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Grandm'as Book

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S: Happy 75th Birthday!


4: These are some of my favorite memories of my mom. When I was in grade school, our class was assigned to make and bring a Christmas Ornament for the Sego Lily Christmas Tree that was placed in the front hall of the school. I forgot to tell my mom that I Our Stewart family built a float for the Lehi Parade on several occasions. The one that I remember we built down in Aunt Ludene's car port, her home that was across the street from Wine's Park. We had such a fun time as a family, building the float, making pom poms out of the rolls of plastic, laughing along the way and eating great food that our moms prepared for everyone that came to help. The float was a children's play room with a toy box, turtle and Raggedy and Ann and Andy. The Lehi Roundup was a great week long event for our family. One year I got a pink rodeo outfit with red cowboy boots and I thought I was queen. My cousin Lori got the same outfit and I loved it that we were twins with the same outfit. Grandma and Grandpa Stewart would purchase the family tickets for all of us to sit on the back row on the south side of the bleachers. We always sat there every year and it was so much fun to be with the whole Stewart family watching the rodeo and also the trains go by on the tracks by the rodeo grounds.need an ornament. The next day when I got to school and we were to turn in our ornament I was very sad that I didn’t have one. My teacher let me call my mom and I told her that I needed the ornament and she drove back home from her work and went to the craft store to purchase the beads and plastic leafs. My mom brought the homemade ornament to the school and I was so happy. Now that I am a mom I realize what a great sacrifice that she did that day to make sure that I was taken care of. I still have that ornament and it is in my curio cabinet as a reminder of the many things that my mom did for me. My mom has always been a wonderful cook. She has a metal bowl that she has used ever since I was little to make the chocolate frosting for the Shelton Cake. We were only allowed to have one piece of the cake on Sunday evening after she had made it. Sometimes us kids would sneak back in the kitchen to slice another piece of the cake. Back in 1972 our family was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. I remember that my mom made us girls new white dresses with a purple flowered jacket to go over the top. She was still finishing making the dresses the night before we were to go to the temple. I remember going downstairs where she had her sewing area, walking through the clothes that were strung on a line between the basement wall studs. She was sewing away and in the morning there was my dress hanging on a hanger all nicely pressed and ready for me to wear to the temple. I remember that day very well. Michael, Becky, Jannette and I went down to the nursery in the temple. It seemed like we were there for all day. Jannette was a baby and she slept in the crib for most of the time. The sisters that worked in the temple feed us these really good cookies with milk and we made a little memory book of our day at the temple. When we were finally taken up to the sealing room, I remember walking into the room and seeing the beautiful chandelier hanging over the alter. There were a lot of family members there all dressed in white and I remember my Aunt LuDean was crying. It was so neat to place our little hands over my mom and dads while we were all kneeling around the alter. It was such a special feeling that I had there in the temple. After we were done at the temple we went out to dinner. Later on I learned that Uncle David came up to my mom and told her that her and my dad needed to have another child, one that would be born under the covenant, Elizabeth was born the following August. Years ago when we were little children, we received some little baby chicks for Easter. We put them in a box with their food and a heat lamp that was attached to the lid of the box to keep them warm. Mom wasn't very happy about having the box of chicks down in her laundry room. Now fast forward 35 years later Mom has over 60 chicken that she takes care and this is her new hobby. She really enjoys going and feeding them each day and watching the new baby chicks peck their way out of their shell when they are in the incubator that is in her kitchen. This funny story was told to me and I thought we should have it in the book. One day Larry (Mom's friend) called and told her that one of her chickens was out and it was running around in the field where he was working. Larry and some of his workers tried to catch the chicken but the chicken would run away. Mom got in her car and drove over to Larry's field where they were working. She drove down the dirt road and when the chicken saw her coming the chickens ran toward her car. She stopped her car, got out and opened the back door, the chicken came over and hopped right upon the back seat, mom shut the door and she drove off with the chicken riding in the back seat of her really nice car. Now that is something you don't see or hear about every .

