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Blog 2010 (Copy)

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S: Triplet Blog 2010


1: Update, 01/01/10 - Happy New Year!!! Anna is finished wearing her helmet. Gabriel took his first steps on Christmas Eve at Duck Lake in front of Grandpa Lauer. | Update, 01/11/10 - A basket full of babies. They love to crawl into almost anything right now. Joel had a bad haircut, Gabriel had a good haircut, and Anna has had no haircut. All are starting to talk more. Joel loves to say "bye bye" to Steve when he leaves for work in the morning. They are also starting to learn some baby sign language. Gabriel is climbing on everything and we have to put the kitchen chairs away when they are not in use. Anna has a new tooth and still loves to knee walk around the house. | Update, 01/22/10 - Nap time! They are still taking two naps for right now. One morning and an afternoon nap. They still seem to need the morning one. Joel has been saying, bye-bye, dadda, mamma, no-no, and uh-oh. He is definately the most chattiest and loves to play peek-a-boo. Gabriel is still the most agile little guy and can do "more" in sign language. He is climbing on everything and has managed to climb onto Alex's queen size bed now. Anna also loves to play peek-a-boo. She is still the most laid back of all the kiddos. She loves to just sit in the toy basket and take things in. She once was in there for 45 minutes.

2: Update, 02/01/10 - The troops were here to take care of the Lauer Clan. Grandma Lauer and her friend Jill stayed with us this past Saturday so Steve and I could have a date night. We saw Avatar, went to dinner, and then met up with some other triplet parents for drinks afterwards. Anna has a new molar and she and Gabriel are teething right now. Anna had a fever 3 days last week off and on and her temperature reached 103 degrees. She also broke out in hives. Gabriel has been very needy lately (from teething), he'll just look at you and cry because he wants to be held. That is very uncharacteristic of Gabriel. He is always happy on the move and as long as he's getting into some kind of trouble. Joel may be teething, but he has shown no indication. However, he is the toughest of the triplets when it comes to pain. Joel continues to learn and speak new words. When you hold a cracker out to him he will say "cracker" back to you. All can play peek-a-boo with their hands. Alex has been doing his Start Smart class every Saturday with Dad for 6 weeks. It is a sports readiness program and he loves it. | Update, 02/04/10 - Joel has 2 new teeth. His one year molars are in. He had shown no signs of teething so it was a surprise when I opened his mouth and looked. So, all the babies are teething at the same time and it has been going pretty good. Gabriel walks more and more each day. Joel has started to walk more and more with the walker toy. Anna has no interest in walking at all. She'll use the walker toy to walk on her knees. All the babies wear size 5 diapers now. Every day we are moving more and more to solids. They are certainly ready. We have been weening them slowly from baby food because of the nutrition and balanced meals. Their favorite thing to eat right now are graham crackers. | Update, 02/10/10 - Everyone loves to play peek-a-boo. So cute!!! Alex can count to 10 and recite the alphabet. We plan to get him into preschool for next fall. | Where's | Joel? | Anna? | Gabriel? | Alex?

3: Update, 02/14/10 - Happy Valentines Day! Every once in awhile we go for a little ride in the van. The triplets are now forward facing in their car seats. The Doctor had advised us to leave them rear facing as long as possible. It was so nice to turn around and see everyone's face. For just a little bit, the sun shown today. Alex has his weird camera face in this picture. | Update, 02/24/10 - Everyone is watching a show on PBS. The TV is rarely on, but sometimes necessary to keep Alex out of trouble. Alex has been doing great with potty training at night. He comes down once every night to wake up Steve so he can come with him to the bathroom. Alex knows how to go by himself, but loves going with his favorite buddy, Daddy. I have taught him well. Anna has all of her 1st year molars in and can do the actual signing (sign language) the best. She loves her pink rideable car and will be on it sometimes for over 30 minutes at a time. Gabriel understands sign language the best. When he sees me with food or getting his food ready he does the "more" sign. When he wants down from his highchair he does the "down" sign or he screams or cries. He is not quite as laid back as his siblings. Joel has started to walk now. He amazes us with his extensive vocabulary. He is like a parrot and will repeat everything. He can say all his siblings' names if prompted and can sign and say "all done" at the same time. Yesterday he said "thank you." | Update, 03/01/10 - One Princess. | Update, 03/01/10 - Three Jailbirds.

