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My Family ScrapBook

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FC: My Family ScrapBook | By William Wilke

1: <---------Where I lived | The flag of Ireland ---> | Oliver Cromwell (Important Historical Figure) ----->

2: Dear Journal, Hello my name is Conan Walsh. I am 13 years old. I am 5 ft 3 and fit for work. My siblings are Aedan age of 16, David age of 12, Fergus age of 4, Hugh, age of 10, Aideen age of 5, Brianna age of 7, Roisin age of 8, and Catlin age of 14. All of my siblings are children except Aedan and Catlin are working. Most of us live in Dublin, Ireland. We are moving over to America. to meet my father and older brother and my five year old sister. I am not really exited because I will leave my old home behind.I am going to be writing these entries for our trip over there. Thanks, Conan | Pictures of me and the family

3: Dear Journal, Just want to tell you a little more about me and why we are leaving Ireland. I am fluent in 2 languages English and Irish. I am one of the lucky that does know englisI use English more now just because we are moving over to America. The type of money we use is called the Euro. What we like to do for fun is tell stories. Some of the foods I like to eat include a lot of potatoes and vegetables. But one of my favorite things is Soda Bread. A light bread That can be eaten with any meal. Speaking of potatoes that is the reason we are leaving Ireland. It is because of the Potato Famine. It is killing off all of the potato plants. Our family is risking a lot to go over because we could die on our way there. I just hope we don't die. Thats all I wanted to say. Thanks, Conan | What happened to potatoes during the potato famine | Soda Bread | Dear Journal, Just want to say a few more things about me and why we are going to America. I am only fluent in Irish. I will need to learn English because we are moving to America. Some of foods I like to eat have a lot of potatoes and vegetables. But one of my favorite things that we eat with every meal is Soda bread. It is so good and so easy to make. What we like to do for fun is tell stories. Going back to the potato thing is why we are leaving Ireland. It is because of the Potato Famine. It is killing the potato harvest. We can not survive without the potato. Thats all I really wanted to say. Thanks, Conan.

4: Dear journal, We are finally on the ship to go to America. It has been three days now on the ship and I hate it. We are in the steerage of the boat. We are sleeping and staying in filth. It smells worse than a pig sty. During the day we have very little fresh air. During the night we have no heat we have to sleep and huddle together just to stay warm. A couple of families have already died. I sure hope nothing happens to me or my family. If I know anyone that can keep this family together it is my older sister and my mother. Thanks for listening to me. Thanks, Conan | What we were staying in

5: Dear Journal, Just my rotten luck! Of course I'm the one to get sea-sick. For the past 2 days I have felt like I have gotten into a sick pig. Even my only journal gets dirty from this. Yeah my journal is the only thing I brought with me along with a necklace that my sister made me. We had to limit what we brought with us. I just hope I get better soon and get over this sea-sickness. Thanks, Conan | Boy did it Stink!!! | . . . .and Very many pushy people!!

6: Dear Journal, Wow you will not believe the first sight I saw of America. It was this great big statue of what American's call Liberty. I was just letting tears flow from my eyes. When you first see it, you know your in the land of freedom. The ride over might be bumpy but after the next part of our lives will be smooth. After we get off the ship we move into Ellis Island. After we move from the Baggage Room, we got threw every station. The only room we really had trouble with was my medical exam. They moved me to the hospital on the island for 1 day. After I got out the next day, we made it through the rest of the the Island. After that we met up with the rest of the family. I was so happy to see them after three years of being apart. Now we are going to our tenant house until we move into our house in lower Manhattan. Thanks for listening to me and this very long entry, Conan

7: Me in America My first sight of America

8: Dear Journal, It has been one month since we came to America and life is so much different than in Ireland. Most of the family has been working hard to raise money for us to move out to Wisconsin. Here is my Paystub for the week. We don't know where yet but we will get enough dollars for us to move. I have been learning English in order speak to people. It has not been easy learning English but I am getting the hang of English. This new money is different from the Euros we are used to. Some of the food is really unusual. There are many more versions of the potato here. There is a different kind of cheese over here. It is more creamy of a cheese. Well thanks for listening, Conan | My Pay Stub

9: Where we are moving to

10: World War 1 or The Great War | Trench Foot and An article about the Lusitania -----> | What happened on the Lusitania was terrible. At the time they did not know what happened.

11: Dear family, How is it going? Over here it is actually really bad. Some of the things in the trenches are just horrifying. Like Trench foot and Gangrene. Here is a picture showing Trench Foot. There is something here that makes this war really bad from all of the new weapons to the new tactics. I just really miss you all already. There is a few things that I do miss from home. For one I really do miss mom's cooking. The food here is not tasty at all and is very bland. Also the broadness Is stupid. Most of the time we just sit and wait. Sometimes we shoot enemy solders. Also if you want to know why we are in this war is because Germany was attacking ships with American passengers on it. The biggest surprise was that the British Ship the Lusitania was hit. Do you remember why that ship was so important to us? It was because it had my sister on there. Yes she was one of the passengers who died on that ship. Here is a picture and a headline of the ship sinking. I am morning her death as I write this letter. So please don't blame yourself for her death. Your Son, Connan

12: Dear Family, I hope things are going well over in America. As I said in my last letter I was in the trenches. But I never said where this is going on. This is happening on the Border of France and Germany. There are four lines of Trenches. The front trenches are the trenches near the fighting. A friend of mine works up in the front trenches. I work in the trenches that connect to the front trenches. These are called support trenches. They do just as they sound. There are also backup and reserve trenches. Also as I said in my last letter, there is new kinds of weapons in WW1. One new kind of weapon is the Machine Gun. With this weapon you can mow people coming at you from a good distance. Another weapon that I see more of now is the use of planes. I hope the war ends soon before I meet my end. Your son, Conan | Some of the weapons used during WW1 <------------->

13: The U.S. used propaganda to have people sign up for the war

14: Dear Conan, As soon as I read both of your letters, I was stunned about some of the things that you said. Like about the trench warfare and the new weapons. But the thing that really made me cry was the fact that your sister died o the Lusitania. I just can't believe that Germany would destroy a ship with U.S. passengers even though they said they would not. But enough about that. you probably want to hear about what is going on here in America? Well Some of the ways that they are trying to get men to sign up for the war effort Is by using Propaganda posters. They are using a man dressed in red, white, and blue saying its a good thing to sign up for the war effort. I think that using these posters should be illegal. Well I hope this letter was not too long and please come home to us. from your family

15: I just can't believe the government would use these to get people for the war effort <------- | Yay the war ends!!!

16: Dear Family, After reading your letter was surprised that the government was still using the propaganda to recruit people. I thought they ended using propaganda as soon as we left for the war. Well anyway the war effort is not going so well The battle we are in is just staying put. What I mean is that we are gaining no ground every single day. But the other front has been lost because Russia lost and retreated away from the war front Now Germany is focusing on us. Did you know would have won the war if there plan would have worked. Their plan was called the Schlieffen Plan. THeir goal with the plan was to win the war effort by Christmas. First they Would beat France then use their forces to wipe out Russia. But the Russians mobilized faster than what Germany thought. At the same time the French dug in with the trenches and now we are stuck. But what I am hearing that the German army is starting to lose its ground. I just hope that I can make it home sometime soon. your son, Conan

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