5: I remember my mom teaching me the correct way to press clothes. She had me start by pressing the pillow cases and then I learned how to press pants and my dad's dress shirts. Back then we didn't have permament press so we I had to dip my hand in a bowl of water and then drizzle my hand over the shirt to make it damp. This helped to get the wrinkles out when I pressed it with the iron. Mom told me that if she didn't have time then to press all of the shirts she would dampen them and then roll them up in a roll and place them neatly in the laundry basket. I thought this sure does take a lot of time but she has always pressed her clothes before she wears them and she always looks like a million bucks. Just a side note, my daughters have gone to her closet on several occasions to borrow something from grandma to wear. She always dresses very stylish and hip as my girls would say. Growing up in our family, on Saturdays we would work around our home and in the yard during the summertime. Dad and Michael would be working out in the yard and us girls would be in the house cleaning with mom. When we got the house done inside then we would go outside to help dad and Michael. I remember all of us as a family sitting out on the front lawn drinking a can coke and eating a Ding Dong for a treat. We would tell stories and laugh while we would be sitting under that tree. It is from the example of my parents that I learned how to keep a clean home and how to work in the yard to make it look really nice. I am very grateful that our parents taught us how to work and to appreciate the things that we have. Thank you Mom for being such a wonderful mother and for teaching me so many things. It is through your example that I have been able to teach my own family and I want to tell you that we had a great childhood with so many wonderful memories. It was a childhood of family fun and a great life. We lived in a wonderful neighborhood with such good friends. I remember playing night games and when it got to be around 10:00 p.m. we would hear our parents start to yell for us to come home and get ready for bed. Many times I remember going down to Harold and JoAnn Holman's to bag corn. It was a project for everyone to help with. We would husk the corn, boil it, cut it off the cob and put it in plastic bags. It was the best corn to have with our Sunday dinner. I love you mom. Suzanne | I remember when Heath was 9 yrs old and Trevor was 8 yrs old their baseball team had won the Lehi tournament and their team got to go onto the state tournament in Mt Pleasant. We decided that we would take the travel trailer down to the camp ground in Manti and stay there rather than drive back and forth each day. Well Dewey and Donna decide they would come up and watch the boys play one of their games. The game was in the evening so we told them to just plan on staying with us in the trailer and then they could travel back to St George the next day. Boy what a night that was, we never got hardly any sleep, Dewey and Donna snored so loud that we couldn’t sleep. If they both weren’t going together then one go for awhile and stop and then the other would start up. That is when we learned that they both would snore I always thought it was just Dewey but nope they both can sing a good song in their sleep. Keith

6: Grandma's Chickens | Years ago when we were little children, we received some little baby chicks for Easter. We put them in a box with their food and a heat lamp that was attached to the lid of the box to keep them warm. Mom wasn't very happy about having the box of chicks down in her laundry room. Now fast forward 35 years later Mom has over 60 chicken that she takes care and this is her new hobby. She really enjoys going and feeding them each day and watching the new baby chicks peck their way out of their shell when they are in the incubator that is in her kitchen. This funny story was told to me and I thought we should have it in the book. | One day Larry (Mom's friend) called and told her that one of her chickens was out and it was running around in the field where he was working. Larry and some of his workers tried to catch the chicken but the chicken would run away. Mom got in her car and drove over to Larry's field where they were working. She drove down the dirt road and when the chicken saw her coming the chickens ran toward her car. She stopped her car, got out and opened the back door, the chicken came over and hopped right upon the back seat, mom shut the door and she drove off with the chicken riding in the back seat of her really nice car. Now that is something you don't see or hear about every .

8: One of my favorite memories of grandma is when she went to Argentina with us. She is a spunky little lady and half the time she had more energy than we did. She was so excited to go pick up Nathan! It was amazing to me that she would fly so far to show her love and support for him. I don't think she complained once even though at times it was really exhausting. There were many precious moments when we traveled to all of Nathan's places that he served. She was so proud of him and those were special memories that we got to share with her. Another fun memory for me is the darling dresses she would buy for the granddaughters. My friends always commented on how fancy Maegan was when she was little. That was grandma! She dressed those girls in style! I never dared not have her hair fixed to perfection around her. It was laces and frills and fancy curls! | Thanks for always being there for me and our family. Your support and love have always been there and we know it will be forever! Grandma is coll, tough and smoking hot! Here's to the most awesome grandma on the planet!! Happy 75th Birthday!! Love you Always, Karin

