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Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Tribute (Copy 2)

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Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Tribute (Copy 2) - Page Text Content

S: Dad and Mom ~ 60th Anniversary Tribute ~ 3/10/51 - 3/10/2011

FC: Happy 50th Anniversary May 12, 1961 | Made with Love By Your Family

7: The McDevitt Family

8: Mom and Dad We want to celebrate this occasion by looking back at all the times, people and events that have shaped this amazing journey of life and say "thank you". You see this is supposed to be a gift to you, but both of you have given us the gift of amazing travel, friends, "living behind the fence", cultures, driving across the U.S. and pretending we had air conditioning in our car, summers at Herron Island and most of all laughter. We also want to thank you for giving memories to our children, cooking in your kitchen, taking them on trips, long chats after meals at your table and everyone in the kitchen, the best place to be. So this reflection brings to mind: "Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future." by: Gail Lumet Buckley We celebrate your 60 years of marriage and thank you for your love and those Magic Mirrors... In Christ's Perfect Love, The Cerna Family

12: The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is extremely special and I wish and could only hope that others in the world are able to have the same bond that I have with you. There are so many memories that I have with each of you and I know that we share them off and on. We can all say how much we enjoyed watching Bunka wearing my tutu around his neck and sporting the pose that only he could do and of course with that big smile of his. I thank you both for always being supportive of the childhood dream of mine and sharing all those ballet moments with me and my family. It was always nice to know and comforting too that you were always there. I share the memories with the boys all the summers and weekends I would spend at your house and I loved watching girl movies with Grandma and eating a whole bag of Salt 'n' Vinegar chips while we snuggled together. All the times Grandma, you would play the organ and boy can you ever play and I would stand by singing along our favorite song from Sound of Music. It's always the little things that are the most important, the smell of you would trigger many memories and I would be so sad to leave but would make my rounds to smell items, blankets, etc., to enhance the memories. I can still smell that scent that I will always cherish. I would say the most special place that had so many moments was your kitchen. Just close your eyes and think of all the times we could come over. Yes, I still love the eggs and cucumbers and vinegar and would sneak in the kitchen probably more than I should, but boy, mine will never be like yours, but the thought just makes me want to drop in! | I would first and foremost like to wish you a Happy Anniversary and I truly wish you the best on this day. I have to say that I have been truly blessed to have you in my life and Dennen and Merrick's lives as well. Boy, I have so many memories growing up that I will always cherish and share with my family.

13: Those nights that I was having a hard time sleeping I would always know where to find my Bunka, yes, at that kitchen table playing a serious game of solitaire and drinking some fresh strong coffee! You would always give me a deck of cards and I would sit next to you and yes, I do thank you for sharing and making me your special rendition of a child coffee drink; lots of milk and a little, little bit of coffee. There are so many memories that I could most likely write a book. All the trips and those special car rides with Bunka when he said he could fly...and all the holidays we have spent along with many days at the music store and Bunka's work. I thank you also for giving Dennen those same memories to share and he too will always cherish those special moments between you and him. We love you so, so much and wish you the very best and thank you for all you have done. Love always, Corey, Michael, Dennen and Merrick

14: I have so many great memories of you Grandma and Grandpa but there are a few that always come to mind when I think of you. What an awesome experience going to the Kingdome and seeing the Seattle Seahawks and getting my first jersey and jacket! I remember a trip to California to meet so many relatives in Modesto - aunts, uncles and cousins. Your hot tub was great and I spent alot of time in there. Another trip as a child was to Davenport and Walla Walla where I actually ate an onion like an apple. The fun times continued as I grew up. A trip to Las Vegas at Christmas with my family and another when Corey and Dennen were also there. Such special times. Denise, Marcus and Zachary were also so happy to be able to spend some time with you while I was out to sea...it was a very great time for them. There isn't enough time or space to write down everything but Denise, the boys and I really love you and cherish all of our times together. What will be remembered the most is your warmth, love and generosity. That's the best part of you Grandma and Grandpa...We love and appreciate you so much! Happy 60th Anniversary With Love, John & Family