4: Update, 03/06/10 - 4 little hoodlums. | Update, 03/12/10 - It is hard to believe that these babies ever shared a crib. They are now "bottle free." What a change from the 24 bottles they received when they were born. We have 2 biters (Gabriel and Joel), 2 thumbsuckers (Joel and Anna), and 2 walkers (Joel and Gabriel). The boys have a tendency to fight over the same toy. Anna is still learning. She'll get a toy taken away from her and then look at Mom or Dad and give us a help me look or cry. Joel still is a little chatty charlie. If you say "ready set", he'll respond by saying "go." Anna and Gabriel are saying a few words right now. Alex is officially going to preschool in the fall 3 days/week for 2 hours 15 minutes. He will fit right in and we can't wait for him to have a little independence outside of the home. Next fall ought to be interesting with our caravan of kids going to preschool. | Update, 03/17/10 - The kiddos actually all got on this chair by themselves. Anna started walking yesterday while pushing the kitchen chair. She's the last to walk and is well on her way. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

5: Update, 03/21/10 - Anna's bows are back. We still have problems with Gabriel and Joel taking them out, but at least she's not taking them out anymore. Our biggest fear is that it was a choking hazard, but so far it has been going good with close supervision. The triplets are now stacking toys and putting mega bloks together. | Update, 03/30/10 - The first walk of the season. It was a cold sunny day, but we bundled the babies up and they had a great time. Steve pushed over 75 lbs in baby weight and Alex rode in the wagon. | Update, 04/01/10 - Don't you just love seeing little baby legs. It's summer for today.

6: Update, 04/05/10- Happy Easter! | Update, 04/14/10 - The babies continue to get into anything and everything. Joel has a mild cold. Gabriel has had a low grade fever from teething. Alex and Anna are fine. Yesterday the babies slept till 8am, but today they were back to their normal schedule. We'll see. The morning nap is slowly coming to an end.

7: Update, 04/21/10 - All the kiddos have a cold. This is the first cold of the season. None of the triplets have ever had an ear infection. Every day it seems they are talking more and understanding more. The other day Gabriel heard Joel crying over the baby monitor in the kitchen and went straight to their bedroom door and tried turning the knob to get in. Joel is now repeating words Alex says. Anna is so close to walking on her own. She took 4 steps yesterday. Their next Dr. appointment isn't until June. They are now 17 months old. | Update, 05/02/10 - Loving the 2 burleys. We are having so much fun taking bike rides downtown with the kiddos and letting them play at the playground. They love the swings. Everyone is healthy again. The triplets are now down to one nap now. | Cute as a

8: Update, 05/10/10 - Oh, the fun you can have with tupperware. Everyone is walking now. Joel is a little parrot and loves to say "Anna no" and "Gabriel no." Gabriel the other day woke up and I could here him saying "Mama down" over the monitor. Anna will now say "go" when you say "ready set" first. She pointed to her baby doll's nose and said "nose" in her own baby language. The other day I had Jem playing and all the kiddos danced. I was lucky to capture this on the camcorder. Alex has nicknames for 2 of the triplets. Anna is "Mama Keekee" and Gabriel is "Scary Guy." | with Tupperware

9: Update, 05/19/10 - Play time! | Update, 05/26/10 - Early On was here last week for their final visit. That is great news. The babies are no longer behind with their development. Next month is their visit with the Doctor so we'll get her final opinion on that. The babies say more and understand more as each day passes. It is so much fun to watch. Alex while in the car with Steve asked to listen to "crunchy music." He wanted to listen to country music. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

10: Update, 06/01/10 - Sleeping Beauties. | Update, 06/14/10 - Sunday, we went to a nice breakfast/family outing to the Waypoint Restaurant. It was the second time ever we have all been out to eat as a family. Everyone was very good. It turns out that Gabriel and Joel can use a fork. They have never used a fork before or even held one and yet they picked up there food with no problems. | Sweet Dreams | Dining Out

11: Update, 06/21/10 - Baby yoga. The babies have their doctor's appointment this friday. I am so curious to find out their heights and weights. Everyone is talking more and more each day. Anna and Gabriel can speak around 15 words and Joel can speak over 40 as well as short sentences. The other day he said "why did you do that?" | Baby Yoga

