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S: Tarantulas, Donkeys, and Chicks by Arynne Cole

1: My name is Arynne Cole, I am 9 years old, and I’m in the 4th grade. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I have resided in many places. My favorite house was my first house on Bellows Lane. I have blond hair, gray-green eyes, and I am very tall. I like to play with animals, cook, and bake. My favorite animals are puppies. We just got a puppy. He is nutmeg colored and is a Whippet mix. We named him Dasher because we got him on Christmas Eve, and it turns out that Dasher is the perfect name for him because he loves to dash around. He is as beautiful as a deer when he runs. We get to travel a lot because our mom has a job where she gets traveling prizes. My favorite trip was to Disney World. I’ve been there twice. The last time we went was last summer. One morning, Disney World opened Magic Kingdom just for Pampered Chef people. It was fantastic because we can do anything without waiting in lines and we could ride the rides over and over. The food, which is great, was even free that morning. We could go into a restaurant and eat what we wanted for free. I especially loved the perfumes in the France area of Epcot. I also liked the rides. On the way back home, we went to St. Augustine beach which was exciting. We swam in the Atlantic Ocean. I have always been homeschooled. Sometimes I want to go to public school but not always. I love to read, especially at night. I like to read Nancy Drew and The Black Stallion. I read so late that my sister, Sofia, sometimes takes away my light bulb.

2: Desert Tarantula The desert tarantula is the largest spider in the world. They are ten feet tall and the width of 5 of the tallest men lying heat to toe wide. In movies, they look dangerous to humans and in real life, they really are. They spend most of their time in underground burrows that are twice the size of themselves. T night they sit violently preying on insects which get too close. During mating season, males rapidly search for adult females that are 1 size smaller than themselves. Males live between 10 and 11 years and die when they mate. Females, who can mate and lay eggs several times in their lives, live 25 years or more. | Pillbug Pillbugs are commonly in back yards all over the world. When disturbed the pillbugs roll into a ball and look like old fashioned pills. The sow bug, which is a close relative and looks similar, is flatter and doesn't roll up. The pillbug is a crustacean like a lobster and a crab. It does not have lungs. It breathes through gills which are on the underside of the body. Pillbugs always have to be moist. You can find these animals in damp places in your yard.

3: Oysters Oysters, which are marine animals, are born with two shells one on top and one on the bottom. They are the most valuable of all the bivalves. They are commonly in the warm part of the ocean. A girl oyster can have fifty million eggs or less. A shell forms between a day when it is done fertilizing. An oyster swims a couple days after it is hatched. When they get older they attach themselves to something hard. They will spend the rest of their lives there. Grown oysters are usually 2-10 in

4: Kathleen the Great In the twenty-fourth century, the USA was the largest nation on the planet. It spread from North Carolina to California. Everywhere in North Carolina great things were coming around. Scientist, painters, and musicians were turning the planet, but the Californians did not want change. Then came Kathleen Vanderlip, the tsar of California. She was born in 1212 and decided that California needed change. After a trip to North Carolina where she learned many things, Kathleen brought wonderful change to her home land. That is the reason she is called Kathleen the Great. Who is Kathleen? We will never know.

5: David was a fearless shepherd boy who took care of his father’s sheep. One day his father came over to them, “The Philistines are coming for war! Get your armor; get your shields,” he screamed, while walking around in circles. All 12 brothers wanted to help save Israel. Now Goliath was 9 feet 9 inches tall, and that made the soldiers including David’s brothers run to their tents. David’s father was getting worried about David’s brothers and told David to go bring some food for them to eat. Goliath was ready to fight and someone needed to save Israel. The king offered David his armor and David tried it on but it was too big and David whispered, “I think I should just be plain old me.” “Very well,” whispered the king. That very second David came out and yelled, “Are you crazy, challenging the Lord’s army?” Goliath yelled back, “Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks?” David picked up his weapons: a bag, a sling and a stone. David slung the stone and hit Goliath on the forehead, and he fell face down on the ground. | Face Down on the Ground

