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Norton FFA 2010-11

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Norton FFA 2010-11 - Page Text Content

S: Norton FFA 2010-11

BC: Created by the Members of the Norton FFA Chapter 2010-2011

FC: 2 0 1 0 | 2 0 1 1

1: Table of Contents | 2010-11 Chapter Officer Team 4 2010-11 Chapter Jr Officer Team 5 2010-11 Member List & Photo 6-7 Committee Listings 8-9 Program Of Activities 10-17 Summer Activities 18-19 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting & Membership Drive 20-21 Land Judging 22-23 District Softball 24-25 Kansas State Fair Trip 26-27 Greenhand Conference 28-29 Lock -In 30-31 District Dairy & Food Science Contest 32-33 National Convention Trip 34-37 BINGO 38-39 Leadership/Ag Sales/Job Interview Judging 40-41 Monthly Meeting 42-43 FFA PALS 44-45 District Poultry Judging 46-47 Fruit Sales 48-49 Concessions 50-51 Public Speaking Contest/Selection Day 52-53 District Meats Judging 54-55 Jr. Officer Meeting 56-57 FFA Week 58-61 Ag Mechanics Contest 62-63 District Horse Judging 64-65 Chapter Banquet 66-69 Livestock Judging 70-71 Ag Day at Eisenhower Grade School 72-73 District Banquet 74-75 State FFA Contest 76-77 National FFA Land Judging 78-79

2: July 5-7 Officer Camp Rock Springs Aug 14-15 District Officer Conference Rock Springs Aug 22 Trail Ride Norton Lake Sept 11 State Fair Trip Hutchison Sept 15 District Land Judging Ellis Sept 22 Regional Land Judging Norton Sept 25 District Softball Oakley Sept 30 State FFA Dues are due Oct 2 Greenhand Conference Hays Oct 8 Lock In & Monthly Meeting Jr High Gym Oct 11 Hayrack Ride Oct 13 Dairy Judging/Food Science Ft Hays Oct 15 POA Deadline Oct 20-23 National Convention Indianapolis IN Oct 25 Jr Officer Interview Nov 9 Bingo Nov 11 Leadership School Smith Center Ag Sales/Job Interview Nov 16 Monthly Meeting Nov 22 PALS Party Nov 30 Poultry/Entomology Hays Dec 13 Christmas Party Jan 20 Monthly Meeting Jan 27-29 Ag Symposium Manhatten | 2010-11 Norton FFA Calender

3: Feb 4 Concessions Feb 7 Public Speaking/Selection Day Hill City Feb PALS Valentine Party Feb 12 Meats Contest Grinnell Feb 20-27 FFA Week Mar 2 Ag Mechanics Goodland Mar 7 Officer Interviews Mar 8 Monthly Meeting Mar 18-19 Leadership Lab Junction Mar 24 District Horse Judging Oakley Mar 25 Ag Entreperneurship Fair Atwood Mar 26 Chapter Banquet Oakley Mar 31 Livestock Judging Smith Center April 2 Livestock Judging Phillipsburg April 13 Dist Livestock/Agronomy Oakley Horticulture April 26 Livestock Judging Hays April 28 District Banquet Hill City May 1-3 State FFA Contest Manhatten May 31-June 3 State FFA Convention Manhatten June 14-19 WLC-Kansas Group Washington DC

4: 2010-11 Chapter Officer Team | Ryan Blecha President | R.J Ellis Vice President | Robert Blecha Secretary | Dalton Miller Treasurer | Kegan Vanover Reporter | Dylan Sprigg Sentinel | Cody Ellis Historian

5: 2010-11 Jr Officer Team | Abby Bainter President | Austin Hager Vice President | Johnnye Ruder Secretary | Isaac Shaefers Treasurer | Kolton Harting Reporter | Darcy Bainter Sentinel | Wyatt Wentz Student Advisor

