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One Dull Autumn Day

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S: One Dull Autumn Day

FC: One Dull Autumn Day by Room 17 2011

1: The freezing cold wind is blowing but it is not as windy as a tornado. It blows through my ear holes - it's like it is alive. The New Zealand flag flutters. My whole class is hunching up so we can keep warm. The leaves are curling up like a warm red blanket as they blow everywhere in the wind. Maddie

2: The wind gave me goose bumps as it flew by and the fresh cold ground gave me chills. The leaves were like a fire carpet on bumpy grey ground. Leaves were flying off the tree like helicopters. The crunchy leaves crackle under my feet. Tom W

3: The ground smells like hot chocolate with too much milk. It is colourful with the orange, red and yellow leaves like pizzas splatting on the ground. The wind is bashing and crashing through my ear holes as the leaves crash like cymbals on the ground. Thomas A

4: Leaves are flying and tumbling across the grey watery ground. They look like a brown coated army carpet. I can feel the freezing cold ground under me. Molly

5: The wind pushes the leaves so they break away from the trees. The trees look like skeletons because all their leaves have gone. The leaves on the ground are bunching up so they can get warm. The wind is scooping the leaves off the cold, grey concrete and swooping in my neck making me shiver. Tane

6: Crunchy leaves crunch while they are falling from the tree. As the leaves fall they look like fire falling from the sky. The ground is damp, the sky is cloudy and grey. I am shivering cold. It is like Winter, but it is not. Winter is just around the corner. Piper

7: The leaves crackle and groan while they shoot across the ground. The wind on the back of my neck feels like I'm in a fridge. The leaves are huddling together in a corner because they are cold. I can smell some smoke. Jack H.

8: The wind is giving me a scare with its twink and bump. Leaves fall to the ground covering it with a fiery carpet. The trees with bare skeletons shiver in the breeze as the leaves prance in their orange coats. Branches cracking towards me give me a shiver with their frozen and blank stares. Ambyr

9: I huddled up as the cold wind blew. The wind was blowing the leaves across the school making a crackling noise. I saw in the corner of my eye more leaves that looked like an orange and red carpet. George's rake scraped on the ground making a really creaking noise, my ear drums felt as if they could have blown. Thomas W

10: Crashing leaves are bashing on the big brown trees. They crush up and look like sprinkles flying in the air. On the ground the orangey leaves look like pizza. The crunched up leaves lie on them like salami. Mia

11: Two leaves stuck together are flying like a helicopter, spinning around. The brown leaves are laying on the ground like a brown mat. The brown mat crunches around my feet. As George drags the rake it makes a scratchy sound. Ben

12: Orangey leaves are drifting from the trees like monarch butterflies. Everywhere you go you can hear a crackle and crunch coming from the ground. The wind blows through the crack in my clothes. I hunch as the wind goes hooooooo. A bare skeleton tree has lost its leaves. It is shivering and chattering its branches. Smoke from a chimney is drifting down to my nose. It's really like Autumn. Issy

13: The wind ran down my neck like a trickle of cold water. Room Seventeen was huddling together like lollies in a packet. A pale brown carpet filled with orange, yellow and red leaves covered the ground. The leaves were twisting and turning as they came down from the skeleton trees, Then they huddled together in a corner. Jacob

14: The freezing cold wind is swishing on my neck. It is pushing the colourful leaves fast. They look like people running from a tornado. They crackle like broken biscuits under my feet. Taiko

15: I have goose bumps like freezing bubbles all over my body. Everywhere I look I see heaps of leaf tornados. Twigs are falling off the trees and crackling under my feet. The smell of damp dirt is coming up to me. Leaves are floating off trees like fairies flying everywhere. Kate

16: As you look you can see leaves like a fire on black branches and on the grey ground. The freezing wind was whooshing into my skin giving me goose bumps. Leaves are tumbling across the ground like butterflies with broken wings. Emma

17: In the playground an army of leaves is marching, all the other leaves are hiding from the war. I stood there feeling the wind creep into the cracks of my clothes. A bare skeleton tree has lost its leaves. It is shivering and chattering its branches to itself. The leaves look like fairies sitting on a magic carpet floating down. Bella

18: The leaves are having a big tea party, scootering around playing party games. The wind is like a cold wind invading my body and blood like an army of cold.! George is sweeping the ground as he attacks a city of leaves. Blake

19: The cold breeze blows against me. It makes me shiver like I'm doing a shaky dance. As the leaves fall off the tree they look like ballerinas. Colourful leaves are flipping along the ground like gymnasts. Meg

20: The wind gives me chills as it rushes past. Beautiful leaves with fascinating crackling veins are sitting on the ground like a fiery carpet. The soggy soil under the crumbly bark smells like silt. The crunch of old leaves as I walk past reminds me of chippies in a packet. Jack C

21: The cold wind is on my boiling body. The leaves are fluttering in the sky like ballerinas. There are leaves scattering across the ground. The bright orange and yellow leaves on the dark grey ground look like a fire carpet. Triny

22: The wind is pushing the leaves and they look like they are spinning and flying. The leaves on the playground are brown and dry, they are crunching and crunchy. The orange and reddish leaves are falling off the tree, they are dropping like a fly buzzing around. Yuya

23: Grey clouds, but bright leaves are blowing in the wind and decorating the trees like fairies. Leaves are scattering all around Christchurch, like they are having a race - swoop! As I come out of my classroom I feel a chilly breeze that makes my bones shiver. Delicate dry leaves are like a butterfly that just came fresh from a chrysalis. Olivia

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