15: I have two memories that I always will look back on and cherish. The first is the magic van. I remember when Corey and I used to get really excited to go to Moses Lake and visit our grandparents. I would wait for them to arrive and pick us up in their magic van. To me it was a Magic Van! I would get in this huge comfy van that was filled with familiarity and that certain scent that instantly would make you feel at home. Then when the doors would shut, Grandpa and Grandma would tell me that we would fly to their house. I always believed them as it never failed, I would get in and in about ten minutes I would fall asleep. When I would wake it felt like only minutes had passed. So when they said they flew in the magic van I knew it must be true! I loved that, I thought it was real. What I love more is, as a mother, I watch little magical moments where their little eyes look to you as if you can make magic happen. It always makes me think of the magic van! Another wonderful memory is the first time I saw a beauty pageant at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It must have been in the 80's as I specifically recall the hair being rather teased and large with huge amounts of make-up on these beautiful women. To me, this was so special. I remember the Chariots of Fire song and this amazing woman walking across hot glass as her talent. I was totally infatuated with this new world of beauty and gowns and all the fantasy around this. Grandma knew right away I was hooked so she taped it for me so I could relive the magic. I then carried this passion that started with my grandparents. Something I shared with them and loved to sit in their living room and be transported away to my dreams of what I wanted to be one day. They believed in me, that I could, and encouraged me from the first moment they saw my eyes sparkle with happiness when I watched the very first one. I never became Miss USA or Miss America, but that poise I saw and the dedication to practicing talent and showing how graceful you can be, stayed with me always and I tried to be like that always. I now share those same moments with my girls and will encourage them to do the same, believe in yourself and the power that knowing magic can happen, with the love and support of family.Thank you both for those memories, they are so important to me. You had such an impact on my life as a young girl. Thank you for the lovely magical moments. Love, Jill

16: The Smith & Cleghorn Family

17: While growing up, Diane and I had so many adventures on our cross-country and out of country treks. That lifestyle prepared us for life in so many ways. We grew up learning about diversity and how to be grateful for what we had. I fondly remember the permanents in Spain and Dad using his new golf clubs to chase out a Moroccan that was in our yard Christmas Eve in Morocco. And who can forget Fatna Omar (Nanna) and her ironing (or lack thereof) outfit! I remember how | many hours you both put into Job's Daughters and the long limo car that Dad borrowed to take a bunch of us to Wenatchee for a visitation. I think one of my favorite memories was the weekends we spent at the Island... Gram's breakfasts, Pierre the squirrel, beach parties, house parties, the outhouse and Mom's water-skiing adventure. In my adult years there were also great memories but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is the time we were all at a mall in San Diego and Mom and I walking away with a total stranger to do a survey....Saran Wrap??? I still laugh uncontrollably thinking about it! When we adopted Bobby you were so supportive and welcomed him into your hearts at first sight. You took him to Las Vegas and showered him with love and affection and I remember him saying how much he wanted to go back to spend more time. When Bobby became a father, you showered his family with the same love and affection. After Michael entered my life you welcomed him into your hearts as well and treated him like a son. He has never forgotten how scared he was of Dad because he was retired military. He has never considered you in-laws, and his love for you is as strong as mine. Through our ten years of marriage we have collected wonderful memories with you. I remember the time we surprised you at the Klondike (4 of a kind contest - across the miles) and Mom, you cried and Dad, you almost fell out of your chair. We so enjoy surprising you with visits and we look forward to many, many more! Our vacation up North was the best memory of all, spending that much time with you, seeing the sights (deer?), and visiting friends and family along the way. The stop in Walla Walla was so very special. Being able to see and go into Nannie and Poppie's house was so heartwarming; and to see the trees they had planted in their yard so many years ago, standing there so beautiful. You have set an example for us to live by and we all love you so very much. In closing, this is our prayer for you: Heavenly Father, please bless our parents on this, their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Bless them with the unending love, compassion, understanding and comfort they have so selflessly bestowed upon us. Father, help us remain forever grateful for the many sacrifices and life lessons they have given us and help us to follow their example of a marriage that is based upon love, fidelity and most importantly faith in You. Amen.

