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Anna and the French Kiss scrapbook by Savanah Stevens

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Anna and the French Kiss scrapbook by Savanah Stevens - Page Text Content

BC: And the love continues...

FC: A - Z Digital Scrapbook By: Savanah Stevens

1: A | Antagonists | Amanda Watts & Dave Higgenbum because they both oppose of Anna throughout parts of the book. | Paris, France

2: B | Books | Anna Oliphiant is just your average teenager who grew up in Atlanta, GA. Her mother is a biology teacher at her local school and her father is a famous author and has written many novels that have recently been turned into movies. She has one brother named Seany and her best friend named Bridgette who goes by "Bridge". Her father thought that it was a good idea to let Anna spend her senior year in Paris attending the School of America Program otherwise known as SOAP. Anna gets dropped off by her parents at the school where she will be living for the next year. As they leave she has a mental breakdown and finds herself crying in her floor as she was unpacking. Suddenly, someone came and knocked on her door. The girl introduced herself as Meridith but she said everyone called her "Mer". Meridith tells Anna about her group of friends who soon becomes Anna's friends aswell and she invites Anna to sit with them at lunch the next day. Anna began to become friends with Rashmi, Josh, and Etienne St. Clair. Anna and St. Clair became very close friends as the book went. Anna began to grow stronger feelings for St. Clair and he began to do the same. Though neither of them express their feelings to one another, people assume and talk about their love for each other.They go through a lot and in the end, they are still the best of friends and will always stay close!

3: C | Climax | The climax of the novel "Anna and the French Kiss" written by Stephanie Myer is when Anna and finally took her trip to see the Notre Dame. She went to the top of the cathedral where she was acquainted by her love Etienne St. Clair. Etienne is afraid of heights as the book told me earlier in the story, but he wanted to be up there with Anna to tell her his feelings for her. On the roof Etienne explains to Anna, that he and his ex girlfriend, Ellie, recently broke up after Meridith and Rashmi found Anna and Etienne kissing in the park. Etienne also explained to her that he loved her and he had feelings for her beyond belief

4: D | Description of Main Characters | Anna - She's a sweet girl from Atlanta, GA who got sent off to boarding school (SOAP) by her famous author of a father. She left her mother, brother, and best friend behind and she deals with that pain every single day. | Meridith - She is a kind, down-to-earth girl who lives next door to Anna. She (like Anna) is in love with Etienne St. Clair, her best friend, and she doesn't have the heart to tell anyone. | Etienne St. Clair - He isn't your typical SanFransico guy living in Pairs. He has an English accent that every girl finds attractive! His dad is an awful, controlling man, and his mom ends up having cancer! St. CLair has a secret all throughout the book. | Bridgette - "Bridge" is Anna's best friend at home in Atlanta, GA and she has always been there for Anna from day one. | Amanda - She didn't like Anna from the start because she knew St. Clair liked Anna instead of her. She's your typical mean girl who is just seeking revenge. | Dave - He seems nice at first, but turns on Anna when she has nobody left to turn to. He's not really what you would call a sporty jock,but he acts like he is Mr. Right all of the time. | Rashmi - She's mean to Anna at first but she has a kind heart. She just doesn't know what to do ever since she lost her best friend Ellie after she went away to college 10 minutes away and she doesn't even come to see her.

5: E | Exposition | The story begins when Anna is about to say goodbye to her parents as she moves into her room at SOAP. She then makes new friends and they become her best friends. Then St. Clair takes her to explore all Paris, France. St. Clair then finds out his mom gets cancer and he can't go home to see her until Christmas break. st. Clair gets drunk with Josh and expresses some of his feelings for Anna, but she doesn't believe him. St. Clair stays the night with Anna all of Thanksgiving break and they spend that whole weekend together. Then, Anna and St. Clair ride the same plane together to go home for Christmas break until they get to Atlanta, GA and Anna has to get off and go home. They talk all of the break until the point where they get back. St. Clair then takes Anna to the club for her birthday where he dances with her until one of Ellie's friend sees them and goes to tell Ellie and St. Clair leaves. Then, St. Clair kisses Anna in the park during one of Meridith's soccer games. Meridith catches them and St. Clair goes to explain everything to her, then goes to Ellie's house to break up with her for Anna. St. Clair then finds Anna at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral an tells her exactly how he feels about her and that he is madly in love with her. The turning point in this story is when Anna and St. Clair kiss in the park.