9: Thank you for always being there for me and for being so loving and kind for all these years. You have always supported me in everything I do. You taught me good values and the importance of a loving family. You have always put your family first and you stood by us during the good times and the bad. You tried to give us what we needed in any way you could. I remember so many times coming home late at night or anytime walking in the door and you were there and always ready to talk to me. We had great conversations and it meant a lot to me. I remember when I was a little kid I wanted you to stay home and you were backing out of the driveway and I put my foot under the tire so you would stay and you ran over my foot.... Haha! You felt so bad and you comforted me. I will always remember cutting a hole in the hood of my Camaro. You were so mad at me. Then you paid me a 100$ to take it off! Funny memories! These are just of few of the many memories we've had together. Thanks for being a great mother and a great example. Happy 75th and many more to come! Love you mom. Love, Michael, the best son you've ever had :) | I will always remember those many fun late nights playing Nertz. We would stay up so late and you didn’t care. You were so worry free and all about us having a good time. I remember you even let us go to the grocery store to buy candy way late at night. When I got my license, you let me drive your nice car. I was terrified to drive it, but you made me! You’re the coolest grandma I have. Wish you lived closer so my kids could get to know you. Love you grandma. Happy 75th! Love, Maegan

10: As your 75 birthday approaches, I’m so grateful that you are still with us here today. When you had your medical problems and was in and out the hospital so many times I was uncertain if you were going to make it. Obviously the Lord still has some things for you to accomplish before you are called back home. Witnessing the progress that your children and grandchildren are making in the area of education and careers is obviously one of the benefits that you must be proud of. As I contemplate experiences that I have had being your son in law I think of all the times that you thought of others..especially those that are less fortunate. What you did with Gert comes to mind and how you would drive all the way up to Cedar City to visit with her and help her meet her needs. When you worked at the EZ Shop I remember you telling us a story of a woman who came in down on her luck and that you gave her $50.00 to help her out. I’m sure that there are more stories of how you helped those who in need because that’s the kind of person you are. When Jordan lived down there I know there were many times when he would need a ride and you would drop everything to take him to a meeting or interview. Thank you for your sacrifice on behalf of the Indigo Child. Your unconditional love for him as he dealt with his addiction meant so much to us and to him. When we went to Seaside with the kids and you came along we had a great time playing games and relaxing. I will never forget how you and Becky put the patch behind your ear to prevent sea sickness and you slept on the boat. The kids had a memorable experience with you and got to know that Grandma has a real Poker Face. I truly hope that you enjoy your birthday and that you have many more years to create additional memories with the family you and Dewy are responsible fo Love Tony

11: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! On this special day I want to say just how much you mean to me. There have been so many moments that we have spent together that are dear to my heart. One in particular was when you told me all about all the different dates you did in High School. Whether it was going horse back ridding on the Highway (before it was completed). TOTALLY JEALOUS! Or taking a date to Lagoon for the weekend dances. These small instances that we have shared are ones that I cherish. I love hearing about your life and the wonderful experiences you have had, but mostly I enjoy talking to you about my day and the aspirations I have. Afterword, I always look forward to what comments and advice you can tell me to help with my decision. Grandma words cannot describe how much I admire you. You have the wisdom and unconditional love that I can only wish to achieve. Although we live far apart I am glad I can greatly appreciate every moment we do get to spend together. The random trips to St. George have been some of the best times of my life!!! I LOVE YOU and I am going to miss you soooooo much when I am on my mission but know that I will be praying for you everyday. I will always remember what you told me during a familiar drive to St. George, "Angles are always around us; whispering and protecting. We just need to make sure we are listening." Congrats on making it around the sun! I hope its a beautiful wonderful day! Enjoy it! You definitely deserve it! Love always, Jess Ivins

14: I have lots of memories with my Grandma Donna. One of my more recent memories that I have was my birthday this year. She had made me a Dessert Hills black & gold blanket with the Thunder football helmet logo and it also had my name on it. I was so surprised!! I love the blanket and also that Grandma took the time to make for me. I love that we have lived close to Grandma. She has always been so supportive with all of my sports and activities and to see her there in the crowd watching me always made me feel good. Another favorite memory that I have is of her delicious cakes. She always makes me either the Shelton Cake or the Éclair Cake for my birthday. She has done this for years. Sometimes she even makes me both of them. No one can make the Shelton Cake better than Grandma, they always taste really good. Thanks Grandma for everything that you have done for me. I love you so much!! Happy Birthday! Love, Austin | A few of my favorite memories I have with Grandma Donna is when Grandma taught me how to sew a blanket. She showed me how to pin it and lay the blanket down flat, and to make sure to get all the wrinkles out. Another Great memory is when Grandma & I incubated eggs. She showed me how they hatched. I love it when we go to the farm and feed the chickens. We would collect the eggs too! It’s a lot of fun! Growing up, Grandma Donna has always been to my dance recitals, softball games, Choir Performances and many other activities that I have been involved in. I also love going to Grandma’s house and helping her plant her pots and picking her weeds! I Love You Grandma! Love, Ally

