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Christmas 2012

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S: A Christmas Prayer

FC: A Christmas Prayer

2: A Christmas Prayer by Nathan Low San Diego, California 2012 Copyright © 2012 Nathan Low

3: For my family _________________ Cindy Nathan, Ryan, Stephanie, Cameron, and Conner Stephanie, Landis, Yvette Brandie Jonathan, Benjamin, and Beverly and Jackie

4: 2,000 years ago One special child was born. But long before, A plan had been prepared, For worlds without number rolling into existence And on to eternal reward. Without number, that is, for all but God, Who created them one by one By the Word of his power– The voice of his Son. His firstborn son, Who in all things looked to his Father To know what to say and do; Who did nothing of himself, But what he saw his father do; Who spurned his own desires, Desiring to do his father's will instead. | 1

5: He created this earth That was to be ours and uniquely his. For here he too would receive a body of flesh From his own mortal mother and birth. But here would he also bear The weight of all sin upon his soul. He never sought for such a thing. He was just a son, And meekest among them. But because of that sacrifice he could see, For all who would receive it: A glorious resurrection, Purity and joy, And eternal place in his father's mansions To go no more out. He could see The fulfilling of his father's plan For all his children. So he offered himself The Lamb To his father, And for us. | 2 | 2

6: Then the Son, the Great Jehovah, Spoke and the world was: Light and dark, Sun and moon, Sea and dry land, Seeds and plants, Fish, birds, and animals. Then man was formed upon it: The first man, Adam, And his dear wife, our grandmother Eve. With that, the Lord's workweek began, And how long it would be. Sleeping not nor slumbering, And with tireless love and attention, He taught and prospered Adam And his growing family– Beloved sons and daughters, Grand and great-grandchildren, In multiplying numbers across the land. He ordered, organized, and ordained; He watched, reached, and blessed. He tempered the elements And made fertile the ground, Sending rain in its season And the seasons in their appointed times. | 3

7: But men forgot. And they forgot him. Save a few only, And these he gathered to his Holy City Zion, And took up unto himself. Then, looking out over the vast family of man, Steeped in sin over all his beautiful earth, He wept. He truly wept. And rain fell like tears from a humble son, Who having done all he could, Could hold them back no longer. And with him all creation mourned, As floods of water washed from off the earth His father's precious daughters and sons. Those whom he yearned to heal and embrace, Were destroyed instead; To prevent them, so far as possible, From making their case eternally worse. Even the Flood was kindness, And a multitude of sins were washed away. | 4

8: Only eight souls remained– Noah and his family. And the submissive Son began anew The work and glory Of saving and exalting his father's children. He taught and prospered Noah And his growing family– Beloved sons and daughters, Grand and great-grandchildren, In multiplying numbers covering the land. He ordered, organized, and ordained; He watched, reached, and blessed; He tempered the elements And made fertile the ground, Sending rain in its season And the seasons in their appointed times. | 5 | 5

9: So soon again, though, The children of men forgot. And they forgot him. | 6 | 6

10: So he called one alone, Abraham –Who was fiercely faithful– To stand for all time as father to the righteous –The covenant father and seed– Through whom the Holy Son Would fulfill his father's will, And bless every family, Every son and daughter From the very first to the very last. | 7

11: Pointing the hearts of the fathers Forward to the children, And the hearts of the children Back to the fathers. That the latter-day children might receive, Because of covenants given to the fathers, The privilege, priesthood, and keys –Even the power of God– To vicariously reach back to the beginning of time, And in holy temples and ordinances Bring salvation to the fathers; So they and we might stand together as one; As saviors on Mount Zion To all of father Adam's family. | 8

12: The Son, Jehovah, Confirmed his covenant with Isaac –Who was also a submissive son– And Jacob –Who was not the first by birth But by righteous desiring For heaven's blessing. And of Jacob's twelve sons, one again, The faithful Joseph, Stood steadfast and true In the knowledge of the Living God, And saved them all from famine. | For a long time Israel stooped as slaves Under Pharaoh's oppressive hand in Egypt. But the One Who Saves heard their cries, And called one again –Moses–to deliver them. And by his faithful servant's mouth and rod, He delivered his humbled Israel From the nation most feared by man. | 9

13: He cleaved the sea in twain, And made dry their path Among the roar of waves, (As he opens a way for us Among life's fearful challenges); He fed them with daily bread from heaven, (As he is our daily Bread From Heaven) He gave them water from the rock, (As he is the Rock of our Salvation, And the water of our relief from sin's dusty heat). He guided them with a cloud by day, And a pillar of fire by night. He brought them in one body to the foot of Sinai. And there with fire and thunder, By his own mouth, And the mouth of his servant, He established his covenant with them, And made them his covenant people. He brought them to a goodly land And destroyed the nations possessing it. He gave them judges and kings –The best to be found– And holy prophets From generation to generation. He tempered the elements, And made fruitful the land, Giving rain in its season, And the seasons in their appointed times. | 10