21: I will always remember playing Yahtzee with you both and going and staying with you in Las Vegas. I loved hearing the stories of when you were younger and all the places you went. One of the first memories was that when I went over to Las Vegas for the first time and you asked me if I could read the sign "ZZXYZ" on the highway. My sister Bonnie and I enjoyed our visit when we were totally spoiled and taken to the Excaliber and Circus Circus and hanging out at the pool. I apologize to you Grandma, for embarrassing you at the pool with my question about "you know what"! I remember the day I got adopted and you gave me my first Bible. I had so many fun times with you as a child and as an adult and you always were there to give me good advice and support. I am so happy that before I moved to Michigan you were able to meet Shannan and MaKenzee. I hope someday you will be able to meet Madalynn too. We love you Grandma and Grandpa, you've been and always will be a special and important part of our lives. Happy 60th Anniversary! Bobby, Shannan, MaKenzee & Madalynn

22: More Memories More Love

23: My memories of you both are treasured. I am not sure but either I was there or I saw a picture of you, Uncle Harold, in uniform sitting behind a desk. For years that picture was embedded in my memory, I knew I wanted to be like you. My Dad, Grandma and Mom all encouraged me to follow in your footsteps. I can remember some of the trips to Washington and how you, Aunt Helen, were the sweetest. You seemed to truly enjoy having us around and letting us get away with things that Dad never would. (Like throwing rolls at the dinner table!). When I finally entered the Air Force, I realized how hard it really was to make it to the top ranks. I started to doubt I would ever reach the rank of MSgt. The summer of 1991 I was notified that I would be moving to Las Vegas. Little did I know how truly special that tour would be. I arrived in January of 1991 with my girlfriend, Edie, and 3 year old Tamra and 3 week old Elizabeth in tow. One year later it was you, Uncle Harold, who walked Edie down the aisle while you, Aunt Helen, were Edie's Matron of Honor at our wedding. You were both there at the beginning of our relationship and have helped us throughout all of our 19+ years together in more ways than I can count. I cried the day I finally made MSgt and you were one of the first people to know. I called and before I could say it, Uncle Harold, you said you knew. I will never, ever, forget that moment. Today I enjoy my business trips out to Las Vegas which gives me the chance to sit and listen to you tell stories. Thank You Uncle Harold and Aunt Helen, I am what I am today because of you! | Happy Anniversary! Love You Both, Steve, Edie & Family

24: My favorite memory is when you came to visit in 2009. We sat at the table and talked and talked. Although the time was short, I really enjoyed it. Love you both! Sherry | Rick and Colleen also want to wish you a Happy 60th Anniversary! | I have so many fond memories of you two wonderful people going way back to England. I recall several times our families were together enjoying each others company. When I think of our relationship and sum it up, I come up with friendship, joy and compassion. Our family is so blessed to have you two in our lives and we cherish our memories. Have a very special anniversary! Love, Dick

25: After I had Katie, you sent such a special gift to her and each of her sisters. They were the most beautiful pewter plaques. On each one there is a picture of a little girl and she is kneeling and praying in front of a large cross. Each girls name and birth date is printed on each plaque. They are absolutely beautiful and the girls just love them. They each have them in their rooms sitting out where they can see them. Every time we look at them we think of you and your kind and loving hearts and generous spirits. We feel so loved and so thankful for these special gifts that remind us of such special people. We love you very much. What a blessing you are in our lives. The last time you came out for a visit was the first John and some of the girls got to meet you. They all adored you. John actually held back tears when meeting you, Helen, because you reminded him so much of a very special person in his life, named June. She was like another mother to him. He said that he couldn't believe how loved he felt just by being in the presence of you both. We all truly enjoyed getting to spend time with you and just wished it didn't go by so fast. We hope to get to see you again really soon. We love you guys! Happy Anniversary! John, Amy, Kaylee, Karissa, Kyla, Khloe, Karly and Katie

