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S: Parker Michael Willmore ~ The 1st Year

FC: Parker Michael Willmore The 1st Year 2010-2011

1: Welcome to our family Parker! Love, Mom, Dad, and big brother Caleb

3: Parker Michael Willmore Born July 5, 2010 at 11:59pm Weight 7 lbs 8 oz Length 19 inches Delivered by Dr. Anderson at the Orem Community Hospital in Orem, UT

4: I had started having contractions on July 4th and by noon on July 5th they were starting to get stronger. I knew that today was the day I had been anticipating for so long. I would finally get to meet my baby boy! Although the contractions were coming faster and harder we decided to go to a little family lunch at the Zundels. We had been there about 10 minutes when I decided I could not wait any longer- I had to go to the hospital! Daddy gave me a blessing that promised me comfort and safety and then we were off. We arrived at the hospital around 3 and after they checked me in and checked me out, they verified I was dialated to a 4 and effaced 80%. The nurses watched me for an hour while Daddy and I talked and walked between contractions. After an hour I had dialated another centimeter. I was then transfered to the birthing suite where I was hooked up to monitors and given the blessed epideral. Things went so fast after that. I finished dialating quickly and was effaced 100% and the Dr. was ready so he told me to PUSH! I pushed 5 times and your beautiful head full of dark hair crowned and then you were out- with us forever. Your strong high pitched cry told me you were really here. As the Dr. held you up all I could see was a ton of hair on a little head! The Dr. asked Daddy if he wanted to cut your embilical cord but Daddy didn't have the stomach :) Then the nurses wisked you away to clean you up, weigh you, measure you, and take your vitals. You were perfectly healthy and perfectly beautiful. You were so small with a soft round face that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Your new little spirit was so strong and instantly filled the room with the sweetest feeling that only babies new out of Heaven can bring. After the nurses cleaned you up, your daddy and I took turns holding you close, looking at our new little treasure and hardly believing you were finally here, ours for eternity. Grandma Willmore was awaiting your arrival in the lobby and was the first after us to hold you. Then Grandma Petramalo brought Caleb and they got to love and cuddle you. Caleb was a little skeptical at first of this little person who his mommy was swooning over, but after holding you awhile he understood that we could all love each other and that was even better! Three days later we took you home where all your tiny clothes and bassinet were waiting. You were a perfect baby- just eating, sleeping, and cuddling. You would tilt your head up and tuck your face into my neck. I loved that! We had so many sweet moments just rocking or looking at each other. You brought a very sweet, pure spirit to our home. You are such a welcomed addition to our little family!

5: The first night they took you to the nursery I could hardly sleep, even though I was so exhausted. I just wanted to hold you in my arms and see your sweet little face. I kept calling the nurse and asking if you had woken up yet. You were such a good little sleeper and eater. You were such a pleasent easy baby that we thought we would have 20 more if they were all like you! I was worried that you would struggle nursing but you got the hang of nursing immediately. I was really grateful for that! Our suspicions were confirmed: You were pretty much perfect in every way!

7: A tiny turned up nose, two cheeks just like a rose, so sweet from head to toe- that little boy of mine. No one will ever know how much your coming has meant. I thank the Lord each day- you're something Heaven has sent. You're all the world to me, you sit upon my knee, to me you'll always be that little boy of mine.

8: You recieved your baby blessing on Sunday, August 1, 2010 in Provo, Utah. Your father bestowed a beautiful and powerful blessing upon you. He blessed you that you will be a comfort to your mother and siblings. He blessed you to apply yourself to the Lord. To be a peace-maker. To be a problem solver for yourself and others. He advised you to be cautious in choosing a field of education and career. He blessed you to be astute and diligent in learning the commandments of the Lord and in following and applying them. He blessed you that as you follow the promptings of the Spirit you will choose to serve a mission and fulfill church callings throughout your life. He blessed you to be conscious of the needs of those around you and be willing to extend a hand of aid. He blessed you to have the Spirit of the Lord and that you would acquire a testimony of the Savior's atonment while you are young.

11: After I had Caleb I knew I wanted to have another boy close in age so you two could grow up close together and have a strong friendship. So far Caleb has taught you how to wrestle, make car noises, pretend to be his puppy, and play peek-a-boo. No one can make you laugh like Caleb- he jumps around in circles and you laugh at him for hours. And you boys LOVE making noise together. You sit in the kitchen with all my plastic bowls scattered around and bang on them with spoons. I love how you two enjoy being together; you follow Caleb around like you are his puppy and he loves to have a little follower. I hope that you two remain best friends and are a good example and strength to each other for the rest of your lives.

