the colonists for sugar.They put a three cent charge on sugar and thing that had sugar in them such as coffee,indigo, and wine | The stamp act the British taxed the colonist for paper. They put a stamp on Paper,newspaper,and legal documents. | The Townsend act, the British put taxes on thing you use around the house. They put taxes on glass,lead,paints,paper,and tea.

14: The Boston Massacre 5 colonist got shot by British troops. It stated by the colonist yelling at then they heard a bang and the troops shot the colonists. | The Boston tea party 342 crates of tea do in to the Boston harbor. The sons of liberty disguised as Indians and the crates

15: The Sons of Liberty are people who are patriots that want independence so bad they will die for it. | Patriots are people who want freedom from England. They are the continental army.

16: V | The Patriots and Sons of Liberty fought the Red coats, Loyalists,and Lord Cornwallis in war to get freedom.

17: The Red Coats and Lord Cornwallis fought the minute men in war to keep control over the colonists | S

18: George Washington Is the Commander-in-Chief for the Continental army. He was the first president of the U.S.A. | James A. Lafayette is a African slave who got his freedom. He was an amazing spy for the colonists. | Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence which stated what government should be based on. | Ben Franklin convinced France to join the colonist.

19: Paul Revere rode on horse back to warn people in Boston that the BRITISH ARE COMEING!!! | Jack Jouett rode 40 miles on horse back to Monticello to warn Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. | Patrick Henry didn't want taxes like other people , but he spoke out against taxation with out representation. He said give me liberty or give me death.

20: Africans and American Indians were divide in war. The British Promised there slaves freedom if they fought in the war and won. Same with the colonists. The colonists promised Indians all the land out west if they fought with them. The British promised to make the colonists move so the Indians could have there land back if they fought with the British and won.

21: Women provide support in war. They cooked food for the soldier because they didn't have long-lasting foods like we have now days. The women made clothes for the troops because they didn't have shoping malls. The women cared for the sick and wounded.

22: Battle of Lexington and Concord. This became known as the shot heard around the world. This battle started the American Revolution and let the British know that they would fight for their freedom! | The battle of Great Bridge. It was the first battle fought in Virginia. It led to the destruction of Norfolk.It made the British flee from Norfolk , and proved that the colonists were hard to beat.

23: The battle of Saratoga. Was the turning point of the war. The French entered the war. The colonists and French demolished the Red Coats. The French joined the colonists because the red coats beat them in the French and Indian War.

24: The Battle of Yorktown. It was the last battle of the American Revolution. It gave the colonists freedom from England. The British were traped by the colonists. The British surrendered.

25: The signing of the Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution. It Was signed in 1783. French,Spain,U.S.A,and British

26: James Madison is called the father of the Constitution. he was a great Compromiser,and helped settle arguments. James Madison took very good notes. | George Washington was the Commander-in-Chief for the Continental Army. He was such a good leader people elected him as the first president.George Washington is called the Father of our Country. He was the leader of the Constitutional Convention

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He also wrote the Virgina Statue of Religious Freedom. It states that people can have different religion. | George Mason helped write the Virgina Declaration of Rights. He influenced the Bill of rights.

28: The three parts of Virginian Government.

30: Tobacco farming drained all the minerals from the soil. Farmers moved west and south looking for new places to plant. As they moved the took their traditions and cultures with them.

31: Harriet Tubman She helped 300 slaves escape from the south. 19 trips on the underground Railroad. She escaped from the south then became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. | Abolitionist are people who want slavery to be gone. Some Abolitionist are people theses next to cards.

32: John Brown was a person who lead an Rebellion on Harpers Ferry To steal guns and start a slave Rebellion. He was unsuccessful. He was cought and hung. Nat Turner He lead a Rebellion and killed 60 white people. From now slaves could no longer read or write.

33: Divided Nation The economy in the north was industrialized The economy in the south was agricultural. | This was the main reason the Civil War started. The north didn't like slaves . When Abe Lincoln got elected president. South Carolina seceded then 7 other states seceded. They did this because Abe Lincoln was going to make the new states free, and the south wanted them to be slave states.

34: West Virginia was made in the Civil War. It started when people in the eastern part of Virginia wanted slaves and wanted to seced. While the western part wanted to stay with the Union. That is how west Virginia was formed.

35: Abe Lincoln hated slaves working so when he got elected in 1860 the south seceded. They thought he would end slaves, but all he did was keep it from spreding. Then they fromed the Confederate states of America. | IMPORTANT

36: The Union Abe Lincoln (TOP LEFT) was the 16th president. He stopped the spread of slavery. Ulysses S. Grant ( BOTTEM LEFT) He was the 18th president. Also he was commander-in-chief for the Union.

37: J.E.B. Stuart was brave with his bold raids. | Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confedernce. | Stonewall Jackson was like a stonewall in the battle of Bull Run. | Robert E. Lee was the Commander-in-Chief for the Confederate.

38: Fort Sumter- It was the first shots fired in the Civil War. Battle of Bull Run- It was the First Major Battle of the Civil War. It Gave his Stonewall Jackson his nickname. Battle of USS Monator and CSS Virginia- The iron clads fought and it was a Draw. This Battle changed navle warfare for ever. Battle of fredricksBurg - It proved Robert E. Lee was a good genaral. Seige of pettersburg- it led to the take over o Richmond. | Important battles

39: Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomatix Court house on April 9 1865. That was the end of the Civil War.

40: During Reconstruction Virginians faced many problems. 4,000,000 slaves needed housing, food, clothing,and jobs. This made many southerners very mad. Railroad, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed. This was a major problem Because there were no crops to eat so people grew hungry. Many rich southerners had no money because Confederate money didn't work in the Union. Also to make things worse all the banks were closed.

41: Sharecropping Is when people with no money but large plantations would give some of there land to freed slaves for them to live on and when the crops come they give some of th crops to the land owner | Freedman's Bureau After the slaves were free they needed food water and shelter. Thats why freedman's Bureau was invented in 1865. This Government agency had food, water, shelter, and schools.

42: "Jim Crow" laws had an effect on blacks lives. They weren't allowed to sit together on Buses, trains, or drink out of the some water fountains. | After Reconstruction Freedom rites were slowly taken away from freed blacks. Poll taxes made blacks pay money that they didn't have. Also they had to take test and they didn't know how to read or write

43: Terms to know Segregation: The separation of people by races. Prejudices:Hating people without knowing them Jim Crow Laws: Laws established to separate Whites and blacks

44: The Economy Grows again | After the Civil War technology grows and transportation was a key to make the economy grow. When people came to Virginia to make the economy grow. Railroads were the way most people traveled. That meant that most stores would be around the railroads. Also in Tazewell county coal was found. Then the nation was back after those long 12 years.

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