27: When we look back over the years, we are so blessed to have you. We have called you Mom and Dad since we were teenagers who were just starting to date in 1979. I began to work for you at Casey Music and you were my biggest cheering squad when I ran for Miss Moses Lake. You believed in me when my own family didn't. You treated me as your own daughter and I love you for it. After having won the crown against all odds, I ran into considerable opposition from the people who worked on the MML Committee, who would bypass my holding the title and call on former MML's to take my place for events. Helen, you found out about them not backing me and set up a meeting and gave them the riot act and made things change. You were like my Mama Bear. You went to bat for me when I didn't know how. Jeff and I probably owe it to you for how our lives have turned out due to you, Mom, for taking it into your own hands after our break-up in 1983. You told me to go get a book out of the piano practice room and once inside the room you locked the room, unknown to me that Jeff was inside. You said, "I will let you out when you two resolve this". We ended up married in 1984 and now we can blame you for all that came of it! We have had wonderful trips to Las Vegas, mostly when we lived in Arizona. We treasure the visit you made to our home in Sierra Vista with Roni who died shortly after that trip. We took you to Tombstone and other places to see in the area we lived and you always took time for us when we visited and showed us the town of Vegas as no one else could. We even got kicked off the street/grounds of Sigfreid and Roy's residence when we did a "Who's Who" tour, courtesy of Dad. Now we had arrived! Our son, Thomas, will always think of you as grandparents as you always were there for him. You both guided him and Dad, you guided him as to what was expected and what it took to be an honorable young man. We obviously love and adore you Mom and Dad. Even though we don't get to see or talk enough, and at times go for long times of not having spoken, it is never taken for granted the friendship and love. You will always be points of light that guided us and we wish you the very best of this special occasion and praise God for having put you into our lives. Happy 60th Anniversary and God Bless You! Jeff, Sharon and Thomas

29: We were in Las Vegas in our motorhome in 1993 or 1994 and decided to go to Sam's to play bingo. Sitting across the table were two so friendly people, and we started chatting. Just had a ball, lots of laughs. We met Harold and Helen! We had lots of times there together, lots of bingos and lots of fun. We were invited to their house and Helen and I couldn't believe it, across all those miles from Florida to Nevada she and I had on the same blouse, the same day, with no planning whatsoever! We were making ourselves beautiful in the bathroom and we both got out our make-up and Lo and Behold...we both used the same brand of make-up! We were laughing about all of this and we both wondered if we had the same underwear on....we just cracked up! BUT, we looked and we DID! White undies from Sears. We decided at that time we were really true sisters! Time went by and we corresponded, talked about our families, etc. We invited them to come stay with us in Florida and luckily in November of 1996 they did. We put up our Christmas tree, bought small presents for them, decorated the house and had a surprise Christmas early for them. We called our son Joe and we took a ride over to the East coast of Florida and visited him at his home. Our son loves Helen and Harold and still does. Then we decided to go on a cruise. Wow what fun!!!! We had so many wild and crazy adventures while on and off the ship! We went on a shore trip to St. Croix and our bus broke down (see us hitching a ride in the photo). All the people involved in the breakdown got together and made up a song and sang it at the ship's talent show and got a standing ovation! We visited again in Las Vegas and Harold played tour guide once more. We even got to meet Patti and Mike whom we dearly love but don't get to see that often as we don't get to see our dear Sis and Brother...but the love is there and the closeness will never be gone...ever. So, I'm writing this, along with so much love to the both of you, such special times, and no matter where we are, no one can ever take the wonderful memories that we shared away from us. Joe and I wish you a Happy 60th anniversary. I would give anything to be there on March 10, 2011; but although our love and caring for each other crosses the miles, we all know it will be there and last forever. God Bless you both, sending you more love than can ever be explained in this letter and sincere thank-you's for God letting us meet, and God letting us share wonderful times together. With all my love, Lil Sis Marlene