6: Bailey Ambosier, Megan Arehart, Abby Bainter, Darcy Bainter, Ryan Bainter, Troy Bainter, Justin Bell, Robert Blecha, Ryan Blecha, Jared Bohl, Kaitlyn Campbell, Javen Colip, Cody Cook, David Cressler, Jade Crassler, Travis Cressler, Damien Davis, Skyler Davis, LaNae Dial, Cassius Dole, Cody Ellis, R. J. Ellis, Lucas Engel, Clayton Esslinger, Tyler Esslinger, Zach Esslinger, Kyra Fulton, Katie Gall, Jesse Gallentine, Shauna Gibson,Alec Gilgenbach, Samantha Gordon, Rickele Green, Austin Hager, Jordan Hartwell, Kolton Harting, Emily Juenemann, Samantha Keenan, | Trevor Lewis, Alexis Lively, Marrissa Maddy, Megan Mannel, Chance McMullen, Ashley Millan, Dalton Miller,Vaughn Newman, Cristine Nelson, Andy Nickell, Toby Nickell, Tye Nickell, Luke Ninemire, Garrett Otter, Katelyn Pell, Meaghan Peterson, Jessica Reeves, Cole Renner, John Renner, John Risewick, Johnnye Ruder, Isaac Shaefers, Drew Schrum, Emily Schulze, Brady Skrdlant, Desiray Skrdlant, Andrew Smith, Cody Smith, Maggie Spradlin, Dylan Sprigg, Jeremy Sproul, Casey Temmel, Kegan Vanover, Lane Vanover, Haley Wallingford, Wyatt Wentz & Jessica White

7: Chapter Members 2010-11

8: Committees | Ag Awareness Cooperation Kyra Fulton --Chair Kaitlyn Campbell--Chair * Ryan Blecha * Dalton Miller 1. Desiree Skrdlant 1. Megan Arehart 2. Ashley Millan 2. Darcy Bainter 3. Jared Bohl 3. Cody Smith 4. Javen Colip 4. Travis Cressler 5. Samantha Gordon Ag Careers Natural Resources David Cresslers-Chair Cody Smith--Chair * RJ Ellis * Kegan Vanover 1. Scott Arehart 1. Jesse Gallentine 2. Andrew Smith 2. Maggie Spradlin 3. Lane Vanover 3. Haley Wallingford 4. Bailey Ambrosier 4. John Renner 5. Casey Temmel Citizenship Scholarship Cassius Dole--Chair Damien Davis--Chair * Robert Blecha * Dylan Sprigg 1. Ryan Bainter 1. Alec Gilgenbach 2. Scott Arehart 2. Justin Bell 3. Megan Arehart 3. Skyler Davis 4. LaNea Dial 4. Cassius Dole 5. Jeremy Sproul

9: Committees | Finance Dalton Miller__Chair * Cody Ellis 1. Meaghan Peterson 2. Zach Esslinger 3. Samantha Keenan 4. Shauna Gibson | Health & Recreation John Renner--Chair * Ryan Blecha 1. Lucas Engel 2. Tyler Esslinger 3. Clayton Esslinger 4. Rickele Green | Human Resources Wyatt Wentz--Chair * RJ Ellis 1. Colt Gunter 2. Austin Hager 3. Chance McMullen 4. Jesse Gallentine | Leadership Meaghan Peterson--Chair * Robert Blecha 1. Kolton Harting 2. Tye Nickell 3. Andy Nickell 4. David Cressler | Public Relations Abby Bainter--Chair * Dalton Miller 1. Marissa Maddy 2. Trevor Lewis 3. Katlyn Pell 4. Johnnye Ruder | Recruitment Troy Bainter--Chair * Kegan Vanover 1. Megan Mannel 2. Emily Schulze 3. Christine Nelson 4. Brady Skrdlant | SAE Emily Schulze--Chair * Dylan Sprigg 1. Lane Vanover 2. Toby Nickell 3. Garrett Otter 4. Jessica White | Economic Development Alexis Lively--Chair * Cody Ellis 1. Cole Renner 2. Isaac Schaefers 3. Drew Schrum 4. David Cressler

