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Contemporary Seasons

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S: Cilla Jean 2011-2012

FC: Cilla Jean | 1 Year Old

1: So the child grew and became strong in spirit ~ Luke 1:80 ~

2: 13 Months Old

3: By this month you had already mastered walking, and were now running like a champ. You always loved watching the Mickey Mouse Club, but were absolutely infatuated with it now....hence the upper right photo. You were showing so much personality at this age, and were quite the little ham. You loved running around outside in the evenings, watching mommy water the plants and run the dogs.....this seemed to be your favorite part of the day.

4: Wild Woman!

6: Summertime Fun!

8: Coloring with Auntie Christy. | Are you supposed to be touching that fan Missy? | Playing in a box with Auntie Christy | You loved to drink all of Daddy's juice.

10: 14 Months

13: Brushing your teeth with your Winnie the Pooh toothbrush. | Sassy Girl!!!!! | What are you doing in the dishwasher? | Lookin' cute in your little robe. | Tickle Monster!!!!

14: ~Grandpa and Grandma Love Their Little Junebug~

15: Grandma Chris' Work BBQ 09.01.11

16: 15 Months Old

17: At Uncle Cameron's Football Game 09.16.11.

18: Wearing your Mr Potato Head Glasses | Little Miss Sassy Thing with hands on your hips. | Playing Mommy's old Piano at Grandma and Grandpa's House. | Chewing on your fingers because you were teething so bad at this time.

19: Rockin' the pink Converse high-tops. | You were always messing with Mommy's ipod player. | Determined to get Elmo out of your crib. | You were becoming quite social with your peers.

20: Family Day Trip to Santa Monica 09.30.11

21: We Love Elmo!

22: Visiting your Cousins in Southern Cal

23: Over the last few months you were learning so many new things and picking up on so much, it was an amazing transformation to see. Your first words were "ball," "no no no," "baby," and "Oh wow." You knew what arms up, stomp, and dance meant. In addition to knowing where your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose were, you learned where your belly button, feet, and hair were. You hated having barrettes/pony tail holders in your hair, and took them out of your hair a hundred times a day. You loved to take silverware out of the dishwasher. You often threw things out of the fridge drawers, and attempted to climb into the drawers. You loved to play in the kitchen trash. You learned how to open the toilet lid and splash your hands around in it. You learned and loved Peek-a-Boo. You had your first bad, bloody fall, and busted your lip on the coffee table......thank goodness Mommy wasn't home to see this. You had quite a few new teeth/molars poking through, got a viral infection, and had to receive breathing treatments at home for a few days. You were extremely interested in books, playing with your ring-block toy, and climbing/standing on things. You learned how to kick a ball. You waved bye consistently now. You loved to sing!!!!! You were already having full blown tantrums....throwing your body on the floor and kicking your feet when you did not get your way. You were absolutely obsessed with Auntie Christy's room, and loved to take her things. You were also obsessed with the dog's water bowl, and once stuck your entire face in it. Your favorite place in the house, seemed to be the kitchen always ran to sit in it. You became even more attached to Elmo than before, and took him everywhere with you. You couldn't say Elmo, so you called him Elbo.

24: Elmo Girl....You never let him leave your side.

26: 16 Months Old

27: Making your stink face! | Little Track Star! | Giving the Doggies Kisses through the screen. | Your famous pose after doing something naughty. | First Girl Fight!

28: First Halloween Costume Pick, until we found your favorite.......... | ~Miss Strawberry Shortcake~

29: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

30: ~Embracing fashion from different cultures~ | Mexico | Bali | Thailand

32: During the past few months you were really starting to talk quite a bit. Words or sayings that you often said on your own were: "it's cold, oh no, car, bye, hat, dog-dog,Papa, Nana, poo poo, shoes, more, two, hot, it's Minnie, Ma Ma, Da Da, and Tristie." You were able to repeat words, such as please, thank you, pig, caca, purple, and quite a few others. You could point to certain animals or objects in a book, such as a cat, dog, pig, ducks, car, ball. You loved your ABC puzzle, and could place ABCD in order by yourself when instructed. You had a full mouth of teeth by now. You loved to wave bye. You loved to answer the phone. You could finally appreciate your crib, and on some days, spent over an hour lying in bed, talking to yourself. You learned how to climb out of your crib....not sure how? Such a wonderful feeling to see you enjoy learning. | 17 Months Old

33: Waring a hat Mommy made for you! | Great Grandma Lea visits. | Your new things was hiding under the table. | Loved to play with Daddy's Hats. | Always getting into something!

35: Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner. | Playing in the Leaves. | Thanksgiving Dessert....Apple pie.

37: Your Rock Star Girl Look!

38: 18 Months Old

40: At the Christmas were not fond of Santa | WINTER

41: Decorating the Christmas Tree. | Singing Christmas Carols. | Christmas Shopping! | You loved your Christmas Minnie.

42: Your 2nd Christmas....You had some fun this year!

43: Decorating the Christmas Tree. | Singing Christmas Carols. | Christmas Shopping!