30: Wow! What a challenge! How to condense 67 years of friendship and wonderful memories into a page or two. In the early summer of 1943 my family moved to Washington. The war was on and it was easy to find a job so I found work packing cherries at Stadelmen's Fruit Company. Helen lived in Walla Walla and also found a job there. We became acquainted. The more we talked the more we found we had in common. We were both 15, both going to be Juniors in high school, both loved roller skating, both wanted to be nurses, etc., etc. This was the beginning of a fantastic friendship. Helen would come and spend weekends with me and I would go and spend some weekends with her. Her parents were so kind and warm and made everyone welcome in their home. There was an | Army Air Force base in Walla Walla and a Navy Training Base in Pasco. We met a lot of really nice boys who were in the service and had so much fun and many laughs with them. Times were simpler then, morals were high. The boys treated us with courtesy and respect. They were just looking for companionship and fun on their few days off from training. I have wondered so often what happened to all of them in the ensuing years - which ones made it home from the war. Helen and I took some short trips to Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Ogden and Salt Lake City and we thought we were so sophisticated staying in hotels and shopping in the big cities. We had picnics at Langon Lake and spent a ski weekend up there and got snowed in for a few days. We spent a few days in Pendleton...Helen and another friend Joanie stayed with Jean and I stayed with my Aunt Mable. We met 3 boys who were in a bomber crew at the air base there ~ Danny, Jack and Milton. We had some really fun times with them. Afterwards I received a really sweet letter from Danny thanking us for the good memories they had. Our sophomore year in college we went to Cheney and roomed together along with Jean and Jannette. We double dated with Joe and Georgie who were good friends. Oh! The memories of those days. I ended up marrying Joe, who had a wonderful smile and sense of humor. Helen knew Georgie was not "Mr. Right" so she waited until she met Harold. They seemed to be a perfect match.

31: Our lives took different paths after we married. Helen and Harold lived an interesting and exciting life in the Air Force and Joe and I were teachers. We were all busy raising our families and earning a living. We wouldn't see each other for months or even years at a time but, each time we did our friendship was the same...never an awkward moment. I have often wondered what it is that makes a friendship like ours. We have both met thousands of people through the years and made many other good friends. But no other friendship in my life has been so special, so endearing, so lasting, so rewarding as the one we share. Helen is truly more like a sister to me than a friend. Knowing her has truly enriched my life. I am so pleased she met and married Harold. They do seem to be the perfect match. We are now in the "Twilight" years of our lives. Looking back over the years I feel we were both truly blessed. We both had wonderful parents, good husbands, successful marriages, children to be proud of and a lifetime of happy memories. Congratulations on 60 wonderful years of marriage! My love and best wishes are with you always! Love, Nonie Manning Charles

32: One of my life's greatest experiences and lifelong relationships began in December 1975 when as a young girl I was enveloped in the Swear family as "one of their own". I was involved in the Lion's Club Youth Exchange Program that took me to the United States to live with an American family. Destiny provided me the CROWN JEWEL. My host family was from Moses Lake, Washington and my new "Mom and Dad" were Helen and Harold. To this day, Mom and Dad #2 and Patti are three of the most important and constant people in my life. In 35 years, though we have spent far less than a year (in total) in each other's company, the heart is another matter; they are always there. Looking back at the photographs of that wonderful time, pure joy is what I see. What I remember is laughter, lots and lots of laughter, mischievous fun, warmth, generosity and boundless love. A couple of incidents stand out in my memory from that very first time together, little things that I have not forgotten: 1) On the way home to Moses Lake from the airport, we stopped at a restaurant. I remember ordering pancakes which astonishingly were served with bacon, something I had never seen before. To this day I love the sweet taste of the maple syrup together with the salty flavour of the crispy bacon, a treat which takes me back to that dark, late, chilly winter's night so long ago. 2) During that six weeks (and any time I have visited since), Mom #2 has the ironing board up at the ready for me. I never wore anything that wasn't ironed within an inch of its life. They've not seen me at all in the last twenty years so I'd like them to know I have relaxed in that regard! 3) The incident of the "talking toilet", when their grandson Johnny, then only six years old, together with I think perhaps Dad #2 (a more experienced prankster) attached some device to the toilet seat. For hours Johnny kept pestering me, "don't you need to go potty"?, until he was rewarded when I finally did oblige. I sat myself down (completely unaware) on the seat when this deep voice from below called "Hey, we're working down here!". Johnny was beside himself with laughter. I have never forgotten that day; I wonder if he remembers. 4) Finally from that trip I think my favourite memory was the day Patti and I snuck a Pregnancy Testing Kit into Mom #2's shopping trolley. When she put it on the counter amongst her groceries she was mortified. How times have changed!

