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The Pitzer Family 2011

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The Pitzer Family 2011 - Page Text Content

S: The Pitzer Family 2011

FC: The Pitzer Family 2011

1: Take a peek into 2011

2: I love my Hulk! Check out his awesome hair! Do you want to see him?

3: haha! I love my Spongebob jammies | Check out that belly hanging out. | Nothing but smiles rockin his jammies and fuzzy hair. | 13mon | January

4: Play time in Daddy's hat!

5: doing the sleepy pose | let me think about it. | that's hilarious! | oooh, funny!

6: Landon got all dressed up to play in the snow and he SCREAMED!! He really hated the snow. Mo, on the other hand, loved it. He came in covered in snowballs every time he went out. Let's hope next winter the snow isn't so scary!

7: Unloading our drawers in his totally awesome track suit! | Another shot of his big eyes. I love taking pictures of them. | Trying to get a picture of his little curly-que. | We gave Mo a haircut. Doesn't he look so dapper?

8: 1 Year Old

10: Visiting Adam and Nicole | How to entertain a toddler | Input | Output | Ready to go outside...brrr | Nicole and I went rope climbing and adventuring. We had tons of fun! | I conquered my fear of heights and climbed this tall rope wall, and then tried the rock wall. | The Nerd Brothers

11: I need some Dew! | Landon and Aunt Nicole in their matching PJ's | We came home to a destroyed crate | Mo hated us, and we weren't too happy with him | It's hard to see, but that's our brand new screen torn to shreds

12: Mo ate the eye off my childhood lamby. The only way to save his life was to turn him into a pirate! Arrr Matey! | I taught a class at the Faith in God Girl's Conference on making babysitting kits. These are the t-shirt bags that we made during the class. The girls really enjoyed making them. | I came home one day to find this. Mo looked so sad sitting there surrounded by green stuffing that I just had to laugh and get the camera. | My little fuzz head!

13: I have a little jazzercise boy on my hands here. | March

14: Grandpa Jack's 90th Birthday Celebration

15: Bath time is fun time! He knows how to work that curly mohawk, and likes to style his own hair. Notice how long his hair is wet, and then how it springs back up into those great curls! | BEFORE | AFTER

16: Petting the horse was better than riding it | Playing with MaMa

17: My little musician at work.

18: Working on using utensils | Let me just put it on here. | Walking, a dangerous sport. | My old roommate Erika made this custom dress for my good friend Molly | Handmade bow | Cute little shoes. Ruby will look so cute in this.

19: I love my new sword! | On guard, Mo! | You think you have me? | CHARGE!!! | Hide, you coward!

20: A fun day at Cousler Park | We met up with Kelli and Kylee Mosley at Cousler Park. The park is huge and the kids enjoyed every second of their play time. | Landon's favorite things to play with were the chimes and the mushroom steps. | April | It was unseasonably warm that day, notice the bright red faces.

21: We have a flock of geese that like to hang out in the field behind our house. Notice the white one who is very out of place? Mo was sure to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't get out of control. We also had some lovely backyard visitors. They were so bright and cheerful. Fresh daffodils on my table really helped with the feeling of spring.

22: A sunny day spent in the yard picking dandelions | "Look at this pretty flower" | "Me? Oh, just pickin' flowers" | "I picked this one for you!" | "I'm coming!" | "Here Mom! I picked this pretty flower just for you!"

23: John's Great Uncle was an avid collector of Indian motorcycles. After he passed away his collection was moved to another location. The bikes will be part of an estate auction later in the year. He had some amazing pieces, all original. He even rode his Indian Chief, the one with the sidecar, until he was in his late 80's.

25: Landon got to spend Easter with MaMa and PapPap this year because Mom and Dad were in Hawaii. We put together an Easter basket for him to have. By the look on his face he loved his presents! He also enjoyed hunting eggs, picking flowers, and going to church. He was a good boy and truly missed by us while we were away. | Mom's reunion with Landon after a week away.

26: Captain Bucket Head! He was very proud of himself for coming up with the idea to wear it as a hat. Funny boy! He was loving wearing Daddy's shoes. One day we had a double rainbow, hard to see the second one, but they were beautiful. And of course a Mom and son self portrait.

