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1: Slipka Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

2: Franz, Frederick, Frank Slipka 1828 Neplachov, Jlhocesky, Bohemia, Czech Rep | Mary Buresh 14 Feb 1833 Neplachov, Jlhocesky, Bohemia 14 Sept 1919 (age 86) | CHILDREN Frank, Franz 1856 - 1894 Joseph Herman 1857 - 1930 Henry 1868 - ? John 1860 - 1925 Mary 1861 - ? James 1863 - 1891 | Albert A Bernatsky Czech | Anna 1832 Bohemia 1921 | Joseph Herman Slipka 12 March 1857 Bohemia 23 Apr 1930 (age 73) | Rose Bernatsky 10 Sept 1863 Bohemia 12 Jan 1953 (age 89) | CHILDREN Joseph G 1885 - 1966 Rose 1886 - 1980 Albert J 1890 - 1971 Frank G 1894 - 1978 May 1897 - 1981 Fred 1901 - 1975 | Albert J Slipka 15 Dec 1890 St Paul MN USA 14 Mar 1971 (age 80) | Mary Freid 1855 Austria, Czechoslovakia | Joseph Fierst 1854 Austria, Czechoslovakia | CHILDREN Albert 1890 - ? Christina 1894 - ? Kate 1895 - 1976 Rose 1897 - 1976 | Kate, Katherine Fierst 26 Feb 1895 St Paul MN USA Jul 1976 (Age 81) | CHILDREN Lenore 1922 - ? Robert A 1924 - 2010 Raymond 1926 - ? | Robert Albert Slipka 3 Jun 1924 St Paul MN USA 15 Jun 2010

3: Ferdinand Marquardt 19 Feb 1837 Pressia Jlhocesky, 6 Dec 1911 | Augusta (Morich) Miller 1 May 1844 Saxon Germany 6 Oct 1925 | Herman Drusch 1866 Germany | Carrie (Caroline) Vogh 1 Nov 1875 Minnesota 1 Jul 1967 (age 92) | Immanuel Drusch 22 Jan 1904 Renville MN 1 Mar 1981 (age 77) | Pheobe C Lane 17 Apr 1882 MN USA 14 Apr 1958 | Edward H Marquardt 1 Mar 1880 Renville MN 16 Mar 1960 (Age 80) | CHILDREN Violet 1905 - 1981 Alice 1906 - 1976 Mildred 1908 - 1986 Orval 1909 - 1999 Augusta 1915 Harvey 1917 | Alice Marquardt 5 Aug1906 St Paul MN USA 24 Oct 2000 | CHILDREN Arnold 1926 - 1992 MaeJule 1927 - ? Dorothy 1929 - ? Ethel 1930 - ? | Dorothy Drusch 10 Aug 1928 New Ulm MN USA | Fred (fredrich) Drusch 1839 Germany | Johanna (Johane) 1840 Prussia Germany | Children Hermann 1866 - ? Eveline 1870 - ? Johanne 1875 - ? | CHILDREN Charles, Wilhelmina (Minnie), William, Frank, Anna, Bertha, Emma, Edward, John, Clara, Ella, Sarah | CHILDREN Margret1897 - ? William 1899 - ? Leona 1901 - ? Immanuel 1904 - 1981 | Margret Vogh 1836 Germany | Christion Vogh Germany

4: The Slipka Family ~ 1884 (St Paul, Minnesota) Top Row: Henry, John, and James Bottom Row: Frank, Marie, and Joseph | Franz and Marie Slipka "Washington"

5: Franz and Marie Slipka Family Franz Slipka, age 33, arrived in the port of Philadelphia aboard the bark "Washington" on 29 August 1861, from the port of Bremen, Germany. The passenger list has Franz listed as a countryman (farmer) who traveled with his wife Marie, sons Franz (age 6), Joseph (age 5), and Johann (age 9 months). The trip across the Atlantic took about 8 weeks. A bark is a sailing vessel with at least three masts. Each of them is rigged with at least three square sails, except for the sternmost, which is rigged with fore-and-aft sails. The Washington made her first voyage in 1847. The vessel was said to be "the first American Atlantic liner and also one of the ugliest ships ever put afloat." They came from the town of Neplachov, Bohemia, a small town near Ceske Budejovice (Budweis). This is an area of lakes and flat lands, much of it is farmland. Ceske Budejovice lies near the border with Austria and dates from medieval times. The lands and estates near Ceske Budejovice, including Neplachov, were owned by the Schwarzenberg family. Franz, Frank, was the eldest son, born in Bohemia about 1855. He was employed as a box maker, and later his occupation was listed as carpenter. Records show he married | Josaphine before moving to St Paul. They had four children: Amilia and Mary; two others that died as babies. Frank died at age 38 in 1894 of "pulmonary hemorrhages", probably tuberculosis. Joseph was born in Bohemia about 1854. The St Paul directory gave his occupation as box maker. On 12 Jan 1884, Joseph Slipka and Rose Bernatsky applied for a marriage license; the license was not completed so the exact date of the wedding is unknown. They had six children. Joseph died of myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) in 1930, and Rose died at age 89 in 1953. John was born in Bohemia in 1860. He settled in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He later moved to St Paul, after his father died. Mary was born in Wisconsin in 1863. James was born in Wisconsin in 1863. Per the 1880 census he was a farm laborer in Saline County, Kansas. The 1884 St Paul directory lists him as a trunk maker living with his family on Colborne Street. In 1888 he married Agnes Beranek and they had two children. James died of tuberculosis in1891. Henry was born in Wisconsin in 1868. The 1884 St Paul directory lists him as a railroad helper. In 1888 he married Mary Louise Honsa and they had four children. It is believed Henry died in a railway accident around 1904.