33: In 1982, I returned to the United States on another exchange, this time as a teacher in the East Bay area of San Francisco. I was extremely excited but nervous about the prospect, the first time I had left home for such an extended period. Mom #2, Dad #2 and Patti flew down from Moses Lake to meet me in San Francisco and help me settle into my home for the year. They were a wonderful support not only then, but through that year and I was very fortunate to be able to call on them when I was homesick and visit them on many occasions during my exchange. In the summer, my mother and sister flew over from Australia to meet up with me and so they, too, were privileged to experience the "by now famous" Swear hospitality. As a part of a year's reprieve from teaching in 1985, I traveled the world again returning to the United States to spend the last third of my sojourn amongst dear friends. This was the last time I visited Moses Lake but my memories of so many happy times spent there are burned into my soul. I have not seen Mom and Dad #2 or Patti since Christmas of 1990 when I made my last trip to the United States. By then Mom and Dad#2 were living in Las Vegas and I visited them with my mother. They again showered us with love and affection and "led us - just a little bit astray" on the occasional casino visit. Twenty years have now passed - where did the time go? So much has happened in that time on our opposite sides of the world; good health, bad health, laughter, tears, unimaginable joy and impossible grief. We keep touch by email and telephone as much as we can with the "busyness" that fills our day-to-day lives. It is never enough for me and I wish I lived nearby enough that I could just call in "for a cup of tea" but here I am in Sydney, thousands of kilometres away and the circumstances of our lives have kept us physically apart. But despite this, they are here with me, every minute of my day, every day of my life, warm and cozy in my heart. Darling Helen and Harold - My Mom and Dad #2: "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand." Happy 60th Anniversary! You inspire me! I Love You! Your Aussie Daughter Kerrie P.S. I love you too! Poppy (lick, lick!)

34: My memories of you are too numerous to recount. This I do know, however, I love you both and admire you for your sense of humor. Harold I admire your kind heart hidden under that stoic demeanor, and Helen, for your sincerity and appreciation for the humor in life. Both of you are beloved relatives. Your hearts are filled with kindness and compassion and I treasure our relationship. Happy Anniversary with Love, Fred & Ellen | Helen and Harold, we so much enjoyed the Thanksgiving we shared a few years ago. We still laugh about that wild and crazy game of Pictionary! What a riot!!! We knew when we first met we'd love you both, you are warm and so much fun to be around. Thank you so much for the crocheted blanket you gave us that year and for the newest one. Now we don't have to fight over them. We hope to see you sometime in the future..we plan on coming over with Patti and Mike. Happy 60th! You guys are awesome! Bob & Susan

