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65 reasons we know & love Michele

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65 reasons we know & love Michele - Page Text Content

S: 65 reasons we know and love Michele

FC: Happy Birthday! | I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true! | Michele | 2012

1: Sorry this picture of me is a couple of years old but at my age memories are everything!! | 1

2: M | My friend Michele... You know, the last time I wrote something to a friend on her birthday it didn't turn out so well! Hopefully this will go better! We have been an important part of each other's lives for over 40 years. And there is so much to remember! So, in no particular order... Watching The Sonny and Cher Show with Dick... Dial Finance A driving trip to Soquel in a very small car with 3 kids ("Someone shut that kid up!") Carl..."He's such a jerk!"..."I'm dating him"..."I'm still dating him, but I'm not moving in with him"..."he just asked me to marry him!..."We're moving to Denver"..."We're having a baby!"..."We're moving back home!"..."We're getting a divorce"..."No we're not"..."Yes we are"...He's such a jerk!". (All this over the course of 30 years!) Our endless series of diets...which never quite worked Trips to lots of places...Disneyland, Pioche, Santa Cruz, Denver, Los Angeles You becoming Robyn's Godmother Our Daisy troop Introducing you to our "Group". You thought we were a little too close, but eventually you just gave up and joined in! My new house...your new house Decorating...my house, your house, my house, your house... Lots of shared holidays, birthdays, weddings, births and deaths Watching Jaime and Kimmy grow up together You always being there for me. We may not talk for weeks or months, but you are always there when I need you the most. But if I had to recall my most memorable moment with you, it would have to be the time we went to pick Ronnie up from a birthday party. And then we sat in the car and ate birthday cake as fast as we could! It still makes me laugh out loud whenever I think about it. So that is our friendship in a nutshell. Hopefully it will go on for many years. The one thing I have always wanted to do with you is go on a cruise. I know you don't enjoy them, but you have never been on one with us! Alaska 2013? Love you much, and have a happy 65th birthday! Jan | 2

3: Robyn's BAPTISM | friends | 3

4: S | I | S | T | E | R | S | 4

5: Birthday Wishes | I love you Michele.... Because we share the same viewpoints on a lot of issues, and you have a remarkable B.S. filter Because you had my back when I swiped the Captain Morgan off the room service cart after John's birthday party. Because you are not afraid to be a little goofy now and then. Because you always love what I cook...no matter what Happy Birthday! Love, Sushi Man PS - No wise cracks about my resemblance to th Swedish Chef! | 5

6: Ode to Michele Michele, Michele -- what can I say -- You never cease to amaze me in every single way! Now that you are W A Y over the hill -- Hope you remembered to make out your will! Sad, but true, even though it may hurt -- I must point out, you are now older than dirt! You're youthful figure and bladder are long gone -- As well as -- dare I say it -- your tiny little thong! Try looking on the bright side -- before it's too late -- Things could be worse -- you could be eighty -eight! But there's no reason to feel sooooo low -- Just take it easy -- and more importantly -- take it slow! Even though those pain-free days are no longer there -- I know you're not yet ready for a rocking chair! You're a busy and amazing boss, mom, grandma, and friend -- You're there for everyone, on this they can depend! And even though I've only known you for a few short years -- You've clearly showed me you are someone to revere! You're loving, giving and really quite smart -- Always doing for others from the generosity of your heart! And one thing I've learned -- you're definitely not shy -- Who else could stand proudly at the airport with one dangling eye? With a party hat on your head -- and a pumpkin mounted on one hand -- In front of strangers -- patiently waiting for Greg to land! But before I close, I must state a very important fact -- I think you are definitely ONE CLASS ACT!! | Carla | 6

7: Wishing you everything happy for your birthday! | Happy Birthday! | Hi Michele, I never expected to have a chance to help you celebrate your birthday, just wish I was getting to help you eat the cake! I have such happy memories of my trip to Las Vegas, being a guest in your home and repaying you by "breaking your bank"! Enjoy being 65, it will only last for one year!!!! Love, Esther Schomp | 7

8: "M" is for "Max" because I know I have to work him in here somewhere, and it might as well be right up front! What a lucky kid he is to have you in his life. Watching you two together is really a treat. "I" is for the "investment' you've made in our friendship. By really listening to my concerns and my complaints, as well as allowing me to share joyous life events, you've become one of the best friends I've ever had. "C" is for positive"change" you cause every day through the good work of the agency you lead. Certainly, a great number of people in Nevada are better off because you decided to focus your life and talents on the outreach your agency provides. "H" is for the "hilarious" times we've had together. There are times I've laughed so much and so hard, it has likely exacerbated my medical condition. But that's okay, because I know you'll listen to me talk about those, too. "E" is for the "exceptional" opportunities you've helped to expose my palate. I particularly like the times we double our dining pleasure because we order different things we want to try and share them. "L" is for what we are now; "lifelong" friends. That also describes what I wish we had always been. "L" Never mind "E" is for "everything" I've learned about how to do my job because you are my friend and confidant. I would try to do Johnson, but frankly, I'm old and I wear out quickly. You should have been my friend 25 years ago when I functioned better! Happy Birthday, Michele! Pat | -- | Friends Michele | 8

