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20 Historical Events

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20 Historical Events - Page Text Content

S: 20 Historical Events In Our Worlds History

1: The Cold War was one of the most difficult in history. The US left the war because there was no end in sight and the death toll was extremely high. | One of the Medals given to those who fought in the Cold war

2: The right: The view of the bombs going off from across the beach Below: An actual newspaper showing the event | The Island of Oahu was bombed causing the Japanese living there to turn against their homeland and fight for their new homes | A stone in the harbor. It says that famous line "this day will live in infamy

3: One of the ships still visible in the harbor from that fateful day. | The USS Arizona, one of the ships that was destroyed during the attack on pearl harbor | Pearl Harbor

4: My dads cousin Byron B. Bowden was a door gunman in a chopper and was killed serving our country in the Vietnam war his name is now on the memorial wall and he is honored in that way.

5: My uncle, Robert Mitchell also fought in the Vietnam war. To this day he will not speak of what happened to him while he was there. It has left a scar on his life that can never be covered or made to disappear. | My uncle and some of the others in his troop keeping their morale up | Some of my uncles medals from the war | He helped run the tanks

6: The only difference between the berlin wall and the border fence is one keeps people out while the other keeps them in | The Berlin Wall | The Berlin Wall | "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"~ Reagen

7: A paper talking about the Cuban missile crisis | A political cartoon about the Cuban Missile Crisis | A book that was written about the Cuban Missile Crisis | Kennedy orders blockade of Cuba as Reds build Nuclear base there US will sink defiant arms ships | Cuban Missile Crisis

8: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

9: Left: The bodies of the women who were killed during the fire whether they jumped or were burned alive. Right: The bodies of women on the ground after jumping to escape the fire. Far right: The fire trucks attempting to put out the already out of control fire with hoses that could not reach far enough. | First left: The inside of the factory before the fire. Middle left: The outside of the factory before the fire. Far left: The factory after the fire, the rubble and bodies mixed together.

10: The Sinking of the Lusitania | Newspapers talking of the US declaring war and why they entered in

11: WWI The first world war and at the time was believed to be the most devestating. Trench warfare and gas use became more prominant | The Draft was also used but the still looked for volunteers

12: The Cold War created a race between the US and the Soviets to build the most deadly weapon, (Such as the one to the right.) In 1952 the US detonated its first hydrogen bomb. This lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

14: Below: Yes that used to be a temple in Nagasaki.. Below and a little left: The barren wasteland that was left | The wreckage of an entire city | Few things still stood | The plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima

15: More wreckage. | Some of the survivors | Beside and below: Bodies of those killed during the bombing | Hiroshima and Nagasaki

16: Hitler and one of his commanders starting the salute | WWII Medals won by an American Hero | Battle of Tarawa Marine remains | Trench warfare | One of Hitlers assemblies oh his soldiers in Munich | WWII Memorial | An enigma cipher machiene | Part of the memoial | Here we mark what freedom costs | WWII

17: A mass of unmarked graves | A newspaper about the battle | The opposing force | The aftermath of the Battle of Stalingrad | A map of the movements made during the battle | Soviet marines in the battle of Stalingrad | The Battle of Stalingrad: The turning point

18: Myth or legend. More likely myth. | Joan was a woman who believed herself to be without a purpose. She watched her best friend die before her eyes. She felt herself alone in the world until she was given a purpose. The purpose of putting the King in his rightful place, and put him in that place she did. From peasant to warrior in just a matter of days. | Above: Joan leading her men to battle | Above: Joan of Arc. Left: Joan the Maid of Heaven. | Joan of Arc

19: Women's Rights Movements~ At the same time as many of the wars there were women at home doing mens work just to keep the country going. When the men returned the women were sent back to their "rightful" places in the kitchen. So the fight began.

21: The Industrial Revolution was a time where factories really came into the picture. The Steam Engine was one of the most prominant inventions. The Rest was children working in factories and factories making products easier and cheaper to get.

22: The Black Plague was and is one of the most painful ways to die. Though it has not been seen recently in history the first time it was ever seen it took thousands of lives. It causes painful soars and blackening of the fingers and toes. In those times if you got the Plague you died of the plague and you were quarantined.

23: Rome was the leading power in the world for a long time. Then it fell. It fell due too Terrible Plague, A decline in agriculture, heavy taxes, and a decadent upper class dedicated to luxury and greed.

24: The Great Depression hit in many places at many different times and yet still the depression continued. For a long time all people feared banks and did not trust people and so would hide money in order to not have to use a bank or invest.

26: Along with the race for the most deadly weapons. The US was also involved in a Space Race. Of which they won. | Space Race

27: The Spanish American War: a fight over land | Paper declaring the war

28: All that was left of the towers and the people inside | The Pentagon after Most people do not realize that not only were the towers attacked, which Al Qaeda took the blame for but the Pentagon was also attacked. | The towers before | The Pentagon before

29: On September 11, 2001 our country was attacked once the twin towers in New York and a second time at the Pentagon. In only seconds where two tall buildings had stood rubble was all that remained | Sept. 11 Never Forget

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