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Uno ano

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S: For the one and only.....Peanut Girl

BC: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." | And that was the end of Chapter one in this story. Many more adventures and quests were on the way for these two characters. It's so funny that a story with such a beginning could lead to such a great tale. Hopefully in the years to come their stories will continue to be recorded, but I'm sure that as long as camera's continue to exist most of their stories will always be remembered. | Written and put together by a Grapefruit Boy.... Ofa Atu Ashely

FC: One Year, ilnyeon, un año, Hnng pi, jedna godina, isang taon ,mot nam, en ar | 1 year 12 months 52 weeks 365 days 8760 hours 525600 minutes 31536000 seconds | ''The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.''

1: For the one and only absolute best person to spend the year with!

2: Well this story could have many beginnings depending on the story teller. We could say this story started on little miss Ashley's 17th birthday when the Logan character of the story wasn't even sure whose house he was at. Or when he saw the Ashely girl on a date with his friend at the movies the night she got called Tongan by a really white boy with an accent. Actually the story should start months later on a Halloween night around a giant bonfire with burning Chinese menu's floating in the sky and a simple trip over some guy on the ground. This night also included freezing feet with no socks, attempted theft of a vehicle, and a donut run. To freakin bad no one had a camera. So we are going to start this story on a very important 18th birthday where some one did have a camera.

3: So a critical part of the story was that the Ashley girl was stuck on this Logan kids hair. Long golden curly locks... I wonder if she knew they were fake yet?

4: So it's winter morning,, the last morning before Christmas break. The Logan guy woke up, hungry because he was making weight for wrestling that day. | When he woke up the world was covered with several feet of snow, buses weren't moving and the school district called a snow day for the first time in thirty years! | One very happy Logan character got to eat breakfast that morning. Little did he know that Ashley would make it the best snow day in all of snow day history! | Ashley's whole family, Logan his brothers, and his friends got dragged behind four wheelers in a raspberry orchard, buried each other in snow tombs and ended the day with a batman movie.

5: "

6: this picture was snapped at the perfect timing, Ashley kinda face planted right after. it was so awesome we just had to put it in.

7: So Ashley is kinda sorta, an amazing snowboarder. She took the Logan guy for his first time ever! He's pretty hooked now. We think Ashley tried to get rid of Logan that day because she tricked him onto the double black diamonds for his first run ever. Guess he did ok because he's still here.

9: I think you can tell the two in the story had a pretty awesome Christmas season. Ashley got Logan some sick presents and Logan got her... well... some almost as cool presents. Ashley and her mom would always bring goodies over for his family and they would all play with Logan's puppy's. I think we can also make another marker point that Ashely officially gave the Logan guy her pink and blue sharpied heart for Christmas.

11: Now at this point in the story you must be getting the idea that the Ashley girl really did have some kind of crush on the Logan guy. Either that or she just liked guys in singlets because she would go cheer Logan on and always bring him something to eat. Logan also learned that Ashley has a very strong grip when watching sporting events. | "Ok, how about everyone just put up the ears, do we even know that guy?"

12: So Logan decides to take Ashley on an adventure. Their first quest was to a zoo where giraffes licked their fingers, and they had Oreo shakes. That night as Logan picked Ashley up in her dress he realized he had found a real princess(like really her middle name is "princess" in Thia) and they raced off to a candle lit dinner with live music and then to the dance! p.s. we cant forget to mention her glass slippers that tuned into sparkling Vans at midnight.