10: Program Of Activities | Committee: Alumni Members: Ryan Blecha--Chair, RJ Ellils, Robert Blecha, Dalton Miller, Kegan Vanover, Dylan Sprigg , Cody Ellis Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Aliumni Members help Contact & Schedule with Chapter activities Alumni to help with Chapter Throughout year Activities 2. Alumni Select Chapter Select Alumni to help slate Spring 2011 Officers Officer Candidates | Committee: Finance Members: Dalton Miller--Chair, Cody Ellis, Meaghan Peterson, Zach Esslinger, Samantha Keenan, Shauna Gibson Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Fruit Sales Encourage all members Fall 2010 to sell fruit & prompt delivery 2. Concession Generate extra money. Throughout year Schedule Workers Share home varsity Football & Basketball with KAYS 3. Solicit Sponsors Contact area businesses Throughout year for Chapter Activities & supporters

11: Committee: Human Resources Members: Wyatt Wentz--Chair, RJ Elis, Colt Gunter, Austin Hager, Chance McMullen, Jesse Gallentine Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. PALS Program Members serve as Mentors Throughout the year Increase 3rd Graders' self esteem 2. Sponsor a child through Sponsor a child with local KAYS & Throughout the year Compassion International FCCLA Groups Corresponds with child (Lucy) through letters 3. Trick or Donation Divide town in to equal sections Fall 2010 so members can cover town & collect 5600 lbs. of canned goods for Gods Pantry | Committee: Recreation Members: John Renner- Chair, Ryan Blecha, Lucas Engel, Tyler Esslinger, Clayton Esslinger, Rickele Green Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Pizza Party Reward active members December 2010 that sell 25 boxes of fruit 2. Bingo All members participate Fall 2010 Invite parents & alumni to attend 3. Trail Ride Find location for trial ride Fall 2010 invite guests 4. Softball Party Schedule date and reserve field Fall 2010 Invite alumni, parents, & members 5. Lock-In Host Lock-in for chapter members October 2010 Plan, Schedule and reserve Facilities for activity

12: Program Of Activities | Committee: Natural Resources Members: Cody Smith- Chair, Kegan Vanover, Jesse Gallentine, Maggie Spradlin, Haley Wallingford, John Renner Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Adopt A Highway Have members clean a Fall 2010 & Spring 2011 2 mile stretch of highway 2. Clean up at fairgrounds Clean area around Summer 2010 & 11 fairgrounds before county fair 3. Service learning day for Clean park at Norton Lake Spring 2011 high schoolers Select other community areas needing cleaned up | Committee: Public Relations Members: Abby Bainter-Chair, Dalton Miller, Marisa Maddy, Trever Lewis, Katlyn Pell, Johnnye Ruder Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Chapter Newsletter Reporter provides 4 Throughout year Articles for the local Newspaper. Officers mail 2 Chapter newsletters annually 2. FFA Week Advertise in newspaper FFA Week T.V. and Radio spots (officers) Food For America Set up display at school All school assembly (Justin Lookadoo) 3. Improve Relationship Invite to Chapter Banquet Throughout Year Between Teachers and FFA Give Teachers copy of Chapter Newsletter. Host teachers Breakfast during FFA Week

13: Committee: Leadership Members: Meaghan Peterson-Chair, Robert Blecha, Kolton Harting, Tye Nickell, Andy Nickell, David Cressler Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Leadership School Compete in District Leadership Fall, 2010 School & State Par-Law Spring, 2011 2. Public Speaking Contest Encourage all members to January, 2011 compete. Require all officers to participate Be well represented in all Divisions 3. Greenhand Conference Encourage all Greenhands attend Fall, 2010 Have all compete in spelldown 4. Creed Speaking Contest All Greenhands attend Fall, 2010 Greenhand Conference 5. Elect Senior Officers Have local alumni interview Spring 2011 & slate candidates Elect officers at chapter meeting 6. Elect Junior Officers Senior officers interview & slate Fall 2010 candidates, elect at chapter meeting Junior officer conduct one Monthly meeting 7. WLC Encourage members to attend WLC July 2011 Develop more competent leaders 8. SCCL Encourage senior officers to Summer 2010 attend. Provide funds to offset expense & 2011

