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EMFK Det Kilo Cruise Book

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S: EMFK Det Kilo Cruise Book - August 2010-March 2011

1: CONTENTS | Command History Command Suite Directorate for Administration Directorate of Clinical Services Directorate of Nursing Services Directorate of Clinical Support Services Directorate of Branch Clinics FDPMU Det Kilo Events

2: HISTORY | In April 2004 the Navy took command of the Army 801st Combat Support Hospital in Kuwait. The facility served as a hub for medical operations in the CENTCOM AOR. The original facility was completely comprised of tents and staffed by more than 300 personnel. In 2008 the tents gave way to a fixed structure hospital with state of the art equipment and the ability to provide nearly every service of a modern hospital. Today, staffed by more than 200 personnel across five facilities, EMFK Det Kilo continues to support US and coalition forces participating in Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn, providing urgent, routine and emergency services.

3: Commanding officer | CAPT Kenneth J. Iverson May 2010 - Present | Captain Iverson was born in Longview, Texas. He obtained a Masters of Divinity degree for Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 1981 and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota under the Navy’s HSP in 1986. Since that time has served at numerous locations including Branch medical Clinic, LaMaddalena, Sardinia, Italy; Naval Hospital Orlando; Naval Hospital Rota, Spain where he served as Director of the Space Shuttle Support Team; Naval Hospital Pensacola; Naval Hospital Sigonella; and Naval Hospital Bremerton where he served as Executive Officer before being selected by the Navy’s Surgeon General to become Commanding Officer, EMF Kuwait. CAPT Iverson also holds a Master of Arts degree in national Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

4: executive officer | CAPT Robert Alonso January 2010 - January 2011 | CAPT Alonso entered the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1984 and was commissioned as an Ensign in May 1985. He graduated with his Doctor of Medicine degree in May 1988. During that time he has served as Battalion Surgeon, Division Psychiatrist, Department Head, Joint Task Force Surgeon, Group Surgeon, Force Surgeon and Executive Officer in locations including Naval Hospital Charleston, S.C.; Naval Hospital 29 Palms, Calif.; naval Hospital Portsmouth, VA.; Okinawa, Japan; Camp Pendleton, CA; Kenya; Tanzania and Kuwait with Naval Hospital, USMC, Seabee, joint forces commands and as Executive Officer, EMF Kuwait, in January 2010.

5: executive officer | CAPT Dick W. Turner January 2010 - Present | CAPT Turner received his commission as a SWO in the USN in 1974 and served for 18 years in Active and Reserve units. In 1992 he was deployed in support of Oper-ation Desert Storm. Upon returning, he completed a BSN from the University of Missouri-Columbia and was recommissioned as a LT in the Nurse Corps. He received a Perioperative Subspecialty and served at NMC Portsmouth, NH Guam and NH Bremerton. He completed a Masters of Public Administration degree in 2000. He held Deputy Director positions with the Medical Services and Healthcare Business Dir-ectorates at NH Bremerton, OIC positions at NBHC Bangor, WA, and NBHC Port Hueneme, CA. After 9/11, he was recognized by the Navy SG for propelling a change to the Navy Medical flag hoist from Charlie Golf One (Standing by to assist you) to Charlie Papa (Proceeding to your assistance). CAPT Turner assumed duties as Executive Officer, EMF Kuwait, in January 2011.

6: command master chief | HMCM (SW/AW) Thomas R. Countryman January 2010 - January 2011 | Master Chief Thomas R. Countryman joined the Navy and graduated from Dental Technician Basic “A” School in 1987. During his 22 years of Naval service, he has served in many assignments including Naval Dental Center Bethesda, Md.; Branch Dental Clinic Pensacola, Fl.; Naval Dental Center Southwest, San Diego, Calif.; Naval Hospital Bremerton, Wash.; Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Wash.; USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67), USS Duluth (LPD 6) and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). In addition to his commands, he has also attended Basic Prosthetic “C” School, Dental Administrative Technician “C” School and the Senior Enlisted Academy. During his career he has served as Command Master Chief for three commands, including EMF Kuwait.