9: Happy Birthday Darling, I cannot think of a BETTER FRIEND over the years than YOU. I have been BLESSED just to have you and your family allow me to be a small part of it. THANK YOU. There are soooo many memories we share, smiling, laughing, crying, cussing, saying nice things, to other people and about them but through it all YOU are still YOU and I am still ME, and THANK GOD for that. I consider you a part of my family and several members of my family agree that you are indeed a "TUMAN" in the past somewhere!!! You have been BLESSED beyond your dreams and yet there is still so much more to do and see and I hope that in some small way I will be included!!! My MOM had said after she met you and I shared this with you, that if you two lived closer by that you would be best of friends. YOU HAVE THAT GIFT MY LADY!!!!! I TRULY LOVE YOU and WISH YOU THE VERY BEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND Ricky | 9

10: Oh wow -- where to start. Putting 30 years into a few words is really hard because we've never put anything into just a few words. And that is one of the things I have loved the most about knowing you --- we can talk forever without running out of things to say! There's always another topic we haven't weighed in about with our 2 cents. My memories that include you cover such a broad range of categories. You have been there when I laughed so hard I cried and you have been there when I just cried. You were there on my saddest days and my happiest days. We have eaten meals together, gone to movies together, vacationed together and partied together. You are generous with your kindness, your money and your home. You have been my best friend, a help to my sisters, a second mother and grandmother to my kids and grandkids and have offered to be a second wife to my husband both before and after I'm gone. I'd like to throw out just a few words that bring to mind some highlights from over the years: inner tubes Broadacres ambulance ride Christmas decorating midnight runs surprise parties Mexico Greg McCurdy Baltimore Orioles rabbits Christmas letters Each one of those brings back memories of times we've laughed about and loved over the years. Some we've shared many times over and some we've kept just between us. But, one of the best was our trip to the airport with a Barbie doll, a ceramic pumpkin, a small Mexican serape and a pair of rubber gloves. And nobody went to jail! How could anyone ask for more in a friendship than what we've had. I love you, my friend!! Happiest of Birthdays. | Janice | 10

11: The more candles, the bigger the wish! | And that's one big wish! | 11

12: 12

13: Michele, my belle, how you doin'? You were so kind to let us have the run of your house a few years ago for the Wrangler's booster club hockey picnics. It is hard to understand how a person like you can open up your residence and allow fifty to sixty strangers to have free run of your property. Of course, the fact that a large percent of those strangers were hunky, cut hockey players probably made the decision a little easier. I know, too, that Ed and Jan had a lot to do in coaching your decision, but you need to know it was such a great feeling for me to be able to participate in those events that turned out so well because of the great location. Without you this could never have taken place. You have a heart of gold that never seems to say no. Being invited to your fabulous Thanksgiving dinners are also a tribute to you and your kindness. Although we have not made every Thanksgiving due to illness in the family, when we do come, it is another great event--more great food that we can ever imagine. You also have never minded us littering your property with fireworks on the 4th of July--another example of kindness and superb friendship. Even though we do not know you very well, hopefully we will continue to see you more frequently and get to know you better. You know you are always welcome at the Wrangler's Hockey games! In closing, I just want you to know how much you are appreciated. You are like fine wine--you get better with age! I wish you a very happy 65th birthday. You're the best! Greg | 13

14: I am truly honored to have the opportunity to offer birthday wishes to such a special person. I not only consider you a colleague but a friend. You and I began our working relationship back in 1998 when I joined the NFCC as the Membership Relations Assistant. I assisted the Membership Director with the Membership Committee of which you were a member. You've watched my journey and have been very supportive along the way. I cannot begin to tell you, Michele, how your words of encouragement push me on to endure. You always seem to know just when I need encouragement. I also thank you for your generous hospitality when you invited me to your home for the annual "Las Vegas Fest". I still remember the Cher concert that you and Larry Snider treated me to . I will never forget that night as I had so much fun. The picture attached to this greeting is you presenting me with my 10th Anniversary gift. We look just like twins! So, in closing, this birthday greeting -- Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest! Happy 65th Birthday! Your friend, Pam Carter. | Michele | 14

15: woo-hoo! | 15

16: Time to Celebrate! | I love you Michele because I'm almost as tall as you are. I wonder when I'm 12 if I'll be taller than you! Maddy | 16