14: Program Of Activities | Committee: SAE Members: Emily Schulze-Chair, Dylan Sprigg, Lane Vanover, Toby Nickell, Garrett Otter, Jessica White Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Improve Record Books Alumni Sponsor Plaques Annually Advisor Select best Chapter Record Books. Allow class Time to keep up books 2. Select a Star Greenhand Alumni members choose Monthly and Star Chapter Member winners. Encourage all Spring 2011 Greenhands and FFA Members to apply. Give plaques at the Chapter Banquet 3. County Fair Encourage members to Summer 2011 enter exhibits at the fair. Encourage entries at State Fair. 4. Honor Outstanding Senior Present Dekalb award. Spring 2011 Senior scholarship awards 5. SAE Program of the Develop application Throughout year Month award Have applicants turn in by First Friday of each month Have Alumni members rate the Applicants. Give winner $20 Gift certificate to Endzone Sports And Office supplies

15: Committee: Natural Resources Members: Cody Smith- Chair, Kegan Vanover, Jesse Gallentine, Maggie Spradlin, Haley Wallingford, John Renner Goals: Steps: Target Date: 1. Adopt A Highway Have members clean a Fall 2010 & Spring 2011 2 mile stretch of highway 2. Clean up at fairgrounds Clean area around Summer 2010 & 11 fairgrounds before county fair 3. Service learning day for Clean park at Norton Lake Spring 2011 high schoolers Select other community areas needing cleaned up | Committee: Recruitment Members: Troy Bainter-chair, Kegan Vanover, Megan Mannel, Emily Schultz, Christine Nelson, Brady Skrdlant Goals: Steps: Target Date 1. Mail FFA information Advisor and Members Spring 2011 letter to eight graders compose letter to be sent out. Mail to all incoming Freshmen. 2.8th Grade recruitment Plan assembly Program Spring 2011 Select members to perform Assembly include skit, power Point presentation, team building Activities and informative speeches During the assembly 3. Have officers and identify prospective members Spring 2011 Advisor talk to prospective Convince prospective members Students throughout the to enroll in Ag class Summer and school year

16: Program Of Activities | Committee: Scholarship Members: Damien Davis-Chair, Dylan Sprigg, Alec Gilgenbach, Justin Bell, Skylar Davis, Cassius Dole Goals: Steps: Target Date 1. Officer Elections Officer candidates must Throughout year maintain academic eligibility 2. FFA Library Keep books and magazines Throughout year available for members. Have other materials for use 3. School Letters Members must have 450 points May 2011 to letter . Points will be awarded for grades. 4. FFA Scholarship Provide Financial Aid for Spring 2011 from Alumni for graduating seniors. Provide incentive for senior members 5. Present member with Improve students scholastic Spring 2011 highest GPA an award records 6. Provide a file of available Make applications available for Throughout year scholarships all members. Have local, state and national scholarships available | Committee: Ag Careers Members: David Cressler--Chair, RJ Ellis, Scott Arehart, Andrew Smith, Lane Vanover, LaNae Dial, Casey Temmel Goals: Steps: Target Date 1. Job Placement Place members at local Ag businesses Throughout year Work Release through Ag Classes 2. Ag Careers Display Place career opportunities on bulletin board Throughout year 3. College Representatives Inform students of school opportunities Throughout year as speakers

