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Stoves 2012 family book

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Stoves 2012 family book - Page Text Content

S: Stoves' Family 2012 | CLUBS

BC: The End of 2012

FC: Stoves' Family

1: Stoves' Family 2012 | Starring: Todd, Joyful, Isaiah, & Willow Featuring: Adora, Serendipity, & Kona Guest Starring: Other Friends & Family

2: Every month brought our children new abilities and surprises. Some were unexpected and some were challenging. But watching, and fostering, the growth of children truly is the greatest joy of a parent. "Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?" ~Paracelsus

3: Months

4: January

7: February

8: March

11: April

12: May

13: Todd & Joyful ran the Lincoln Half Marathon. The day before, the kids got to watch the kids' one mile run around the capital.

15: June

16: July

19: August

20: Ivana Cone

21: September | Heartland's Movie Night: The Muppets | Meeting some Big Dogs

23: October | Joyful was awarded a cup for 10 years of service working for the State of Nebraska. It was presented by Gov Heineman.

24: November | New doggie, new mini-van, and a quick visit from Uncle Tom.

27: December | Tea Par-tea

28: Isaiah & Willow had birthday parties with lots of family and friends attending. On their actual birthdays, Mom & Dad took off work and we spent a family day enjoying each other. "You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely." ~Ogden Nash

29: Birthdays

30: Isaiah's 2nd birthday party was held at Pioneer Gymnastics | March 2012

31: Isaiah is Two | Those who came: | Grandma Stoves. Uncle Bryan & Aunt Mandy Stoves. Grandpa & Grandma Moore. Aunt Bree Moore. James, Amy, Ella, & Miles Hamilton, Kim, Isabelle, & Jonah Johnson. Emily & Harrison Lucas. Patrick, Kaye, & Hank Bourn. Stan, Melanie, Logan, & Oliver Kirk. Casey, Rene, & Audrey Taft. Ave & Linda Pickering.

33: Beside the foam pit, cake may be the favorite part of a birthday party! | Todd made Isaiah a chocolate brownie Cookie Monster along with a bunch of carrot cake cupcakes. Yum!

34: Willow's 1st birthday party was held at Pioneer Gymnastics

35: Willow is One | August 2012

36: Those who came: | Grandma Stoves. Uncle Bryan & Aunt Mandy Stoves. Uncle Tom & Aunt Terri Jakl Grandpa & Grandma Moore. Aunt Bree Moore. Uncle Nic Moore, Derek Poole, James, Amy, Miles, & Charlie Hamilton, Kim, Isabelle, & Jonah Johnson. Heather & Josalyn Poore, Stan, Melanie, Logan, & Oliver Kirk, Casey, Rene, & Audrey Taft, Troy, Katie, Delaney, Nolan, & Josie Baker

37: Todd made Willow a chocolate brownie cake and a bunch of carrot cake cupcakes. Yum!

38: Chuck E. | Glorious Chuck E Cheese prizes! | On March 21st, we celebrated Isaiah's second birthday together. Mom and Dad were off work, so we went and rode the carousel at the mall (it was the first time either kid had been on it -- see pictures on March page). We then went to Chuck E Cheese. | Aunt Bree and Kaitlyn Waller met us at Chuck E Cheese.

39: Cheese | On August 20th, we celebrated Willow's first birthday together. Mom & Dad were off work, so we went to the Sunken Garden, Children's Zoo, and Chuck E Cheese. Tom & Terri were in town and spent the day with us.

40: Friends' | Isabel Johnson | Oliver Kirk

41: Birthdays | Logan Kirk

42: Miles Hamilton | More Happy

43: Birthdays | Todd's 35th and other front porch moments

44: "A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born." Antoine de Saint-Exupery "To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event." Henri Cartier-Bresson

45: Special Events

46: This year was not one for gobs of snow. 2011-2012 was an unusually warm winter with our biggest snow coming in February. 2012-2013 was a late starting winter with our first snow coming the week before Christmas.

47: Snow Days

48: This year we were blessed with an early spring due to the un-Nebraska warmth we had all year. The early and long spring gave us lots of berries in the backyard. And helped us with potty training Isaiah.

49: Spring Days | Isaiah loved the berries from our mulberry tree. We taught him "no ground berries" and it became his mantra.

50: It was a long spring. One page wasn't enough for all the outdoor time we enjoyed.

51: More Spring

52: Pool Time

54: The kids were pretty interested in hail when we got a random, and oddly sunny, hail storm. Isaiah thought it was pretty yummy. | Fall Pumpkins | Hail Storm | Trader Joe's had a free pumpkin day where kids got to color or carve a pumpkin.

57: Autumn Leaves

58: Sleepy Time | Isaiah moved into his "big boy" bed just before his second birthday. | Willow moved from co-sleeping with Mon and Dad to sleeping in her own room, in her crib, when she was 6 months old.

