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S: Ambrose Family 2011

BC: Legacies do not expire or evaporate. They inspire and persevere. | Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonian 5:16-18

FC: Tell the next generation detail by detail the story of God. Psalm 78:4 | The Ambrose Family

1: A few memorable moments with Annabeth & Bella from 2011 ~We went to lunch at Sr. Tequila's with Daddy and his co-workers for his b-day. Bella was using a chip to fly around and someone said to her, "Is it a rocket ship?" Bella replied, "No it's a rocket chip!" and giggled. ~Bella has started saying, "Mommy you are the star of my world!' every night before she goes to bed. It melts my heart! ~When Annabeth wakes up we can hear her saying, "Mommy I love you. . .Daddy I love you. . .Bella I love you!" and if Annabeth wakes up before Bella she will come & snuggle with me. When Bella comes in the room she says, "Good morning Bella nice to see you!" ~Bella was sick and threw up. Daddy cleaned her linens while I gave her a bath & washed the chunks out of her hair. I made a mat for her in our bedroom. Without being prompted Bella got down on her knees and started praying, "God I am so thankful to you. Please help me to feel better, thank you, amen." then she turned to me & said, "I am so thankful to have a Mommy like you in times like these." ~Bella looking at a paper advertisement~"Oh look it's the Baby Bullet. The Baby Bullet turns this one sweet potato into 20oz of fresh organic baby food. That's equal to 8 jars of baby food from the store." We laughed so hard at our little walking infomercial. ~Mimi took care of the girls while we were at a wedding. At bed time Mimi asked Annabeth, "Are you read to go to bed?" Annabeth responded,"no thank you!" Needless to say Mimi thought it was so cute!. Both she & Bella were awake when we returned after 10pm. ~Annabeth had a virus that was making her skin spotted pink. Jeremy was calling her our pink dalmatian puppy. It wasn't itchy or anything so she didn't notice for awhile. Then she thought it was funny and said, "Look Mommy, I have polkie dots" ~Bella's school friend Joel said, "My house is freezing!" Bella said, "Well you can come to my house it is warm as toast." ~Even though Annabeth just turned 2 they put her in the 3 year old class @ Bible study b/c she is potty trained. I was kind of nervous, she did great. She was excited to see me when I picked her up! She said, "We had music and played outside and I have fun with friends." ~Annabeth brought Jeremy his bed sheet and said, "blankie Daddy here, my blankie"holding one of her silky pink blankies) and here Mommy blankie for you." She gave me Bella's "soft" blankie. ~Annabeth says, "Bunny,ribbit, ribbit" when she sees bunnies. (bunny rabbit) She combines a frog animal sound with bunny haha! ~We had lunch at the playground with Larissa & the twins. Annabeth had to go to the bathroom so I took her back home, but left Bella to chat with Larissa. Larissa asked her if she had made some good friends in her class. She quickly rattled off about 20 names. Then Larissa said, "Wow I think you named them all." Bella said, "No I didn't they actually all had their names before I met them" haha! ~"Mom I would love to have a pikini for lunch (panini)" ~Bella ~Bella said, "Oh Annabeth is the best mommy look at her with her baby!" Annabeth was nursing her baby under a blanket and gently rocking her. ~The day before thanksgiving Annabeth asked, "Mommy is Daddy at work?" I told her yes, but he will be home tomorrow. She said, "Oh is today Fwiday?" I had no idea she knew Saturday came after Friday and daddy would be home. ~I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and the girls were with me. Bella found it so interesting. The dental hygienist asked Bella if she were getting her teeth cleaned what flavor tooth polish she would want? Bella said, "Probably cherry, bubble gum or raspberry if they have it" then the hygienist asked Annabeth and Annabeth responded, "Green beans, I would want the green bean kind." The hygienist laughed and said, "you have to right that one down!" ~The girls got to see Santa at Jeremy's company Christmas party. When asked what she wants for Christmas, Annabeth declared very matter of factly, "I want Santa Cwaus!" The cute santa stayed in character and laughed heartily and I think may have even shook his belly like a bowl full of jelly. The girls both giggled & giggled. ~It was raining and I was running late getting Bella to school. I knew we would miss drop off and said out loud. "I am frustrated that I have to walk in with Annabeth in her pjs in the rain and oh my gosh you forgot your backpack." I paused then said, "Oh well, I get to choose my attitude and I am deciding to be pleasant." Bella happily replied, "Great let's sing Feliz Navidad!" and we did. When I went to pick her up her teacher's assistant said, "Bella told me the funniest thing ,that you were cursing this morning." I was mortified and thought back to myself. I thought I handled it well explaining to the girls I was choosing to have a good attitude. On our way home I asked Bella if I had said anything that made her uncomfortable and she said, "Yes. . .you said gosh" ~ Bella always tells me that if there were rows & rows of moms for sale @ Target she would choose me every time!" I would choose her every time too!