17: I know most of these tributes are going to be about how much everyone loves you but I want you to know how much I "'know" about you. I believe these are some of the things you love. 1. Hot dogs with as many add-ons as you can get . 2. Babies 3.. Going to the beach 4. Thanksgiving dinner at your house 5. Sheets dried outside on the line 6. Dom Perignon 7. Critter -- a really good dog 8. Sushi 9. Show tunes from Broadway musicals 10. Birkenstocks 11. Il Divo 12. Kettle corn 13. Pickles 14. Going to the movies How did I do? Janice | 17

18: Make a Wish! | It all began with Jerry Lewis and the toothless man. Jerry sure was goofy but he knew we would be friends from the start. Sitting in Arizona administering the Oral exam how could we have know we would become lifelong friends. We were so serious, the AH HA moment arrived when we realized that we could barely contain our laughter and knew we had been set up by John to get rid of a whole staff of people. Sitting by the pool with Jerry grading test (good times!) Through the years, you have always been there for me. The joy, the very difficult times. The time you came to visit me when I really thought I would not be able to get through my depression. Mostly we've always been able to laugh at the craziness of it all. You are truly my soul mate friend and I love you with all my heart. Syl | 18

19: Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. | Happy Birthday my friend!!!! You are possibly the best hostess on the planet! Your impeccable hospitality perhaps is only exceeded by your extreme thoughtfulness of others. You never miss a birthday wish opportunity and you are always mindful of the special day and occasions of others. I strongly suspect that if Webster were going to put a picture in his dictionary of "Special Person" it would be of YOU!!! I am honored to be your acquaintance, friend and peer professional. I will always value our association, friendship and your counsel. All my best for many years to come, Jane McNamara | DICTIONARY | webster | Look up: Special Person | 19

20: Michele | Our thoughts of Michele "Friend" A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place Love you Michele, Rich & Alice | 20

21: "FUNNY THOUGHTS" by Rich | 1. The motorcycle collection in her garage 2. Her - Einstein smart bagels - with ham 3. Free guest passes to the "Blue Moon" hotel lounge with towels optional 4. Leads weekly trips to nose bleed hikes in Red Rock Canyon 5. Her oldies station on the TV has now switched to hip-hop 6. She can answer the age old question: which comes first - the cream cheese, lox, or capers on a bagel 7. She breaks things before we arrive so Levi and Rich can fix them 8. Gets an award for hosting Levi's Greyhound bus fashion contest 9. Larry & Fred buy the house behind her and cancel all trip to Palm Springs just so they can use her pool 10. She donates her margarita mixing drink machine to the church across the street | 21

22: Michele, Where do I begin? I am so fortunate that 6 years ago Fred and Larry decided to adopt me for your fabulous May retreat! It was then that I met such a fabulous group of people that would continue to make me laugh. I look so forward to that weekend every year! As I reflect back on the times we have had and the many laughs and birthdays we have had in those 6 years, it is no wonder everyone keeps coming back for more! Here are some of the fantastic and fun times and memories we have created: Missing Alic at Caesar's Palace Cher Crime Scene due to Marie Calendar's Pie Caution tape in the living room Max aka "My little dude" Birthdays at EVERY function The luggage of 2010 :Hair" by Levi Rich and I doing your "fix it" list Spamalot Kids dumping water on my face during a game Blowing bubbles after eating crackers Margarita machine Body Shots Gay Rodeo Lounging in the backyard for hours laughing and telling stories I could keep on going but I would be here for hours! I just want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come! Thanks you for the friendship these last 6 years and I love you very much! I will see you soon and once again on this very special day reflect back on those wonderful 65 years and the amount of love and laughs you have shared with all of us! Love always, Levi Topham | 22

23: Birthday Girl! | A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. | I love you, Michele, because you care enough about me and my love of carbs to make me "slightly" underdone rolls anytime you are making bread. This may seem trivial to some who may not have experienced the euphoria of your home made bread and to those people, I am sorry for you. I love you lots and not just because of the rolls, just "mostly" because of them. Christy | 23

24: I love you Michele. You give me hugs and really TICKLE me. You are short like me. You are nice. You have fun toys for me and Max. You have awesome Thanksgivings. Happy Birthday, Michele. I love youuuuu!!!! TRINYTTIE | 24

25: 25

26: Michele, Rather than reading a lot of words from me, I thought you would probably rather look at a lot of pictures of me! Happy Birthday!! Casey | 26

27: Present Time! | The reason we love you, Michele, is because you always let us stay at your house when we need a break from the Arctic weather. We just won't eat your special fudge because we know that if we do we have to make it up to you by hauling 60 cubic feet of potting soil into your back yard. Love, Kristie & Scott | 27

28: 28

29: A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. | Michele, Wanted to wish you a Very Special 65th Birthday on your Very Special Day. Enjoy every minute of it. Take care. With Love and Kisses Mike Sheahan | 29

