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Acorn People ABC book

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FC: Acorn People ABC book

1: A | Is for acorn people. The kids in the story( Arid, Thomas, Benny B. , Martin, and spider.)make necklaces and then name themselves the acorn people. They are known as this throughout the whole book. The book is called the acorn people. Their camp conceler, Ron, gives them the idea of making the necklaces. Spider was the one who came up with the name, ( I think) and then the rest of the group of boys agreed that the name was good.

2: B | is for Benny B. Benny had polio in his legs that put him in a wheelchair. He can still use his arms and can go very fast. His name is on the back of his chair. Ron said that all of the kids at the camp had a certain thing that they did. Benny's thing was speed. He was one of the most active kids in the camp. He was also the last one to die in the story. They never said how he did, But they did with all the other kids.

3: C | is for creative. The kids made a huge painting for their play at the end of the book that was beautiful. They also made a ton of acorn necklaces at the camp. They also were creative when they had to find a way to get up lookout mountain without their wheelchairs. (They did by the way)

4: D | is for Dominic. Dominic came to Camp Wiggin to help these kids get around. He hopes to get a carrer out of this. He even went to college to do this. He shows a great amount of care for these kids throughout the book. He is friends with Ron. Dominic is a conceler at Camp Wiggin. He also came knowing this was a camp for disabled kids. Unlike Ron, he doesn't mind doing everything for these kids.

5: E | is for excitment. The kids there are very exited throughout the whole book and always want to do something. They are always outside and never indoors. The place were they are most exited is the pool.

6: F | is for friends. All the kids and councerlers at Camp Wiggin(exept Mr. Bradshaw) are friends. They like to spend a lot of time together. +Even the concelers like to spend timewith these kids. Their parents just dropped them of this place and they were find becoase they made friends.

7: G | is for generous. The concelers were willing to give up their summer to spend time with these kids who have been neglected their whole lives. Even the nearse spent time with them that she got elected queen of the camp for the kindness and generosity she gave out. Dominic also gave out generosity to everyone.

8: H | is for handicapped. All of the kids at this camp have disabilities that have efected their live so much. Somebody has to do everything for them. But when they got to the camp, they had so much freedom. Like when they were cutting carrots with knives. Dominic was closing his eyes becuase the ids have never done that before due to their disabilities. I would certainly would not want to be any of their positions.

9: I | is for inner tube. Aroan and Tomas are in inner tubes every time they go to the pool. They just float around in the water. But they couldn't do that before. They probably haven't even came near a swimming pool. It gave them a sence of freedom.

10: J | is for Janie. She is one if the girls that the boys met. She played a country record on the record player when they were all danceing in the cabin. She also recieved a acorn necklace. SURPRIZE.

11: K | is for king. Arid got the place to be king for camp Wiggin. He started crying becuse nobody ever liked him becuse of his smell. Now they are giving him a sence of being very liked by other people.

12: L | is for lookout mountain. THe kids go on a hike to lookout mountain WITHOUT there wheel chairs exept for the first part. HWen they got to the top, they layed down and looked at the clouds for a long time. IT gave them a sence of freedom.

13: M | is for Martin. Martin is a blind kid, But he doesn't need a cane or anything becuse he can navigate around by senseing things. He is the second most quiet kid in the group. Thomas is the first. Martin is around 14-15 years of age. HE died in a car wreck in the end of the book a year later.

14: N | is for Nearse Nelson, or Mrs. Nelson. She helped with the extravigsanza and when the kids labeled everything, she removed them becuase the kids are humans too. She is very caring of the kids and gives out a large amount of generosity. She was elected queen of camp wiggin for this. She wears a ton of makeup.

15: O | is for outside. The kids seem to spend a lot of their time outdoors than inside doing nothing. They seem to never run out of energy. They spent alot of time outsid when they were at lookout mountain. They also spent a lot of time when they ere working on the extraviganza set.

16: P | is for pool. The pool is the kid's most favorite place to go in the whole camp. They did a water ballet. Spider learned to swim here. HE is the fastest swimmer in the pool. The pool gave the kids a huge amount of freedom. The have never swam in their life.

17: Q/ | is for queen. MRs. Nelson gets elected queen at camp Wiggin. She gets elected for her kindness.

18: R | is for Ron Jones. He is the main character of the story. He is also the narrorater. He is a counseler at the camp. He came to the camp thinking he was going to a camp for kids with no disabilities whatsoever. But when he gets there he relizes he is wrong. He is the one who wrote the book.

19: S | is for singing. One night at camp they all sing Cum Ba Ya before they go too bed. Lenny X. like to sing a lot and teaches the kids his songs, By the end of the first day that the kids sepnd with Lenny, the whole camo konws his songs. The kids really like to sing at the camp.

20: T | is for Thomas. He suffored from a desease when his musles get eaten away. He floats around in the pool in the inner tube. This gave him a sence of freedom. He has no way fo moving by himself at all. Ron described him as a collapible tent. He just gave way. He died in a car wreck about a year after he went to camp wiggin.

21: U | is for U.S.S. Acorn. It was the painting the kids made on the wall at the pool for the exrtaviganza. It was huge. It played as a pirate ship in the play. It was pianted it the pool.

22: V | is for very determined. All the way through the book the kids were determined to make acorn necklaces, have a play, and climb lookout mountain. The kids were very determined to do anything theoughout the whole book.

23: W | is for wheelchair. All of the kids ecept martin have wheelchairs. They have had them their whole life. Beny B. loves his wheelcahir. He can go really fast in it. It is very special to him at this point.

24: X | is for Lenny X. He is a counseler in the camp and he always sings. All the kids know his songs like We're Marching To Pretoria.-+He give the kids something else to do at the camp, singing. He is a very nice person and likes to spend time with the kids.

25: Y | is for yapping. Spider is always talking. He talks 24/7 everyday. The people at the camp like to tal k to eachother too.

26: Z | is for zoom. Benny B. is always racing around in his wheelchair.

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