44: Over the past few months, you have been learning animals and the sounds that they make. The funniest sound to hear you make, was a turkey....".gobble-gobble-gobble." Your first sentence was, "Oh no, where did it go," you said this repeatedly throughout the day. This month we opened up your college fund with Mark Spelts. You had the flu for the first sad to see. You sneaked into Mom's desk drawer and put a handful of staples into your mouth. You were really into climbing on top of things at this day i found you sitting on top of the dining room table eating your snacks. You loved to help me with putting trash in the trash can, putting clothes in the dryer, and dusting. So fun to watch you enjoy working! | 19 Months

45: Ready to start cleaning early....making Mommy proud. | Your First Ponytail. | You loved playing with your purse and shopping cart that you got for Christmas. | Playing with Daddy in your Princess Tent. | Score!!!

47: At Nob Hill Park with Mommy and Daddy. | First Quilt Mommy made. | You loved to wear Daddy and Christy's slippers | Trying to drink a Keystone!

48: 20 Months Old

49: You were quite the energetic, wild, rebellious little thing this month....more so than normal. You were talking so much. Doing things on purpose, when you were told not to. This was the start of spankings! You loved looking at family pictures, and your Winnie the Pooh Color flash cards. You were obsessed with trying on shoes. You discovered how to get into your high chair on your own. You started taking gummy vitamins. You loved saying your prayers before dinner, and sometimes has to remind Mom and Dad to pray. You loved mac-n-cheese and taquitos. You transitioned to the big kid area at the gym. You started learning how to say "I Love You."

50: Giving Valentines Day kisses! | Reading the card and eating the cupcake that Grandma and Grandpa gave you for Valentine's Day. | Mommy and Daddy making your Valentine's Day gift....a Minnie blanket. | Happy Valentine's Day.

51: Your first kid birthday had a blast!!!!! | Celebrating Quentin's 2nd Birthday 03.05.12.

52: This month we said good bye to your pacifier.....aka "pass." It was hard to see you so sad without it, but you took it like a champ, and did so well moving on. You loved to help mom with the laundry. You were able to sit at the dining table like a big girl. You learned how to open doors. This month, the play/theatre room was finished,and boy did you love to watch Elmo on the big screen. You referred to everything as "cocka poo poo.' You loved to ask "where;d it go." You had your first Easter egg hunt. You made your first painting at the gym daycare. You touched poop for the first time, trying to help Mommy change your diaper....that was fun. You loved to sing,, and we were able to make out the melody and some of the words to songs you were singing. | 21 Months Old

54: On Good Friday, Grandma Ju Ju, Papa Larry, and Uncle K, put together an Easter egg hunt, with Elmo eggs. The day before Easter, Auntie Pam took you to Capre Acres for the Toddlers Easter egg hunt. On Easter Sunday, you and Auntie Christy opened your Easter baskets, and found easter eggs around the house. And later in th day, we went to Papa Drew's and Nana's, where you, Elias, and Lilly had an outside Easter egg hunt. You had a blast this Easter! | ~Easter~

55: 22 Months Old

57: Your new thing this month was spinning in circles, making yourself so dizzy, you would fall. For some reason you loved to bite your Dad. His fingers, big toe, lips. You didn't bite anyone else but him. Your famous lines this month were "Where'd it go," "Let's eat," "We're home," "What's wrong Momma," 'Go," and "Where's Elmo". You often went up to complete strangers asking them where Elmo was. You would often break out in song.....Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Love You/ You Love Me, and Row Your Boat. You went to Kirshner's Wildlife Foundation with Auntie Christy's day program, and Grandma JuJu.....Grandma said you loved seeing all of the animals. You knew how to say your name.. You were starting to understand colors and could name a few. You would give Eskimo kisses. Your favorite food this month, were tortilla chips, that is all you ever wanted to eat most days, and would yell for chips. You created your first paintings at the gym daycare. Every month, you should so much more personality then the month were so much fun at this age.

59: Afternoon at One Mile Park

60: 23 Months | You and Kane loved playing in the water together. | You decided to wear your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. | Already having an opinion about what shoes you want to wear. | Helping Daddy with the yard work. | Excited to be swimming at In Motion. | Double Fistin' the cookies, like Momma does.

61: Getting your 2nd Birthday Party Invitations ready to give out. You were in charge of decorating the envelopes. | At Barnes and Noble's Story Time.

62: Day at the Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town 05.16.12.

64: Mother's Day!!!!! | Aiden's 2nd Birthday Party 05.26.12. | Meeting Sophie Maas 05.23.12.

65: During this time you were obsessed with Bambi 2, you begged to watch it every night after you got out of the bath, and then you would crawl into Mommy and Daddy's bed. You were able to get in/out of the morning you even helped yourself to a Kit Kat candy bar. You loved to play in the water/hose. You tortured the cats...hitting and kicking them, and thought it was hilarious. Your famous saying at this time was, "no like." You ate cat food for' the first time.

66: Swimming at Grandpa and Grandma''s for Memorial Weekend.

68: Fun at Caper Acres with Grandma Dorie and Papa Greg 06.03.12.

69: This month, you brought on a whole new level of SASSY, that we had never seen before. You were becoming little Miss Independent......more so then you have ever been. Every other word out of your mouth was "I do." Or you would tell us to "Go," demanding that whatever we were trying to help you with, be done on your own. You were so into dancing and spinning....that was your new thing. You and your Dad would often go into my office while I was at the computer, and your Dad would pretend like he knew how to play the guitar, rocking out, while you danced around. Kabri and Brinni move in next guy's sure did have a blast together. We had so much fun getting ready for your 2nd birthday party coming up. It has truly been a blessing watching you grow up. and become your own little person. We love you so much and are so proud of you, Can't wait to see what new things you have in store at age 2!!!!!!!!

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