2: Annabeth went turtle sledding and Bella went in the laundry basket. It was so beautiful seeing the white blanket of snow all around us! | It was quite the blizzard! The snow came up several feet in front of our house. It was so cold that it froze & Bella could practically ice skate on it! | We walked around all over the yard and didn't sink in, but it was too cold to be out very long!

3: We waited until it was 50 degrees to make our snowman! | Making footprints in the snow. | He had a seashell hat and eyes and a bright red shiny rock mouth.! | Annabeth awoke from her nap to meet Fred the tropical snowman. | Bella by the basketball goal

4: We cooked up fun for Bella's 4th Birthday Party! Recipe: 1 Cup Friendship 1 Cup Joy a pinch of Laughter! | Bella's Birthday Baking Bash

5: At the party we baked pizzas and sugar cookies. The little chefs did a great job rolling the dough and decorating the cookies! | Mommy was the "Secret Reader" at school on Bella's actual birthday and Mimi brought her a special cake after school!

6: The girls looked cute in their aprons!

8: Sesame Street Live Elmo's Healthy Heroes! | Bampaw & Mumzie took us to see Elmo & Friends! We learned healthy habits and had a great time together!

9: Gwen turned 7 & Laney 3!

10: We have some talented bowlers & Charlie, Gwen & Jeremy each had the same pin configuration at the same time! | While illness did not allow us to do all that we had planned for Jeremy's birthday, fortunately we were still able to do a really fun surprise family party and a great small surprise party with good friends! | Jeremy turned 30!

12: Refridgerator Monkey | Several of Bella & Annabeth''s friends had princess parties! | Snow White | Sleeping Beauty | Sleeping Beauty | All dressed up

13: Bella completed her entire AWANA book. She has memorized so many scriptures! | Bella danced her little heart out! & got extremely excited when she saw her Mimi. She mouthed I love you then got back to dancing.! We went out for ice cream to celebrate her accomplishments and God's love for our sweet girl! | We learned so much at AWANA! | We are so proud of you!

14: Easter Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ

15: We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Christ! Bella & Annabeth helped Mommy make egg-shaped crispy treats. Aunt Amy taught the story of Easter and we had fun egg hunts.

16: Mother's Day

17: Annabeth enjoyed watering the flowers with the teapot! She also liked taking sips. | Practicing being a mommy to her baby!

19: Mommy attended Bella's class for a special breakfast. Bella made a wind chime and sang songs to Mommy. It was so wonderful.

20: Butterflies | Bella released her five butterflies! Two of them flew right out and up into the trees. One flew out onto a flower and two let her hold them one briefly and the other one stayed around for a few days on our front porch before going to explore! | When we let them go Bella said, "I had the most wonderful experience!"

21: While they were still in their cocoons one of them kept moving back and forth and Bella said, "I think he is moving to keep away creditors." I said,"Do you mean predators?"Her response, "Predators. . creditors I think they're the same thing!"

