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A Year In Review

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2: Hungry | Funny | Smart | Optimistic | Clueless | Nigerian | Kind | Outgoing | Sunny Disposition | LOUD | Energetic | Smart-ASS | Easygoing | FunLoving | Annoying | Opinonated | Thoughtful | Empathetic | Considerate | Sarcastic


4: Funny- I am always able to make people laugh even if its at my own expense. Smart- I think I’m smart even if no one wants to admit it. If I actually gave an effort I could be a straight A student. Outgoing- In practically ever situation I’m in I can always make new friends, and I’m willing to talk to anyone, even strangers. Nigerian- Nigerian is not only an ethnicity it’s a state of mind. WE are free willed, funny loving, and adorable. Loud-Apparently everyone thinks I’m a loud person, but I rarely ever talk. Energetic- Even early in the morning I seem to hyper, my mom thinks I’m on a permanent sugar rush Optimistic- Ms.R says that for most people they either see the glass as half empty and half full, but I seem to think that no matter what the cup is overflowing Smart ass- I don’t know why my sister said this, but she seem to think that about 99% of the thing I say are just smart mouth comments. Easygoing- I just take life as it comes, my Dad says that if the world comes to an end I would be the one wanting to just take a nap.

5: Fun loving- Mrs. Donna says that even when I have to do my job I always try too have fun, like when a 76 year old patient and I were speeding down a hallways laughing at the top of our lungs. Annoying- According to Mrs. Johnson I can be very annoying especially when I ask for extra credit, but in my defense if she would just give it too me I would leave her alone. Opinionated- If one knows of the African squad, made up by me and Brarian, you would know that whether you like it or not we will give you our honest opinion, and most of the time we are right. Sarcastic- I personally disagree but Lindsey says that I am always sarcastic and she can never tell if I’m being serious or not Hungry- Everyone says that I’m am always hungry, that all I ever think about is food, and that if given the opportunity I would take their food Kind- My mom says that no matter the situation I’m willing to extend a hand of kindness to anyone. Thoughtful- I think I’m pretty thoughtful, I remember the time when a kid lost his game boy and I gave him mine to keep Considerate- I am willing to give anybody anything if I had it to give. Clueless- Sometimes people will talk about thing, and I’ll be somewhere in lala land, and if you ask me what they were talking about I just look confused Empathic- I can always relate to how other people feel, and I try to approach every situation like I was in their shoes

6: 1. College applications- According to the test I will get things turned and done at my own time a pace 2.Arguments among friend- My personality test says that i would try to look at the the situation from both side and find a calm resolution 3.At a party full of strangers- My results support the fact that I would just adjust to the settings, and introduce myself to everyone 4.The choice of helping a complete stranger- My results support that i would probably take in the stranger and help them,and that i believe all people are good and won't take advantage of me. 5.Option of Cheating- According to my test, it supports that I would not be able to overcome internal guilt to cheat.

7: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while."

8: I agree with this exactly. This test captured all aspects of my personality. In my life I’m not the type to just stay in the background, I like to introduce myself to all kinds off people, even to the point of being a little abrasive.

10: This results are very accurate. They even use the percentile thing Mrs. Johnson talked about in class. So it must be either valid or reliable

12: This is one I kind of disagree with. I personally feel like I'm not a controlling person, nor do I feel like the world is forcing me to conform. These results would be better if that used the percentiles like the other ones.

14: 1.yeah, because you stay too your word MOST of the time. 2. Yeah(shrug) 3. Yeah, but in a goofy way 4.No because we would not get nothing accomplished 5. 8.5 cause you lack common sense 6.When you almost ran into the back of that car the other day in the rain 7.No cause you got a slick mouth 8.That you just want too have fun 9.Not using your brakes on time 10.That you are very smart and when it comes to allot things you can figure the questions out faster then other students

15: 1.Most of the Time 2.Sometimes, but not with money 3.Outgoing, because you are not afraid to say or do anything 4.No, unless I wanted company, but other than that no we'd kill each other | 5. "9.5" cause we're Nigerian 6.Theres too many to count, but the way you tell stories always makes me laugh 7.Most definitely cause i am a little Awkward. | 8."That black Kid", but seriously your hair is different than mine 9.There's a list, Your greedy, stubborn, and annoying 10. Your loyal to the end, your up lifting, you kind of inspire me

16: 1.In any situation besides money. 2.Yeah because I'm always in class,I'm attentive,I show up when I'm supposed to. | 3.Outgoing enough said 4.Yes because you're fun and goofy and would keep my spirits up. And your African so we'll definatly survive 5.I'll give you at least a 7, I guess, I don't like rating intelligence 6.I think your funny in general, you're very sporadic and blurt out stuff that can be funny sometimes lol, i would try too remember but I'm doing note cards 7.Uhh depends on the party and who I'm trying to impress, so yeah you can be my wing man. You're quick enough on your feet to make me sound semi cool. 8. Loud, goofy, extremely extrovert. Kind of crazy at first.but once one gets to know you, you're a real sweetheart and a great friend. (: 9. While it's not always a bad quality, you do blurt out a lot and sometimes you say things that you probably shouldn't have if you had thought before speaking.

17: care, and you are a great friend. you're optimistic, and you're always there for the people you care about. Yeah, you can be loud and goofy, but you're also down to earth and I know I can always count on you to be there when I need you. love ya Dan! (:

18: In this life one faces many stresses that can rally wear a person out, and the way people handle them depends on ones personality. I believe I'm an easygoing, laid back optimist. When Stress comes my way I handle it with as cool and collective way, in the hopes that everything will be o.k. For example when AP exams come around most people are freaking out, panicking, and are overall a mess, but I come into the test knowing I have read, studied, and prepared for the test, and I believe I will pass, but if I don't I just shrug it off and go on with life.

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