6: One day two super models, who were, of course, the height of fashion, were seeking the same bikini and shoes. First one of the super models went to the shoe store and the other to the bikini store. Now they didn’t know that they were looking for the same bikini and shoes, and they didn’t know that they were one of a kind. When the girl with the shoes spotted the girl with the bikini, and the girl with the bikini spotted the girl with the shoes, they got as mad as bulls and they started fighting. At the end, one of the super models won and the other ran out in tears. When the other girl was just about to pay, a robber came out of the back of a pickup truck, took the bikini tossed the bikini lightly to the other girl, and ran off with the winner. The other girl came in, paid for the bikini, and took her place as the queen of fashion. | The Super Models and the Bikini

7: A mule driver was riding her mule to the island shore to buy gems. After purchasing the gems, the mule driver and mule began to make the trip home. AS they were cutting across the lake the mule made a misstep causing him to fall and the bag of gems to rip open. While helping the mule up the gems fell into the lake and were lost. The mule driver returned back to the island shore to refill her panniers with a large amount of jawbreakers since the round shape of the breakers would not rip the bag. During the return trip the mule fell in the exact same spot and the bag again ripped. This time the jawbreakers fell into the lake and melted. The mule driver decided the mule was tricking him. This time the mule driver returned back to the island and filled his panniers with rocks. This made the weight of the panniers twice as much as either the gems or the jawbreakers. The mule came to the conclusion that his driver was up to the mules tricks and headed home without incident. The mule ended up carrying double his initial load all the way home. | He Carried Double

8: The Weak and the Strong One day an elephant was prancing around absentmindedly not watching where she was going. She pranced right on to the sleeping king mouse. He was angry. Now the elephant didn’t know she was on king mouse because she was in the clouded rain forest. Plus it was pitch black midnight. The king mouse woke up with a ghostly SQUEAK and caught the elephant by the nose and squeaked, “Why did you awake me!” “If you let me go I shall help you another time.” At that point the mouse was laughing, a good natured laugh. “How can a strong animal like you help a weak animal like me?” “Some way,” said the elephant. That very second the elephant ran away. Months and months later the mouse got caught in a mousetrap from the dastardly hunters and the mouse squeaked and squeaked. Finally the elephant came and told the mouse to be quiet and soon the mouse was freed and the mouse told the elephant, “I am weak and you are strong but you can still help me.” THE END

9: A horse was being ridden fast down a hill. Spotting her stable at the end of the hill, she decided to take a cut through to the stable. To her the fastest way to the stable was down the hill, which was the biggest hill in the world. Just as she was about to jump over, her master caught her tail and tried to pull back. The stubborn horse pulled very hard. “Ok”, thought her master with that she let go and the foolish horse fell head over heels down the mountainside. | The Horse and Her Coachwoman

10: One late evening a parrot clutched a limb, holding a piece of candy along came a sneaky, hungry, Tasmanian Devil who had sniffed the candy. The Tasmanian Devil cam e and sat under the limb, saying nicely to parrot, “Good evening, Pal. How great you look!” Well the parrot was most honored by this, but, of course, she could not say anything because her mouth was full. “Your eyes are the prettiest I have seen.” But the Tasmanian Devil didn’t stop there. “And your feathers – how colorful and glossy they are.” The parrot was even more honored, but still kept quiet. She just clutched the limb with honor. “I have heard,” he charmed, “how wonderful you sing, and I would love to hear you sing! Your song could not be as lovely as your feathers, but if it were, why you would be the best bird in the world! Sing just one or two or ten notes for me, please?!” | The Tasmanian Devil and the Parrot | This was way too much for the parrot. She opened her beak, cawed and dropped the candy right into the mouth of the Tasmanian Devil. “Thanks,” yelled the Tasmanian Devil consuming the candy hastily. “Your song was the worst, but the candy was the best. Don’t believe everything you hear.” With that, the Tasmanian Devil giggled and ran into the woods.

