Send St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards for a Little Extra Luck

The beauty of St. Paddy’s day is that – whether you’re an O’Connell or an Obama – it’s completely inclusive. Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day brings out the bonnie lads and lasses in all of us. All you need is a wee pint o’ Guinness and a little luck. If you have kids, add some fun crafts to the scene and your set: "5 Ways To Get Crafty-Not Tacky-This St. Patricks Day."

Saint Patrick's Day Greeting Cards

To spread the lucky spirit far and wide, create custom St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards that bring a wish of luck to friends and family close by as well as those across the Irish Sea.

A Pinch of Green A little leprechaun told me that the luck o’ the Irish goes to those who send out green-themed St. Patty’s day cards! Customize yours with a photo of the whole family sporting green from head to toe. Add a bit of Irish wisdom by including a favorite limerick, blessing or poem.

"Clover Stamp" Clover Stamp

A Wee Pint or Two Snap a shot of the grown-ups sharing pints of green beer at the local Irish pub. Include an irreverent Irish saying for good measure. Or snap photos of the kids drinking green milk compliments of little Leprechaun pranksters. Their smilin’ eyes will spread as fast as snakes on an island.

"Modern Green Collage" Modern Green Collage

Kiss Us Quick! Make a collage of pictures of couples and kids kissing or blowing kisses, then print your card with the words “kiss me, I’m Irish” or “kiss us, we’re Irish!” For a little extra fun, add puckered-up Mixbook lip stickers to really drive the point home.

"Happy Clover Day"Happy Clover Day

Kick Up Yer Heels Who doesn’t love to mimic the Riverdance? Snap a photo of the whole family striking that iconic pose perfected by Michael Flatley: fists driving toward the floor and eerily isolated feet kicking up shamrocks. The horizontal layout of Mixbook’s Shamrock Bunch card will set off your family’s line dance perfectly.

Shamrock Bunch

Lucky Leprechauns Take advantage of Mixbook’s funny St. Patrick’s Day–themed stickers to dress up your favorite family members. You’ll be surprised at how becoming a Shamrock-green top hat and red beard can be!

"Lucky Leprechauns" Lucky Leprechauns

Whichever approach you take, make sure you have plenty of fun with your St. Patrick’s Day card! Don’t forget to include some fun Mixbook shamrock stickers for extra luck. Friends and family members will be so happy to get your card, they may break into a spontaneous Irish jig when they open it! You might just find that you start a new holiday tradition.

Check out all the Mixbook St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards here!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!

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