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BLOG Jan2008-Dec2008

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FC: Matthew Chad Banks Family Jan. 2008- Dec. 2008 OUR BANKS ACCOUNT

1: Monday January 21, 2008 Family Home Evening For Family Home Evening tonight we decided that we are going to "blog" ourselves, so here we are. We are excited to keep you updated in our life and hope you will enjoy the many "accounts" that we have to offer. We love you all and we think FHE rocks!

2: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 Teeth Fairy We were visited by the teeth fairy, not in the way you are thinking, no one lost any teeth but the wonderful 'teeth fairy' brought Parker 6 teeth in a matter of 4 days and he was great through it all. He didn't fuss about it- he must be a Walker because it was 'a long way from his heart' (thanks grandpa Mac)

3: Thursday, January 31, 2008 Thankful... We are so full of gratitude for a lot of things in our life right now and just wanted to make a list of those things... -Our Savior Jesus Christ and the Atonement that was performed for all of us so that we can be made whole. We as a family are especially grateful for this as we have experienced a challenge in our life this week. We know that we can be comforted and healed in our trying times. God be thanked for the gift of His Son to each of us. -Marriage and to know that we can be together forever. (me personally- Lisa speaking- have the best husband ever. He is so wonderful and I am grateful that I found him). -Life... It is a miracle. -Parker, he is in a mood where he just laughs and laughs and it is so much fun. He keeps us on our toes and brings so much joy into our lives. -President Hinckley and his shining example to all of us, we will miss him greatly but are so happy he is with his love. -Sister Julie B.Beck's talk "Mothers who know" if you haven't read it, do so and if you have, read it again, it is well worth it. Motherhood is the highest and most noble calling given to women so, let us magnify our calling. Listen to the words given to those who are truly inspired and then, let us follow the spirit. -Temples in general but right now for the Rexburg temple. It is so beautiful- Parker loved going through the open house as did we! We are so lucky to have a temple 2 miles from our house. And to know that families can be together forever. -Family and the love and support they offer us. We love y'all and love life- it truly is beautiful! Let us all be a little more thankful... (this was written the day after we had a miscarriage)

4: Monday, February 18, 2008 FHE...again Well, we haven't had the internet for a while so we haven't been able to post anything but now we do so hopefully we will get to keep y'all updated. We had dinner tonight and Parker loves to eat so he was doing great. The only thing with Parker is if he sees anything sweet he won't eat his dinner. Well for FHE we had bought OREOS and he saw them so that is all he wanted. Well, we dove into them and he was just making us laugh. He is such a delight! We had to get in the shower because he was covered but before we got in Chad was singing like Micheal Jackson and making him laugh... pics included! | Oh the joys of having a baby. We don't even have to go out for entertainment anymore! For our lesson we read a talk titled, "Sunday Will Come" by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. Chad and I recently had a miscarriage and have struggled with the loss, but a good friend of mine sent us this talk and it has help us through the trying time. It talks about how dark Friday must have been when Christ was crucified but how joyful it was when he was resurrected on Sunday. | Our favorite quote from the talk is this, "Each of us will have our own Fridays--those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of our world lie littered about us in pieces. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays. But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death--Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come." We are so grateful for our Savior for His love and for our Heavenly Father. We are so grateful for our families and the love they have for us!

5: Saturday, February 23, 2008 sLeePovEr & ShoWer KLFB I had the chance to spend a couple of days with my in-laws and I love my sister-in-law Kara Lowe. Her and I have so much fun together. She is a senior in high school and going through the whole dating thing so teasing her about boys is so much fun (and it is fun because she tells me everything--just like sisters ;)). Anyway, we had such a good time just laughing and laughing. We decided to watch Game Plan which is so cute and just hang out. Here are some pictures with Parker in our pjs. We didn't quite make it through the movie, I am just too old for staying up late. The next day we went shopping for a shower gift for their cousin Randy's soon to be wife and that was a riot, we decided to write her a poem and that was just the beginning of Kara and I being crazy. Today was the shower and all we have done is laughed, wore matching outfits, learned that all Fred Meyer's employees are going to "rot in hell" (thanks to the helenator), talked about life and enjoyed the company of each other- oh yah and changed diapers because for the last 3 days Parker has been sick and averaged between 10-12 diapers a day each of them being an explosion. Our poor little guy. Thanks for being so great Kara Lowe, I love you!

6: A couple of months ago Parker got really sick (the whole 9 yards, puking-1 time it shot 6 feet and yes, we measured- pooping, coughing, runny nose, high fever, etc...) and we planned to go to utah, I didn't want to miss out on seeing my family so I went anyway. Well, needless to say, the sickness spread like wildfire and before you know it, everyone was puking. It was no fun because we were at a hotel and so one person puking was bad enough but Parker, Ashlee, Sydney, Cali, my mom and Stephanie all puking, nobody got any sleep. Parker and I headed home and found out that Matthew, Trace, Ann, Ivan and Jodi all got sick. SORRY! Well, the past week it has hit Parker again and this time we were with Chad's family...Parker strikes again. Matt, Kara, Karissa, Chad, Grandma King and now Randy (the lady we live with) have been sick. We have one powerful boy! | Monday, February 25, 2008 Parker Strikes Again