30: 65 reasons to love Michele? I think I could come up with that many of my own, but I won't I' ll just list some of the highlights: 1. Gave me my first job 2. A trip to Disneyland with the Brownies 3. Gave me my first perm 4. Let's me wrap her Christmas gifts (hope that one wasn't a secret) 5. Takes me and my family in when I felt homeless 6. Treats me like family 7. Is a great role model 8. Cooks for us all at Thanksgiving 9. Is always there for my Mom 10. Is an incredible, funny, loving, generous, and smart woman that I am blessed to know Michele-- I"m so grateful that you are a part of my life. I have so many wonderful memories that include you. You are an amazing woman. Happy Birthday, may all your wishes come true!! Love Always, Heather | 30

31: Michele, I am so excited that you are finally reaching "maturity" and a stage in your life that will be filled with milestones you once thought impossible! Now that you have been required to sign up for Medicare, writing those quarterly premium payments until you get to start the auto deposit program, will anger your religious nature,; but like many other things we've shared, those will go away and you won't even miss the deduction from your benefits payment! I am delighted to have been a role model to | show you that by waiting till full eligibility age for your bounty, you can keep working and earn as much as you can and the SS deposit just shows up every month like mad money. Early on in our CCCS meeting; we bonded. However, it seems like we've known each other lots longer; (past life?). In addition to our "peers", whom we chose to share our social time with carefully, you opened your heart and your home to an adventurous collection of friends that has created our own family. In the gay world FAMILY IS A LITTLE WORLD CREATED BY LOVE. | I can't even think of a time together when we couldn't find something to laugh about, and did, even if we had to make it up. We're blessed to have a "documentarian" in our midst, who always produces the existence of our fun loving activities. I hope that as you travel back in time as you visit these photo, they will make you giggle and think of new adventures that we will need to schedule. We're just getting started! As if we needed anything to make things even better, let me welcome you to the "golden years; with pay". Just me............luv you lots, Larry | 31

32: Dearest Michele -- I"ve been trying desperately to think of 6 or 5 reasons why I know & love you...and it's a stretch! I know you because: we were the oldest people on the Green Team so we had to hang together. We spoke to each other every morning for more that a year - what the hell did we talk about? we shared hairnets you were game for "a white sports coat and a pink crustacean" I love you because: we dislike, and bad mouth the same people of your warped sense of humor you like Broadway musicals you're a really bad Train player, so I always win you are compassionate, caring, supportive and always showed great empathy for my medical afflictions-NOT! you make me laugh and you will always be my new best friend HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY, OLD GIRL! Love you, Sue | 32

33: Hug a little, Love a lot!! | Max: Apppmmmm////////Inmxpppppmnbgrw22224678e=hhhhhhhhhhh Translation: I love you YaYa best! I love when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Max: eekuuuiiizppppuuuu00000533nnbbbbbb+98712fwrtyyuiop[!;lkmm Translation: I love my pretend orange gun at YaYa's house. No way Jose Max: mmsdkjhfdsfidsjbfdskfsdkbkdbg3o8ipp[ppoiiiiuiiii Translation: I love swimming in you "cool" I love your singing Max: Kkkkkkkkkge42314577889+hgfdssa Translation: You snore in my "eara" Max: Qwermbmnb vcnmmmmmm,m Translation: I love my Red Hawk and it goes fast | H | A | P | P | Y | B | I | R | T | H | D | A | Y | 33

34: Happy Birthday Michele! I just wanted to drop a few words to a good friend who I greatly admire and respect. When Noah's flood happened in a small condo in Vegas, without a second thought you took my family in and made a bad situation so much better. The holidays are when you really shine. Somehow you find a way, while working 18 hours a days, to cook dinner for all of us. I wish I had the energy you have. So, what's your secret? Thanks, Michele. Love ya, Freddie | 34

35: I met Michele in 1999 when I came to work for the NFCC. NFCC CEO #1 *Durant "Ab" Abernathy, CEO (crazy one) *Michele was on the Board *NFCC had 23 employees *Michele was my friend NFCC CEO #2 *Bill Cullinan, CEO (pretend one) *Michele was on the Board *NFCC had 15 employees *Michele was my friend NFCC CEO #3 *Charles Brown, CEO (nasty little one) *Michele was on the Board *NFCC had 5 employees *Michele was my friend NFCC CEO #4 *Susan C. Keating (crazy, nasty and pretend best friend all mixed together *Michele was Board Secretary, Board Vice Chair Board Chair and now Treasurer *NFCC had 6 then 15 then 20 then 15 employees *Michele was my friend Since 1999, I am proud that the one constant has always been that you were my friend. Who else would put cones on their head and guide a person who could not see through a crowd (even when you stepped on my feet and I could not move.) Paul | 35