11: Once there was a Milk Dud who watched her daddy’s puppies. Every dawn she took them to Puppy Paw’s Play Place, sitting, longing and waiting for the day to be over. She drove them home when it was very late. How she wanted at least one friend to come play. The next day she became very lonely. She remembered what her daddy told her when she was taking care of the puppies. “You must always beware of the Licorice,” her daddy told her. “And if you see one, you need to call for help.” Now she hadn’t seen a licorice. But she longed for some friends to come so she decided to make-believe. “Licorice! Licorice!” The villagers heard her. They picked up their guns and ran to the Puppy Paws Play Place. There wasn’t a licorice. She was glad to see friends there, but they were angry that she fooled them. They told her not to do it again. A long time past and she did not call Licorice. But one day, she was feeling very, very, very lonely. She knew she shouldn’t but before she knew it, she was screaming, “Licorice! Licorice!” Because she screamed “Licorice” the villagers came to help again. But when they got there all they spotted was the girl and the puppies. “Don’t do that again!” her daddy yelled. And she didn’t. One day as she sat quietly watching her puppies, she spotted a big black Licorice coming into the store! “Licorice! Licorice!” she screamed. “Licorice! Licorice!” The villagers below hear her screams, but kept on with their work. They didn’t want to be fooled again. “Licorice! Licorice!” she screamed. “Licorice! Lic-----!” The villagers were startled at this. Maybe she did need help. They stopped their work got their guns and rushed to the Puppy Paws Play Place. But they were too late. When they got there the Licorice had gone, and all they ever found of the little girl was the sparkly nail polish that was in her pocket. | The Milk Dud that Screamed Licorice

12: Once upon a time there was a lonely and glum boy who lived on the icy volcanic hillside on a beautiful sunny day. His father came down to the hillside to warn his talkative mute son to be careful to not cry wolf unless you spot a fluffy wolf. He’s discouraged because he’s lonely and bored beyond belief. The boy foolishly cried Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! The worried villagers dashed to the flowery field. Dad yelled to him, “Don’t do it again!” Ten years later, the boy turned into a man, but was still lonely beyond belief. The boy was sitting on the hillside, eating a cookie. All of a sudden he heard a rustling noise through the bushes. A rainbow wolf jumped out, the boy said, “Whoa, that wolf is rainbow.” The wolf shouted, “Goutentoug!” and pounced on him. “The British are coming, the British are coming!” The villagers came up the hill and ate his cookie. | The Boy Who Cried Wolf This adaptation was created by the whole class. This adaptation was created by the whole class. One group wrote the Characters and Settings, another wrote the Climax, and the third group wrote the Resolution.

13: David was a fearless shepherd boy who took care of his father’s sheep. One day his father came over to them, “The Philistines are coming for war! Get your armor; get your shields,” he screamed, while walking around in circles. All 12 brothers wanted to help save Israel. Now Goliath was 9 feet 9 inches tall, and that made the soldiers including David’s brothers run to their tents. David’s father was getting worried about David’s brothers and told David to go bring some food for them to eat. Goliath was ready to fight and someone needed to save Israel. The king offered David his armor and David tried it on but it was too big and David whispered, “I think I should just be plain old me.” “Very well,” whispered the king. That very second David came out and yelled, “Are you crazy, challenging the Lord’s army?” Goliath yelled back, “Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks?” David picked up his weapons: a bag, a sling and a stone. David slung the stone and hit Goliath on the forehead, and he fell face down on the ground. | Face Down on the Ground