13: Higher!! | Color Festival

14: Now of course when the opportunity for free spray on tans came around, the two just had to try it out. who wouldn't? | One thing Ashely and Logan really like are movies Like really like movies

16: Now for some stories. On the night Logan asked Ashley to sweethearts he just didn't end up setting everything up until probably 12:30am,, so he was a little sleepy. Logan had to wake Ashley up to have her walk through his brilliantly set up maze. As he shook her awake and booked it for his hiding spot in the living room. Logan's stomach was a little funny at that moment due to the fact that Ashley's mother was continuously feeding him left overs as he went about setting up his maze for Ashely. Logan ended up ripping some noises as he skipped to his hiding spot behind the couch but was surprised by Ashley's mom who was sitting in the dark on a chair in the living room laughing at the noise. Logan then slipped ,as he was not paying attention and running, on the tile in front of the fridge and fell popping and scattering all the balloons he had so carefully shaped into a giant heart. Ashely and her family have not let Logan live down this moment, and probably never will. So of course to make up for this embarrassing mistake Logan decided to try again and ask Ashley to Prom. Ashely and Logan stargazed in Ashely's play house when he asked her to prom. She must have liked it because in return she gave him the night sky to sleep under every night. Prom was amazing for the two, rollerskating and seeing Austin, Ashley's cousin, and getting blisters, watching a chef turn an onion into a volcano, and dancing in the Spanish Fork Art Museum. p.s. a fun fact for you is that Ashely was wired into her dress the entire date. Bathroom breaks were not an option.

18: When Logan woke up from a drug induced nap after getting his wisdom teeth out, Ashley was there with a box of | Ding Dongs, ice cream and her magically curing smile and laughs. Every one that came to visit had to watch the recording of Logan on drugs and laugh a bit. | While Logan was recovering, Ashely was getting scuba certified for her spy training.

19: Oh ya. Something you need to know about the Ashely girl............................

20: Hurry...hurry... hurry...hurry...hurry... | SHE REALLY REALLY LIKES ICE CREAM!!!

21: Not many knew how bad Ashley wanted to walk on graduation, but Logan did. He had his camera ready and snapped her picture walking up to the podium.... And then she did it... Go Ashley, you did it! But some sadness couldn't be stopped as the Logan guy realized the days of dancing with his Ashely girl in the halls were over.

22: Ashely and Logan even went on an adventure to the land of Grease. Famous stars lined up to greet them and a traditional run to IHOP was on the journey home.

23: Weeks past and soon the two were ready for another adventure. This time Logan was given a challenge... he pretty much had to prove to the Ridings that he was a man, not boy. And so the challenge was on. Logan learned to wake board, do four | consecutive 360's on a knee board, and to be the champion of tube wars. Did he pass? Well Logan received a 2 by 4 inch piece of paper verifying his accomplishment of manhood. He keeps it in a safe place in his room for proof.

24: At summer's end Ashely moved out. To many depressed faces to include those pictures so soon it was Logan's 18th birthday. Finally as an adult Ashely and Logan were now EQUALS! At least for a month and a half. A perfectly fitted, waxed snowboard was now Logan's. The most expensive piece of sporting equipment he had ever owned! Hope he doesn't die this winter;)

25: Soon it was the season for haunted houses and frightmares! Ashely's and Logan's friends Dallin and Adam were preparing to leave for a mission so both needed some last scares before they had to leave. ps- Logan mental note, never take Ashley to a haunted house with tons of clowns, she doesn't look, and then you will try moving the actors and then they will threaten to throw you out.

27: November was fast approaching and with it Ashley's 19th birthday! Logan and his amigo Dallin had gone to the land of Lava Hot Springs for a road trip. Secretly Logan had devised a plan to get Ashley's birthday present from the land of Lava Hot Springs as it was the only place to find such a gift that would be worthy of Ashley's awesomeness. Ashley had purchased tickets to the world recognized break dancing crew, the Jabbawockeez in the Monte Carlo hotel of Las Vages. For some reason out of all the people to take she decided to let the Logan guy come. So the night before their departure Logan decorated Ashley's room for the special occasion and in the morning they set off!

31: And what fun they had in the land of Vages. Their show was amazing with dancing and laughter. They filled their trip with drunk train passengers, buffets, sites on the strip, a water show, a scary movie, night time hammock swings, a candle lit ,midnight dance, and a priceless watch. After the long drive home The Ashely girl was able to open her present on her birthday of constant driving. After opening it she then had to drive another hour to her house in the land of Salt Lake City..... | May i have this dance?

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