22: Bella had a wonderful time at Felicity's Ballerina Birthday Party

23: Daddy & Annabeth | We love our girls!

24: Children's Museum | Annabeth was pretty Passionate about brushing those teeth!

26: Sweet Sisters | A sister is someone more special than words. She's love mixed with friendship; the best things in life.

28: Wonderful Blessings

30: Bubbles

31: Fun Night

32: Celebrating Andy's 30th birthday at the White Lion. Annabeth has quite the little sense of humor! She said, "Look Mommy look, cheeeese!"

33: Mimi bought Bella a lovely nightgown she wants to wear every night and Annabeth is sporting the hat I gave her early for her birthday.

34: XO

35: There is nothing you can do, achieve or buy that will outshine the peace, joy, and happiness of being with the one whom you have given your vow. | love

36: We made Daddy S'mores Cookies

37: Daddy went to a finals game for the OKC Thunder for Randall's birthday & got a new pair of Nike basketball shorts for Father's Day! We are going to get him a video camera as well! | Things We Love About Daddy We love to snuggle with Daddy! We love when Daddy makes us pancakes! We love his smile & face & taking pictures together! We love to hear Daddy read in different accents! Bella loves to watch golf and look at basketball shoes in sports magazines with Daddy.! We enjoy hearing Daddy play the guitar! We love to bake for Daddy and especially like how much he enjoys what we bake! "He is so brilliant & wise!"~Bella Bella loves to hear about Daddy;s day! We love it on weekends when Daddy is home! We love to wear shirts that show Daddy how much we love him, like "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" & "Smitten for Daddy" You are the best Daddy & we love you so much! Love, Bella & Annabeth | A note from your wife: I love and appreciate you! I am so proud of you! Thank you for loving me and our beautiful girls! You bring so much joy to our lives! After knowing you for almost 20 years I still get excited to spend time with you! I am so grateful to God that you are my husband! I love you more deeply today than the day I married you and will love you even more tomorrow! It is a great gift to still enjoy you so much! Thank you for the love & laughter! Always yours,DeAnna Danielle

38: Fun with the Burdick Family!

39: Bella found a lady bug which she enjoyed very much. She asked Joseph if he would "lady sit" while she played with Caleb on the slide.

40: Annabeth's 2nd Birthday! | I am 2 today | 2 | Helping decorate the table!

41: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today | Since the party was for our sweet 2 year old we wanted her to have a wonderful time. We decided to have a small party so she could really feel comfortable and love her birthday! We did some of her favorite things like singing and dancing. Annabeth & Bella helped bake and decorate ice cream cone cupcakes. It was so special to have both great grandmothers present! | Hugs from Chad & Addie, wonderful presents and lots of giggles with Bampaw

42: Annabeth is a beautiful gift to us! Precious years with our precious girls!

43: 2 | You are a truly delightful girl! You say cute, funny & sweet things and we love you so very much! We are thankful to celebrate your life!

45: We celebrated in the evening with Mimi and had Mexican food. They sang to Annabeth & gave her a birthday drink of berry juice. The girls threw coins in the fountain and had a great time!

46: We had a wonderful Independence Day! We celebrated Ric's birthday and visited G.G. for hers! | J U LY | 4th

47: The four of us went swimming in our neighborhood pool and we had the entire pool to ourselves! We saw incredible firework displays from both the front and back yard!

48: Happy Birthday Charlie & Chad | Slipping & Sliding

49: Uncle Charlie & Bampaw have the same birthday July 12th! Charlie turned 33 & Bampaw 60! Chad became a 10 year old on June 29th! We had several fun celebrations for Bampaw and a blast at Uncle Charlie & Chad's combined birthday party! | Happy 60th Bampaw! | 60

50: Picking blueberries was fun and delicious! Annabeth ate them all within a couple days! | Ready to go swimming! | At tie dying camp we learned what colors to mix to make other colors.