7: Monday, March 3, 2008 My 6 year old husband, 10 month old baby and our road trip | How weird is it that I have a 6 year old for a husband and in 7 years Parker will be older than his dad? This year for Chad's birthday we decided to go to Boise to see his cousins family. We headed out on Friday afternoon, only after a lovely surprise from my mom, sister and nephew to take us to lunch... thanks guys, that means the world to us.(they drove all the way from Utah just to take Chad to lunch, now that is love!) We didn't do much other than enjoy the company of those that we don't get to see much and it was fun. I have such a good baby, he was such a good traveler, he enjoyed the trip just as much as we did. Saturday morning we went shopping (not my favorite thing to do) at the outlets and my husband spoiled me, I got a new pair of running shoes and we bought dishes! I can finally have people over for dinner. We came home that night and then Sunday we had Chad's family over for a couple of hours. That is when Chad and Parker played the guitar and Parker was dancing and singing, it was so cute. I am so grateful that I have a wonderful husband that loves and cherishes me and treats me like a queen. He is the most wonderful person in the world and I love him so much, everyday just gets better and better. I am truly married to my best friend. Thanks for being the best Chad, I love you and Happy Birthday! Parker learned how to spit, is now owning up to his middle name "WALKER", saying mom and dad more and more (dad always more than mom), getting 2 more teeth-count that, 8!, and being the most wonderful baby ever! Don't you love my smile mom! He is such a happy baby! We all had a lot of fun on our trip to Boise and can't wait to go to Nauvoo to see Aunt Heather (one of my mission companions) and to be there when Gabe gets married! Oh and see Nauvoo! On the way home from Boise I talked to Gabe (I taught him when I was a missionary) and he is getting married in the Nauvoo temple the 10th of April! Chad is so wonderful, he said, book yourself a ticket, you aren't going to miss that! I can't wait to tell you of that great account! I love my family!

8: I want to know how many of you ever sit and think to yourself, "I love my family, how in the world did i get so LUCKY to have such amazing people in my life?" I recently have just been blown away (not that anything has changed) by the love that I have for these 2 boys, I can't even begin to tell you. I can't get enough of these 2, in fact I just want to squeeze them and love them and hug them and kiss them etc... I love being a mom but ever more than that, I love being married to the mot amazing person in the world, I thank Heavenly Father every day for giving me such a ownderful husband! I love you LOVELY! | -Parker doesn't want to ever be dressed like a girl! EVER! (we made bows for enrichment and since I don't have a girl, I had to try it on someone, Dad didn't agree either) -Parker has a new grin for all of you, it is hard to catch it on camera but he wrinkles up his nose and blows through his teeth, it makes us laugh so hard, I surely do love this mom stuff, it is the best! -Beautiful Blue Eyed Baby Boy! (one of my most favorite pictures ever!) | Saturday, March 15, 2008 I love these boys!

9: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 Happy St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday! (and most of you know that- I won't go into details about why, just know that it is). When I was a missionary I received more packages on the 17th of March than I did for Christmas or my birthday- I loved it! Every year I also received more texts and phone calls on this day than I do my birthday. Thanks! This year was extra special because my mom, sister and nephew came up just to see me on one of the best days of the year. Chad, Parker and I dressed up in our St. Patty's attire (thanks Sister Hammond for the Irish Hottie WIg and the Irish Mullet, we love them and so does everyone else) and welcomed them here. We all took turns wearing the wigs and taking pictures, it was so much fun having them here and laughing and being silly!

10: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 "Egg"travaganza & FHE For FHE this past Monday (& also St. Patrick's Day) my mom and sister were here so we decided to dye Easter Eggs. (we also haven't had another free night to do this.. dodge ball tournament, enrichment, birthday party, bachelor party, wedding and then it is Easter) Our lesson was on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and that we are all "beggars" and have a need for our Savior. Chad read a story about a young woman who was alone on Easter and decided to take food to the homeless. It was such a Christ-like act and I hope that we can all be more like her, I hope that we teach our children to reach out to the needy as Christ has reached out to us always and especially in our time of need. I am grateful that we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. I love Him! After the lesson we all talked about times that we have reached out to others in need and grateful we are that we did, I pray that I can do more Christ-like things more often. For our activity we broke out the dye for the eggs. I love dying Easter eggs with my mom, she is so creative and so much fun to do things with, I am so happy I have such a good mom and Parker has such a good grandma. Thanks mommy! Parker was so excited and at first we just let him watch but then we let him dive in and here is the story. We undressed him and put him in his high chair and let him go at it, at first you can see he was more interested in the dye than the egg then he found the egg and plopped it in the dye causing some to splash on his tray- wow, that was fun, lets try it again, in attempt to get the egg out he spilled the entire cup over- and had dye all over the tray. He started to splash in it, put the egg in and out of the cup, needless to say we had a little green machine- HE LOVED IT! When we finally took him away from it, he was devistated, he cried huge tears. It was so much fun to see him this way and get so excited about getting to do what big people do, he didn't even want to go to bed because he was having so much fun. Now we can't wait until we hide the eggs so he can find them and also we can't wait to see what he will be like next year.

11: Thursday, March 27, 2008 Happy Easter Our Easter was so much fun, we woke up and Parker was thrilled to have eggs that he could throw and they wouldn't break... we set them out leading to his basket and he went crazy. He got books and an outfit. He went straight for the books- he loves them! Then he didn't do anything else until after he got his clothes out and then he found the grass.. | He played in the grass all day long, we went to church and came back home and he still played in it. The Easter bunny should have brought him just the grass and left everything else at the store. Church was great, I got to speak in sacrament about the Resurrection! It was great, I don't really love to speak but I can't think of anything else that could have made this Easter better than speaking about the Resurrection of our Savior on the day we celebrate that. We are so grateful that he was willing to come to this earth, be an example for us to follow and then pay the price for us to live again and have the chance to live with Heavenly Father. God be thanked for the gift of His Son!

