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Sarah Hambright's DC Trip Scrapbook

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Sarah Hambright's DC Trip Scrapbook - Page Text Content

FC: Sarah Hambright

1: Sarah Grey Bus | 8th Grade Adventure Sarah Hambright March 6-15, 2014

2: 2.My mom is my chaperon. She sacrificed a lot to go on this trip. | 1.Here I am at the airport departure. I am so excited! | 3. This is my roommate Madeline Lewis and I. | Beginning of the trip

3: 4. This is my bus leader Mr. J. He made sure we where always on time. | 5. Mr. Mac was our bus assistant. He was funny and very helpful. | 6.Here I am with the principal of HCJH, Mrs. Neal. She is very kind. | The beginning of the trip was very exciting. We had to get up very early and be there by five in the morning, it was still dark outside. It felt like I was waiting an eternity to get on the plane but it was really only like an hour, a very long hour.

4: 7.This ship is a replica of the Godspeed.It was one of the first three ships that brought settlers to Jamestown. | 8.This is a recreation of a Powhatan village.The tribe helped the settlers survive their new living conditions. | 9.A scale model of the Jamestown Fort is represented here.It is very similar to the original fort's design. | Jamestown | Jamestown was very interesting but it was cold. I was surprised how old some of the buildings there were and how much effort was put into the reconstruction of the fort.

5: 10. This picture is of the Jamestown Church. It is an original structure and it is still standing today. | 11.This is a statue of Pocahontas. She was a female from the Powhatan Indian tribe. | 12.This is a statue of John Smith. He did not marry Pocahontas even though Disney says otherwise.

8: 16.Here we are in the millinery. Hats, outfits, and custom accessories were made here. | 14.Williamsburg had many taverns; this is one of them. The tavern was like a motel for travelers, and often provided a bath using the same water all day long. | 13.The capitol of Williamsburg is depicted here. It is large and constructed in the shape of an “H”,one side for each of the houses of government. | 15.We saw the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg from a distance. It was very large and was used to accommodate royalty or important personnel.

9: 17.This is the Magazine. A cannon is shot there to begin an army drill. | 19.This is a colonial person in costume. He is dressed as a blacksmith. | Williamsburg | Williamsburg was a great experience. It was cold but very interesting,all the original sites and reconstructed buildings gave us an idea of how life was back then.The tour guide was very well trained for his job as well.

10: Connection Colonial Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia while the ideals of a nation were being developed. From 1699-1780 Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia. Virginia was the most influential of the original colonies. Many of our Founding Fathers crossed paths with Williamsburg. Men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The birth of representative government in the form of a legislative assembly happened in 1619 in Jamestown. In 1699 the House of Burgesses moved to Middle Plantation, which was later named Williamsburg. Representative members of the legislature were allowed to enact legislation for the colony. While they could be overruled by the King this was a monumental leap for the form of government we practice today. Voting was limited to landowning males seventeen and older. Williamsburg provided the cradle for the style of democracy that we enjoy today.

11: 18.The original Burton Parish Church is still standing today. It has a graveyard on the grounds and has individual pews bought by a family for special use.

12: 21.The mounds of soil depicted here are called redoubts. Soldiers hid behind them during battle. | 24.This is the famous Surrender Field. It is where Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. | Yorktown | Yorktown was incredibly solemn. We remembered the dead and how their sacrifice bought us our freedom. It was a very quiet and sad time.

13: 25. Monticello is the brilliant creation made possible by the spectacular imagination of Thomas Jefferson. It was Thomas Jefferson's home and sanctuary. | Charlottesville | 26.The west portico of Monticello overlooks the estate's west lawn and flower garden. It is depicted on the American five cent coin and is structurally sound. | 27.Thomas Jefferson's headstone is in the family's private cemetery. It is similar in shape to the Washington Monument and lists his three most recognized accomplishments. | 28.This is a post card of a room inside of Monticello's parlor. Thomas Jefferson and his family used it as a multi-purpose room.

16: Mount Vernon | 29.The front view of Mt. Vernon is a well landscaped garden. George Washington had a specific design for the foliage. | 31.George Washington's study was by far his most private room. He directed the activities of his plantation and wrote to other major leaders.