51: The girls used face paint to decorate themselves. Bella had gone to Gilgrease and was intrigued by the Native Americans and wanted to imitate their paint. | Annabeth loved carrying her bucket! Olivia and Adelyn picked them too!

52: The Ambrose Family

53: We all survived the 107 degree temperature to get thisAmbrose Family Portrait | The Ambrose siblings and spouses all went out to celebrate Bree's 32nd birthday!

54: The Greatest of these is LOVE

55: A love note to my girls: I am constantly amazed by your love, beauty, depth, creativity and sweetness! Seeing the world through your eyes gives me so much joy. You are a blessing. I thank God for loving me so much he gave me each of you! I am so grateful to be your Mom! Thank you for your love! ~ Mommy

56: Annabeth has a bubble mustache! We moved her to her toddler bed and she is doing great!

57: Bella & Mommy created their own princess camp at home. We dressed up and danced for hours! | One evening we had a special visitor. She was a fairy princess. Other than the wings and the antennae she looked just like Bella. She was lovely, but we missed Bella so she went and found her for us. | We enjoy spending time with Jenn & the kids!

58: Kissing Cousins | Ric & Bree went to a wedding so we had 4 kids for 8 hours and had lots of fun!

59: Bella got to meet her sweet teacher Mrs. Futrell! | Meet the Teacher and 1st days of school | Her teacher's assistant Mrs. Iorns is wonderful as well!

60: We had quite a few projects in the 1st weeks of school. We had the class pet Froggy Frog for the long weekend and wrote about his adventures for a class assignment. | The Adventures of Froggy Frog An Extra Long Weekend (Bella's perspective) The adventure began with a trip to the swimming pool. While frogs do love water we felt it best that Froggy just observe & sunbathe. He did try on my little sister's floaties. We all giggled. We also visited the pond where we saw a duck. Story time at home was a blast. Froggy even learned some new words like hare means rabbit (it sounds like hair, but is spelled differently) and scarlet is the color red. (From Froggy Frog's Perspective) I slept on soft blankets with Bella's stuffed animal puppies. They kept me company until morning. I met 2 real frogs today. They are really good at hopping! We had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes! Yummy! I stayed in the car while Bella and her family went to church. Bella even saw Gracie from class there. How fun, I wish I could have gone to Sunday school! We had a cookout with friends & got to play with 7 kids. At the aquarium I saw stingrays, starfish & seahorses . (Bella's Perspective) Froggy says, "He loves my family & wishes he could stay!" I told him he will have many new wonderful adventures with the other students and doesn't want to miss out. He agrees & is excited to visit another student and their family.

61: Bella is the Fantastic Four of the week!

63: Zoo Members Night

64: Our special girls weekend began with a great dinner! | Let the good times roll!

65: Bella thought it was so much fun to catch the rolls! | Isn't Bella gourd-geous!

66: The girls were so excited to stay in a hotel! Bella was thrilled about her new Hello Kitty toothbrush I brought as a surprise. | Bella & I stayed in a room with 2 double beds. The 1st night Bella said, "Mommy is it a rule in the hotel that you have to sleep in your own bed.?" She wanted to snuggle with me and have a sleepover so she fell asleep in my arms and slept until almost 9 a.m. | Bella & Laney brushed their teeth together and jumped on the beds!

68: Off to the Sight & Sound Theatre where we experienced Noah the Musical and went on a behind the scenes tour. We learned that there are over 60 live animals in the performance and 120 animatronic animals. The tortoises are actually petite women inside the shells who are guided by glow in the dark markings on the floor below them.

69: The musical was beautiful! Afterwards Bree & I saw Bella with her head down praying. Her prayer was "Lord God I pray that the people will know you and know that you are real and trust you & be obedient to you, amen!" | After a full day Bella fell asleep in the car and we went to a cute diner for dinner!