36: Dear Mama, when Janice approached me to write a letter to you for your birthday, I kept putting it off, putting it off.. hmmmm wonder where I learned to procrastinate from?? My reason for putting it off was to try and condense everything that I want to say to you would be impossible, so I will do my best to highlight some of my best memories having you as my mama, and now my friend.. | - I remember going to daycare, until I was 15, and hating every minute of it. I remember seeing your van pull up to pick me up and being so happy. I loved that after daycare you would take me to McDonalds to get an ice cream come, in order to teach me how to eat it properly. I now know as a mommy myself that you put me daycare to keep me safe, and you were probably the one who really want that ice cream cone, I just benefited from it. - Looking back at my high school pictures, why did you never tell me that I had a HUGE caterpillar growing across my face, aka, my eyebrows? - I remember having my hair combed every day, braided, wrapped in rags the night before, curled, something was always done to my hair.. That is something else that I have passed on to Max and soon the new baby. You may make fun of me for doing so,m but I learned from the best.. -I remember you picking me up from one event, having my clothes, something to eat, a wash cloth to wipe down, all in the car, only to take me to my next event. No matter how busy you were, you were never too busy for me. You never missed an event, band, softball, basketball, soccer, dances, many surgeries, birth(s) of my child(ren), etc. | 36

37: -I remember when we were in Mexico with big Sandy and little Sandy, and you and little Sandy cheated, just by looking at the card from the box. We laughed so much. Mexico brought some of my best memories with you. -I love how Thanksgiving is "your" holiday. -I love how you were always willing to have all my friends over, feed us, laugh with us, and let us be loud and obnoxious.. I could go on and on about all the things I love about you, and ultimately, learned from you. My most important part I have learned from you is how to be a mom to Max and baby Sheahan. No matter how old I get, I will always need you, for a shoulder to cry on, encouragement, to make me feel better when I am sick, and now, to be my friend. I'm so thankful Janice made this book so you could read and hear how wonderful you are, loved and admired by so many, but most of all ME! I love you more.. Jaime | 37

38: Everyone know how I feel about birthday cards or any card, for that matter. More than 3 or 4 words and the card is ruined. But then again, most things in life are ruined by too many words. I have watched as this thing came together and it is way beyond too many words. I guess you must be very special to so many that less than a trillion or so words is not enough. So my ''little" (or should that be "short") "Jewish" friend it is said that one's life is but a mere second in all of time and I have been blessed that we have shared a major part of our "second" together. I am way past my word limit so suffice it to say----- Holy Fuck, you''re old!! | Ed | Michele, | M | I | C | H | E | L | E | 38

39: My Favorite Mother-In-Law, I was told that this year was the year of your 65th birthday. I have to be honest, my first thought was, damn, she is twice my age. I then began pondering all the wonderful memories I have of you. They ran through my mind as follows: 1. The first time I was introduced to you, Sushi Pier #1 on Plumb Lane in Reno, I purposely left my wallet at home to avoid having to pick up the bill. I figured, hell, it worked with Jaime, why wouldn't it work with her mom? And it worked like a charm!! 2. I have always wondered why I am always the one who is first blamed for passing gas. We do have Max now. He most certainly is a chip off the ole block. Jaime has also developed quite the problem with flatulence as of late. Must be contagious. 3. The time I called you at work posing as an upset customer, because your agency directed me to blow my life savings paying off debt to creditors for an uncontrollable infatuation with internet porn. You actually took this call seriously even after I told you I was going to notify the board. I was very impressed. That is how the Vegas Hub needs to be run!! 4. The Thanksgiving when you were showing me how to light the smoker and a burst of flames darn near took off your head. I watched this as your back was to me and thought that you managed to successfully dodge a huge ball of fire. I was really impressed. Next thing I see is you turning towards me as I noticed one of your eyes is closed shut. I thought you were winking at me, as if you were impressed with yourself, for escaping imminent danger. I quickly learned that you were not winking at me -- your eye lashes were singed causing you eye lids to seal shut from the ball of fire. What really tipped off the whole not winking theory was when you used both hands to pull apart your singed together lids. 5. The Disneyland trip that everyone loves to talk about - how I blew chunks. I had ambitions of entering eating competitions until that fateful night. All the motivation I had left me and has not returned. Partly because the same sad story loves to be told. What memories. I am so very thankful for all that I have in my life, which includes my relationship with you. I know of many others that are certainly not as lucky as I. I really do cherish the relationship we have built. Thanks you for being such a devoted, loving, generous & thoughtful person. Happy 65th B-Day GRANNY!!! Love you, Your Favorite Son-In-Law, Sean | 39

40: Michele, I love you because you let me have a swim party for my 11th birthday at your house. Thanks again. Happy Birthday, Love, Brendan | 40

41: Michele, We all love you and hope you have a wonderful 65th year. We love the good times together. Doug & Sue Brandt Rick Brandt Margaret & Bob Kolar Gail & Howard Skolnik | Happy Birthday | 41