17: 32.This is Washington's grave site. It is well protected and not the original site. | 30.This is the Potomac River. The back porch of Mt. Vernon overlooks the Potomac River; all of us from the gray bus enjoyed the view of the river and the mansion's backyard.

20: 33.The Marine Corp Memorial is larger than life. It depicts the battle of Iwo Jima. | 34.JFK’s Eternal Flame Memorial has never been extinguished. When it was renovated the flame was moved but kept lit. | Arlington National Cemetery was very interesting. There were so many graves, it made me remember those who died serving our country.

21: 37.The Challenger Memorial is depicted here. It is a site with three markers and each has a bronze plaque on it that is in memory of the lives that where lost. | Arlington National Cemetery | 35.This is Robert Kennedy's grave site. Robert Kennedy was JFK’s brother and he was assassinated. | 36.The Changing of the guard happened at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The guards were very serious and had incredible discipline.

22: 38.The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is shown here. Martin Luther King Jr.had a major impact on the religion and society of his day and is remembered for his deeds still today. | 40.The Vietnam Wall honors the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. The two ends of the wall face the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial so as to honor our former presidents. | 39.This is the Lincoln Memorial. Here,a statue of Abraham Lincoln is stationed looking out towards the Washington Monument. | 41.The Vietnam Statue of Three Servicemen is shown here. The three men are shown wearing the uniforms of the era and carrying weapons.

23: W a s h i n g t o n | D C | 42.This is the Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue. The women depicted are nurses one is named Hope, another one is called Charity, and the last is Faith. | 43.This is the Korean War Memorial. It depicts 19 statues of patrolling officers who are facing an American flag. | 44.The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is large and unique. The ceiling of the massive monument is a dome, resembling the domed roof of Monticello. | Washington DC was incredible! So much history and culture is preserved in the city. We went to so many places but it was very cold.

24: Connection As the capitol of the United States, Washington DC plays an important role in the day to day operation of our country. Washington DC lies along the Potomac River and was chosen by George Washington to be the capital of the United States. There are many important landmarks in Washington DC. The White House is the home of the president and has been for over two hundred years. Every president since John Adams has called the White House their home. The Pentagon is also in Washington DC. It is the headquarters of the United States defense system.There are memorials to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and many others. There are also memorials of military conflicts such as Vietnam, the Korean War, and World War II. Washington DC is also home of the National Archives. The National Archives is responsible for the preservation of all of our country's most historic documents. The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are all kept here. There is a lot of History to see in Washington DC.

26: W a s h i n g t o n | D C | 46.The Capitol Building of the United States is a very historical building. There is a room full of statues and an empty tomb that was created for George Washington but his burial wishes where specified to Mt. Vernon. | 45.This is the Washington Monument. It is being refurbished because an earthquake caused the obelisk to crack. | 47. This is the Rotunda. It is the domed ceiling of the US Capitol Building.

27: 48.The home of the president,The White House, is depicted here. There are 132 rooms inside but only about 45 are used by the president and his family. | 49.This is the FDR Memorial. FDR was an influential president and is remembered for his phrase “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." | 51.The building seen here is the Supreme Court Building. It was built in 1935. | 50.The World War Memorial is shown here. It was opened to the public on April 29,2004. | II

28: 52.This is the Library of Congress. It has a wide variety of books on every subject. | 53.This is in the Air and Space Museum.This Space Capsule is not extensively large. | 54.The space capsule shown is from the Air and Space Museum. It is the Gemini 1V and it held two astronauts. | 55.This is the Apollo 11 command module Colombia from the Air and Space Museum. It held three astronauts. | 56.The space capsule here is the Mercury Free ship from the Air and Space museum. It held one person. | W a s h i n g t o n | D C

29: 57.The landscape shown is the view from Little Round Top. It is what the union soldiers would have seen in the Battle of Gettysburg. | 58.This is the Pennsylvania Memorial. A statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of speed and victory, stands on top of it. | 59.This is the North Carolina Memorial. It depicts four soldiers. | Gettysburg | Gettysburg was a real learning experience. I found out many things and saw what the soldiers would have seen. By this time I had mostly gotten used to the cold so it didn't bother me as much. I did, however find the scenery breath taking, even in the gloomy weather.