6: F | Imagery - "The high-vaulted ceiling, the intricate stained glass, the gold-and-marble statuary, the delicately carved woodwork... Notre-Dame is mesmerizing. Organ music and the murmurs of many languages surround me. The warm scent of the burning candles fills the air." pg.4079 | Figurative Language | Simile - "He stands, and his legs wobble like a baby goat." pg.4128 | Hyperbole - "More the a dozen in our neighborhood alone" pg.1063

7: G | Give an alternate ending | Anna went to the very top of Notre-Same and while at the top, she heard footsteps. She went to the steps and saw Ellie walking up with St. Clair holding her hand. "Ellie St. Clair, what are you all doing up here? St. Clair, did you really just climb all of those stairs?" Anna asked. "Anna, we all need to talk.." St. Clair splirted out. "He told me about your alls kiss in the park the other day.." Ellie began to tell Anna. Anna's eyes buldged out of her head as the words poured out of Ellie's mouth. St. Clair begins to speak, "Anna, I have been with Ellie for a very long time now, you know that. And I'm sure sure that kiss made you wonder why I'm still with her, but I love her! She knows me better than anyone and like i said i do love her, very much! Please don't be mad at me! I hope you understand why i did this and i hope we can still be friends.. Anna?...Anna wait! St. Clair yells as Anna's eyes fill with tears and she runs down the stairs far away from St. Clair and Ellie!

8: Dear Etienne St. Clair, | I see you have had a some trouble with your mom's cancer! I know how to deal with this myself because about a year ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn't go through kemo and radiation because the doctors caught it in time. But I understand your pain. I just want you to know that though it is a tough situation to deal with, things WILL get easier! Hang in there because i promise they will get better! I understand you may think, "Oh she's really close to me, it's my mom, you don't know how to handle it because it was with your grandmother and you're not as close to her as you're with your mom." But my grandmother and i have a closer relationship then my mom and I do. I know how you feel, honestly. My advice to you is to stay strong, then your mom will see that you're strong during this whole process and she will be strong as well! You give her hope! IF you fight through this, and help her along, She will have even more power to fight through this as well. Also, with your dad, just hang in there. One day he will realize that he wasn't a good parent and he will wish he had have been there for you more. It takes parents a long time to realize that it, but it will catch up to him sooner or later! Etienne St. Clair,i promise you EVERYTHING will be okay! Stay Strong! | Your friend, Savanah Stevens | H | Heart to heart

9: Anna and the | French Kiss | By: Stephanie Perkins | I | Illustration

10: Anna and the French Kiss is a very dramatic novel that takes place in high school located in Paris. Romance and drama related novels are turned more towards teens. The setting, story plot, characters, and romantic appeal all turns teens to the amazing book by just reading the preview. What teen wouldn't want to read a book that takes place in the romance capitol of the world, Paris, France? I myself couldn't put it down after i began to read it. I know it will catch the attention of other teens as well! | J | Justify

11: K | Know your book | 1. Why was Anna afraid to express her feelings to St. Clair? A: St. Clair was still dating Ellie, but everyone could tell Anna liked him! | 2. Why did St. Clair wait until the end to tell Anna how he felt about her? A: He thought Anna rejected him when he got drunk and told her he liked her | 3. Why did Bridge and Toph not tell Anna about their relationship? A: They didn't want to hurt Anna | 4. Why did Anna stay in Paris on Thanksgiving break instead of going home? A : Her parents said it costs to much to send her home for just a few days | 5. Why wouldn't St. Clair tell his friends anything about college? A: His father didn't give him a say on where he wanted to go | 6. Why did St. Clair never talk about his dad? A: He hated him for what he did to his mom | 7. Did Anna ever learn French? A: Yes, but not fluent French | 8. Why did Anna get detention? A: Anna and Amanda got into a fight outside the bathrooms at SOAP | 9. Did Anna have strong feelings for St. Clair throughout the whole book? A: YES | 10. When St. Clair gave Anna the love poetry book, did he tell the truth when he said it was for school? A: No, he was trying to tell Anna he loved her

12: L | Lessons Learned | One lesson i learned from this book, is to never give up on something you really want. For example, Anna never gave up on St. Clair and by the end, she had him all to herself.

13: M | Make personal Connections | -When Anna gt sent to Paris to attend SOAP, She felt like an outcast being the new girl. I can connect to that because i have switched schools at one point in my life as well and i know what it feels like to feel lost and out of place. -Rashmi in the book felt like she lost her best friend, Ellie, when she graduated and began her new life in college and didn't come to visit her! I can relate to this because i know what it feels like to lose a best friend and its hard to move on from a situation like that.

14: N | Narration | 1st person point of view. This is effective because Anna, the main character, is the person it happened to, so she's telling the readers her story in her perspective.