35: The year was 1965 and I had just left Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington and moved 110 miles away from all of my friends. I met a friend by walking around Larson Air Force Base and going to the swimming pool to stay cool in the desert temperatures. That friend was Diane Swear and little did I know that we would become lifelong friends. I was so intrigued by the Swear's and their piano playing poodle named Pixie. I think they started my love of animals and in particular, dogs. They treated them like a family member and that began my incessant pleading for a dog to my own parents. We left Larson AFB a year later, I with a true friend forever and a dog! I have had a dog ever since. Thank you Harold and Helen for giving me such a wonderful friend that is more like a sister and for sharing your love for your family pets. They both have enriched my life forever. Sharon Smith Adams, Birk, Zoey the Pug and Baily the Golden Doodle. | We had such a good time with you during our vacation in Las Vegas. The one thing we both remember vividly is when you took us out to see the sights around town and you always took water to hand out to the homeless people we say. What an inspiration! Happy Anniversary and We Love You! George & Georgetta

36: We went down to spend time with Vada on her birthday and it was special because we shared it with you and Ray who flew in from Washington. You both traveled so much we never had much contact. Both of you have always been special to me. I can remember many times as a young girl when you (Harold) would come to San Francisco and visit with my Mom and my sister and brothers. We always had a special bond and we could always talk because we saw things very much alike. With much love to you both on your 60th Anniversary. Jeanette | What can I say about you both? You opened your door for me so many times in my life and have always been there for me. I don't know what I would have done without your sound advice, inspiration and love. You know I don't express my feelings that well but I did want you both to know how much you are appreciated and that's from the bottom of my heart. I love you both very much. Happy Anniversary Helen and Harold Ray

37: I met you (who I affectionately call "the kids") quite a few years ago while working at a little casino in Henderson. The first time I met you I fell totally in love. You both have such a sparkle in your eyes, full of spirit and lots of love. The other casino employees who had already known you said, "Oh, Leslie, you just have to meet these two, they are so wonderful and we hold them close to our hearts". Well, they were right! Quite a few years later I still hold and cherish you (xoxoxoxoxoxo). | I remember one night at the Klondike Helen, you had won the cash spin wheel drawing and Jennifer was with you at the cash wheel. You spun the wheel and got $50 and while you both were walking back to the cage, Jennifer said "Oh Helen, I swear", and all you could hear through the loud casino was you saying, "Jennifer, do not say my name in vain!" I'll never forget that because I really thought Jennifer was going to get a spanking of her life. Everyone who heard it was laughing as hard as me. I still giggle over that today. Some nights you would come in kind of late, a little before I was to leave to go home. You were sooo cute, sharing a game on the machines, taking turns hitting the draw button. Me and some of the other employees (Frank, Chuck, Jennifer, Oksun, Kim, Lori and Sy) would all say that was the cutest thing we had ever seen. It was like you were on a date and the love between you was and is so strong. When I would return to work the next day I would ask the grave shift employees how long "the kids" had been there and they would say, "Oh, 'till about 4 a.m. or so, in fact they were the only ones here." Wow! Harold, you have always been a true father figure to me and to all of the staff at the Klondike. I remember the men would always shake your hand with true respect and us girls would get our big loving hugs from both of you. Helen, you were the mother to all of us and we always felt we could talk to you and Harold about anything and everything. I thank the Lord for putting you in my life. You are angels on this earth. God Bless You and know I love you both so much! Leslie

38: Mr. & Mrs. Swear, Danny and I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary. I can't believe I've known you two since 1976, time really flies. You both are so much fun to be around and we really had a great time seeing you at Chico's. You are a beautiful couple and are so warm and welcoming. Have a wonderful Anniversary! Paula and Danny | I so remember being in Patti's bedroom on the base listening to the Monkees (posters all over Patti's wall). Mrs. Swear you just let us be...it was such an escape from taking care of my brother and sister, the house and fixing dinner. Those few times I got go to be "a kid" once upon a time. You both made me feel so very welcome, I was a kid at your house, got to leave cooking behind. I loved what I did for my Mom and Dad but it was great to be 14 and you giving me those times I could break away from being an adult. You are WONDERFUL! Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Swear, my Mom and Dad made it 50 years before we lost my Mom. Your "once upon a time" foster child. Love You Both and Thank You! Denise Hunt Lee | Thank you Helen and Harold for being our Roni's "family" in Las Vegas and her dear and cherished friends. We thank God that you had each other and were a happy part of her life. We love you both! Happy Anniversary! Earl & Judy Welk

