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The Appi Family of New Haven, Connecticut

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The Appi Family of New Haven, Connecticut - Page Text Content


BC: In 1900, Italian male immigrants from the town of Amalfi, who had settled in New Haven, formed the St. Andrew Apostle Society. The society provided members with a forum to gather and to share memories about their heritage, and it also sponsored a mutual assistance program to cover the | misfortunes of illness and death. The founders named the society Saint Andrew after the patron Saint of Amalfi, Saint Andrew the Apostle. As members assimilated in their new homeland, the society's role broadened to include civic and community responsibility. Among the projects undertaken by the society were substantial contributions to St. Michael's, the mother church of Connecticut Italians, and its parish church; and to charities in New Haven and in Italy. Society members, as Americans have a proud tradition of service in the armed forces during all the major conflicts since 1900. A common practice among Italian-Americans is to commemorate patron saints of their various villages and towns with liturgical feasts and festivals. Since its inception the St. Andrew Apostle Society has celebrated the liturgical feast day of St. Andrew with an annual open-air festival at the end of June. The people of Atrani have a similar club name the Santa Marie Magdalena Society after the local church in Atrani. Both of these clubs still service the Italian people in New Haven. | Societa di Sant' Andrea Apostolo Hamilton Street Circa 1930


1: Bonaventura Rispoli Born in Atrani, Italy May 11, 1892 Died in New Haven, CT. September 1, 1975 Giustino Colonese Ape Born in Atrani, Italy January 28, 1890 Died in New Haven, CT December 11, 1948 Married in Atrani February 17, 1912

3: The Boathouse Song The story is told that in order to get away from the crowd in the house Giustino and Bonaventura would go down to the boathouse to have a little peace and quiet together. As they walked to the boathouse hand in hand they would sing the following song: The song may be heard by going to this site: www.last.fm/music/Patrizio Buanne/_/Vicin''O Mare | MARENARIELLO (The Sailor) Oi' ne', fa priesto viene! nun me fa spanteca'! Ca pure 'a rezza vene ca a mare sto a mena'! Soon it will come don't make me yearn for you! Even with these nets it comes The sea starts to threaten. Stienneme sti braccelle, aiutame a tira' ca stu marenariello te vo' sem' abbraccia'! Hold these arms help me pull I am a sailor I always want to embrace you. Vicino 'o mare facimmo amore, accore accore pe' ce spassa' So marenare e tiro 'a rezza, pe' la priezza, stongo a muri'! Near the sea let's make love heart to heart we pass the time. I am a sailor and I pull the nets for the love of you I start to die.

6: Son in law John Gargiulo and Giustino Appi | Giustino and Filomena Appi | John and Chris Gargiulo - Married September 25, 1937

7: In 1903 at the age of 12 Giustino came over to the United States sponsored by his father , Vincenzo Colonese in New Haven. At some point he returned to Italy, served in the Italian military, married Bonaventura Rispoli and then returned to the States in 1913 again sponsored by his father with whom he and his wife lived. He and his wife settled in New Haven where he worked for the Starin Line Steamship Company. He also had his own fishing business. He and his sons would go out fishing in the early hours of the morning then come home and sell their catch off of a cart in the neighborhood. He was a clever man who knew how to barter for life's necessities. The story is told that he would haul coal from the freighters to the dock in his rowboat for offloading. He made a deal with the longshoremen to "accidentally" drop several bags of coal into the water and would come back after the ship left to recover the coal for his family to use. He used his home made wine as the barter in this case. | Giustino and Antoinette Appi

12: James Vincent Appi 1915 - 1974

13: James Vincent Appi and Theresa Perrone - September 20, 1937 Jimmy has been credited with changing the family name from Ape to Appi. He didn't like being teased about the name in High School so he went to court to have it legally changed. Many of the family records have variations on how the name is actually spelled.

16: Andrew Appi 1923 - 2010

18: Gloria and Margaret Rose | Sharon and friend

19: NoElla and Sharon

20: Andrew Appi and NoElla Benoit January 15, 1949

21: Honeymoon on Martha's Vineyard | Andy, NoElla, Chloe Lynch, Madeline and Jimmy DiLieto

22: Merlin Figuenick And Philomena Appi

23: Raymond Zych and Antoinette Appi, October 1943 | St. Michael's Church, New Haven

26: Angelo Perrone, Liz Appi's Father | Joe and Justin Appi | Antoinette

29: John Gargiulo, husband of Chris owned a body shop in East Haven and kept horses behind the shop.