17: Committee: Ag Awareness Members: Kyra Fulton-Chair, Ryan Blecha, Desiree Skrdlant, Jared Bohl, Javen Colip, Ashley Millan, Samantha Gordon Goals: Steps: Target Date 1.Food for America Present Ag infor. FFA Week 2011 To 3rd graders Petting Zoo for third graders Provide food & worksheets 2.5th & 6th Grade Educate 5th & 6th Graders about Spring 2011 Ag Presentation the Field of Agriculture 3. Ag-Citing Experience Provide posters & test for July 2010 at County Fair children who attend Provide workers for Ag-Citing Experience | Committee: Cooperation Members: Kaitlyn Campbell--Chair, Dalton Miller, Megan Arehart, Darcy Bainter, Cody Smith, Travis Cressler Goals: Steps: Target Date 1. Cooperation with other Sponser Hayrack ride Fall 2010 school organizations Sponsor a child through Throughout year Compassion International 2. Cooperate with Adopt A highway Throughout year community on service projects Fair ground improvement Summer 2010 & 2011 3. PALS Program Provide mentor's for 3rd graders Throughout year Improve Mentee's self image Provide friendship with a 3rd grader 4. School Assembly Host a Speaker for an all Spring 2011 school assembly

18: Summer | Robert & Kegan at SCCL | Wyatt, Ryan, Cody, Andy & RJ enjoying the refreshments at Summer Of Safety | Officer supper | Dalton, Ryan, Cody, Mr Beydler, Dylan, Robert, Kegan, & RJ

19: Activities | Ryan canoeing at leadership camp | Ryan, Robert, Kegan, Dylan & Abby were the members attending camp. | Robert posing for the camera...

20: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | Farm Bureau Annual Meeting & Membership Drive | Service Projects

21: 5. | 1. David washing pans 2. Cassius helping clean pans 3. FFA Members served the Farm Bureau Banquet 4. Members cleaning after banquet 5. Bailey cleaned the pans after serving dinner. 6. Dylan carefully pouring pancakes 7. Dylan & Cassius making pancakes during Farm Bureau Membership Drive | 6. | 7.

22: District Placings Darcy--1st Place Austin--2nd Place Bailey--3rd Place Isaac--6th Place Kolton--9th Place | Regional Individual Placings Troy--1st Darcy--2nd Bailey--5th Wyatt--9th Austin--101th | Land Judging Area Champs

23: District Land & Homesite Sr. Division 5th Place Greenhand Division 1st Place Regional Land Judging 1st Place | Johnnye looking over the land & Isaac completing his card | Wyatt judging the hole at Regional Land Judging

24: District FFA Softball in Oakley | Kolten is keeping his eye on the ball | Dylan & Isaac watching the play carefully | Austin pitching

25: Hard day for Travis | Rickele watching the game | Dylan preparing for a home run | Good Time had by all

26: Mr Beydler looking ready for the day to be over | Dylan, Alexis, Casius, Cole, Kolten heading back to the bus | Branson, Andrew, Garrett & Vaughn grabbing a snack | Zach must of had a great day.....

27: State Fair Trip Hutchison KS | Emily, Cole, & Kolten enjoying the walk around the fairgrounds

28: Greenhand Conference | Creed Speakers: Shauna Gibson 5th Cristine Nelson 7th | Creed Speakers Shauna 5th Place Cristine 7th Place | 1. | 2. | 3. | 1. Haley taking the information test 2. Shauna & Cristine during a leadership workshop 3. Marisa placed 2nd & Darcy 1st on the FFA Information test

29: 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 4. Megan taking information test 5. Marisa, Samantha, Megan, & Zach during a workshop | Norton Greenhand Team

30: Bailey, Johnnye Darcy & Marisa enjoying the Lock in | Lucas Engel during the scooter races | A little excitement from the winning volleyball team with Lucas & Javin | Mr Beyder giving instructions to the students

31: The Chapter Officer Team held the monthly meeting during the lock-in | Bailey & Isaac doing the wheel barrel race | Ryan & Cody during the 3 legged race | Cody, Robert & Casey celebrating their volleyball win | Chapter Lock-in

32: Dairy Judging & Food Science | Isaac, Trevor, Rickele, Christina, & Dylann judging the crackers. | Wyatt, Bailey, Robert & Marisa reviewing the scents during Food Science

33: Kolten & Johnnye placed individually at Dairy Judging | Newspaper clipping from Norton Telegram | LaNae Judging dairy cows | Darcy carefully placing the Dairy cows in the correct order