71: The girls loved visiting the Precious Moments Chapel

73: Mommy bought her girls each a Precious Moment. "A Cheerful Heart" for Annabeth & Belle for Bella "A Beauty to Behold at 5 years old since Bella will be 5 at her next birthday!

75: Chad scored 2 touchdowns! | That's right Joel the team is undefeated

79: Pumpkin time!

81: Ponies, pumpkins & lots of snuggles

82: Annabeth & Mommy went to stay & play. She loved it! We sang, made a paper pumpkin, painted a real pumpkin with beautiful purple paint, filled plastic pumpkins with rice and had a party with a bunch of goodies! Bella could dress as a book character for school. She was the girl who loves caterpillars..

83: The girls played market candy store with their candy. They categorized them then we bartered for candy.

84: We saw goats, bunnies and chickens at the Farm Festival for the pre-K students and families at Bella's school.

85: Back in Bella's classroom Mommy & Daddy were in charge of pumpkin bowling and did some face painting as well. It was a very fun party! That night we went to Bella's friend Joel's birthday party with Safari Joe and lots of reptiles. It was interesting and the girls had a great time!

86: Bella scaled a 25 foot inflatable wall with all the big kids at the fall festival.

87: Happy Birthday Alexa! | Bella drew a picture for Alexa for her birthday to go in with her present. Bella had a great time. | Bella & Abby | Feeling fancy! | Bella & Alexa | Abby, Kasey, Bella & Gracie | Annabeth & her eskimo coat!

88: The girls collected pretty leaves and acorns. | We made a scripture print for our refrigerator. | Bella making jello and wearing her footed pajamas.. | Daddy makes the best pancakes! | The school picture on the counter of Bella with the pumpkins is one of my favorites! | A cable knit sweater outfit that Annabeth wore as a baby was too stained to give to someone else so we made a soft pillow out of it. | Sweet little pigtails!

89: Every day Annabeth says, "I wanna wear my turkey shirt pwease!" I thought a shirt this beloved deserved some pictures. She also wanted to play with and in the suitcase.

90: Psalm 100 | Give | School thanksgiving feast

92: Holiday Memories Warm Even the Coldest of Days | We bought Daddy a cast iron cookie skillet & baked a cookie for him with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge as a early Christmas gift!

93: Bella had a pajama day at school, a performance and wore her girls have s'more fun shirt for their camping unit! | I made Bella some little gingerbread girl pants. Annabeth likes the Nemo ornament!

94: We went to Philbrook to see the tree & gingerbread displays then off to PF Chang's to celebrate Mommy's birthday. Bampaw & Mumzie got her cowgirl boots and we had a great dinner together!

95: Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rest."

96: THE GIFT OF FAMILY | Annabeth | Isabella | Jeremy | DeAnna

98: We had a gift exchange, laughed & enjoyed being together for our annual Christmas party. | Randall & Lisa have hosted the past several years, but Isaac was born the week before the party, so we were glad to have the party at our house with a special little arrival! | Friendship is a great gift to be thankful for!

99: We celebrated Christmas with our girls Christmas Eve morning at our house with a big yummy breakfast! The girls had helped make blueberry muffins, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and breakfast potatoes. In the evening on Christmas Eve the kids did some crafts and we sang songs at Mumzie & Bampaw's house. We had a pajama party on Christmas morning and a wonderful breakfast at Bampaw & Mumzie's house, then went home briefly for naps and off to Mimi's house for a delicious dinner! We went bowling with the Area Family the day after Christmas then had a birthday celebration for Matt Lipe a few days later.

100: Nate had his 1st b-day party just after Christmas | Sweet hugs for Landon! Annabeth & Chad enjoyed their robes! | We had the best Christmas with our girls! They were both so thoughtful with one another and grateful! | For New Year's the kids had a party at M & B's and Daddy and Mommy had a date and fun in the hot tub. | Snuggles with Great Grandpa | Fun with cousins!

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