12: Sunday March 30, 2008 President and Sister Nielsen Visit On Saturday morning we had just rolled out of bed (Parker was still in bed) and the phone rang Chad answered it and it was our mission president! He said that he was in Rexburg and wanted to stop by and see us. Chad asked them when they would stop and President said, in about 5 minutes. We woke Parker up and they were here. It was so good to see them. Parker was shy until right when they were getting ready to leave and Sister Nielsen said, I will give you a kiss. She kissed him and Parker jumped into her arms. It was so much fun to see them, they are such a special part of our life, WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Thanks for everything President and Sister Nielsen!

13: This past week Parker & I were able to travel to Nauvoo, IL. We left Tuesday night for Utah and stayed with my mom and dad. We got up the next morning and went to the airport where Parker got to fly for the first time. He loved it! He loved looking outside and especially loved the lady named Andrea (a grandma) sitting behind us. He just played and played with her until he fell asleep. I am so grateful for people like her in the world. We flew to St. Louis where we met up with Heather Hammond (one of my mission companions) and drove to Nauvoo. On our way we stopped and ate at one of our favorites- Panera bread and oh boy was it yummy! We made it to our hotel late Wed. night took a quick swim, laid in bed and talked then went to sleep. Thurs. morning we got up and ran, we ran all day long and it was so much fun, the fact that it was pouring down rain made it very interesting. Here is how it went, we went to pick up Kami Lowe (a friend from our mission) so she could hang out with us and | told us that Gabe (a boy that we taught) wanted to come say hello. Well, it ended up that he wanted to go see all of the sites and his fiance Caty didn't so we got to spend the whole day with OUR Gabe! We went to the visitors center, brick yard, bakery, mansion house, graveyard, red brick store, Lucy Mack Smith's house and more. Then we went to lunch where we met Caty. She is such a beautiful girl & from being around her, Gabe is one lucky boy. After lunch we ran into the Jarvis' (branch pres. while we were in Springfield, MO) it was fun to see them. Then we rushed home to get in dresses so we could go see Gabe and Caty get married. It was a beautiful sealing, I am grateful that I was able to be there, the both looked so happy. After the sealing Heather and I decided to do a session with the Jarvis' and we are so happy we did. I love being in the temple. If you haven't been there, put that on the top of your to do list. The only bad thing was that Kara who went a long to take care of Parker while we were in the temple was back at the hotel with him and taking a nap woke up to a phone call telling her that they were under tornado warning... I guess we could have come out of the temple & Parker & Kara could have been blown away. Luckily there were no tornados. After our session, we went to a show called Rendevous at Nauvoo it was cute. A lot of senior | Sunday April 13, 2008 Our Trip to NAUVOO to see Gabe & Caty Ariciu | missionary couples perform and it is funny and cute. They ask you to excuse yourself if your children are being loud and all Parker wanted to do was dance and sing with them so I took him and stood by the door. As the missionaries came in and out they would wink at him. They miss their grandkids. He thought he was the coolest thing in the world. We went to dinner where I introduced Heather, Kara & Parker to fried cauliflower- YUM! The day was done, we went to bed, got up the next morning and went to Carthage jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed. It was such a humbling place to be, I am so grateful that Joseph Smith was willing to stand strong and immovable in his faith. We then headed to the airport where we flew home. It was a fast and furious trip but fun the only thing that I would want different is for Chad to be there. | He had finals to take so he couldn't miss them but we sure missed him. Congrats to Gabe & Caty, we love you guys! Love, Leather (Lisa & Heather combined- Gabe and Caty gave us that name!)

15: Today we celebrate the birth of Parker... I can't believe that it has been a whole year since he has come into our lives. He has grown, changed and experienced a lot in one year. Parker was born on Friday April 27th at 10:45 a.m. We named him after the apostle Parley Parker Pratt. When Parker was born I was a little bit nervous because as a mom you wait for the initial cry, well, he didn't and we actually didn't hear him cry until he was about 2 hours old. He was just looking around trying to figure out where he was. That continues to be a blessing in our life, he doesn't cry much and spends a lot of time observing people and things. He was also born with 2 heads, after being stuck for almost 6 hours- his head had doubled in size (thankfully it went down in 24 hours). We were just grateful to have him here and healthy- thanks to the help of Aunt Stephanie, she was a big help on the natural labor. Parker has been such a joy in our life and we can't imagine what it would be like without him. We thank Heavenly Father every day for borrowing us one of His children and allowing His spirit to follow. From the beginning of time (4-27-07) Parker hated music. When Dad would start singing he would stick out his bottom lip and try so hard not to cry. Luckily he has out grown that and loves music. It sure was funny, good thing we got it on video! Parker got his first haircut when he was 3 months old and it was way over due. I like short hair and so he has had many haircuts since. I just can't believe how much it grew him up when we cut it. Parker loves being outside, we have to drag him inside even if is freezing cold outside. He is such a warm baby, when Chad and I are sleeping with 2-3 blankets on us, he has none and if we try to put one on him he wakes up and is not very happy with us. (just like grandma Vicki) | This year we had more snow than Chad or I can ever remember and we only got one picture of Parker in it. We regret that so much. The faces he pulls. One thing people have told us more than anything (except for the fact that Parker has blue eyes- they get a lot of compliments- Thanks Uncle Dan and Happy Birthday tomorrow, we miss you a ton!) is that Parker has such an expressive face. Some thing s Parker has been able to do in his first year of life that some of us don't get to do until later on in life or even never- go to the temple (Rexburg temple open house- pictured with me and grandma Vicki), fly on an airplane to Nauvoo, IL (to see our Gabe), visit 9 states, go to school and visit the E.R. (not the funnest one) We had to try to get a stool sample from an 11 month old- good luck to anyone else that ever has to do it! Well, I have rambled on about Parker but most importantly, we love him so much and are so happy that he made our family 3. We love you Parker and Happy Birthday! | Sunday, April 27, 2008 Birthday Boy!