59: Sweet potatoes! Yum | Solid foods are a huge hit! | Not to be outdone at the table. Silly boy. | Solid Foods | Willow got her first taste of solid foods at 6 months old. Prior to that she relied solely on mommy milk. She started with sweet potatoes and other veggies. | First finger good was peas. These were an even bigger hit than sweet potatoes. Once Willow realized that she could feed herself she didn't want anyone else doing it.

60: Willow went from baths in the kitchen sink, to baths in the inflated tub, to baths with Isaiah in the big tub. Hooray for splashy, happy bath times. | Bath Time | Isaiah wasn't sure about sharing bath time with Willow. Once he realized they could splash each other and play he decided that it was pretty awesome to have company.

61: Fishy fishy swimming in the sea, fishy fishy what do you see? Do you see Miss Willow, sitting in the tub? Do you see Isaiah, scrub, scrub, scrub?

62: Southpointe Concerts

63: Morrill Hall had free Thursday nights in August, so one week we met up with the Hamilitons. | Morrill Hall

64: 10th Anniversary | For an anniversary dinner, a return trip to The Melting Pot was in order. Same restaurant where first anniversary was spent. Yay for yummy fondue.

65: Todd & Joyful celebrated 10 years of marriage in KC. Bree Moore & Derek Poole watched the kiddos for a long weekend. | trip to Kansas City | Several trips were made to the South Outlaw; an amazing place for a great cigar or two or three. On Sunday we randomly ran into a gathering of the KC area Exotic Car Club.

66: European Roadsters | We stopped by a classic car show one day after church with the kiddos and Grandma Stoves. It was just getting started, so some people were still setting up, but there since there weren't "too many people" Isaiah got to explore.

67: Prairieland Cow | Prairieland Dairy brought a cow to Russ' Market on 70th Street. The cow was born the day before! | Elmer | The month before Christmas, Isaiah was excited to find our elf, Elmer, each morning.

68: Isaiah took Parent-Tot Class at Pioneer Gymnastics. Both kids' birthday parties and a Halloween party were there..

69: Pioneer Gym

70: Isaiah had his first gymnastics recital in May. Despite being after church, during nap time he ended up having a good time. Once he saw that Papa and Gaga Moore were helping out he was happy to play gymnastics. | Gymnastics | Isaiah was super exited to go up on the podium and get his medal. It was even more special for him because Gaga helped him on stage and Papa put the medal around his neck.

71: Recital | For days after getting his medal Isaiah wore it around the house. He kept saying, "Papa medal."

72: Warrior | Todd & Joyful ran a Warrior Dash 5K. It was a hot day. The water and mud obstacles felt great! | bye bye icky shoes

73: Dash | Best ending after jumping fire? Beer, a turkey leg, and lighting up a good cigar.

74: Isaiah was first given paints in January. Later we learned that washable paints were a better choice. | Coloring outside the lines is a fine art. ~Kim Nance | Yellow paint. | Budding Artists

75: Willow was first given paints in October. At 14 months old she did pretty good. Lots of concentration and intent with this girl. | Sidewalk chalk was a huge hit. Kids would have done it year round if they could. It's a messy messy good time!

76: Christmas was a great excuse for art projects. Made lots of ornaments.

78: Cookie Time

79: Growing Up | In preparation for starting preschool at Lincoln Montessori in January, Isaiah had an orientation with Jeanne in December. Isaiah did super good and we took him our for sushi afterward. Willow hung out with the Moores. | Making sugar cookies with a one and two year old is fun and messy. Especially once they realized they could just eat the frosting.

80: Sesame Street Live came to Pershing Center. Uncle Shane & Aunt Alice got us tickets for Christmas.

82: Wine, Cigars, | Every once in a while Todd and Joyful would get down to Jake's to hang out with a group.

83: & Friends | Our friend Mike Lawrence had a wine dinner at the Parthenon to raise money for the City Mission. Since all the grandparents were in town we Todd & Joyful were able to get out and enjoy a night being adults.

84: Lancaster

85: Since the state fair moved to Grand Island two years ago we decided to try the county fair. Our kids aren't really big enough for rides and the food was good, so it met our needs. Plus Isaiah played a game and won a truck. Made his day! | County Fair

86: Scheels had a Husker Fan Day for Homecoming weekend. We arrived when it started and there were very few people. Our kids loved it! Games, prizes, inflatables, and food.

87: Husker Fan Day | Isaiah thought the slide was the best thing ever. Shear delight mixed with fear.

88: Schwarting Wedding

89: Harvest Bonfire

90: Foundation

91: Repair | The last thing we thought we'd be doing in 2012 was repairing our foundation. But record drought caused some significant structural damage that we couldn't ignore. On the plus side, B&D Foundation was great and our kids got to play in the excavator every night for a week. Plus hand prints in cement.

92: 5k for Todd | Kids got to play in a field with dirt while Todd ran a 5k at Southeast High School to benefit Tiny Hands International.

93: Road Trip for Kona | Kona was in foster care in Colorado, so we took a road trip to North Platte to meet up with her and drive her home.