14: Whooping Cranes For 300 years the Whooper species have been becoming extinct. Numbers were rapidly declining. Over 210 species in the world have become endangered. Since Whoopers are rare they need lots of protection. Whoopers lay 2 eggs and usually both hatch. The stronger chick pecked the weaker chick out. In 1980 there were 83 Whoopers in the wild and 26 in captivity. Coyotes were eating all the eggs, Whooping Cranes were doomed. If you live in the North America and visit a swampy or marshy area, you might see a Whooping Crane. Adult Whooping Cranes are white with a red crown and long pointed bill. Males weigh 17 pounds and females a little less. They can live 22-24 years in the wild, but there are only 400 left. People are worried. Can the Whooping Crane survive? Many Whooping Cranes spend their summers in Wood Buffalo National Park which is located on the northern border of Alberta in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Migrating south in the fall, Whoopers winter in the Aransas Refuge, another marsh along the coast of Texas in the United States. Male and female Whooping Cranes share parenting equally. Whooping Cranes cooperatively build a nest of grass in shallow water. After the eggs are laid, they take turns incubating the eggs. Parents protect the next and later the chicks. When a predator comes near, the parents engage in fancy dancing routines. If a chick faces danger, both parents will fiercely jump out of the bushes blaring an alarm call. The Whooping Crane’s worst enemy was DDT which is a horrific chemical used to control grasshoppers and other insects. The Whooping Cranes can devour hundreds of grasshoppers in an hour. When the Whooping Cranes ate food sprayed with DDT, their eggs had very thing shells and when the parents incubated them, the eggs would crack open. To save the Whoopers, Canadian and American scientists began to try to raise Whooping Cranes in captivity. This was very difficult. Scientists had to methodically teach the cranes how to migrate by getting them to follow an ultralight aircraft. The hard working conservationists have had some success. In 2007, the Canadian scientists counted 73 mating pairs which produced 80 chicks. The Whooping Crane will survive.

16: My Family I have 8 people in my family, two boys, Johnnie and Eric, four girls, Sofia, Andrea, Arynne and Jordy, and, of course, Mom and Dad. Usually people would think that I have two grandpas, but I don’t. I have zero grandpas because one died three months before I was born, and the other died when my dad was 8. After I heard this I was very and truly disconsolate. I thought who would let my grandpa die 3 months before I was born. But I am still thankful for my grandmas. All of my aunts and uncles live far away except one aunt. Her name is Nansi. Nansi is practically a kid, she plays Webkins and she’s loads of fun. We always have fun sleepovers. That is my wonderful family.

17: A Long Nap One day a chick was pecking a hose because he thought it was a behemothic worm. He was also very cheerful about it because he was looking for food all day. He was still pecking when he realized the skin was very tough, it was very strange. Well he kept pecking. Just then the hose started sprinkling. He was shocked. But it was a summer afternoon so it felt good, but he still ran away. He thought it was ridiculous that he thought a hose was a worm! After he ran away from the water, the farmers started feeding. He was happy to finally eat. After all the things that happened that day the chick, who took a long nap, yawned heavily.

18: 1 to 1 Once there was a girl whose name was Camera, a boy whose name was Timoto, and a dog whose name was Click. Timoto was there for a repulsive male basketball game. Cheerleeding cheerleaders who were soooo excited that they cheered more grandly than before. Who in the world new about how sad Camera was because she didn’t have a dog. Since nobody knew about her sadness, no one could fix it. The very same day Timoto went to his mom because he was hungry and because his dog who was very hungry started growling. He asked his mom for money to buy some food but she said, “No.” Since she said no, he was left to starve. Who would have thought that his mom had no money. Seeking the food he spotted that dog again. Shyly he asked one of his basketball friends for some money, but he said no. Timoto was very hungry. He went to searching shyly for food. The next day Camera came with her grandpa and she was smiling because her grandpa gave her a dog. She was very happy and named him Spot. “1 to 1”, her grandpa said. Timoto never really knew what he was talking about but when he got older he knew what her grandpa meant. After that he never bragged again.

