How to Bring 2013’s Hottest Wedding Colors Into Your Invitations and More

Just a few weeks ago, Pantone – the definitive world authority on color – released their report on the top fashion colors of 2013. At the top of the list was Emerald green, which is showing up all over the year’s most fashionable weddings. And, naturally, Mixbook is at the ready with wedding invitations in that verdant, jewel-inspired palette, plus pretty wedding invitations and stationery in every trending color for spring 2013. Here’s the rundown: Pantone Colors

This Year’s Green: Emerald - Hex Code #00A78D Declared the color of the year for 2013 by Pantone, emerald green will bring a fresh, lively spirit of lush abundance to your wedding celebration. Get inspired with this beautiful pinboard on Pinterest then start creating your personal wedding stationery. Mixbook’s ready with Emerald DamaskEmerald Flourish Frame, or Classic Flourish Frame wedding stationery suites.Emerald DamaskEmerald Flourish FrameClassic Flourish Frame

This Year’s Purple: African Violet – #B995C5 African Violet is the purple of the year. And like the eponymous flower, it works beautifully with yellow, or orange, but it also holds its own as a color anchor. Whichever way you go, Mixbook has lots of perfect invitations that feature that strong but subtle shade of lavender: a tribal Ikat-inspired pattern, an Arts-and-Crafts–inspired woodblock carving, or a classic peony print in purple. Purple IkatWoodblock FloralLavendar Peonies

This Year’s Orange: Nectarine – #F68E51 Whether it’s paired with mint green or pale pink, this year’s orange is Pantone’s Nectarine. It pops next to a more reserved pastel, suggesting that the beauty of complementary – rather than perfectly matched – traits is to be celebrated. What I think of as Mint Green, Pantone calls Grayed Jade, and it’s the perfect foil to orange in Mixbook’s Spring Fever wedding invitation. Spring Fever Or take your invitations toward a painterly aesthetic with Mixbook’s Watercolor Elegance design. Watercolor Elegance

This Year’s Red: Poppy – #D9302B The red of 2013 is a searing shade of scarlet that conjures up the wild spirit of a field of flowers. Get inspired with some spiked-punch–worthy pins, then start creating your garnet red wedding invitations. Wedding Color Idea Rose buds invite that looks like poppy: Rose Buds Wedding InvitationChevron Wedding Invitation:Chevron Wedding

This Year’s Pastel: Dusk Blue – #7DB6D3 Just as every bride needs something borrowed, there must be something blue. And if that blue becomes one of your wedding colors, the blue of the year is what Pantone calls Dusk. Mixbook’s Mod Monogram wedding invitation gets this anything-but-shy pastel hue just right. Mod Monogram

This Year’s Wasabi Green: Tender Shoots – #BFD74B Ever since Wasabi Green rocked the color world in 2010, it seems that a fresh, edgy green has remained haute couture. This year that green is what Pantone calls Tender Shoots, and Mixbook nails it on the Sophisticated Lace wedding invitation. Sophisticated Lace This Year’s Neutral: Linen – #F8DFC9 That same Sophisticated Lace invitation, available in six perfect colors, comes in the year’s hot neutral, too – Linen! In fact, Mixbook has a whole line of custom color invitations that feature your choice of palette from the hottest colors of the year.

Sophisticated Lace

This Year’s Match Made In Heaven: Monoco Blue – #154478 & Lemon Zest – #FFDF5E And the color couple of the year goes to Blue and Yellow, also known (in the Pantone world) as Monoco Blue and Lemon Zest. Here’s some Pinsperation before you create your Mixbook Simply Gold & Blue wedding invitation. Simply Gold & Blue

And, don’t forget…if you fall in love with a Mixbook wedding invitation but it’s not perfect for your wedding palette, have no fear! You can change the background or text color to match any color at all, just check out the super easy tutorial on using the Mixbook color wheel and hex code options. (You can find the 6 digit hex codes  followed by the # symbol for each pantone color above).

Have fun dreaming about the color of your happily ever after! And…Happy Mixbooking!

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