15: Thank you for all you have done for our family. You make us all get along and you bring our family closer. Thanks for the blankets you've made me they make me feel very special and I love them! Happy 75th birthday!!! You don't look 75!! Your very fashionable and I love it. I could even wear your clothes because there so cute :) I wish you lived by me instead of Abbey and Austin so I could rub it in their faces! Your very special to me and I love you so much. Even though I'm not as close with the cousins as I should be, but i wish i was. I still feel like I'm close to you. I love you grandma and hope you have a wonderful birthday:) Love, Shanna | Happy 75th birthday Grandma! I’m not going to lie, that’s pretty old. Yet when I see you, you act as if you were 40. And that is so amazing to me! In the US statistically, only about 50 percent of all people live to be 75. And you did it! Yet you never show it. I don’t call you my pimpin grandma for no reason. You are an example to live by. I know you have been blessed with many years of life and many amazing grandchildren, my amazing self included (haha), for a reason. What you have received you give back in return. I can say without a single doubt, that without you in my life growing up and now, I would be a different person. You have influenced my life so much with your caring and love. That I do not know what I would have done without you. I know you struggle at times with how soon Grandpa left you, and I know that you keep going for us, and for that I am so grateful. I know that the Lord has seen you bare this solo burden of caring for us, and I know that he loves you. I know that Grandpa sees you and he awaits you when the time comes that we have to let you return to him. In at least twenty five years of course! Not now, you are still helping us so much, I love you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Nate

17: My greatest memory of grandma is a couple of years ago and Abbey and I found two typewriters in her back closet and she was telling us about her when she was little and writing on them and how you had to start over if you messed up. She began to tell us about events in her childhood and what she did for fun as a kid. Thanks for all the times you come and support me in showing livestock and basketball and everything else. Happy Birthday, I love you so much!! Kiera | My favorite memory of my grandma is when we moved her out of her house into Jannette’s house. During the move we found a big jar full of 50 cent pieces. That night after moving we went into Grandma’s new room. We split up all the 50 cent pieces between the cousins. Grandma then proceeded to teach us how to play poker. Looking back I am sure my dad would loose it if he knew we were playing with face cards (he doesn’t like them.) We then played poker till 3:00 in the morning. When we were all tired and could not make sense of the game anymore we decided that we needed to spend the money we won. There were not a lot of stores open at 3:00 after driving around for a while we settled at Harmon’s. With us all looking like a bunch of zombies in our pajamas and no shoes. We all got to buy our own treats and mine was a blueberry pie. Love you Grandma. Thanks for teaching me to play poker. Heath | One of the several memories that I have of Grandma is it was about two or three years ago. Grandma was very persistent on not putting up her Christmas Tree! But I was not going to let her not have a Christmas Tree, so to my convenience Josh had some work that needed to be done in St. George. It was just Him and I that went down for the weekend. Our goal for the weekend was to get Grandma's Tree up! Deep down I knew Grandma wanted to have her Tree up, even though she kept saying No, No, NO. It was going up whether she was going to help or not! It wasn't till that Saturday night that we had finally conviced her to put it up. It turned out to be such a great time! Then Abbey and Austin came over to help as well. It was the most random cousin's together, but it turned out to be so much fun. Grandma has all these old ornaments and each one has their own little story or meaning behind it. So we got to hear all these stories of Grandma's childhood, and actually got to know Grandma a little bit more. Thank you Grandma for all the great memories we have had together and many more to come. Happy Birthday, I love you so much! I am so grateful to have you in my life! Love, Amanda