16: Thursday May 1, 2008 Birthday Parties! For Parker's birthday he got 2 parties... lucky! One in Utah and one in Idaho. That means 2 cakes, 2 candles with burning hot flame on top of them (i think that was his favorite part- he is a boy!) 2 lovely versions of "Happy Birthday", but most importantly it meant he got to be with the people that he loves the most! Here is a slew of pictures...ENJOY (in order from top to bottom as I share his story)! Ivan, Sydney and Parker posing for a picture. Sydney is Parker's "big sister" and takes such good care of him and Ivan aka Vanni is hopefully Parker's best friend. Right now he isn't too fond of him because Parker is bigger and tends to be on top of Ivan all the time. In April we have tons of birthdays and 4 of them right in a row- Matthew the 25th, Parker the 27th, Dan the 28th and Chase the 29th. So while we were in Utah we had a party for Matthew and Parker. My mom made 2 cakes so Parker had his choice but Matthew beat him to it and wouldn't let Parker even touch his carrot cake. Needless to say, Parker got the chocolate one. Parker wasn't so sure what to do with the cake, he attempted to play in it and it never went in his mouth but he did have fun "attacking" it. Cali tried her best to encourage him. Obviously by the smile on his face- he enjoyed it! This is Parker with his great grandma Loraine. We love her so much and are so happy she is in our life. Parker and great-grandpa Steve! He is so cute! (grandpa Steve) I am not a huge fan of birthday presents and would rather Parker not get them but I want to share a couple of them with y'all. My brother Adam and sister-in-law Shauna got Parker 2 shirts that said, "I still live with my parents and I cry when ugly people hold me!" We were laughing so hard. Thanks uncle Adam & aunt Shauna! (I thought I had a picture of Parker in one of them but I guess we will have to save that for a later post). Our family and Parker's birthday cake (my first attempt- it is so hard to make a cake when your mom makes the most amazing wedding, birthday and anything cake. I would like to follow in her foot steps but I don't think that is going to happen, my mom is wonderful!) Parker and the Parry kids playing in Parker's make do sand box. We just need to wait until Grandpa Mac can get us some sand to put in it. Parker loves having the Parry's over, they are so much fun and they love playing with Parker. Thanks for being so wonderful Parry Family! Parker trying to get his candle- he didn't care about the cake. But Emmaline and Brigham helped him blow out the candle and he went after the cake... "Mom, is this okay?" "I love this stuff!" Aunt Randy (the lady we live with) and Parker. I was so excited because Randy joined us for Parker's birthday- which she doesn't hardly ever do and she held Parker! (that is only the 2nd time since Parker has been alive) Parker loves Randy so much they just make each other laugh. Jared Fielding, Kara and Parker eating the famousAndy's mint cake... thanks Heather Hammond! Playing! This is Parker's birthday gift from the Banks family, although I get to take some credit, I designed it and I love it. This is a picture of that back...and then the front! For my record... in attendance in Utah- Grandma Loraine, Grandpa Steve, Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Mac, Jodi, Matthew, Ashlee, Adam, Shauna, Mac, Brian, Stephanie, Daryion, Sydney, Cali, Ann, Hunter Ivan, Chad, Lisa and Parker In Idaho- Grandma King, Grandpa Matt, Grandma Sheila, Chad, Lisa, Parker, Karissa, Kara, Samuel, Amy Emmaline, Brigham, Bennet (Parry) and Jared Fielding

18: Monday, May 12, 2008 My Mother's Day For Mother's day this year, I had the privilege of going to Utah for the weekend. It started on Thursday when Parker and I got up and drove down to surprise my mom! We walked in the door and she was jumping with joy. It is always good to see my mommy. We went for a walk, played in the dirt with Ivan, Cali and Grandma and it was so much fun. Friday we got up and went to a work-out that my sister Stephanie teaches and it was a tough one, one I want to do all the time now. It was fun because my mom, my aunt, my sister and some of my nieces and nephews where there- I love my family. We went home and I cut and dyed my mom's hair and then it was off to the soccer games. I was able to go watch my nephew Kyle play in the high school semi-final soccer game and they won 3-2 in a shoot out after 2- 40 minute halves and then 2- 10 minute overtimes. I was exhausted and I was only cheering, I can only imagine how tired I would have been if I had played the entire game. It was so exciting and it put them into the finals which were the next day. So to end Friday, I then went and watched my niece play volleyball. Saturday we woke up and went back to volleyball to watch Daryion and then to the soccer game again. It too went into double overtime and with 8 seconds left on the clock, they lost. It was so sad, I cried. It was fun though to see Kyle play soccer, I love you bud! My mom, dad, nephew Matthew, Parker and I then went to Cabela's where I saw my dad act like a child in a candy store, it was so much fun to see that- he loves that place! So now, we are finally to mother's day. My mom came in and woke Parker and I up and got in bed with us, we just laid there and laughed and enjoyed each other... have I told you how much I love my mom yet? We went to church and then to my sister Stephani'e's where my little brother Chase surprised my mom and showed up from Colorado. It was so fun to see him and be with my family. I just wish Chad could have been there. Parker and I headed to Shelley where we picked up Chad and Grandma King and surprised CHad's mom and made her dinner. I am so grateful for my mom and the love that she has for me and my family. I am grateful for all of the mothers in my life and the wonderful example they are to me. Most of all, I love being a mother, I love Parker and all the other children in my life. I am so grateful for Chad for being so wonderful and supportive of me... I love you!