30: Connection "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that "all men are created equal". Abraham Lincoln spoke these immortal words on November 19, 1863. Gettysburg National Cemetery was dedicated on this day for those that died during the battle at Gettysburg which was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. The battle took place July 1-3 of 1863. Union forces were commanded by Major General George Meade and the Confederate forces were lead by General Robert E. Lee. The historic battle at Gettysburg is often referred to as the turning point in the Civil War. If General Lee's forces had overtaken the Union Army at Gettysburg the South would have won the war. However, Mead and the Union forces were able to put a stop to the advancing Confederate troops and the North goes on to win the battle. In very short order during the Gettysburg Address President Lincoln proclaimed the value of liberty as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln also referred to a new birth of freedom for all United States citizens. The Battle of Gettysburg was certainly a pivotal time in the history of our great nation.

32: 60.The bell shown is the Liberty Bell. It was originally in Liberty Hall but was transferred to the museum for safekeeping. | 61.The church-like building shown is Independence Hall. It is an original site and is the birth place | Philadelphia was okay, personally. I thought we were rushed a bit and didn't stay anywhere long enough for every one to get high quality pictures. Also it was very windy and cold. Over all I think the time we spent there was worth it and we learned a a lot. | Philadelphia

33: 62.This is the Assembly room inside of Liberty Hall. It contains an original chair that George Washington sat on. | 63.This is Benjamin Franklin's grave. It is a stone slab with his name and various other information. | Connection | Philadelphia is home to Independence Hall. Independence Hall is famous for being the birthplace of the United States. It was in this building on July 4, 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was written and approved. The Declaration of Independence declared the Thirteen Colonies free from British rule. As the main author of this declaration, Thomas Jefferson adopted the ideas of individual liberty from John Locke. Eleven years later representatives gathered to design and debate the United States Constitution. After years of dissatisfaction with the weak Articles of Confederation our Founding Fathers decided that it was time to create a stronger national government. Some important features of the United States Constitution are checks and balances, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, and the idea that it is a living document that can be amended. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia. The Constitution established the form of government that we still have today. Philadelphia is indeed the cradle of our great country.

34: N e w Y o r k C i t y | 64.The 9/11 Memorial is the massive fountain shown. The Survivor Tree still stands on the grounds of the memorial. | 65.This is the Statue of Liberty. She was originally bronze colored but weathering and erosion has given her the green color she now has. | 66.This view of the NYC skyline is taken from Liberty Island. This is where Lady Liberty stands. | 67.Ellis Island was the main immigration hub until 1954. The immigrants were given a medical check and were marked with a symbol if they had a deficiency.

35: 68.This is the type of luggage the typical people brought to America with them from their homeland. It is not much and is very poor quality. | 69.This is the Wall of Names on Ellis Island. It has the names of immigrants and people who funded the creation of the wall inscribed on it. | NYC was AMAZING! So many memories and so much history! The 9/11 Memorial was breathtaking, the Statue of Liberty was inspiring, and Ellis Island brought forth the lost memories and long forgotten dreams of the immigrants. It was incredible and I want to return someday soon.

37: Connection September 11, 2001 changed the course of history as we know it. Not only would our way of life be changed, but the entire world would feel the effects of what happened on this day. On this day four jetliners were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. Two jets were flown into the World Trade Center buildings which subsequently collapsed. One jet was flown into the west end of the Pentagon.The fourth jet crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. While,the tragedy occurred in three different locations it is Ground Zero in New York City that symbolizes all of the tragic events of this fateful Tuesday morning. Almost three thousand people died that day. Many things in our country have changed since 2001. Airport security is much tighter, we have engaged two overseas conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), we waged the War on Terrorism, and terrorism has become a focal point in American politics. Ground Zero represents a truly tragic day in our history and will forever be remembered as a day that changed the course of history for the entire world.

43: The flight home was actually a huge relief. I loved the DC trip and wanted to stay longer but I missed my family and my bed. I definitely needed a good rest in my own bed and I got one that night.

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