6: Joseph Herman Slipka and Rose (Bernatsky) Slipka | Rose (1886 - 1980) married Leo Nagel. They had 1 child Lawrence Nagel. Albert J (1890 - 1971) was born in St Paul. The 1910 directory indicates that he was a bookbinder employed by Brown, Treacy & Sperry Company who boarded at 342 St Clair Avenue. In 1919, he is identified as a World War I veteran residing at the same address. Frank G (1894-1978) was born in St Paul. The records of the 1919-1920 Minnesota Work War I Soldiers Bonus Board (#11653) indicate that he was a 1917 enlistee and a Musician First Class in the 125th Field Artillery who was a musician at induction, served in the American Expeditionary Force in France, was a musician employed by Oscar R. Ericksen at the Arcadia Hall after the completion of service. The 1920 federal census indicated he was a musician employed by a theatre. He married Rose Fierst. They had 1 child Edward. May (1897-1981) was identified by the 1920 federal census as a seamstress employed by a furruer. She married Joseph Sharfbilling. The 1930 city directory indicated they resided at 347 St Clair Avenue. They had 1 child Richard. Fred (1901-1975) was identified by the 1920 federal census as a motorman who was employed by a street railroad. The 1930 city directory indicates he was an operator employed by the Minnesota Macaroni Company and lived at 342 St Clair Avenue. He married Rose and they had 4 children Dorothy, Thomas, Richard and Ruth Ann. | Joseph and Rose had 6 children: Joseph G Slipka (1885-1956), married Adeline Karkosch. The 1917 directory indicates they resided at 342 Blair Street. They had 3 children Joseph A, George A, and Marie.

7: Built by Joseph in 1905 for his larger family. The structure is a 1 3/4 story, 1739 square foot, seven room, three bedroom, one bathroom, brick house, with a detached garage. (pictured in 2009) | Built by Joseph, a builder, in 1900 for his family. The structure is a one story, 1637 square foot, seven room, three bedroom, one bathroom, brick house, with a detached one car garage. (pictured in 2009) | 346 St Clair Avenue St Paul, MN | Joseph and Rose were married 12 Jan 1884 in Saint Paul, MN | Joseph H Slipka, a cabinet maker employed by a box company, was born in Bohemia, emigrated to the US in 1860 and was naturalized in 1887. Rose, his wife, was also born in Bohemia, emigrated to the US in 1870 and was naturalized in 1887. Joseph and Rose lived at 342 St Clair with Rose's mother Anna. | 342 St. Clair Ave Saint Paul, MN

8: Brown, Treacy & Sperry Company was a St. Paul publisher during the 1890's and the early Twentieth century. Brown, Treacy & Sperry published Company C, First Infantry, Minnesota National Guard, Its History and Development, Compiled for the Company by the Editorial Board of the Souvenir Book Committee in St. Paul in 1905. Brown, Treacy & Sperry also published corporate stock certificates, including certificates for the Idaho Continental Mining Company in 1903. | Albert J (AJ) Slipka | Albert J Slipka (1890 - 1971) was born in St Paul to Joseph and Rose Slipka. The 1910 directory indicates that he was a bookbinder employed by Brown, Treacy & Sperry Company, boarded at 342 St Clair Avenue. In 1919, he is identified as a World War I veteran residing at the same address. He married Kate Fierst. They had 3 children Ray, Robert, and Lenore. The 1930 reverse directory indicates the family resided at 346 St Clair Avenue. | AJ enjoyed hunting

9: Robert, Lenore, Kate, AJ St Clair Avenue backyard garden Birdbath was made by AJ | AJ tied his tomato plants to posts in his garden. | AJ trimmed the willow tree so he could sit under it in the shade.