42: Michele, Though I've had the pleasure of knowing you for over a decade, I never took the opportunity to express how special you are to me. I met you when I was 23 years old and new to Las Vegas. You have seen me move from out of state, purchase my first home, get married, get pregnant (twice) and raise my kids. True, we had a professional relationship, however, as I "grew up"" before your eyes, you guided me and gave me much needed sincere and caring advice through each phase of my life. Something that my own mother didn't provide. I will forever be grateful to have you in my life. At times you may have been a tough boss, but you never settled for anything less than excellence. You pushed me to my limits and as a result, I am the professional I am today because of it. I learned a great deal working with you and recognize the great business opportunities you provided me. The last title you had was my "boss'. Now, you are my "friend". Cena Valladolid | H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! | 42

43: I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. | Today Yaya you are 65 What more can I say, You're becoming more special Each and every day, So blow out your candles One by one Enjoy your birthday Have lots of fun. | Yaya I like it when you come over because we always play bowling on the WII and even though you say you won last time, I say that I won. I love you because you have a pool Aiden | 43

44: Michele, I'm so happy to have some space in this book - and more important - to have some space in your life. The fun that you, Larry and I have shared over the years can't be explained - or believed. We have more than our portion of laffng, gabbing, eating, fake birthdays, snarky observations and just simply enjoying each other. The fact that we seldom have all this silliness in the same city deserves acknowledgment, but no comment. Besides our own fun, we've also been kind of a package deal. We have each dragged along our assortment of best friends to witness and join the fun. Since our friendships are really reflections of our own personalities, it has been quite the collection of hilarity. and the very best part is: We have lots more to enjoy with each other. Happy Birthday. I love you and look forward to our next fun together Fred | 44

45: Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever! | I remember when I would stay the night at your house and we would sleep together in your bed and in the morning you would get up early and put a pillow where you were sleeping so I would think it was you. Then when I woke up we were laughing because I was hugging a pillow and not Yaya Love Ana-Michele. | 45

46: I've lived in Georgia for the first 28 years of my life, and had never even visited Las Vegas before my mid-20s. And yet, even from this distance, you have still managed to play a significant role in my life. I've been in graduate school for the past six years, having finally graduated with my Ph.D. this past August. But it's been a stressful six years, as any graduate program tends to be-having to take courses, to do research, to write a dissertation, and to still take care of everyday errands while juggling all of this academic work. And on top of all that, there's also having to maintain reasonably steady employment; graduate tuition, after all, doesn't pay for itself. Managing all of these tasks is difficult enough as it is-but it's even more difficult for someone, like myself, who is on the autistic spectrum. Admittedly, I'm on the 'milder' end of the spectrum, but that doesn't make it any less of a challenge; in particular, my sensory processing difficulties make both telephone communication and transportation a challenge, significantly limiting my options for employment. Fitting a job into a busy grad-school schedule is hard enough, but it's even more so if you're dependent on public transportation in a town where it's largely nonexistent. Yet, thanks to you, Michele, I was able to find employment during this time, at a pace that I could handle, and from the comfort of my own home. Your organization, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Nevada, needed a web developer to redevelop and add new functionality to their | website; I learned about this need via my father, an acquaintance of yours. Despite my disability, you were perfectly willing to work with me while I was still attending graduate school in Georgia, despite my disability, despite my workload from graduate school; I was able to work both remotely and at my own pace. Because of your willingness to accommodate me, I was able to add several more lines to my resume, while reducing the debt on my student loan. And it was not someone in my home state who provided the opportunity; it was someone who is, quite literally, at the opposite end of the country. Thank you, Michele Cody Boisclair | 46

47: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Michele, I have to say that I have a lot of great memories with you. You are my mom and have been since Ron brought me home that one day 16 years ago. I would hang out at you house and we would have Arby's and blizzards and sit and giggle at ourselves. You have always made me laugh and always treated me like a daughter. You never judged me or made me feel less of a mother or wife because of my mistakes. You have an incredible heart and are always ready to help whenever I ask. I hear people talk about their Mother-in-laws and how they don't like them or they treat them mean. I think how lucky I am to have a Mother-in-law I can also call my friend. I love you Michele, thank you for welcoming me into your life with open arms. My best memory of you is when we sat in the jacuzzi and watched Tuesdays with Maury. I remember we had both read the book and when the movie come on TV we wanted to watch it together. Your favorite Daughter-in-law, Patty | 47

48: Thank you for being a friend Traveled down the road and back again Your heart is true and you're a pal and a confidant I'm not ashamed to say I hope it always will stay this was My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow And if you threw a party Invited everyone you knew You would see, the biggest gift would be from me And the card attached would say Thank you for being a friend If it's a car you lack I'd surely buy you a Cadillac Whatever you need, anytime of the day or night I'm not ashamed to say I hope it always will stay this way My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow And when we both get older With walking canes and hair of gray Have no fear, even though it's hard to hear I will stand real close and say Thank you for being a friend And when we die and float away Into the night, the Milky Way You'll hear me call, as we ascend I'll see you there, then once again Thank you for being a friend | If you kind of hum this along to the sound track of the "Golden Girls" it will sound familiar. Although it's not original it certainly sums up how I feel about our friendship.-- you mean the world to me! Janice | THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND | 48