12: Update, 06/27/10 - Having fun at the Doctor's office. Each of the triplets received 2 shots. Their appointment was this past friday. Anna is having problems with Eczema flair ups. She points her toes in a little while walking, but has gotten better since she started walking. Dr. Davis gave a prescription for the eczema and was not concerned about her walking since she is still learning and getting stronger. Joel's eczema has improved greatly from last year. He still gets mild rashes, but not as bad as last year. All are ahead of the curve with speaking. They should be speaking 5-10 words. Anna and Gabe are at 15+ words and Joel is 50+. They are all to have bloodwork done to rule out Spherocytosis and Anna will also be tested for food allergies. Here are their stats: Anna: Height: 33 1/2" (90%) Weight: 26 lbs 5 oz (75%) *Tallest Gabriel: Height: 33" (50%), Weight: 25 lbs 6 1/2 oz (25-50%) *Smallest Joel: Height: 33 1/4" (50-75%), Weight: 27 lbs 12 oz (75%) *Biggest Alex: Weight: 45 lbs | Update, 07/01/10 - Having some good old summer fun. Everyone loves the water. Alex and Steve are in Lake Michigan. The babies are at Duck Lake. | Update, 07/11/10 - First time at the beach. Gabriel did not want to touch the sand at first. He stayed on the edge of the blanket and eventually got used to it. Anna wanted to sit on my lap most of the time. Towards the end, she sat and played on the blanket. Joel loved the sand and was instantly covered in it.

13: Update, 07/18/10 - Fun at the park. Grandma Lauer, Kelsi (cousin), Jill, and I walked the babies and Alex in the burleys to the park. They are definately getting more courageous with leaving our side. Joel seems to be the most independent and he and Gabriel love the stairs to the slide. Alex loves the slides and climbing. Everyone loves the swings. | Update, 07/28/10 - The Lauer Family. We went to Duck Lake last weekend and met up with Grandma Shirley, Papa Darrell, and Aunt Hailey who we had not seen since Christmas time. Everyone had a great time. Grandma Shirley walked through the door and Anna went right to her. Anyone who knows Anna knows how shy she is. She cries when people just talk to her let alone make eye contact with her. | Update, 08/01/10 - Dining alfresco. | Update, 08/10/10 - Hot, sweaty, and loving every minute of it. Today we had a huge get together with other triplets at Helder Park in Zeeland. Our own Lauer triplets were a handful and we really appreciated the help of our good friend Karen. Joel had a mind of his own and would just take off. Anna and Gabriel were a little better. Alex did great playing with the other kids there. Everyone had a great time. Poor Anna has a little swelling on her face from a mosquito bite. | Summer

14: Update, 08/17/10 - Peek-a-boo Part 2. When the babies first learned to play peek-a-boo they could only put their hands on their faces. Now they know to take their hands off their faces and Joel can even say it. | Update, 08/19/10 - Happy 4th birthday Alex! Alex was lucky to have 2 birthday parties. A Duck Lake birthday party last saturday where he is pictured with his best friend Lexy (left), Aunt Hailey (right), and Cars cake. And, today which he named it last birthday at home with the family with a homemade chocolate cake that he helped make. | Happy 4th Birthday Alex | Peek-a-boo Part 2

15: Update, 08/23/10 - The triplets playing with one of their favorite toys. I love it when they play together nicely. A typical day consists of them taking toys from each other and some crying. | Update, 08/27/10 - The Taste of Saugatuck 2010. Pictured are Alex, Triplets - Anna, Gabriel, Joel, Twins - Hannah, Hailey, Karen, and Phil. We had so much fun enjoying the nice weather, eating, playing, and listening to Random Play (Steve's Band). | Update, 09/02/10 - The Pendleton Cousins! This past weekend my brother (Mike) and his family came for a nice visit. We went to the beach, walked downtown Saugatuck, and hung out. The kids had so much fun. Alex had his first slumber party with Channing in our downstairs living room. High Chair (Gavin), Triplet Table (Joel, Gabriel, Anna), Chairs (Alex, Channing, Olivia). | Taste of Saugatuck 2010 | The Pendleton Cousins | Play Time

16: Update, 09/07/10 - Alex caught his first fish (blue gill) in Duck Lake this past Sunday. He was so excited and proud. | Update, 09/08/10 - Alex's first day of Preschool. He was so excited this morning he woke up at 6:45am. Our entire family went to drop him off, but Steve took him in. Steve said Alex quickly disappeared and started playing. I am so proud of him and so glad he has something of his own. He has been such a trooper with all the changes in the past 2 years. | Update, 09/14/10 - The kiddos playing with the seats in the triplet table. Everyone is talking more and more as time passes. Gabriel and Anna love having books read to them. It is hard to sit down at times because Gabriel will chase you down with a book and if he does not get his way he throws a fit. They are also growing like weeds.

