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Animals of Tanzania

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BC: Until our next safari.

FC: Animals of Tanzania Grandma and Grandpa's 2011 Adventure in Africa

1: This book was prepared by Joan and Brian Barr (Grandma and Grandpa) as a tribute to the magnificent animals of Tanzania that we had the privilege of seeing on our 2011 safari. It is a present to our Grandchildren - Spencer, Finn, Maggie and Jasper. We hope that they too will come to know and admire the great gifts God has given us.

2: THE BIG 5 Can you name the BIG 5? In the past, these animals were hunted by big game hunters. Now safari-goers hunt them only with cameras.

3: THE BIG 9 Add these 4 and you have the Big 9.

4: BIG CATS OF AFRICA The big cats are hunters on the African plains. Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs must hunt to survive.

5: "Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest Lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter if you are a Lion or a Gazelle... when the sun comes up, you'd better be running." Author Unknown

6: LION (SIMBA)* | * Swahili names are in red. | Lions live in a family group called a pride. The lionesses do most of the hunting, and the male lion protects the pride.

7: Lions can sleep in trees when the ground is wet. | Many animals live near the Lions but keep a cautious eye on them

8: LEOPARD (CHUI) | The leopard is a beautiful animal who usually lives and hunts alone. Each leopard marks his or her own territory.


11: The cheetah is the world's fastest animal. They are built for speed and can easily catch antelope in a short dash. The black tear marks under the eyes and long, lean legs tell you that this is a cheetah and not a leopard.

12: ELEPHANT (TEMBO) | Elephants are very BIG. The herds range from just a few elephants to over a hundred Despite their size, they are very gentle and protective of their young.


15: A Black Rhino is a rare sighting. Even when you find them, it is hard to get close enough to take a good photograph. Look how big they are compared to the zebras.

16: CAPE BUFFALO (MBOGO) | The Cape Buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. If you attack one of them the whole herd will come to help him. Even the mighty lions leave the Cape Buffalo alone unless they catch one that is sick or injured.

18: HIPPOPOTAMUS (KIBOKO) | Hippos hang out in pools during the day. You see only eyes and ears and an occasional yawn. At night they come out to graze. The baby Hippo on the top right was really curious and came up to see us while Momma watched.

20: GIRAFFE (TWIGA) | The magnificent Giraffe is the national animal of Tanzania. A herd of Giraffes is called a kaleidoscope or a tower. With their long necks, Giraffes can feed from the tops of trees where other animals cannot reach. Their tongues are almost black so that they do not get sunburnt when pulling in leaves to eat. The Giraffe can fight off a lion with kicks from its long, strong legs.

22: ZEBRA (PUNDA MILIA) | Thousands of Zebras roam the great plains of Africa in herds called dazzles. When a dazzle runs, all of the Zebras' stripes mix together so that a chasing predator cannot tell where one zebra ends and the next starts.

23: Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

24: ANTELOPE | Topi (Nyamera) | Hartebeest (Kongoni) | Lesser Kudu (Tandala Mdogo) | Waterbuck (Kuro) | Many types of Antelope live in the plains and forests of Africa. The Dik Dik is small like a dog and the Topi and Eland are as big as a horse.

25: Thomson's Gazelle (Swala Tomi) | Grant's Gazelle (Swala Granti)

26: MORE ANTELOPE | Dik Dik (Dik Dik) | Impala (Swala Pala) | Young male Impala practice fighting by locking their horns together.

27: Bushbuck (Komba) | Reedbuck (Tohe) | Eland (Pofu)

28: WILDEBEEST (NYUMBU YA MONTU) | The Wildebeest is the most abundant and ugliest of all the antelope. Millions roam the African plains and every year they lead the Great Migration to find fresh grazing land and water.

30: MONKEYS (TUMBILI) | Blue Monkey | Vervet Monkey | Monkeys are found all over Africa. We saw Vervet Monkeys in every park that we visited. They make sounds and use facial expressions to communicate.

31: Baboon Base | BABOONS (NYANI) | Baboons are everywhere on the African plain. The young baboons are very curious, but the adults keep a close eye on them.

32: PREDATORS AND SCAVENGERS | Black-Backed Jackal (Bweha) | These smaller animals hunt for food or clean up after the big cats, leaving only slim pickings for the vultures. A pack of hungry Hyena can chase off a lion or leopard.

33: Bat-Eared Fox (Mbweha) | Hyena (Fisi)

34: SMALL ANIMALS | Porcupine (Nungunungu) | Porcupine are rarely seen during the day. We were lucky and saw a pair. | Hyrax (Mondo)

35: Banded Mongoose (Nguchiro) | Dwarf Mongoose (Nguchiro) | Warthog (Ngiri)

36: REPTILES | Rock Python (Nyoka) | There are many snakes in Africa but they are rarely seen. This Rock Python was stealing eggs from a bird's nest. | Monitor Lizard (Kenge)

37: Crocodile (Mamba) | Crocodile up to 20 feet long roam the African rivers. They wait to attack and eat Wildebeest, Zebra and other animals that try to cross the river.

38: BIRDS | Millions of birds live on the African plains and grasslands. The Fish Eagle, the Ostrich and the Eagle Owl are just a few of them. The next 4 pages are a sample of the birds we saw.



43: QUIZ 1. Can you name the Big 5? 2. Can you name the Big 9? 3. How can you tell a Cheetah from a Leopard? 4. What color is a Giraffe's tongue? 5. What do you call a herd of Zebra? 6. Is a Zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? 7. What is the smallest Antelope? 8. How many Wildebeest are there in Africa? 9. What is the Swahili name for Lion? 10. Can you name one African bird?

44: ANSWERS 1. Can you name the Big 5? Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Cape Buffalo. 2. Can you name the Big 9? The Big 5 plus Hippo, Cheetah, Giraffe and Zebra. 3. How can you tell a Cheetah from a Leopard? A Cheetah has long, lean legs and black teardrop marks under its eyes. 4. What color is a Giraffe's tongue? Black. 5. What do you call a herd of Zebra? A Dazzle. 6. Is a Zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Most are white with black stripes. 7. What is the smallest Antelope? Dik Dik. 8. How many Wildebeest are there in Africa? Millions. 9. What is the Swahili name for Lion? Simba. 10. Can you name one African bird? Fish Eagle, Ostrich, or Eagle Owl.

45: With all our love, Grandma and Grandpa

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