27: Landon thought you wore your sunglasses under your chin. He wasn't happy when I made him wear them right. | He looks like such a redneck! | Once again, Daddy's shoes! | Bath time with my fuzz head! | We had a giant floor fan blowing. He loved the feeling of the wind blowing his hair. | {MAY}

28: The cabin's mouse eater | Landon loved the neighbor's goats | The great explorer

29: Mo got stinky and needed a hose bath. | MaMa joined in the fun and hosed the kids. | Landon's turn! | "That wasn't cool, Dad!"

30: The boys had fun having cousin time. They also enjoyed the smoke bombs that PapPap brought up. Well, everyone but Landon. The day was so fun that Landon and Mo both fell asleep on the way home.

32: Strawberry Jam Time! The family all got together to make strawberry jam. Landon enjoyed eating the strawberries. All the kids helped out and made the work go faster.

33: After jam making we all needed a little play time. Landon loved riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, and swinging.

34: Landon's first time in our kiddie pool. Needless to say he didn't enjoy it! He only got in a few times over the summer, he like standing outside it better. | I found Landon sitting like this one day. Guess who watches Daddy gaming? | What could be in that big tube? | John! | We had AC installed and had a length of tubing left. A fun toy for Landon, and John. | June


36: Our garden(s). This year we planted cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, pumpkins, green peppers, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. | Tiny pumpkin

38: For the 4th of July we went up to visit Adam and Nicole. | The boys tore down the pool while we were there. The two of them kicking the side panels through the yard was hilarious! | Landon enjoyed a lot of watermelon during our visit. | Nothing like a firework fight with Uncle Adam! | One night we sat out and had a great bonfire. We ate way too many smores and set off fireworks!

39: We celebrated the 4th at Charlie's house. Lots of swimming and fun for all! | The older boys enjoyed being thrown by the Pitzer's.

40: Natalie and Landon bustin' a move | "Do you want to dance with me?" | "I'm so exhausted!" | "You need a hug!" | "That was such a great hug. Let's dance some more." | "I have a better idea! Another BIG hug!"

41: Landon knew that Grandma would give him more watermelon! It's impossible to get a serious photo of Adam and John! And that's Nicole with her favorite girls,Alyssa and Natale. Just some fun playing with my camera while the boys were tearing down the pool.

42: The YW at camp made fleece hats for babies to be donated to local hospitals. They made over 200! There were some that were the right size for NICU babies. I helped the girls with their service project at camp and then helped set up the donation to the York Hospital NICU. Several of the girls even got to go into the NICU to drop off the hats. | Puppy love | Landon loved his corn! | Landon got to enjoy a fun weekend at MaMa and PapPap's house eating popsicles and blowing huge bubbles!

43: A fun day at Catoctin Zoo with Mom, Dad, and MaMa too! It was very hot, but Landon enjoyed looking at all the animals. | Daddy even convinced a turtle to eat from his hand

44: Watching the monkeys with Daddy | The Siberian Tiger made him yell, "ooh! I see kitty cat!"

46: Watching the monkeys | That's right, John talks to birds

47: He stuck a cheerio to his head to balance out his goose egg! | Wearing his Shrek slippers. He loved these! | Digging in the diaper bag yelling, "SNACKS!"

48: Tedd, Becky, John and I all went to DC for the day. We wandered through several of the Smithsonians before going to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. We thought we could walk from the Smithsonian to the Kennedy Center, we did, but we learned never to do it again! | July

49: Glinda the Good Witch | The Wicked Witch | The show was AMAZING! Becky and I were in tears several times.

50: The garden proved to be a great place for Landon to find snacks. He loved eating tomatoes whole while running around the yard. He's definitely Mom's boy! | He was so covered in tomato seeds and juice that after massaging it into his belly we had to clean him off. The best place, the kiddie pool! He hated it at first, but he did give in and enjoy nakey time in the pool.

51: Landon spent a day at MaMa and PapPap's house munching on peaches. He even stole some off the porch and sat himself down at the table to eat it. He also enjoyed wearing MaMa's garden clogs. What a silly kid! | An adjustment from PapPap.

52: In August we took a mini vacation to the cabin for three days with the Riley's. Colin and Landon had fun playing together while the adults enjoyed time relaxing. | I thought this moth looked like he had tucked himself in to go to bed.