14: But Israel forgot. And they forgot him. They killed his servants the prophets, And changed his law. They corrupted his ordinances And defiled his holy house. They oppressed the poor, Persecuted the righteous, Ridiculed the meek, And withheld justice from the widow and fatherless. They tore down his covenant order, And erected deception and injustice in its place. The Father's handsome sons and lovely daughters Lifted themselves up in ugly pride against him. | 11 | 11

15: Some few families he led away And planted here and there In distant lands, Like young and tender branches From a dying mother tree. While Israel, the main top thereof, And its principal branches, Began to perish And sink into apostasy's Blind, dark and drunken sleep. Moses foresaw their apostasy, And warned of suffering to come. He prophesied of Christ's coming birth, To suffer for man's rebellion, And to offer a washing for sin. | 12 | 12

16: So after long years there came one night– While Israel slept in the city, Angel choirs erupted in songs of praise, With only shepherds of the field to hear. While Israel slept in the inn, The Holy Son was born of Mary And laid in a manger, With only beasts of burden to see. And while Israel went about its business, Strangers from afar, –So much the wiser– Watched and waited, Then recognized and followed the guiding star, To honor the Son, The Father's gift to man. | 13 | 13

17: The Father's gift to Man! | For unto us a child is born, Unto us a son is given; And the government shall be upon his shoulder; And his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Prince of Peace. And of the increase of government and peace There is no end, from henceforth forever. | 14 | 14

18: On this continent, The sun set that night as ever it had before, But darkness never came. And there was a day, a night, and a day As if it had been a single day. In Judea, The Great Light shone; And it shone upon those who should have been –Of all men– The first and best to recognize him. But few actually did. Christ had come to his own. Christ The One, The Only One, The Holy One, Our Savior and Friend; The Hope of all who bear the shame of sin, And hunger for righteousness and truth. He had come to save, not destroy; To suffer, not conquer; To do only his father's will. So he taught and healed. He healed and forgave. He healed the living, And restored the dead to life! | 15

19: Then alone in the garden, He suffered our suffering for sin. The silent, solitary and submissive lamb– Innocent, but offered as guilty for all. He bore the great weight alone, With none to help or encourage. He suffered alone, With none to watch or comfort. And He did it for me. | 16

20: Instead of thanks, His friends betrayed him and ran. Instead of praise, He was taken and accused, Ridiculed and mocked, Spat upon and beat– Leaving open wounds like stripes upon his back. He was judged by those only he can judge, And hated by those he dearly loves. He was lifted up in agony Upon a heavy wooden cross, And under a dark and ominous sky. The angels who once sang at his birth Now hid and wept in shame. While he whose name is Love, Prayed forgiveness for his abusers, And then gave up the ghost. | 17

21: The earth shook; The sky split with thunder; And the temple veil rent in twain From top to bottom asunder. In America, it was worse. His Israel had turned so far from him, That the sea heaved beyond its bounds, Burying entire cities; Valleys were lifted high and mountains fell, Burying cities whole; Cyclones raged and tore homes apart; And earthquakes shook rock to pieces. Thick darkness covered all the land For hour upon hour, And three terrifying days. | 18

22: The meek took his body And laid it in the tomb. They rolled a great stone over it, Shutting him in and the living out. Such was day one. Day two they mourned. Then day three dawned twice. The sun arose as ever it had before, But the Son had already arisen. Neither stone nor death could hold him, The Mighty One had won. He showed in living flesh That nothing could restrain His father's loving plan. And then, from heart to heart And life to life, The light of eternal hope breaks forth, Forever and for all –In every believing soul– Christ is risen! Christ is risen! | 19

23: And he comes again! In every watch of every night, To every daughter and son of God. None are forgotten, And none are refused. The invitation goes out to all And to every one, Come unto me ye weary and burdened, And I will give you rest, And I will give you peace. | 20

24: How beautiful, then, upon the mountains Are the feet of Him and them– Of our Savior and his holy prophets and apostles, His stake presidents and bishops, His relief societies and quorums, His primary, young women and young men, His teachers, home teachers, and visiting teachers, Every father and mother, and daughter and son, Even the newest member still wet with baptism; How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of these That bring good tidings, That publish peace, That bring good tidings of good, That publish salvation, That say unto Zion: Thy God reigneth! | 21

25: And the cry goes forth: Depart ye, Go ye out from thence; Touch not that which is unclean. Go ye out from all wicked ways. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord. Stand ye in holy places until I come. And behold, I come quickly! | 22

26: The humble Son shall never forget us. He once descended below all things And arises with healing in his wings, To heal every wound and wrong, To deliver from every trial, To free from trouble, affliction, and chain All who look to him, As he looks to our father. | 23

27: Christ lives! May his kingdom come, His will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. May we always remember him, And live grateful for him, And sing his praises Aloud and soft, In word and service. May he prevail, rule, and reign Forever in our hearts, And our homes and families; And bring us home at last To ever dwell with him. | 24

28: When he finally comes in glory, May we be lifted up To meet him in the cloud, With all our family too. May he always be, And without end, Our delight and hope... | 25

29: Jesus Christ, Our Friend. | 26

30: Merry Christmas! I love you all. Dad | 27

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