49: 49

50: "Where there is love, there is life." -Indira Gandhi | Dear Yaya, Although I have yet to meet you, I am beyond thrilled that you are going to be y one and only Yaya. I have a few things that I am really excited to get to do with you: swim be rocked tickled travel be sung to Skype hugged laugh know what my nickname from you will bi I could name a lot more, but I know that we will create a lifetime of memories when we meet in April. I love Yaya best! Baby Sheahan | 50

51: Michele, It was really nice of you to invite us all over for a bar-b-que, your house and yard are beautiful. We just thought there would be other people there besides you and us. The Boys | 51

52: 52

53: 53

54: To the "sister that has become my "daughter: (figure that one out!) | You and I have been friends for about 27 years. We ;met about the time we both became CEO's of our respective Consumer Credit Counseling agencies. Our first conference in Albuquerque was our introduction to a nationwide group of dedicated and ambitious individuals that worked hard and played just as hard. We had many such conferences over the years which ran from Hawaii to Alaska to New York and north to south as well. Though these times we began to hang out together and developed a lasting and close friendship which I treasure today even though I got smart and retired in 2003. I now know why we became so close... you are a very talented and intelligent lady but you are lacking in the "direction" department. At our conferences we would frequently head to our respect rooms by going up in an elevator. When the door would open, invariably, you would turn the wrong way and I would be there to point you in the right direction. Frankly, I don't know how you ever get along without me these days! We also have taken a few trips together outside of the CCCS umbrella. Before my husband, Paul, p0assed away in 1993, we had thought about taking a cruise together. Perhaps a short one to Mexico as you were not sure that you could tolerate the possible sea-sickness. However, due to Paul's passing this idea was put on hold until January of 1995. Some of my Bakersfield friends were putting a Panama Canal cruise together on the "refurbished" QE2 and I asked you if you would be my roommate. I was thrilled to have you say "yes" and we joined the Bakersfield crowd for this adventure! This wonderful excursion was later dubbed as the "CRUISE FROM HELL". There were 12 couples in this group and on boarding we found to 10 were upgraded and two were left in "steerage"' as we called it. This meant, of course, that we rarely saw our other cruise mates as they were scheduled to eat in the upper class group and we dined in the lower class!! The ship was less than ready for its new maiden voyage and we found many passengers with unusable bathrooms and many flooded decks Whenever the speaker would proclaim "Niagara Falls on deck??" it meant that water was coming from the light sockets. However, we did get some good luck (after a bitch session) by being assigned to eat at a table with the head purser. This resulted in a few extra goodies, wine, dessert, etc. | Michele Johnson 2765 Westwind Las Vegas, NV 89146 | 54

55: We had "wonderful" entertainment and activities on this cruise such as Zither players and classes in Ambidextrous Cane Walking which prepared us for the land excursions, especially the one to CArtagena. This was especially memorable because we missed the tour of the downtown area because they were having a public hanging that day....darn! I could go on about this adventure but I think you get the general drift. Believe it or not, we have taken other trips together in these 27 years, but this was the most memorable and one we get a lot of laughs from. We have had many good times including a London trip that almost made me give up long plane rides indefinitely, air boat ride in New Orleans with a boat man with the most electric blue eyes I have ever seen, a fall in Memphis that I will never forget (just because you moved instead of catching me). the Las Vegas meetings in the middle of August (smart), your generous and hilarious May meetings, The Alaska cruise with Gary & Holly Stroth (great friends and accommodations), CCCS ;meeting with those dinner cruises that we so loved, and especially the many wonderful people that we will never forget, you being at the top of the list. I have never met a more generous, thoughtful and kind person than you and I know that you reaching this 65th milestone will not deter you from continuing to reach your goals and beyond. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. M AND MANY MORE! Love ya, Nancy Johnson | 55

56: 56 | LET'S HAVE A PARTY !

57: Michele... Remember the days at Dial Finance downtown back in 1972? It was your job, with your blond beehive, to teach everyone (even the manager) how to run things. I don't know how I would have made it through those first few months without you. I talked about you so much at home that Jan hated you before she even met you! (But of course all that changed quickly and you became best buds). But my clearest memory of those days is you coming back from the diet doctor, blood running down your arm from your latest injection, and sending me to the neighborhood market to get donuts! Those were the days! We've come a long way since those days and have been through a lot together. Looking forward to many more years and many more stories! Garre | Happy Birthday!! | 57