53: Landon enjoyed his new kid camp chair. Mike and John had fun playing with fire and cooking our wonderful dinner of chicken and corn over the open flame. | Shannon feeding Colin. Gotta love that messy face!


55: Bath time!!! Landon and Colin got in the big tub at the cabin. Don't you just love how they both censored themselves for all photos? It was fun to have them splash and play together.


57: Canning peaches. Canning goes a lot faster with so many hands to help out. And you can't have canning fun without piggy back races! | Andy, John, and Tedd decided to fry our wings outside on the grills sideburner. All was well until it began to rain. Tedd saved the day with the golf umbrella.

58: The York Fair September | Tauting the turkeys with a turkey leg | Landon was in his glory in the petting zoo with the kittens

59: Landon's broken leg made it impossible for him to stand and pet the animals without help, but he still enjoyed it. | Eating Thai chicken on a stick. | "What a great day at the fair!!" | "What was that?" | "Did you see that?" | Make sure to wash your hands

61: September

63: A visit to Adam and Nicole's in October. We had a great trip to the park. | Landon found a seagull to chase. He had a great time trying to get him. | Landon and Daddy have matching Sambas

64: Becky Remaley and I took a day trip to DC to see Les Miserables. We were both very excited to see it since we both have wanted to see it for a very long time. It was emotionally overwhelming and we loved every tear filled minute! | October 15 | Living the dream!

65: The view from the Kennedy Center balcony. | A cool art piece outside. | This little guy was so cute fishing with a stick in the fountain. | Yes, these women showed up dressed in gowns and tiaras to see the show! | The fanciest 7-11 I've ever seen.

66: Snow in October? Indeed! On Halloween we got several inches of heavy, wet snow. It destroyed our neighbors tree. | My cheesy boy in Mommy's hat.

67: Our annual Halloween party got snowed out. But a few of us still got together. | John and Tedd were joined at the hip! | Cauldron head | Peek!

68: In November John, Adam, and a crew of friends participated in the Tough Mudder. A 12mile run with 23 obstacles placed throughout. The obstacles included ice cold water, mud pits, large walls, and electric wires.

69: They were lucky to get the warmest weekend we had that month, but they still were pretty frozen by the end. They were also covered head to toe in caked on mud, had war wounds, and were sore.

70: November

71: Thanksgiving celebration with the Eisenhuth crew. We went on a walk to the park, played in the leaves, and danced on the stage at the Marion fairgrounds.

72: Zach and Jillian held Pitzer Thanksgiving at their house. It was a wonderful meal and a fun visit. Aunt Jill even dressed Landon up as Minnie Mouse.

73: I told Landon he was going to Grandma's house for a visit. He appeared wearing his coat, ran to the front door and told me, "Bye, car." He was obviously very excited. Too bad the trip was hours away. | Bath Time. Landon LOVES bubble bath's. Every time he's told it's time for a bath he says, "bubbles?"

75: 2nd | Landon's second birthday was celebrated with a SpongeBob cake. He was excited to see him and to blow out all his candles. He got to blow them out three times so people could get pictures, he loved that! | Among his favorite gifts were his Hulk bobble head and his tractor flashlight. | SpongeBob cake made by Mommy. This was his first viewing. | Dec. 8

76: Christmas Eve with the Eisenhuth crew. The kids put on the annual Nativity story. Landon got to be the cutest shepherd ever! | Landon's favorite toy, his new cap gun! He spent the whole day sneaking up on people and shooting them. | Eve

77: Erin had a wrestling match on her hands to get a picture with both her girls. | Jeremy played with the boys nerf guns just as much as they did. He shot Tyson's outline in darts. | Boys and their toys

78: Landon loved opening his presents. He was very excited about getting a movie, crayons, and an easel. Later that evening we went to Granny and Grandpa Davis' home. I love the picture of Landon hanging out with his Great Grandpa who bought him his first tricycle for Christmas. | Day

79: Mommy and Landon got ready to start the new year with a fresh haircut. | My big helper sweeping up his own hair. | Beth came home to visit so we went to Baltimore for the day to hang out. | Lounging around in his new bathrobe and slippers. He's so cool!

80: 17 weeks pregnant. Photo taken 12-8-11. The new little one is due May 15. Follow the journey to baby number 2 in 2012!

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