19: Sunday, May 25, 2008 BUCKAROO | Well, this is my first blog (Chad) usually Lisa does the blogging but because this blog is about a horse trip i went on i decided i should probably write it. During the break between semesters, Lisa, Parker and I went to Boise. I went on a camping trip with Sam Parry and his brother Dennis (pictured with Felina Sam's dog) while LIsa & Parker stayed | with Sam's wife Amy and her kids, Emmaline, Brigham and Bennett. We left early on a Monday morning and got the horses loaded up then drove across the state line into the Owyhee mountain range in Oregon. This part of Oregon is beautiful and there are lots of wild mustangs in these mountains. At 11:00 am we started riding, I rode Denny- Sam's mustang, and we rode until about 6 in the evening. We found a good place to camp but then we found an "abandoned" cabin that looked a lot more enticing because a storm was rolling in. THat first day we saw some awesome stuff. An outlaw named "bigfoot" had a hide out in these mountains and we checked out the cave he used for a hideout and also an old rock corral that he kept his horses in. When we got up the next morning it was beautiful, but a little chilly. We rode through honeycomb canyon and up across a ridge right under Three Fingers Butte. All in all the trip was bout 35 miles, a lot of excitement, and I was pretty sore for a couple of days but it was awesome! I got to play a real Buckaroo for a couple of days- laughing and enjoying ourselves!

20: Thursday, June 12, 2008 So MaNy... Summer came and went (not so many sunny days), I don't even think it was a whole week of sunshine but Parker & I did take advantage of every minute we could and we loved being outside! Parker got this pool for his birthday for sand to go in but we put water in it and he had such a good time! Our tan little boy! We are so grateful that he got his mommy's skin and not his dad's, he gets brown, not red! So many tans! He loves to play in the water, we went to Grandma & Grandpa Banks house and he found the sprinkler & went crazy. He was making us all laugh, chasing us around with the house & making such funny faces when the water would hit him. We had to drag him inside at 9:30 pm when he was turning purple because he was so cold & he was not very happy about that choice. He would live outside if we let him. So many laughs. Kara Banks graduated from high school... good job Kara! Not so many kids at home anymore. Chad & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on the 26th of May. We can't believe that it has been 2 years already but at the same time we don't remember what it was like to not be married. Not so many years! We are so in love with each other & so grateful that the Lord led us to each other. We are grateful for eternal families & that we have been sealed together forever! Parker got his first bike from Jared Fielding. He is too little to ride it but loves to be pushed around on it. If he convinces you to push him, he will try & talk you into doing it all day long. So many bike rides ahead! This one is for PJ! To most of you this is a random post, me eating a hot dog, but for Paul Jarvis, he will love this picture! So many memories! Chad got me an early birthday present (my birthday is in 18 days) & we can't wait to use it. Parker loves to be in it & we can't wait to explore the great outdoors. June 11. 1966 my parents were married... so that means that yesterday they celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary! They are so cute! We love them so much & are so happy that they got married so many years ago! Happy anniversary mom & dad! Oh yah, & yesterday, it snowed in Idaho... so many wishes for summer!!!

21: Friday, June 27, 2008 MARATHON MAN 8 weeks ago if you would have told me that my husband was going to run a marathon (26.2 miles), I would have told you you were crazy. But if you were to ask me that on June 14th I would have said, "MY HUSBAND JUST RAN A MARATHON!" Samuel Parry and Chad came up with this crazy idea that they were going to train for 7 weeks and run a marathon and they did just that! The most amazing part of all of this is Chad had never run more than a mile at a time in his life. He finished the race in 4 hours and 45 minutes! He is amazing and I am well pleased with him! What an accomplishment, we were at the finish line cheering so loud for him when he came across. I just wish I would have been running with him. Samuel Parry, Chad Banks, Troy & Carrie Fowler- all from our ward ran it. Carrie beat them all!! The boys all came in together, one after the other. Besides being really sore, this is the only other battle wound. Good job hone, you never cease to amaze me! I love you so much, keep it up!

22: -Parker got to have his own ice cream cone last time we went for one & he was the happiest boy in the world. I love when that boy smiles! -For my birthday Chad surprised me & took Parker & I to the lake. He was planning a surprise birthday for me there but the weather wasn't so great so we just played & then came home to a house full of people. -I was even more surprised when Amy Parry came into my house carrying a piggy bank cake, she is so thoughtful. She said, a pig because you love them & a bank because you are a banks. So much fun. -I love to laugh more than anything & it is even better when it is with my family. -Parker has a cousin named Ivan (aka Bert & Ernie) that is about 3 months younger than him. A couple weeks ago we were able to spend a week with him & he pulls this funny face. Needless to say, one day we all got to doing it & we were laughing so hard. A couple days after that I said to Chad, "'what does Ivan do?'" (Chad does it almost identical to Ivan) & before Chad could do it, Parker was doing it. Now, every time we say to Parker, 'what does Ivan do?' He pulls this funny face. We love Ivan & Parker, they make us smile" | Thursday, July 3, 2008 -- i love... | Ice Cream | Going to the lake | Water | My Family | Birthdays -Pigs | Amy Parry | Laughter | Silly Ivan Faces

23: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 OUR SUNDAY BOY | This is Parker ready to go to church... We love our boy!