19: Ridiculous One day there was a boy, a tiger and a tent. Their names were Calvin and Hobs. Calvin and Hobs were going camping. Since they already put the tent up they could explore, which was fun because they had never been there before. Usually they would do awesomely boring things but now they were exploring. Exploring was fun. Calvin and Hobs were soundlessly sleeping. Weirdly Calvin and Hobs woke up because they heard a sound which was made by a behemothic lion. They were terrified. Since the lion spotted the food in the tent he roared loudly to scare them out of their tent. Roaring was the lion’s favorite thing to do. Calvin and Hobs who stayed up all night were tremendously tired. Since the lion came last night it ate all the food they could eat nothing. Weirdly they noticed it was a raccoon because it had black and white stripes not orange and white. It was funny and ridiculous.

20: One lovely day a giant giraffe and her adopted baby zebra, who loved her mommy because she was very nice, were strolling around Cherry Wood Park. Julie was the mommy giraffe and K.C. was the baby zebra. They decided to go to Target. Because she liked to look at animals, K.C. was happy. Fortunately, there were dogs, cats, and parrots being sold as pets, but unfortunately, there were bugs. Big, ugly bugs. Creeping Goliath Beetles snuck around the shopping cart. Panicked, K.C. ran through the shoe department with her mother who was hanging on helplessly to her little girl because she did not want to lose her precious daughter. As they galloped through the aisles, shoes flew in every direction. Although the store lions were mad because of the mess they would have to clean up, they tried to help the giraffe mother. Usually they would charge a lot for such a mess, but because they wanted Julie and K.C. to come back, they gave her a small bill. Julie paid it gratefully. | She Paid It Gratefully

22: My Favorite Dog I love animals. Although I am allergic to all animals that have fur, I have a lovely dog. Usually you would say that I can’t play with my dog, which has fur, but I can because he doesn’t have much fur. I and my dog are best friends. His name is Dasher. Although playing with the dog, doing co-op school and doing my school at home is hard, I can still play with him. Luckily we got a dog which doesn’t lick you ravenously. He doesn’t lick ravenously because he is shy. My dog is really fun. Although he runs out of the house if you keep the door open. Dasher, which runs like a Mustang, will dash out the door because he can’t get out much energy in the house. Happily he runs all over the neighbor’s yard. Since he is like that, he is my favorite dog.

23: Back Row L to R: Sherry Thomas, Mikayla Nelson, Arynne Cole, Marissa Nelson, Sheyanne Johnsen, Andrea Cole, Lisa Berryhill Front Row L to R: Benjamin Kaiser, Samuel Walton, Elliott Thomas, Noah Bradley, Joseph Lang, James Sumrall | 5th & 6th Grade Creative Writing Class Teen Learning Center Charlotte, North Carolina