39: I began to know you when my Mom started going to Las Vegas. You were both such a blessing to her, especially after Dad died. Thank you Harold and Helen for loving my Mom. So many times when the husband is gone, the friendship does not go on; however, you were so kind to keep your friendship. Mom and I use to talk about the letters you sent to each other, what you were doing, the trips you were taking and friends or family that were visiting. We | also talked about your plans to visit each other and the funny things that happened when you were together! Friends are so important, and you both were just THE BEST! You kept in touch and offered many times for Mom to visit. You opened up your home and Mom so enjoyed the visits. She loved it that you said the bedroom she slept in was her room! It meant so much to her. You made her life so blessed, you made her welcome, and she loved talking to you. Your mutual friends and your loving family also made her welcome. Thank you for coming to Mom's and being there for the Memorial Service. You will never know how much that meant to us and her memory. Thank you also for the wonderful visit Walt and I had when we came to Las Vegas and we got together with Susan and Pat Wright. We had such a great visit. Walt still talks of Helen's luck at the slot machines. While we were in line waiting to eat one night at a restaurant, Helen, you were trying out each slot machine, going down the line and won enough money to pay the supper bill! We laughed and marveled at your luck! The greatest blessing though was to go to church with you. To worship with you. That was the best. You have both been a blessing to my children and their children. They always ask about you and we reminisce about how special you are and the good times we have had together. Helen, the first time I ever met you my dear, your precious shining eyes truly reflected your soul. A soul that loves God and shares His love with everyone with a whole heart. Harold, what an honor to have known a man such as you. You also shine with the love of Christ. We so respect you both, the love and care that you have for each other. Together God has joined you and blessed you, and you both have been a blessing to all who know and love you. Happy 60th Anniversary! With Love, Mary, Walt (Hoot) and Family

40: There are so many memories I have of Uncle Harold and Aunt Helen I can write a book. We had good barbecues in my parent's backyard, we all enjoyed fresh Abalone dinners after Uncle Ray went scuba diving. I remember traveling to Moses Lake with my parents to visit what I thought was a serene atmosphere to live. While there we enjoyed a loving atmosphere, good food, and I loved playing the pinball machine. The most important memory was the kind e-mail Aunt Helen sent after my Mom passed. She gave us such comforting words. Helen mentioned the trip to Canada and how my Mother treasured the beautiful Burchert Gardens which Mom thought was Heaven! Happy Anniversary Uncle Harold and Aunt Helen, I Love You! Marie | I have so many wonderful memories of my summers on the island with you. I will never forget my first ferry ride. I was a little scared and really didn't know how the "fairy" was going to fly with all those cars on its back. I was so relieved when the boat showed up!!! I still remember everyone saying, "Here comes the ferry", and I couldn't see it since I was looking at the sky and not the water!!! I love you both so very much we both wish you a wonderful and blessed anniversary. Dottie & Tyler

41: Mom and Daddy and the whole family would get excited every time we heard that Uncle Harold and Aunt Helen were coming for a visit. It was sort of like the excitement you have as a kid when summer vacation was finally here. I used to like to sit around and listen to the grown ups talk about how things were when they were young. All four of them comparing notes on how things were when they were young. Things would really get entertaining when Uncle Buddy would come over and sometimes Uncle Ray was there too and they all talked about what they used to do, how they would almost get caught, sometimes they DID and everyone laughing like crazy! We always felt so honored when Aunt Helen and Uncle Harold along with Diane and Patti would come to visit. I also remember the time we went to see them when they lived in Idaho. Whenever we got together it was always good times. Then there was the time Patti had open heart surgery. Mom and Daddy didn't want Helen and Harold to be alone while she went through that so we went there for moral support like the way they came to be with Mom when Daddy was dying...I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't been there. We've always loved your family so much. Happy Anniversary Uncle Harold and Aunt Helen. Love, Bonnie & Phil

43: Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...

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