24: Monday, July 28, 2008 Our Little Helper | Since Chad has a 7 week break from school there are a lot of things that need to be done around the house, clean the garage, weed, fix the rain gutter, stain the cupboards, weed, clean the house, de-junk (my favorite), weed, wash windows etc... We decided that we want to get everything done in the first week that he was off so that the rest of the break we can just enjoy each other. We have all been working so hard and loving every minute of it, I love working side by side with my family, it brings such a closeness! Parker has been such a good little trooper and help all a long the way. Here are picture of him jumping in and doing his part. | After a good garage cleaning! | This is Parker and Dad sanding so they can stain the cupboards- such a big helper!

25: We have been able to do a lot of fun things in the past few weeks since Chad has been off school, so therefore you are going to get a lot of pictures in a few posts! Our first time using our backpack, we hiked to forty-horse cave. Parker loved it, he climbed and climbed and climbed and then... he cried and cried and cried when we told him he couldn't do it any more. The above picture is priceless- big tears and the look of 'please let me keep playing mom and dad!" It was tons of fun! After we hiked to the cave Parker and I played in a little river that ran along side the road, we tried to talk dad into getting in but he didn't want to so he just took pictures. We enjoyed the sun and a treat with the Parry kids! We miss them- they are gone for the break. Of course we have spent time in the pool, almost every day we go out there for a little while. Parker is a fish! We were able to go with some of Chad's cousins and float Lava. It was a blast. We had a hard time deciding if we should take Parker or not because we didn't know if it was safe but me being the stubborn mom that I am insisted that he go and that we would be fine. Well, needless to say, he had just as much fun as the rest of us! A picture of Daddy and Parker going down the river, we love having all of this family time! | Monday, July 28, 2008 -- Summer Time

26: Saturday, August 16, 2008 What we did on vacation

27: For our vacation this year we went to spend a week with my (Lisa) family. I told Chad if we have to go to spud day every year then he has to go to my home town fair & have that experience... it was a lot of fun & Parker loved every minute of it. We were able to go to the pig show (Chad missed it because he went fishing with my dad) & I loved it because I showed pigs when I was growing up & am hoping that Parker will want to do the same. We went to the fat sale (selling of pigs, sheep & cows), it is always so fun to watch the auctioneer & those helping but sad to know where those pigs are going. We watched Sydney rider her horse. She is so funny, she was so nervous that she couldn't even smile or wave & she was the cutest one in the show. After the show this was our conversation- Lisa, "Good job Syd, you got a trophy!" (everybody got trophies & then the top 3 got prizes) Sydney, "Everybody got a trophy." She is certainly a Walker, competitive as can be! Parker got lots of cousin time & loved it. Cali, Sydney and him played and played. The night before we left my mom & dad had dinner at their house & when these 2 got in the car to leave Parker jumped in with them & didn't want to get out, he was so sad to say goodbye. Parker had a turn trying on Sydney's cowboy hat! We got to go to the pet show! Pictured: Parker riding a donkey! (The donkey was a little girl's pet!) Parker got to ride the 4-wheeler with grandma Vicki (& Ashlee & Dad) & cried when he had to get off. We had a surprise 60th birthday party for my dad! It was such a blast, all week he was complaining about how no one had done anything for his birthday. We talked him into going to Cabela's (his favorite store) & all surprised him when he got there! He was in heaven, all of his family in his favorite store! Happy Birthday Dad, we love you! Ivan turned 1. Parker loved it because he is finally getting the hang of opening presents & opened all of Ivan's for him! Fed the fish @ Cabela's. Grandpa Homer loves his grandkids, he had so much fun helping them all feed the fish. Played in the sand, swam, got dirty, fed Jill (as well as learned how to kiss like Jill, wrestle with Jill, had Jill pull him down the road in his stroller- we wish we would have recorded it, we were laughing so hard. We miss Jilly-Billy), went hiking, hung out with Matthew aka Positive Peter, more hiking (Sydney, Chad & Parker's first time to the "M" & she made it all the way by herself!), posed for a picture, got tired, slept, went boating, drove the boat with Grandma, got Uncle Mac on the tube, went tubing & most of all had fun. We were so sad to come home & wish we could have stayed for the whole break! Thanks for the wonderful time mom, dad & everyone else, WE LOVE YOU!

28: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 We went to the ZOO After many attempts to make it to the zoo, we finally did... and loved it! Parker loves animals and knows most of their sounds and the sign language for them so he had a blast! | Parker & Mom looking at the birds! | This was my favorite, this Lemur had just been born not too long ago and was so cute to watch the mom and baby interact.. I love babies, especially mine! | Dad and Parker looking at the tigers! | Parker with the monkeys- these were his favorite! | Our little zoo keeper | Just hatched!

29: Sunday, August 24, 2008 ATTACK OF THE DUCKS | We love to spend days at the nature park- where we feed the ducks, play in the grass and just enjoy being outside. We hadn't been there for a while and obviously neither had anyone else... Here come the ducks! Being swarmed by every duck in the pond and I mean every single one. (usually we can get a few to come eat the bread) Parker loved it until he got attacked and one of them bit him on the hand. They were biting our shorts and jumping on us- they were crazy and HUNGRY! What a fun trip to the duck pond, we just hope this doesn't result in nightmares from the attack of the ducks!