24: A Monument to All Our Fun Featuring Mrs. Thomas' writing class By Noah Bradley It was a devastatingly stormy day in the small village of TLC, and Elliott Thomas, an apprentice of the teacher named Mrs. Thomas, was working hard to learn writing. Elliott worked through hard days, earning tickets and unexpected homework. All of a sudden, one day Elliott was told by his teacher to go to the land of writing homework and tell all of the people there that if they did not finish their homework they would have to finish it next week along with the extra credit. But Elliott, who strongly detested the land of writing homework, decided that night he would think of an escape plan. Because he violently lay in his bed, thinking of a plan, he was tired the next day. One day, he found his plan. He was to get on a ship and sail to somewhere far away. Heck if he knew where, but he was going anyways. So, the next day, he went out in search of a port. After a long day of challenging searching, he finally found a port named “Cole Ship Yard” and went inside. There he found the manager of the port, Arynne Cole, who told him there was a ship in the yard, piloted by Andrea Cole, her sister. Then, Elliott went onto the ship and met his captain and sailors. There were two sailors, Joseph Lang and Mitchell Darden, whom he greeted, and then Elliott went into the captain’s room to meet her. He asked where the ship led, and she told him the land of no writing homework. Elliott was excited to go to the land where no man has to write. After setting sail, the clouds turned black, and a storm started brewing. Spontaneously, the waves grew to the size of buildings, and the ship was flying in the air. The three ship-mates decided to play a game of monopoly to decide who was thrown off the ship. After gaining a lot of money, Elliott was about to win, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind threw all his money off the ship and into the sea. Mitchell won the game, and Elliott came in last. Elliott wanted to admit what he did, but he kept him mouth shut. But then, a huge blast of red energy pierced through the ship, and Elliott exclaimed the story so fast, all his ship mates got was “Throw me over board!” So, Mitchell ran in the ship and grabbed a floating ducky for him to use, and Joseph tied him to a board and shouted “Sayonara, sucker!” and threw him overboard. Floating softly through the sea with his eyes open somehow; Elliott saw a huge whale coming toward him. On top of the whale was what looked like a camera. But, as it got closer, Elliott saw it was an amazing laser that had many weird looking symbols on it. He somehow understood the symbols to say “I am awesome” many times. Then, the whale came up to him, and, with a satisfying “GULP,” Elliott was quickly gone, inside the whale. He explored the whale until he found a shadow inside the whale, which then got closer to show that he was a man, named ‘Noah’, who went out of the shadows to see Elliott. “Who are you?” Elliott asked. "Who am I?” The man stated, and then laughed a very strange laugh. If a donkey could laugh, and the donkey had a soar throat, that’s what he would sound like. '

25: “Why, I am Noah, the man who was randomly attached to a whale when he was scuba diving one day. I then decided to attach a laser to it, just because I’m awesome!” He told Elliott. Elliott stared at the man in awkwardness. “Uh, OoooK.” He muttered. The man stared at him for a second, and then told him “Go talk to the little guy. The one over there.” He pointed behind Elliot. Elliot didn’t look the way the man pointed. He couldn’t believe that two people lived in one whale. But, eventually, he turned around and saw a little person wearing glasses. He walked over to him. “Hello” Elliott muttered. “Hi” exclaimed the boy, “My name is Benjamin,” “Do you know the way out of this whale?” Elliott asked. “Yes, I do.” Ben told him, “Right up there”, and he pointed to the hole in the whale. “Right.” Elliott stated “How do I get up there?” Benjamin grabbed Elliott’s hand and brought him onto the tongue, which made a disgusting “Squash” sound whenever he stepped on it. Benjamin yelled “Catapult!” and Elliott had just enough time to shout “WHAT?” The tongue bolted upward and Elliott went soaring through the hole onto an island. When Elliott landed on the island, he hit the sand and got it all in his eyes. He stood up, and put his face in the ocean, and got salt all in his face. He couldn’t see, so he felt around until he felt a towel. “There is no way what I’m grasping a towel” he muttered, but as he felt it more, he decided it was a towel. He put it on his eyes and looked up. There were two people named Marissa and Mikayla Nelson. Marissa, after taking back the towel, asked “Hello, is this your first time on the island?” Elliott muttered something really intelligent: “Uhh” Mikayla pulled out a clip-board and wrote down something while saying - First-time-on-island. “Very well then, follow me.” commanded the one named Marissa, which he followed to a part on a cliff that showed a big city, and after saying “That’s where you live.” Marissa left, and Mikayla quickly exclaimed “Enjoy your stay.” And then disappeared. Elliott, who was soggy, hungry, and freakishly tired, set out to the city. Before he got there, he met up with Samuel, the city guard, who he asked where he was. Samuel shouted “You are here at the island of writing homework.” Then, Elliott told him thank you, and moved on. He walked through the town and into the mayor’s office. The mayor’s name was James Sumrall, who he told his message to. James told him he couldn’t enforce that as a law. Only the governor, Sheyanne, can enforce things like that. So he went to the governor’s house, who told him she would enforce the law and make everyone there abide by the rules of writing class. Very happily, Elliott went home on a ship, knowing he had saved writing class because he had made the journey. THE END

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