17: Update, 09/22/10 - Enjoying the last day of summer. What a beautiful day to be outside. Gabriel has now mastered climbing on to the kitchen countertop by using the drawer handles, climbing onto the kitchen table by lifting himself off the ground, and climbing out of his crib today to unplug the baby monitor during his afternoon nap. He also likes to lift himself up on the window sill to look out. He has been able to climb on the changing table for months. He should be a monkey for Halloween. | Update, 09/28/10 - Alex had his 4 year appointment today which included 5 shots. He did great as usual. He is 43 1/4" tall (99%) and weighs 46 lbs (95%). Alex is one of the tallest in his preschool class which is pretty amazing since he is one of the youngest as well since he just turned 4 in August. This picture was taken at Cranes' Orchards the same evening. He loved the cider donuts. | Alex at Cranes'

18: Update, 10/04/10 - Self-feeding. Gabriel has been waking up off and on since Labor Day around 5:30am-6:00am every morning wide awake. He has a crib tent now to keep him contained since he can climb almost anything and everything. All are talking more and more as time passes. It is hard to believe they will be 2 next month. The other day I asked Joel how he was doing and he responded by saying "good." He is still quite the little parrot and loves to sing. Anna is the polite one with saying "please" and "thank you." | Update, 10/12/10 - Fun at Cranes'. Alex finally got to ride on the cow train since it was open for the weekend. He loved it and was all smiles. Everyone enjoyed such a warm, beautiful fall day this past Sunday.

19: Update 10/19/10 - Fun at Cornwell's Turkeyville in Marshall, MI. | Update, 10/21/10 - This is a rare occasion. Normally baths are done in pairs, but I needed a picture of the triplets together. They made a huge mess with the water, but it was worth it. All love taking a bath and get mad when it is time to get out. Steve and I do baths in assembly line fashion and are quite efficient at it. All four kiddos can get bathed and dressed in a 1/2 hour. | Update, 10/26/10 - I am always amazed how creative everyone is with playing. Here they are playing Peek-a-boo. They play with bowls, cups, laundary, spatulas, etc. They also mimic things that Alex does. As the triplets approach 2 I realize how much they have grown up. Anna counted to 5 yesterday. Joel said to Steve, "there's a football game on Dad." Gabriel this morning said "Daddy ready." He knew Steve was getting ready for work. Alex talks often of how the babies can have his toys when he grows out of them. I am glad that he has such a good relationship with his siblings. He does seem to favor Anna more than anyone though. If one of the boys takes a toy from her he will return it to her.

20: Update, 11/01/10 - Happy Halloween 2010. We had so much fun trick or treating on the hill in Saugatuck. I took Alex to the houses while Steve pulled the choo choo wagon. Alex was shy but managed to say trick or treat and thank you in a very quiet voice. Joel kept picking up sticks and putting them in his mouth so we let the triplets eat lots of sandwich crackers to keep them occupied.

21: Update, 11/04/10 - Everyone with their favorite babysitter, Karen. Karen has been coming faithfully since they were 2 months old. She has helped us so much. Life got a little easier when she came along. Thanks for the love you have always given our children and your friendship. | Update, 11/10/10 - Happy 2nd Birthday to Gabriel, Anna, and Joel!!! What a fun time everyone had this past Saturday in Albion. We sang individually to Anna, Gabriel, and Joel. Each had their own special cake thanks to Grandma Lauer.

22: Update, 11/16/10 - Everyone watching Sesame Street. It is very rare that all 4 will sit still and watch for any amount of time. | Update, 11/23/10 - Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful family and friends! Alex told everyone at pre-school "I am thankful for games on the shelf, and my house, my family, my friends, and the babies' birthday." He was so excited to show us the turkey that he made. We are so proud of him. | Update, 11/30/10 - We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Lauers. Joel was a night owl when it came to getting to sleep, but at least he stayed in his pack n play this time. Gabriel was up early one morning around 5:25am. Alex was a great sleeper. We are lucky he is a heavy sleeper. Poor Anna is allergic to all of Grandpa Lauers cats. Her eczema flaired up horribly and her eyes were puffy as well. We had to give her Childrens Claritin to relieve her symptoms. Everyone was tired when we got home.

23: Update, 12/07/10 - This is what happens when I turn my head for a few seconds in the kitchen. Gabriel pulled the ottoman up to the triplet table. He then climbed and sat into the seat. Joel and Anna followed. Then I got them down after the picture. | Update, 12/09/10 - We went to Baragar Pines Farm to cut down our Christmas Tree. This was the first time everyone could go. I watched Anna, Gabriel, and Joel in the Christmas Barn and Steve and Alex quickly picked out a tree. | Update, 12/18/10 - Christmas Card picture 2010. Sometimes you get very lucky and everyone faces forward. We had a little help with a big screen TV that had Dora playing on it and 3 adults.

24: Update, 12/23/10 - Merry Christmas from the Lauer Kiddos!!!! Alex told Santa he wanted a blue camera that takes pictures. Anna, Gabriel, and Joel did not say a whole lot. | Naughty &

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