15: O | Obituary | Susan St. Clair of SanFransisco, California died of cancer Friday January 6th, 2011. She is divorced and has one son, Etienne St. Clair. Susan died after months of kemo and radiation. Visitation will be held at the Smith's Funeral home on Monday January 9th, 2011 between the times of 5-9. The funeral will be on Sunday January 10th at 9am and the burial will be at the SanFransisco cometary off of 4th street. Susan will be dearly missed

16: P | Protagonist | The protagonist of the novel Anna and the French Kiss is Anna herself because she is the main character of the novel.

17: Q | Quotes | "For the two of us, home isn't a place. It's a person." Anna and the French Kiss pg. 4273 (Anna) I feel this is important because many people move homes, but as long as you're with the person you love and care about, you'll always be home when ' with them. | " I'm saying I'm in love with you! I've been in love with you this whole bleeding year" Anna and the French Kiss pg. 4159 (Etienne St. Clair) I feel this is important because Anna has had feelings for Etienne St. Clair throughout the whole book and St. Clair FIANLLY expresses his feelings to Anna

18: R | Resolution | The resolution of the story is when Anna and Etienne St. Clair are sitting at the top of Notre Dame and he explains everything and tells her how he feels about her.

19: S | Sensory Details | "The high-vaulted ceiling, the intricate stained glass, the gold-and-marble statuary, the delicately carved woodwork... Notre-Dame is mesmerizing. Organ music and the murmurs of many languages surround me. The warm scent of the burning candles fills the air." | This is a big impact because the author tells us what Anna saw when she first stepped foot into Notre-Dame and the environment she was in at the time. Anna and the French Kiss pg. 4079

20: T | Top 5 song list on Anna's ipod | 1. You Belong With Me by Taylor swift | This would be found on her ipod because Anna wants to be with St. Clair and she thinks he should be with her instead of Ellie. Anna will do anything to get St. Clair to fall in love with her.

21: 2. I Don't Want This Night To End By Luke Bryan | When St. Clair stayed the night with Anna during Thanksgiving break, she didn't want St. Clair to leave her room.

22: 3. Tonight I Wanna Cry By Keith Urban | Anna got really upset when she found out the St. Clair went to Ellie's house after he kissed her in the park

23: 4. Just a Kiss By Lady Antebellum | Taking them back to Thanksgiving where they spent the night in Anna's room where sh had to hide her feelings for St. Clair and resist him. | 4. Just a Kiss By Lady Antebellum | Taking them back to Thanksgiving where they spent the night in Anna's room where sh had to hide her feelings for St. Clair and resist him.

24: 5. Fallin' For You By Colbie Caillat | Anna literally falls for St. Clair the first day she met him when she came to Paris, France to attend SOAP.

25: Note: I gave you a written copy of all the lyrics to these songs! :)

26: U | Undercover Mission | Stephanie Perkins writes novels strictly pointed toward teens. She was born in South Carolina but was raised in Arizona. She went to Universities in SanFransisco & Atlanta. Stephanie lives in Asheville, NC today. She first worked as a bookseller and then a librarian. She loves romantic novels and films. 1. She loves coffee and tea 2. You can find her at the movies on the weekend 3. Her house is almost 100 years old ad she has every room in it painted a different color found on the rainbow

27: V | Visiting Anna Oliphant | 1. What makes you want to be a critic? -in the book, Anna wants to be a movie critic and that's not an everyday job. I wonder why she loves that 2.If you had a chance to do-over your year in Paris, would you? -Anna had a lot of problems and stresses while in Paris for her senior year, so I wonder if she could change them, would she? 3.What's it like to live at your high school? -At SOAP the students have to live at the school, I didn't know if it was just like college 4.Did you miss having your parents around all year? -Where Anna was in Paris for the year, I wonder if she missed having her parents around 5.Did you and Etienne last long while in college? -Anna and St. Clair continued their relationship on college, but I wonder how long they lasted because of the commute.

28: W | Why | St. Clair was the groups motivation. He always knew how to cheer everyone up and make then feel good again. He believed everyone is equal. St. Clair motivated Anna to get out and explore Paris, France. He played a big role in everyones life especially Anna's. He helps everyone see the big picture on life. He had a rough time with his mom during a big part of the boo, but he picked himself back up and still motivated everyone else so they could motivate him. St. Clair is everyone's favorite including mine. He makes the book as well as the plot! Etienne St. Clair is the big human motivation in Anna and the French Kiss.

29: X | Xenophobia | Anna experienced Xenophobia when she moved to Paris, France because she was scared about her lack of French and she was unaware of how the foreigners would react to her.

30: Y | You Create

31: Z | Zinger | A zinger in Anna and the French Kiss would be when St. Clair ran up the steps of Notre Dame where Anna was o tell her he loved her and that he and Ellie Broke up after he and Anna kissed in the park during Meridith's soccer game

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