30: Sunday, August 31, 2008 - Mesa Falls | We have been on quite a few adventures this past week, we decided to take Parker & Uncle Erik Pyper to see Mesa Falls for the first time ever and to go hiking. Parker loves Uncle Erik & Aunt Megan, they just keep him laughing. Mesa Falls is so beautiful, the first time Chad too k me there I said, "this is breath taking! I didn't know Idaho had such beauty!"

31: Thursday, September 18, 2008 New Pictures | I decided it was time to get new pictures of Parker since the last time we had them taken was when he was 3 months old. I decided that I could take them & they turned out okay... take a gander. We mailed some to grandma Vicki and her reply was, "you don't have a baby anymore, you have a little boy!" Where has the time gone?

32: This past Saturday was the annual and oh so famous "Spud Day". The day started out at 6:30 am when we woke to pouring rain- we were suppose to run a 5k at 7:30 that morning. Needless to say, we packed up, went to the starting point with Parker and stroller and ran. Everyone thought we were crazy for getting Parker up so early and bringing him to run in the rain but he survived and loved it! It was so nice, once we started running it quit raining and was beautiful out. We ran with a bunch of Chad's cousins- it was a ton of fun! Parker loves his stroller! (and donuts for breakfast) Our family ready to run. P is for Parker & Parade... Parker loves parades! (even if it is pouring down rain) Waving to all the people on the float. Picking up candy! The rest of the day Parker just slept because he was so exhausted. We did get to watch the "Spud tug"- a tug-of-war over a pit of mashed potatoes. And then Chad took Parker to the demolition derby with his cousin Mike Cahoon. When they got ready to leave Parker just kept saying, More, More. Dad & Parker at the derby, despite the look on his face, he loved it! Our news for the week is 2 things, first, our ward got split and we are now in a new ward- new adventures. And second, we are having a baby! I am 5 months pregnant and doing great. We are due Feb 8th. I will let you enjoy the pictures of the miracle in my belly... and then let you know- | Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008 Spud Day & One on the way! | IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

33: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Our Fun Filled Week | This past week I was able to go with Parker and spend time with my family. We spent a couple of days canning peaches... YUMMY. I love having home grown food in our house! (recently we have also been able to freeze corn and broccoli and we are loving it). WHile we were down we watched a lot of volleyball (my mom and sister Stephanie coach and my niece Ashlee plays). I wish we had pictures but we didn't take our camera. Parker was able to play, play, play with his cousins which he can't get enough of. Chad, Parker and I were able to go to our mission reunion and see a lot of people that we miss. We love President and Sister Nielsen so much and wish we could be closer to them so we could see them more often- they are both such wonderful people. | We were also able to see a lot of missionaries we served with or around. We are pictured with President Nielsen and then Sister Heather Hammond... just a few- since we didn't have our camera we didn't get many pictures. This week went too fast, we wish we had more time to spend with family and loved ones but life must go on. We love you all and miss you.

34: Sunday, October 19, 2008 ~FULL OF WONDER~ | As I sit here today, I WONDER how my baby went from this... to this... It seems as though yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and now he is going to nursery (today was his first day and he loves it!) Also, we (Parker & I) decided a couple of weeks ago that we really dislike diapers so, we are now potty trained!!!! Unders are WONDERs! (even if they don't fit... right?)

35: Saturday, October 25, 2008 Bud, Buck, Step | For Family Home Evening this past Monday, the Parry's invited us to go help feed the cows with them. Samuel loaded up the gianormous horses Bud & Buck & we headed on our way. It is so much fun to be pulled by horses & enjoy being outside & with our favorite people. Parker got to drive the team. To get them to go you say, "Bud, Buck, step!" and off they go. The moms with the kids, and parker saddling up. Thanks Parry family for being such wonderful friends, we are so happy you are in our life!

36: Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008 errrrrrrrr... | Sunday after church we were walking out the doors and Parker was so excited until... WHAM- he tripped and hit the edge of a cement stair right on the bridge of his nose. Chad and I were about 10 feet away and felt the hit under our feet. I rushed over to him and picked him up and quickly started walking away. Me being who I am said, "well, now you won't have to wear your Halloween costume!" (probably not the best thing to say right after your child hurts themselves pretty bad). We decided that we would only take him to the E.R. if he started throwing up. We got home and sure enough, he started puking everywhere so off we went. Ends up, Parker got a concussion, 2 black eyes and another trip to the E.R. but is doing great. As of today, he looks much better and his scab and bruising will be gone before we know it. He is such a trooper! Our little unicorn! He really is doing so well, thanks for all of the love and concern!

37: This year from Halloween we couldn't decide what Parker should be since we would probably be at a volleyball game and he would only wear it for a few minutes to go trick-or-treating. We finally decided he would be a ghost. We made (or attempted to make) this costume and when we went to try it on him, he hated it... this was our adventure. 1. Parker prying off the glasses. 2. Okay, we will take a picture with mom holding them up to your face 3. Boo-Who, we finally got it on you and you were thrilled. 4. The masterpiece! (this last 30 seconds or less, I yelled to Chad- get the camera so we can hurry and take a picture. On Halloween he did put it on since all of his cousins begged him to do it and again it lasted about a minute, just long enough for grandma Vicki to see and then we turned him into a volleyball- Matthew our nephew was dressed up like a volleyball girl and carried Parker around. We had a blast running around the hotel trick-or-treating and got way more candy than anyone ever needs so all in all, it wasn't a boo-who! | Friday, November 7, 2008 Boo-Who? | 1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

38: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Look what we did today... | I decided that I could be crafty and make a dress... what was I thinking? For a first attempt to make a dress I don't think it is that bad- we can only get better from here right! Thanks Parker for being a model for me, I love you!