18: Well first off Happy 75th Birthday. I was thinking about that number and what a lifetime of experiences you have had. One of the memories I had with you was the week of Grandpa's funeral. I believe I was fifteen at the time and you had Grandpa's Camaro with you and we went cruising to pick up the girls from school at Sego lily elementary. You have always tried to make my life one of happiness when ever you are around. Another memory I have is, everytime we came to St. George we would come see you at work at the EZ shop. You always took me back to the freezer and I always tried to see how long I could be in there before getting too cold. Thanks for all the great memories. I look forward to many more. Happy Birthday!! Love Josh

20: As i sit here and try to think of a specific memory of you and I, I can't really narrow it down to one. We have had so many good times together... feeding the chickens, me working with you at the EZ shop, poker nights, making blankets, lunch dates, china, sleeping in between you and grandpa, hanging out at the hospital and much, much more. But my favorite memory of you will always be the way you make me feel. You have a way of making me feel so special and so important. You always have! I can be at my lowest point and you always know exactly what to say. You have been there for me through everything! Whenever I need some good advice or just someone to talk to, you are there with an open heart and you have never been one to judge. You and I have been through a lot together and it has brought us closer than anyone will ever understand. When everyone else was turning their backs on me you stood right beside me and guided me every step of the way. You are the best grandma any one would ask for! You have loved me through my good choices and my bad. You have a special place in my heart that no one can ever replace! I hope that when I get older and I have grandkids I can be half the grandma you are. You are such a special person! I love you more than you will ever know, grandma, and I hope you have the best birthday! XoXoXo Love forever & always, Lacey | OUR GRANDMA | Happy 75th Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it! You are such an inspiration to me and you are someone that I have always, and will continue, to look up to. You have the kindest heart and you never fail to put a smile on my face. Thinking back through the years I am realizing we have a lot of great memories together, but my all time favorite ones happen at least once a month... And that's doing your hair! I love to make you feel beautiful! And I absolutely love the time that we get to chat about all the happenings of life wether they are good or bad. You always give me the honest and best advice. I could not ask for a better grandma and I love you more than words can say. Thank you for always being there for me when I have needed you. You are a beautiful woman inside and out and I strive to be like you! I love you so much grandma!! Love, Jaicee

21: Whenever all of the girls go scrapbook at the condo, grandma takes me to the store and hangs out with me the whole day! I remember one time she took Corbin and i to go feed the ducks at the pond. It was really fun and we had a great time. She kept warning us saying, "those ducks are going to bite your fingers!" I love you grandma and spending time with you is always fun! Love, Jake | Some of the best memories I have with grandma are when I go over to her house and clean with her. She always has something new to teach me and some awesome stories to tell me! One specific memory I have is when Austin and I went over to her house to set up her Christmas tree. She was so set on not having any decorations up at all that year but we insisted! While we were setting everything up, grandma showed us all of her old ornaments and told us some stories about them and where they were from. It was so cool to hear all of her memories that are so special to her. Grandma you are the greatest person I know and I love you so much! Happy 75th! xoxoxo Love, Abbey

24: Family – Family has always been so important to you. You have taught me the value of a family and to forgive. You have had so many trials in your life that you have gone through and as I have reflected on the past, I see that they have made you the strong woman that you are today. | Helping Others – I remember as a little girl there was always a quilt set up in our living room that you were working on for someone in the ward, neighbor or family member. You made quilts for so many. You taught me about giving to others, but also that a homemade gift means so much more than a gift that is bought. I struggle with this sometimes and think that I cannot go out and buy a gift and have to think about it! | This is a letter to my sweet Mother who I love and adore. As I have reflected over the past few months of what I might say to you to let you know how much I love appreciate you and the sacrifices that you have made for your family. . Seamstress – With 4 daughters in the house it was very expensive for you to go and buy us new dresses, for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. You taught yourself how to sew. You have mastered the art of sewing with the many quilts, and dresses your have made. I remember going to bed and you sewing all night to make sure that the dresses were done in the morning so that we could were them for that special occasion. One dress that I holds dear to my heart is the one that we were sealed as a family in the Salt Lake Temple. What a special day that was. I remember walking down the hall in the Temple to the sealing room and you and dad were kneeling across the altar waiting for us 4 kids to come. I can remember it like it was yesterday and the spirit that I felt has helped me recognize it today. I was only 6 years old at the time.