34: St. Louis | The Arch in St Louis was a hit with the boys checking out the welds | RJ sporting a new hat. | Dylan, Dalton, Wyatt, Cassius, Travis, Robert & Kolton enjoying the site of the Arch | National Convention Trip

35: Abby, Christine, Zach & Megan preparing for the ride to the top of the Arch | Not so innocent Mr. Beydler | Mr. Newsum wondering if he really wants to student teach these crazy kids

36: National FFA Convention Trip | A stop at the Fair Oaks Dairy | Austin & Zach learning the fundamentals of milking a cow at the Dairy | Mr. Beydler, Megan, Abby, Travis, Wyatt, Robert, Christine, Dalton, Kolton, Dylan, Austin, Zach, Cassius, & Cody were some members that enjoyed the Convention

37: Abby, Cody, Cassius, & Dalton enjoying Joe's Crab Shack | The Whole crew at the Arch in St Louis guided by Mr. Newsum the Student Teacher | Mr. Beydler's favorite spot to eat!! | Kolten, Zach, Austin, Robert & Whyatt after the Seafood Experience

38: 1. | 2. | BINGO

39: 3. | 4. | 1. Mr. Beydler calling Bingo 2. Bailey, Johnnye, & Marisa watching their cards carefully. 3. Garrett & Andrew not sure of this BINGO Game 4. Dylan making sure his numbers are heard

40: Leadership School & Ag Sales | Parliamentary Procedure Team 2nd Place | Cody, Kegan, RJ, Ryan, Robert, Dalton & Dylan | 2nd Place

41: Information Test Placers Johnnye Ruder 6th Place Bailey Ambrosier 7th Place Zach Esslinger 8th Place Marisa Maddy 9th Place | Information Team Johnnye, Bailey, Megan, Marisa, Isaac, & Zach | 2nd Place Team

42: 1. | 2.

43: Monthly Meetings | 3. | 1. Jr Officers ran January monthly meeting. 2. Voting during the meeting 3. Mr Beydler & Mr. Newsum

44: PALS Party

45: PALS Valentines Party 1. Isaac and his Buddy 2. Part of the PALS posing 3. Haley and her PAL | Special Friends | Fun Times

46: 1. Travis Cressler 2. Kolton Harting 3. Austin Hager & Shawna Gibson 4. Newspaper clipping from Norton Telegram of Ryan Blecha. 5. Seth Antrim 6. Christina Nelson, Cassius Dole and Abby Bainter | 1. | 2. | 3.

47: District Poultry Judging 2nd Place | 4. | 5. | 6.

48: Fruit Sales | RJ & Robert unloading fruit out of the semi trailer

49: FFA Members had record sales of fruit to assist with the years activities | Katelyn & Travis unloading fuit with Troy making sure the boxes are organized correctly | Members were careful not to damage the fruit when unloading it.

50: Concessions | Zach & Isaac helping the customers | Punishment by Mr. Newsum on Dylan

51: Robert cooking hotdogs | Isaac making sure to give back the correct change

52: Public Speaking | Ryan preparing for his Extemporaneous speech | Dylan giving his prepared speech | Team Placed 4th Ryan Placed 4th individually

53: District Selection Candidates | Marisa & Johnnye working on their speeches | Wyatt headed in to give his speech | NW District Star Greenhand | NW District Equine Production | State Farmer Degree Recipients

54: 1. | 2. | 3. | 1. Robert identifying the cuts of meat during meats contest. 2. Zach Judging the beef carcasses. 3. Isaac judging the roast portion of the contest

55: 4. | 5. | 4. Mr. Newsum showing Robert the marbeling of the beef. 5. Robert & R J discussing how they judged the beef carcasses | Meats Judging CDE

56: Jr Officer Team 2010-11 | 1. Isaac during opening ceremonies 2. Austin, Abby, Johnnye, Isaac & Darcy during opening ceremonies 3. Darcy making a motion 4. Zach, Kolton, & Austin during opening ceremonies

57: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

58: FFA Week Activities | 1. | 2. | 3. | 1. Megan & Robert all dressed up for Hillbilly day 2. President Ryan Blecha with Mayor Corns signing the FFA Week Proclamation 3. Ryan doing radio announcement for FFA Week on KQNK Radio