10: Robert Albert was born to AJ and Kate Slipka on 3 June 1924

11: Robert was 15 when AJ took him on his first hunting trip. | It was 14 Oct 1939 in Chaska | Family Hunting Shack built by AJ | Little Robert playing outside

12: 500 Yd. Rifle Range | 49 C - 80 9/25/44 | USS Portland | Bob and George 1943

13: Christion Vogh Carrie's father - 1885 | Per the 1905 census, Herman's occupation was a telephone lineman. He, his family, and his mother-on-law lived in Renville County, Cario Township, MN. Herman's and Carrie's kids: Margret, William, Leona, Immanuel | Herman and Carrie Drusch | Friends Albert and Nellie Zinke (standing) Herman and Carrie (sitting) | Herman was the son of Fred and Johane Drusch. Per the 1880 census Fred Drusch and his family lived in New Ulm, Brown, MN. Johane's parents also lived with them (Friedrick & Catharina Gronke who were both born in Germany). | Herman & Carrie's Wedding Day

14: Edward and Pheobe Marquardt | Edward was the son of Ferdinand, a farmer, and Augusta (Morish) Marquardt. He was one of the eight children born in MN Ferdinand and August lived in Wisconsin 15 years. In 1876 they went by covered wagon with their six children to Renville County MN. They located on a homestead of 160 acres in section 26 of Martinsburg Township. They built an 18x22' log cabin. They had eight additional children in MN. Edward married Pheobe Lane on 19 Feb 1903. They had six children. | Orval, Harvey, Alice, Tudy, Edward, Vi, Pheobe, Milly (Augusta) (Violet) (Mildred) | Remembrance photos of Pheobe were offered to family members at her funeral.

15: Immanuel F Drusch & Alice Marquardt were married 3 Sept 1925. | The 1930 Census indicates that Imanuel and Alice Drusch resdied in New Ulm, Brown, MN with their children Arnold (4 years old), Maejule (3 years old), Dorothy (1year old) and baby Ethel | Immanuel and Alice Drusch | Immanuel's brother Spitz was a witness to the marriage of Immanuel and Alice

16: Dorothy (Dorie) was born to Immanuel and Alice Drusch on 10 Aug 1928. The family lived in New Ulm MN. Kitten Ball (now called Softball) was a popular pastime, as was roller skating in the armory and ice skating at the park.

17: Ethel, Clarise, and Dorie | Clarice, Dorie, Tudy, MaeJule and Edward Polta

18: The Story Began... On Feb 15th, Dorie and MaeJule were standing outside the grocery below their home. Bob and George drove by and invited them to a party. Although Dorie and Bob liked each other, Dorie was writing to a man away at war. When the man returned Dorie realized she preferred Bob and called him. However, he was up in Superior. As soon as he received the message he returned and they began seeing each other. At the end of May they were engaged. A bridal shower was given at the St Claire playground room. | 1946

19: The Wedding Was... On July 13. Dorie was Lutheran and would not be converted to Catholic until later in the year. Bob was Catholic. As a result, the marriage took place in the priests house, not the church. Despite a beer shortage at the time, they were able to obtain beer for evening reception at the CSPS Hall. | Robert and Dorothy Slipka

20: "Love is the only true adventure." Dorie saw Lake Mille Lacs for the first time on their honeymoon.

21: Bob and Dorothy's Family Home on Vista Street. Bob made a birdbath similar to the one his father had made | Mar 1961 | Oct 1963

22: 1994 Murder Mystery party with neighbors | Bob & Dorie went to Vegas 4 times | At 60, after 30 years at Bigalow's, Bob retired. Bob and Dorie spent some time in AZ | Bob & Dorie's trip to Paradise Resort in Chisago City MN | Dorie's catch was 7 1/2 lbs Bob's catch was 6 1/2 lbs | Dorie & friends enjoying some golf. | Bob & friends enjoying some fishing.

23: Bob, Dorie and Alice (Dorie's mom) | July 13, 1996 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob and Dorothy with their children Bev, Bob Sr, Dorie, Linda, Bob Jr.

24: May 1957 AJ & Kate Slipka with grandkids | 1956-57 School Photo | June 1956 Bob Sr, Bob Jr, Bev | Oct 1963 | Robert Albert Slipka Jr born to Bob & Dorothy Feb 15, 1948

25: Birth of Ryan Kathy, Nick, Robyn, Dorothy holding Ryan, Bob Sr and Bob III | Bob Sr, Dorothy, Kathy, Bob Jr. Summer of 1974

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