94: "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." John Muir "Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." Camille Pissarro

95: Special Places

96: Lincoln Folsom

97: O | Children's Zoo

98: Lincoln Folsom

99: O | Children's Zoo

100: Lincoln Folsom

101: Children's Zoo

102: Lincoln Folsom | Penguins

103: O | Children's Zoo

104: Lincoln Folsom

105: Children's Zoo

106: Birthday at the Zoo | On Willow's birthday we had a family day at the zoo. Throughout the summer they were offering camel rides. We choose Willow's birthday as the day we were going to ride one. Because how cool is it to ride a camel on your first birthday? It turned out it was also the last day for rides. Isaiah decided, after boarding, that he didn't want a ride.

107: Camel Rides

108: Boo at the Zoo

109: O

110: Sunken

111: Garden

112: Sunken

113: Garden

114: Saltdogs Baseball | It was the first baseball game for both Willow & Derek.

115: Haymarket Park | Jimmy Buffet Night

116: Memorial Stadium | Todd, Joyful, & Isaiah planned on attending the Red-White Spring Game in April. Time was spent in the club level area, but due to crazy storms forecast no game was played. | In November, Todd & Joyful got to go to the Nebraska - Penn State game. After not going to a game for several years it was a great one to attend. Nebraska 32 - Penn St 23

117: Willow stayed home from the Red-White Game due to weather. | Kids started swim lessons at Swimtastic swim school in October. They were both in a parent-tot class for 12 weeks. They were the entire class, so every Tuesday, Joyful got off work a little early and the whole family got to go swim for a half hour. Willow absolutely loved the water. Isaiah didn't like getting dunked, but he thought the slide was amazing. | Swimming

118: Omaha Henry

119: O | Doorly Zoo

120: Isaiah got a really fun and glittery spider tattoo painted on. He was super interested in watching the process and didn't want to look up for a picture. | Omaha Henry | Sharing a snack

121: Doorly Zoo

122: Omaha Henry

123: Doorly Zoo

124: Ted's Tobacco | Say what you will, Isaiah & Willow love Ted's Tobacco. Isaiah gets to play with the cash register and pipes. Willow and Isaiah both help pick out cigars, though Isaiah tends to have expensive tastes.

125: Train Tables | A big group got together for Jerry's birthday. The kiddos spent the evening with Derek so that Todd & Joyful could go. | Favorite train tables: VonMaur, Barnes & Nobel, and Indigo Bridge

126: Children's

127: Museum

128: Children's

129: Museum

130: JK's Pumpkin Patch

133: More JK's Pumpkin Patch

134: In June the "moving up" party was held for children's Sunday Morning classes and Isaiah & Willow started attending. Isaiah's class is him, Miles, and Aiden. Willows class is her and Josie. The other girl doesn't come to class. | Heartlands | Audrey often sat in front or behind us. Isaiah and her always enjoyed each other's toys and snacks.

135: Target

136: Haymarket

137: Station

138: Prior Pines | Isaiah loved running through the trees. Willow thought the farm cats were the best. But, if they picked the tree it probably would have been a Charlie Brown tree.

139: We had a great day to pick out the Stoves' Family Christmas Tree. And the one we chose came with a free birds' next.

140: The Beachbody Christmas party was at Skate Zone. We weren't going to skate, but Isaiah asked for skates! And he LOVED it. | Skate Zone

141: After a session of swimming the kiddos got certificates & trophies full of M&Ms. | Swimming Success

142: "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust "A happy family is but an earlier heaven." George Bernard Shaw "Family is not an important thing. It's everything." Michael J. Fox

143: Special People

144: Family

146: Grandpa &

147: Grandma Jakl

148: Tom & Terri

150: Ed

151: Miles

152: Grandma

153: Stoves

154: Shane, Alice, & Ada

155: Bryan & Mandy

156: Moore Family

157: Vern, Dawn, Nic, | Bree, & Kami

158: “Thanksgiving is the holiday that encompasses all others. All of them, from Martin Luther King Day to Arbor Day to Christmas to Valentine's Day, are in one way or another about being thankful.” Jonathan Safran Foer

159: Holidays

160: Isaiah LOVED the Easter Bunny at the mall. Children's Place had him hanging out one afternoon with cookies & lemonade. Isaiah couldn't get enough of the bunny. | Easter | Willow wasn't the biggest fan of her bonnet. Or the sun.

161: St Mark's Church had a huge Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was great and the hunt was by age group, with an egg limit. So, each kiddo got a dozen.

162: More Easter

163: Easter Morning Isaiah & Willow received baskets from the Easter Bunny and books from Grandpa & Grandma Jakl. After breakfast, Isaiah hunted for eggs in the backyard. After church, we went to the Moore's house for Easter dinner & fun.

164: 4th of July | Joyful started the day with a five mile sunrise run around Holmes Lake. Then the family enjoyed a trip to the Lincoln Children's Zoo. The day ended at the Moores' house with fireworks and friends. Isaiah enjoyed hanging out with his friend, Audrey. The night got late and the fireworks got loud.

165: Halloween

168: Christmas

170: Christmas

171: Eve | Stoves' family

172: Christmas

173: Morning

175: Christmas

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