59: 4. | 5. | 4. FFA members that participated in Hillbilly Week 5. Cody & David cooking breakfast for the Teachers Breakfast

60: Hot Off The Press

61: Newspaper Clippings Norton Telegram

62: NW District Ag Mechanics CDE 1. Clayton in wiring portion of contest 2. Tyler identifying the mechanical fluids 3. Norton FFA Team Placed 2nd | 1. | 4. | 2. | 3. | RJ 1st Place Andy 5thPlace Clayton 6thPlace

63: 5. | 4. | 6. | 4. RJ measuring carefully 5. Alec testing a battery 6. Scott Arehart laying out a wall | Ag Mechanics | 2nd Place

64: Kolton, & Darcy judging a class of Mares | Senior Division 5th Place Greenhand Division 1st Place | Greenhand Horse Judging Team Marisa, Cristine, Garrett, Johnnye, Darcy Isaac, Kolton, Travis, Austin, Andrew, Zach, & Bailey

65: High Individuals Marisa--2nd Bailey--3rd Isaac--6th Kolton--7th Darcy--8th Austin--10th | Greenhand Division 1st Place Senior Division 5th Place | Marisa carefully placing the horses

66: 1. Key Note speaker was Bethany Bohnenblust 2009-10 National FFA Secretary 2.. Kolton Harting received high Fruit Sales Award and received a Savings bond 3. Mr . Newsum, our Student Teacher gave a short speech about his experience at Norton Community High School after receiving the Distinguished Service Award | 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

67: 4. Zach Esslinger received the Star Greenhand Award. 5. President, Ryan Blecha with the Welcome to open the Banquet 6. Marisa Maddy Secretary, & Robert Blecha President, during closing ceremonies | Chapter Banquet | 4. | 5. | 6.

68: Awards Received | 1. | 2. | 1. David Cressler receiving a scholarship | 2. Troy Bainter was one of several the Seniors receiving a certificate for service from the Farm Bureau

69: 3. | 4. | 3. Dalton Miller & Cody Ellis letting Mr Newsum know that they enjoyed him as a Student Teacher this past semester | 2010-11 Officer Team with Mr. Beydler Cody Ellis , Kegan Vanover, RJ Ellis, Ryan Blecha, Robert Blecha, Dalton Miller , & Dylan Sprigg

70: Livestock Judging | 1. | 2. | 3. | 5.

71: 1. Dylan judging steers 2. Zach placing market hogs 3. Greenhand team came home with a plaque 4. Austin judging market hogs 5. Marisa Maddy 6. Garrett trying to decide to smile or be serious on his judging skills. | 4. | 6. | Hays 2nd Place Team Smith Center 4th Place Phillipsburg 3rd Place

72: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

73: 1. Robert explaining the days activities 2. RJ teaching students about horses 3. Ag students brought in livestock for display for the grade school students 4. Students petting the pig 5. FFA members served ice cream to the students at EES 6. Cody teaching 5-6th graders about cattle facts | 5. | 6. | %5th & 6th Grade Ag Information Presentation

74: 1. Dalton receiving the Sweepstakes plaque 2. David receiving his State Degree 3. Robert represented Norton as a Delegate and is making a motion to accept minutes of last district banquet | Northwest District Banquet | 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

75: 6. Dylan accepting District Star Greenhand Award | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 4. RJ giving his speech 5. 2011-12 District Officer Team | 7. Caleb receiving his District Proficiency Award 8. Robert receiving his State Degree

76: Ag Sales Team Robert, Cody, Dylan, & RJ | Dairy Judging Team Bailey, Marisa, Kolton & Darcy 9th Place

77: State FFA Contests | Dairy Judging Team Kolton, Austin Johnnye, & RJ 12th Place.

78: Troy, Cody, Dylan & Wyatt represented Norton and the NW Kansas Region at the National Land Judging Contest in Oklahoma City

79: National Land Judging ** Oklahoma City

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