58: Oh Michele, I think I've figured out the reason why I love you so much. Over the years you have never ceased to greet me with sincere joy and kindness. It has never mattered how long it's been since I've seen you. The warm smile and hug (and possibly a giggle) that I get from you makes me feel loved and appreciated. Everyone should have someone in their lives that make then feel this way. I have you and that's why I get so excited when I see your face! You probably don't remember this but at some point when I was a teenager, my mom couldn't stand me for one more minute. The two of you had a discussion about me coming to stay with you while we waited out my teen angst. I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to get away from my two annoying sisters and have someone I could talk to. That little plan never progressed past the "what if" stages and it's probably for the best. I'd hate for you to be angry with me and not give me that sweet smile. I'm also still thankful for the picture of Kristyn and me that you had framed from Ron's wedding. It meant so much to me that you took the time to give me that gift. I still have it in the original frame in my living room and I think of you every time I see it. I love you so much Michele and I am a lucky person to have a beautiful woman like you in my life. xoxo Amy | 58

59: Thank you Michele for letting us stay at your house during the move; Thanks for having Thanksgiving for the whole family. You are a very generous person and also kind too. Love, Ethan | L | O | V | E | 59

60: 60

61: Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. | A few years back, during your "no Christmas tree" stage I started buying Christmas ornaments at garage sales with the intention of decorating your house at Christmas time. I started collecting old ugly stuff and after awhile Ed & I thought it would be funny to start storing it at your house and figured it would all come out at Christmas time. Then, that year, you and Jaime decided to go to New York for Christmas. So, we just continued putting all this stuff in your house to see how long it would take you to find it. Every time you left town and I was picking up your mail we would take a bunch of stuff over. We put stuff on your closet shelves, in your drawers, Christmas lights on your plants, knick-knacks on the dressers, Christmas towels in the kitchen drawers, ornaments on your bookcase, popcorn tins stacked in your garage, ornaments hanging from doorknobs, and even Christmas banners under your mattress. We would giggle and laugh while doing it and wonder how long it would take you to find it. YOU NEVER DID! We were running out of places. We couldn't believe you never saw any of this stuff. We even put a picture of ourselves in a Christmas frame on your dining room shelf unit. You didn't notice it! This had been going on nearly 2 years at this point so we finally told you on Christmas eve. It's now been a few more years and I would venture to say that there are probably still a few things your haven't found. But then, if you find them you won't know if they've been there all along or if I have started again. That's why having you for a friend is so much fun. | Santa Janice | 61

62: 62 | Michele-- It is amazing to me that I have known you so long and continue to find out so many new aspects of you. You have this wonderful uncanny and unassuming personality. In most cases, you don't even realize how in awe other people are of you and your accomplishments. I know that I am constantly amazed and in awe. You are kind, but realistic, honest to a fault, funny and consistent. You base your friendship on the true character of people regardless of color, sex, sexual preference, economics, professions etc. Michael and I are clear that we round out the heterosexual black couple (smile) of your group. I envy your tireless commitment to your organization and the community. Let me be clear - I don't envy the hours you work. (You are one of the few friends I have who responds to miscellaneous banter at any time) -- usually this is because you are up and just leaving work! I aspire to be like you and I place you on a pedestal for the person you are and the person you constantly motivate me to be! In the upcoming years I hope you find balance and continued happiness. Happy Birthday friend - Michael and Lisa

63: Happy birthday | 63

64: Now that we've been friends for over 30 years I got to thinking about what was the foundation of that friendship and decided that it must be because we are so much alike. We do both have short hair and we like the same foods - oh wait, maybe not, you're more of a "spicy" and I'm pretty "mild". I love to do crafts, scrapbook and sew and now that I think about it - you don't like to do any of those things. You have a job and I just sit around eating bon-bons. Being good friends, though, we have shared clothes, well, you've shared mine, I don't think I could get into anything of yours! You like to garden and I have a couple of indoor plants -- does that count as being alike? I love Christmas but you're more Thanksgiving. I have a middle name (Marie - it's the same as my bologna's) and you don't (or at least that's what you tell people.) I'm Christian and you're Jewish - NOT! I'm married and you're single. Sports, I love hockey and, oh never mind you get it mixed up with soccer. I have a pretty keen sense of direction and you can get almost anywhere in town if you can see the Stratosphere. There's always the physical attribute though --- I mean how many times have people asked us if we were twins when we're together?? OK, so maybe we do differ a little but the one thing I know, without doubt, is that we share a sense of humor. The laughter has always been there! If anyone should ever ask, I think we know the key to a long and lasting friendship is short hair and a sense of humor. Happy Birthday, my old friend! Janice | 64

65: Now that there have been 64 reasons why we all love you it's time for me to finish with the 65th. It's because the beautiful lady in these pictures gave birth to you and for that I honor her. I didn't know her well but I've loved the stories I've been told about her. My personal remembrance is when we were all at Knott's Berry Farm and she was the only one who would ride the "Parachute" with the kids, so we sent her up! Without her there would be none of the wonderful tributes to you - she made it all possible. Happy Birthday, love you, my friend. Janice | PS - Are you crying yet? | 65

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