39: Friday, November 21, 2008 Childlike? | This past week I have been very humbled and reminded that I need to be more like a child or in other words, Christ-like. We have been holding off telling Randy (the lady we live with) that we are having another baby because change is so hard for her. Well, I started to show and decided now is the time. We had Parker go in and say, "baby, baby" she said to us, "is he trying to tell me that you are having another baby?" We said yes and she was thrilled! She just started asking question after question such as what are you going to name this baby? We talked for a while and then she said to me in the sweetest voice, "I am so glad you get to keep this baby and you didn't lose it!" She is so wonderful, so childlike! We love you Randy! Then, the other night we were getting into bed and Parker sat on the bed with his arms folded saying, "prayer?" Aren't we the parents, aren't we the ones that are suppose to remember everything... thank you for reminding us Parker! Thank you for being such a good example to us, we love you! It is my goal now to be more like a child and listen to the spirit and act as my Heavenly Father would have me act. And again, I say unto you, ye must repent, and become as a little child, and be baptized in my name, or ye can in nowise receive these things. And again, I say unto you, ye must repent and be baptized in my name, and become as a little child, or ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God. -3 Nephi 11: 37-38

40: Sunday, November 30, 2008 A Love Story- this one is worth reading! This year Thanksgiving was a little different for our family, but we were together. Last Friday (21st of November) my grandparents decided that they would go look for a Christmas tree. Going to the mountains is something they do quite often in fact, they already had their tree and were going to look for their kids and grandkids. They have a Polaris Ranger (similar to a 4-wheeler) and enjoy spending time on it. They took off planning to be gone only a couple of hours. When they got on top of the mountain their ranger broke down and they had no choice but to start walking. Grandpa Steve (85) and Grandma Loraine (81) headed out of the mountains. Grandma who couldn't walk due to a hurt ankle, told Grandpa to go get help for her. Grandpa hesitant to leave her went anyway. They had their dog Bobbi, the dog only being 9 months old followed grandpa twice but finally obeyed and stayed to take care of grandma. Grandpa walked for close to 12 hours when he came to a hill that he kept falling down and couldn't climb. There luckily was a truck at the bottom of the hill that he climbed into to get out of the cold. He heard a truck drive by and using all the energy he had left fell out of the truck. The man driving the truck looked in his rear view mirror and saw him fall to the ground. He immediately turned around and went and got grandpa. Grandpa remembered that grandma was still on the mountain so they went to get her. Grandma had crawled down the mountain and was right where grandpa had told her to be. They survived the night in zero degree weather. Bobbi the dog took care of grandma and if it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't have grandma here today. She kept grandma awake and warmed her feeble body.She would lay on the ground and warm it up and then grandma would lay where is was warm and the dog would lay on top of her. The kind people that found grandpa took the 2 of them home and 3 of their girls rushed them to the hospital where they have been since. Grandma has frostbite from the knees down and will have to lose part of her legs and feet. Grandpa has internal frostbite and is just taking a day at a time. They are so strong and we are so blessed to have them. As I sat in the hospital all week, I would hear grandpa and grandma talk of what happened or see their eyes light up when they finally got to see each other or seeing grandpa burst into tears when told his wife will have to lose some of her limbs all I can think of is LOVE! I think they survived because of love. We don't know what the future holds but I know that I was able to spend an extra week with my heroes, my grandparents! So to end where I began, Thanksgiving was different for our family this year, instead of turkey and mashed potatoes at home, we had crackers and cheese at the waiting room in the hospital. Instead of pumpkin pie, we ate at the village inn. Instead of being without, we were together as a family and it is a Thanksgiving I won't ever forget. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who watched over and protected them and brought them home to us. I hope this holiday season we hold dear the ones we love.

41: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful white world! Parker and I were excited and could hardly wait to get out there. It was such a nice day too, so warm. We played and played outside and Parker cried when we brought him in... another day. We also went for a sleigh ride for FHE with the Parry's and it was so much fun. We took Bud and Buck again and went to feed the cows. The horses even wore jingle bells! I wish we had pictures but our camera was having a bit of a hard time. Parker loved being out there, he wishes he could go everyday with Samuel and the cows! Thanks again Parry's, we love you!

43: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 MERRY CHRISTMAS Christmas at our house was so much fun this year, Parker wishes it would come everyday... he had a blast. We spent a week and a half with my family and had a wonderful time- the following are our adventures--- Parker, mom and dad all got to sit on Santa's lap, Parker was so excited he finally got to meet Santa. Mom & Grandma Vicki went shopping on Christmas eve (yeah, we do better waiting until the last minute) while Dad, Parker and Grandpa Mac aka Homer played in the snow. Parker would live outside if his parents would have allowed him. Christmas morning- Parker was the present deliverer but when it was time for him to open his, he loved it! About 3 days before Christmas, Chase (my little brother) started asking Parker what Santa was bringing him and he said a tractor (this was first) so luckily Santa had a tractor for him because when got to that present someone asked him what it was and he said, it is my tractor! Parker got some finger paints and decided that it was body paint... by himself. Parker, Cali and Ivan played in the snow but Ivan got too cold before we got a picture of him. We also got to spend time with grandma Loraine and grandpa Steve and that was so wonderful. We love every minute with them. Grandpa is home and Grandma is in a care center where she will learn to walk again... both are wonderful and beautiful. What a blessing to have such a wonderful family. Parker and Hank (chris and holly's dog) laying on the floor together, this was after a long wrestling match... it is in his blood? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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