25: 5.Be Kind- My Jr high Years were very rough, and it was at that time you were working full time. I remember you taking off several days to meet with the counselor at the Jr. High to see what they could do to help me. I was a very good student, but it was the friend situation that was so difficult. The year of my 7th grade it was so hard, but you were supportive of me. I remember being very frustrated one day and crying about what had happened at school. You told me, Becky, why don’t you be kind to the girls that are miss treating you and if they say something bad, respond with a kind comment. I was not very happy with the advice that my mother gave, but thought, I should give it a try. I did, and within a few days, the girls were not giving me any trouble any more. They actually started being nice to me. | 6.Supportive – it did not matter what any of us kids were involved with, sports, dance, a play at school or a church activity, your and Dad were always there on the front row cheering us on! After you moved to St. George I cannot think of a special time in my life that you and Dad did not drive up to be hear. One particular time was when it was Christmas and the weather was so bad. You drove and made it to my house in Salt Lake at 8:00 pm Christmas night.

26: 13.Cleanliness – this is a story that I laugh about, because as you get older, you tell yourself. I am not going to be like my mother and then you catch yourself doing the same thingsthis is an example.You would say, ok, we are getting up early on Saturday to clean. We would spend the whole day cleaning, because you would start a closet or cupboard and then go to another place in the house to put things away and clean out that closet.and then before we knew it the whole house was upside down! I still do that to this day even though I try not to. If you look at your children we are all like that, I remember speaking to Carolyn Horrocks a few years ago and how she remembers that she loved it when we would play at her house because we would clean instead of play! | 9.Caring – It seems like our house was the gathering place. Whether it was for a Sunday meal, or to help a brother with his kids. You were always willing to help when you could. 10.Money – growing up we did not have much extra money, but with that you always made sure that we had some nice things. A few things that I can remember is the Madam Alexandra Dolls at Christmas and a new pair of shoes. 11.Sacrifice – you taught me that when we sacrifice for things that we want that it means so much more. 12.Socks – I remember we would only get socks in August, because ZCMI would put all their socks on sale and you and LaDean would make it an annual event to go and when you came home you had a HUGE sack full of socks.i cherished my new socks and I remember putting them in my draw so neatly. The most important thing was you could not were them until the first day of school..I remember lying in bed the night before school started and how I could not wait to wear my new socks that I could hardly sleep!

27: I just want to let you know how much i love and appreciate everything that you have done for me and my family. All the times that you have taken the time to travel up north to support your grandkids. One of the times i remember is when you went on a trip with us to Oregan and we would play phase 10 every night, you would always say that you were dealt the worst hand and then you would light up and put down all your cards! I have always enjoyed playing games with you. You have been an example to me of supporting each other. When I live in St. George and you would come and pick me up, take me shopping and run me to the places that i need to go. Thank you so much! I hope you have a Happy Birthday and may you have many more that we can celebrate together. Love Jordan

30: I have been blessed to have such a special Mother, you are not only my Mother but you are my best friend. There are so many memories, I just thought I would name a few. When I was little........ I will never forget the time that you and I (I think I was 10) spent the day shopping at ZCMI. We started out having lunch at the Tiffin Room. Then walking into the stores and trying on clothes and shoes. When I would walk out and see your face it made me feel so special, just like a princess. Also the many times that I would climb into you “Cool Water Bed” in the middle of the night (just to snuggle in between you and Dad) As I grew older the fun times that we had with Dad going shopping in Las Vegas and eating at The Red Lobster. Justin & I also enjoyed, and will never forget, our trip to the “Holiday Bowl” and Dad buying us all matching BYU sweatshirts! I have loved every single minute after moving back to St. George over 12 years ago. Living close to you, seeing and talking with you everyday, going to lunch, planting pots, making blankets, boutiques, birthday’s, going to the kids activities and most of all just spending time with you. Here is a special poem for you - My Mothers Love: I have a special treasure, A gift from up above. A very precious treasure, It is My Mothers Love. You’re more than just special, Your part of my heart. Locked there forever, Never shall we part. All of my dreams, you made sure came true. Putting yourself aside even when I hurt you. You’re not only my Mother you’re also my best friend, No one can ever change that. It’s not something that will ever end. I know that I am blessed, from Heaven up above, So lucky to have, My Mothers Love! You have taught me so many things throughout my life, and I hope that I can be the kind of mother that you have been to me. I love and appreciate you so much and all that you have done for me and my family. Love Always & Forever, Liz

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