8: religious ministries | LT John Ault | RP2 April Burns | Det KILO's Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist (RP) ensured the spiritual needs of EMFK's patients and staff were met. Chaplain Ault was a presence at nearly every EMFK event, conducted multiple workshops and was a regular presence at the Warrior Transition Program. The team also participated or led various church services at Camp Arifjan. They also coordinated the United Through Reading program, allowing deployed personnel to reach out and bond with their children at home through the reading of children's books.

9: directorate for administration | The Directorate for Administration is the most diverse at EMF Kuwait. Comprised of five departments, DFA covers all support responsibilities for the hospital. From Administration (S-1) and Operations (S-3) to Supply (S-4) and Communications (S-6) as well as Patient Admin (PAD), the professionals of DFA ensure continuous support in the delivery of high quality medical care to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, DoD Civilians and designated Contractors in the CENTCOM AOR. | CDR Marquez Campbell Director For Administration

10: The S-1 Department is a one-stop shop to handle all of EMF Kuwait's administrative needs from correspondence, instructions and directives to awards, fitreps and evals. They also provide career counseling, re-enlistments, legal assistance and information on advancements, assignments and tuition assistance for education. They also take care of EMF Kuwait's incoming and outgoing mail... | CDR Bruce Miller S-1 | YNCS (SW/AW) Augustine Cooper | S-1

11: S-1 | YN1 (SCW) Melissa Griffin S-1 LPO | PS1 (SW) Christopher Carson | LN1 (AW) Keiana Dukes Legal Officer / CCC | YN2 Viridiana Ramirez Executive Assistant | CS3 (SW) Brittany Hamilton Postal Clerk | PS1 (AW) Laquetta Robinson DFA LPO

12: The S-3 Operations Department works behind the scenes to ensure EMF Kuwait runs smoothly and safely. From the armory personnel who safeguard our weapons and those of our patients to the facilities team who keep the lights on and maintain the building. And from the security team who keeps the premises safe during mass casualties the vehicle team that controls the movement of patients as well vehicle dispatch and maintenance. This is the varied world of the S-3 Operations Department. | LTJG Adrain Felder S-3 | MACS (SW) Tom Russ | S-3

13: S-3 | BM2 (SW) Jose Garcia | CS2 (AW) Amy Modica | MA2 Pamela Posey | AM1 (AW) Billy Jack Avance | DC3 (SW) Eric Brennan | MA2 (AW) Billy Topping | MA3 Anthony Puleo | AG3 Heather Pouliot

14: The S-4 Department provides vital logistics, financial and material support and equipment management to EMF Kuwait and the outlying clinics. The Logistics Specialists manage inventory control and track and order consumables from office supplies to prescription drugs. The BioMed Repair team maintains and repairs valuable medical equipment to ensure the medical readiness of EMF Kuwait. Remember -- there's no curing without procuring! | CDR Bruce Miller S-4 | MCC (AW/SW) Bill Gowdy | S-4

15: S-4 | HM1 Nicasio SanJuan BioMed LPO | LS1 (SW) Fredric Bechtel | LS1 (SW) Joseallen Castro S-4 LPO | Add group shot outside tent | LS2 (AW) Mohammed Ashraf | LS2 (AW) Richard Martin | LS2 (AW/SW) JoJuan James | CSSA Ryan Mendoza | HM2 (SW) Lah Lah Ntumsi | SH2 (SW) Desmond Young

16: The S-6 Department manages all communications and security clearances for EMF Kuwait personnel. The mission of S-6 is to enable quality patient care by being responsive to all communication needs and providing superior customer service. This includes computer troubleshooting, network account management, system maintenance, software and hardware upgrades and life cycle management of multiple platforms. They also serve as the liaison between EMFK and the US Army's Information Technology components in the region. | LT Darion McCullough S-6 | MACS (SW) Tom Russ | S-6

17: S-6 | IT2 (SW) Rebecca Heard | IT2 (AW) Justin Nord | IT1 (SW/AW) Katie Sissini LPO | IT3 Eric Burrows | IT3 (SW) Kelsey Mack | IT3 Camille Castaneda