31: James DiLieto and Magdalena Appi

32: Lorraine Tramantano and Joseph Appi, April 18, 1964

34: Joe and Liz Appi

35: Joe and John Zych | Michael & Joe Jr. | Joseph Appi Jr.

40: Nana & Joe | Buddy

42: Andrew Appi, Pfc, Heavy Machine Gunner 97th and 36th Infantry Divisions in Italy, France and Germany - Feb. 13, 1943 - Jan. 18, 1946 | U.S. Infantry - 1943

43: GERMANY - 1943

45: James, Angelo, Andy Appi | Merle Figuenick, Andy

46: Joseph Palm Appi 1938 - 1996

47: Above: Joe, Lorraine and Joe Jr. Below: Joe Sr. and Joe Jr.

48: Annette with children: Estelle, Arlene, John and Marianne | Arlene Zych

49: John and Lorraine Zych | Marianne and Tom DeRiso

50: Nana Gargiulo and Buddy Appi | Angelo & Justin Appi | Joe, Angelo & Buddy Appi | Joe Appi

51: Justin Appi | Bonaventura Appi | Gloria Appi | Sharon Kay Appi

52: Pitching coins out to the kids at our family functions was a family tradition. Grandma always had a bag filled with pennies, dimes and quarters and we kids couldn't wait for her to toss the coins out on the floor or the ground. | Joseph Appi, Rae Ann and Gene Gargiulo at Rae's First Holy Communion

53: John Zych

54: Standing: Joseph, Magdelena, Filomena, Andrew, James Seated: Antoinette, Bonaventura, Chiarina (Chris) and superimposed on the photo Giustino.

56: Above: Estelle, Arlene and Marianne Zych | Gloria on Joe's shoulders. Justin, Angelo and Lizzie Appi on the far right | Gene, Nana and Joe

57: Joe Appi | Nana And Buddy | Angelo Appi

58: Giustino Appi 1890 - 1948 | James Vincent 1915 - 1974 | Tobia 1916 - 1927 | Chiarina 1918 - 2010 | Antoinette 1920 -2013 | Theresa Perrone 1916-1970 | John J. Gargiulo 1913 - 1988 | Raymond Zych 1923 - 1980 | Justin Joseph 1940 | Angelo James 1942 | Bonaventura Lucia 1945 - 1995 | Gennaro John 1938-1993 | Rae Ann 1939 | Justin Anthony 1945 | Bonaventura Rose 1949 | Mary Ann 1946 | Arlene Elaine 1948 | Estelle Bonnie 1958 | John Anthony 1955 | Vincenzo Colonese | Chiarina Vuola

59: Bonaventura Rispoli 1893 - 1975 | Andrew Charles 1923 - 2010 | Filomena 1925 | Magdelena 1927 - 2000 | Joseph Palm 1938 - 1996 | NoElla Esther Benoit 1929 - 2004 | Merlin Figuenick 1924 - 2007 | James DiLieto 1924 - 2007 | Lorraine Marie Tramantano 1945 | Gloria Evelyn 1949 | Sharon Kay 1953 | Joseph Palm Jr. 1965 | Michael Anthony 1967 | Margaret Rose 1948 | Merlin Jr. 1952 | Tobias Rispoli | Filomena Cimini


61: SAVIN ROCK WEST HAVEN | Oyster Boats in New Haven

62: &

64: John Gargiulo and his sons and horses in East Haven

65: Gene Gargiulo, Angelo Appi, Rae Ann Gargiulo, Justin Appi, Joe Appi | Nana and family | Sharon and Bonnie

68: Andy worked at the New Haven Water Company until his job was classified as skilled and required a college degree. He then took a job with a road crew and was on the team that built the Merritt Parkway and I-95 and I-91. | NoElla's favorite task was to bake apple pies for the entire road crew. She never missed a day baking as many as a dozen pies for the men.

70: Lighthouse Park, West Haven

71: 2nd floor apartment on Wooster Street in New Haven | DeWitt Street, New Haven

72: Andy Appi and children

73: NoElla Appi and children

76: Gloria and Alfonse Raiano | Margaret and Joseph Iwanczuk | Sharon and Tom Raiola | Gloria and Richard Hudson

77: Nana and Louis Delsole

78: Happy 1st Birthday, Gloria | Above: Jimmy and Margaret

80: Angelo & Sophie | Justin & Kathy

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