12: Love Notes My sweet little Parker, you will probably never know how grateful I am that you were sent to me to be a part of our family forever. I remember the first time I held you in my arms and looked into your sweet, tiny face and felt overwhelmed by the love I felt for you. You are such a sweet, happy, smiley little person that makes me smile every day. You are so quick to laugh and play and everyone enjoys being around you :) I can think of more than one day when I was feeling a little down and then you came around the corner with a giant smile beaming on your face and I just had to scoop you up and hug you and everything was better. You add so much joy to our family; I will always be grateful for the tender mercy of Heavenly Father sending you to our family. I have so many hopes for you. I pray that you will always be righteous, strong, and courageous in standing up for what you know is right and good. The only thing that can make us truly happy and content is following the commandments and knowing that the Lord is smiling down on us in favor. I want that genuine happiness for you always. I know that you are going to be such a blessing to others as you have already been to me in your short life. I want you to know that if you ever need anything you can always come to me and I will try my hardest to help you. Life will not always be easy but there are so many wonderful, beautiful things to love about life. You have such a loving family- mother, father,brother, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles- that only want the best for you. Thank you for your sweet strength that you developed in the pre-existance so you could bless your earthly family. I love that you are naturally so happy and energetic! People just can't help but smile when they are around you. I have felt from the time that you were about a month old that you have a gift for making those around you feel special. People come up to us at the grocery store and tell me how cute you are and you give them a big ol smile and they leave grinning because your happiness is so contagious! Can you tell I just love this about you?!?! :) Parker, I want you to know that I know without a doubt that you have a Father in Heaven that loves you beyond comprehension and desires every good thing for you. I know that he will always be there for you and you can recieve the help and strength you need by going to him in prayer. My deepest desire is that you will always keep your close relationship with Heavenly Father of foremost importance in your life. I love you so much Parker and hope the very most happiness for you in life. Love, Mother

13: Hey bubs (that is what we called you at this age)! I have had a lot of special things occur in my life, but being a father to you is an experience that has far surpassed almost any other in terms of bringing joy to my life. I want to reiterate a few things that your mother has said about you. I do not think you will ever understand the love your mother has for you. When I started law school, I was away from home for more than I hope to be ever again. Caleb had just started to become an independent two/three year old. Then there was you. Amidst all the clamor during a very lonely time for your mother, you were near perfect--not to mention your extreme fondness of cuddling with her. Unless you were preoccupied with Caleb's attempts to torture you, your face always had a beaming smile. I remember trying to grab you from your mother's arms and you would squeal at the thought, clamoring back into her arms. You would grin slyly at me, but would never afford me the chance to pry you from her hold. As you grew a little older, you warmed up and became buds with me and your brother. I look forward every day to see you crawling at me when I arrive at home. You always give a little laugh, fling your arms and legs wildly in all directions, and give me a big kiss on my cheek. You have an overwhelmingly calm demeanor about you, and just holding you takes a lot of worldly worry away. You would get the biggest kick out of me picking you up like you were flying while chasing Caleb around the house. You would laugh every time we got within reaching distance of him before I plopped you down on Caleb's head. Not many children are able to bring happiness and fun into a room as quickly as you do. My hope for you is to keep embracing the heavenly qualities of peace and love that eminate from your character. The scriptures mention peacemakers, and you are one of them. You are one of my best friends and I will be there for you in time of need. Never forget that. I too, like your mother, sincerely want the best for you. I will never do anything to undermine that sincerity. In your baby blessing, I blessed you with the special quality that the people around you, whether they understood the gospel or not, would feel Christlike love from being around you. I have said many things in blessings, but how true that statement has become! Your mere presence is enough to turn a rough day into something special. I really mean that. Keep smiling. Love, Dad

14: Bath time!

16: Parker's first haircut

17: I had put off cutting your hair for so long. I loved the long soft hair that gave your face so much character. It was darling and I knew once I cut it you would never have the same baby look again- you would look like a little boy. For that reason, cutting your hair was a tragic experience. However, it was pretty necessary. Your hair stuck out the back over your shirt collars and went down past your ears in the front. You had the straightest, silkiest hair that I just couldn't resist ruffling every time I passed you. And you always had a rooster tail that was so cute! And talk about bed head! Yes, it was time to cut your hair, but that didn't make it any less difficult for me. Good thing you're cute no matter how your hair looks!! | Before After

18: We have so many good times to think back on and remember with you- when we went to Disneyland a month after you were born, moving to Washington, going to Utah and Arizona for Christmas, playing in the snow, ridinh on the train, playing at parks, splashing in the bath, going to Victoria, Canada, your first birthday, shopping attempts, long drives in the car going from Utah and Arizona (you were always such a blessed good baby during those long drives!), Halloween, Christmas, and Easter- you have already experienced so much in your short life and its fun to think how much more we are going to get to do together! Its a good thing you're so pleasent and patient or we might not have done half that list (or at least enjoyed it as much as we did!).

19: You boys love your boy time! From the minute Daddy gets home its wrestle-mania and it doesn't end until everyone is tucked in bed at night. The first thing Caleb asks after he wakes up is, "where's Parker?" and gets so excited to see you. You three boys are quite the trio! And I wouldn't have it any other way.

20: I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. I'm excited to watch you learn and grow as you strive to reach your divine potential. I want you to know that your parents love you so much and will help you in any way we can. You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. I know that you are one of Heavenly Father's choice sons and he is always ready and willing to help you. He loves you so much. I hope you enjoy life and all the good things it has to offer. There will be good times and hard times but I hope you always make the best of what comes your way. Keep an eternal perspective. We love you!

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