18: Patient Administration is responsible for Aero-medical Evacuations, ground and helo medevacs, host-nation case management, admissions and dispositions, specialty consults, medical holding, fleet liaison, decedent affairs, patient registration and MASCAL patient tracking. | LCDR Claude Long PAD | LT Jennifer Studer | patient administration

19: patient administration | HM1 (SW/AW) Ben Purisima LPO | HM1 Tungu Craver Night LPO | HM2 (FMF) Glibert Corpuz | HMC (SW/AW) Trenton Williams | HM2 Sheena Ancho | LTJG Anna Rosendahl

20: patient administration | HM3 Khiem Truong | HN Erik Shander | HM3 Areria Grandberry | HN Atsu Kotsanu | HM3 Melonie Fiesta

21: staff education and training | HM1 (FMF) Cornelius Frierson | CDR Linda Houde | PAO | transition officer | HMCS (SW) Bobby Pilgrim | MCC (AW/SW) Bill Gowdy

22: directorate of clinical services | The Directorate of Clinical Services at EMF Kuwait is directly responsible for the delivery of healthcare services to all U.S. Military and Coalition forces as well as DoD employees and eligible contract personnel in the Kuwait AOR. Professional services include emergency and primary care, optometry, general surgery, orthopedics, ob/gyn, internal medicine and critical care/pulmonology. The staff's professionalism and dedication to accomplishing the mission is evident by the successful treatment of critically ill and injured patients and has played a significant role in increasing combat readiness. | CDR Timothy Quiner DCS | HMC (SW/AW) Dina St. Claire

23: specialty clinic | CDR Jonathan Pearl General Surgeon | CDR Christopher Ellingson Orthopedic Surgeon | CAPT Allen Finley Combat Gynecologist | LCDR Catherine Oberholzer Anasthesiologist | CDR Craig Womeldorph Gastroenterologist

24: specialty clinic | LCDR Laurie Lerner Pulmonolgist | LT Jennifer Studer | LCDR Elizabeth Leonard | LT Ryan Brenes | HM2 Jeffrey Flores | HM1 (SW) Maria Decena | HM2 Duane Predergast | HM3Rodney Powell | IT3 Eric Burrows

25: CDR Steve Wechsler Dept Head/Psychiatrist | mental health | CAPT Kevin Kennedy Psychologist | CDR Joseph Clem Psychologist | HM1 (SW) Robert Crouch | HM1 Dedra Boyd | HM3 Kaitlyn Stone

26: troop medical clinic | CAPT Amir Harari Dept. Head | LCDR Mary Parker Clinic Manager | LTJG Brian Lapp | CDR Deborah Williams DSARC | LTJG Nicholas Lumi | LTJG Rebecca Rausa

27: HM1 David Rowley | HM1 Randi Acheson LPO | HM2 Evan Centineo | HM3 Francis Anunciacion | HM3 Ashley Bostic | HM3 Blake Lantelme | HM3 Sondra Terry | troop medical clinic | HM3 Paul Hickey

28: LCDR Marrie Read Dept. Head | optometry | HM2 (SW) Lorenzo Cruz | HM3 Elizabeth Green

29: directorate of clinical support services | CDR John Nelson DCSS / Combat Acupuncturist | HMC (SW/AW) Trenton Williams | The Directorate of Clinical Support Services (DCSS) is the most technically diverse directorate at EMF Kuwait. The directorate's staff of 27 medical professionals operate and manage EMFK's Laboratory, Radiology, Physical Therapy and Pharmacy departments.

30: Laboratory | HM2 Eduardo Aldana | HM1 (SW) Octave Dealminana LPO | HM2 (FMF) Jason Taylor | HM1 (FMF) Ronald Santos | HM2 Arriane Freeman | HM2 Erik Myers | LTJG Michael Messick Dept. Head

31: Physical Therapy | HM1 (FMF) Michael Mitchell LPO | HM1 (SW/FMF) Jean-Pierre Turnier | CDR Linda Youberg Dept. Head | HM2 Samone Thorne

