Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner

Take the reigns this year hosting Thanksgiving and do it up right! Whether you’re planning a sophisticated singles affair or having the entire extended family under one roof, strategize your dinner party now with these Thanksgiving dinner tips.

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations:

Let friends and family know in advance that they’re invited.

Maybe you’re only having work colleagues over this year or perhaps you want to do a whole neighborhood block party – whatever you want your Thanksgiving dinner party to look like, get your numbers squared away first. Once the list is sorted out, send out Thanksgiving dinner party photo card invitations, such as our Eat, Drink, & Give Thanks or Gold Stripes invites!

Cooking the Thanksgiving Dinner:

When hosting Thanksgiving dinner you need to choose if you want to cook the meal yourself or have everyone you’ve invited contribute. If you’re like me, you like the idea of everyone sharing his or her favorite recipe. Just make sure guests tell you ahead of time what they’re bringing so you don’t have 4 green bean casseroles, but no potatoes. My husband, on the other hand, likes to do the entire meal by himself without interference. If that’s your case, maybe guests can add a special bottle of wine to the meal or contribute a dessert assortment. There’s nothing like having 12 different pies to make those elastic waist pants worth the purchase!

The Thanksgiving Menu:

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner always include turkey, gravy and stuffing, but feel free to get creative with the rest of your plates. Turnips, beets or squash can be interesting additions to your customary mashed potatoes while carrots, broccoli and asparagus can add some bright color to the table. Cranberry dressing is always a crowd pleaser as are tasty dinner rolls to sop up all that yummy gravy. Remember to put all your recipe favorites in a cook photo book!

Entertainment for the Kids:

What about the kids? If your Thanksgiving includes little ones, plan some fun things for them to do while the adults socialize. Painting gourds and collecting fall leaves for the centerpiece are entertaining activities. And if you’re not afraid of glue, those leaves and a little brown construction paper can be turned into some lovely, homemade turkeys. Also, don’t forget to teach gratitude. Put your little ones on the job of collecting a list of what your guests are thankful for. Reading the list for grace or during the meal is always a lovely touch when hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas:

The day is done and the last of the doggy bags have been sent home. Now what? If you’ve shared leftovers with everyone who came and still have too much to eat in a million years, look into dropping off food at your local shelter or try these creative recipes (link to pin of 50 leftover ideas). Your extra pumpkin pie could really brighten someone’s day. And in the same spirit of thanks, don’t forget to write a quick note to those brought something to your day, be it a helping hand in the kitchen or an appetizer tray with the yummiest of Italian meats. Mixbook’s Glittery Bright Holidays and Gold Chevron thank you cards are the perfect way to show your gratitude. A little thank you goes a long way, especially after hosting Thanksgiving.

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