32: HM1 Myra Mason LPO | HN Thomas Taggard | HM1 Marcos Ortiz | HN Taibeous Jenkins | LT Freddie Wong Dept. Head | HM2 Tenisha Maynard | HM2 (FMF) Sheldon Wilson | HM3 Tanya Tayag | Pharmacy

33: Radiology | HM1 Amaflor Pinera LPO | LCDR Jason Pennypacker Dept. Head | HM1 (FMF) Giancarlos Agawin | HM2 Dan Polo | HM2 (SW) Lawrence Walker | HM1 Vladamir Pierre-Charles

34: directorate of Nursing services | The Directorate of Nursing Services at EMF Kuwait staffs Casualty/Receiving, Intensive Care, the Operating Room and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit. They also support medical evacuations in and out of theater, coordinate support and case management services to host-nation facilities as well as coordinate selected advanced medical training evolutions. | CDR Dale Ramirez DNS | HMC (FMF/AW) David Broomes

35: casrec/ward | LCDR David De Santos Dept. Head | LT Byron Bandonell | LTJG Traci Benson | LTJG Jericho Ramirez | LTJG Andrea LaMontagne | LT Marie Edwards | LT Sarah Ledford | LT Joseph Roman

36: casrec/ward | HM1 (SW/AW) Daniel Flaherty LPO | HM2 (FMF) Bryan Avilez | ENS Leonard Aranas | HM2 (SW) Shannon Carswell | ENS Emily Brown | LTJG Jaime Shanks

37: HM3 Joseph Lee | HN December Wright | HM2 Alfonso Respess | HM3 Marie Elder | HM3 Gregory Fernandez | HM3 Omar Aguilar | casrec/ward

38: Operating room | LCDR Lauri Tebbets Dept. Head | LCDR Brian Parton | HN Brendan Gordon | HM1 (FMF) Frederick Peregrino LPO | HM2 Joseph Raska | HM3 (FMF) Courtney Joe

39: directorate of branch clinics | CDR Ken Whitwell DBC | HMC (FMF) Travin Armstrong | The Director of Branch Clinics (DBC) has oversight of all the Troop Medical Clinics (TMCs) at the outlying camps. The camps consist of Camp Buehring, Camp Virginia, the Life Support Area (LSA) on Ali Al Salem Air Base and the Kuwait Naval Base (KNB). DBC gives direct support to the management of each of the clinics. The Dental Clinic at Camp Arifjan also falls under the control of the DBC

40: Camp Buehring | LCDR Henry Kane Officer In Charge | LCDR Jacob Armijo Clinic Manager | LTJG Chakosha Lance | LCDR Benjamin Rodriguez SMO | LT Benjamin Crowley | LT Nan Zhou

41: Camp Buehring | HM2 (FMF) Brendon Dixon | ET2 (SW) Fernando Arzola | HM1 (FMF) Benny Flores | HM1 (SW) Rex Mangosing | HM1 (SW) Jazmin Davis LPO | HM1 Aaron DeGuzman | HM2 Krystal Way

42: caMP Buehring | HM3 Lavendar Gee | HM3 (SW) Adriaan Richards | HM3 Daryl Mincey | HM3 (SW) Christopher Markette | HM3 Wesley Mouton | HN Dranreb Villegas | HM3 (SW) Tyran Reed | HN Leilani Bui

43: LSA | CDR Eric Buenviaje Officer In Charge | LT Timothy Benjamin Clinic Manager | HM1 Robert Mowry LPO | HM2 (FMF) Leonardo Farin-Medina | HM2 (FMF) Peter Marquez | HM3 Mariam Stewart | HM3 Tiffny Warren

44: Camp Virginia | CDR Michael Picio Officer In Charge | LTJG Lilly Greenwood Clinic Manager | LT Danika Downey | HM1 (SW/AW) Xavier Guy LPO

45: Camp Virginia | HN Nakesha Stephens | HM3 Alike Okwousa | HM3 Adrian Buddington | HM2 Richard Sanchez | HM2 Christopher Burgoa | HM2 LaToya Spellman | HN Brian Harrison | HM3 Frederick Duran

46: KNB | HM1 (FMF) Rico Bautista Petty Officer In Charge | HM3 Russell Peters | HM3 (FMF) Willians Reyes-Perez

47: Dental Services | CDR Scott Thompson Dept. Head | CAPT Kevin Mears | CAPT Garry Schulte

48: Dental Services | HM3 America McCrone | HM3 Steven Neumann | HM2 (SW) Andrew Turnor | HM1 (SW) Aguanetta Shelton LPO | HM2 (SW) Jenica Cleveland | HM3 Ken Adams

49: FDPMU | LCDR Timothy Styles FDPMU Officer In Charge | HMC (FMF) Martin Hendricks LCPO | The Forward Deployed Preventive Medicine Unit (FDPMU) is a 16-person team consisting of a Microbiologist, a Preventive Medicine Officer, an Industrial Hygiene Officer, an Environmental Health Officer, an Entomology Officer and 11 Enlisted Corpsman who work together to provide preventive medicine services to the Kuwait Theater of Operations. The FDPMU is a highly skilled force health protection technical team specializing in all-hazards detection and health risk analysis. The unit provides water quality analysis, toxic industrial chemical detection and analysis, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) agent detection and analysis, prevention and control measures for arthropods and animals, and disease vector risk assessment. The FDPMU also conducts comprehensive Occupational and Environmental Health Site Assessments (OEHSA) for bases throughout the CENTCOM AOR.

50: FDPMU SOUTH | HM3 Dominic Ladmirault | HM1 (AW) David Murray | ENS Jacob Edwards | ENS Marc Becnel | HM1 (FMF) Daniel Magee | HM1 (FMF) Iandave Estrada | HM2 Jeffry Schrader

51: FDPMU North | HM2 Stephanie Messina | LT Benjamin Espinosa Officer In Charge | HM1 Angela Figgs | LT Kathryn Barbara | HM1 (FMF) Chelsea Turner | HMC (FMF) Manolito Batayola LCPO | HM2 Jordan Saffell

52: NMPS/ ecrc

53: NMPS/ ecrc



57: Kilo and Juliet Transition | Left Seat/ Right Seat | Combined MASCAL | Hail & Farewell

58: Around The Camps

60: Happy Holidays! | Halloween! | Martin Luther King Day! | Veterans Day! | Thanksgiving! | New Years!

61: Christmas | Around The | Camps

62: Sea Shells

63: Resort

64: mwr TOURS

67: R&r In Qatar

68: Cigar AND hooka Time

69: Khaki Dining In

70: MCPON Cleanup

71: helo pad REhAb

72: Chapel Service

73: Woodshop


75: NATIONAL POW/MIA RECOGNITION DAY | 18 sEPTEMBER 2010 | Until every story ends...



78: Awards

79: Professional Medical visits | girl scout cookies




84: MWR Events

86: Training

87: MASCAL Drills

88: Birthdays

89: On The Road In Kuwait

90: EMFK | Ping Pong! | Soccer! | Golf! | Running! | Basketball!

91: Sports | Basketball! | Vollyball! | Football! | Swimming!


93: CREDITS Your Cruise Book Committee: MCC (AW/SW) Bill Gowdy HM1 Randi Acheson HM1 Marcos Ortiz HM1 Dedra Boyd IT2 (SW) Kimberlie Heard HM2 Krystal Way (Camp Buehring) HM3 Kaitlyn Stone HM3 Steven Neumann HM3 America McCrone HM3 Tiffny Warren (LSA) HN Brian Harrison (Camp VA) Additional Photos contributed by: HM3 Omar Aguilar, HM2 (SW) Lorenzo Cruz, HM2 Sherwyn Festejo, HM2 (SW) Christopher Walker, HM2 (SW) Lah Lah Ntumsi, CAPT Kevin Kennedy, CDR Dale Ramirez, LCDR Brian Parton, LT John Ault, RP2 April Burns, YN2 Viridiana Ramirez, LCDR Marrie Read, LTJG Rebecca Rausa, HMC (FMF) Martin Hendricks, AM1 (AW) Billy Jack Avance, ABH2 Mark Sickle (NAVELSG) and IT2 Crews & the rest of the NEMTI Staff...

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