Mixbook’s New Valentine's Day Cards Showcase Your Most Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Mixbook has a brand new crop of great cards for the love-liest holiday of the year. On the off chance that you’ve refused to leave your bedroom during the series of polar vortexes we’ve had – or you live in one of few un-bitter places in the Northern hemisphere – you know it’s not actually lovely outside. It’s cold, dark, wet, unrelenting and somewhat depressing in most of the country, so pretty much everyone could use a bright red invitation in their mailbox as a sweet respite to the rest of their day. And while there are plenty of one-to-one customizable Valentine’s Day cards to choose from, we’re big fans of sending love letters far and wide and with great abandon. Here are our favorite ideas for taking creative photographs to use in your custom Valentine’s this year… followed by the best of the brand-new cards! Sweet Offering Snap a shot of your child holding his or her hand out toward the camera, then tape a lollipop right on the card to give out to school friends and family members.

Valentine's Day Cards *Image from the Modchik.com

Kisses, Cheap! Snap a shot of your baby covered in red-lipstick-kisses holding a chalkboard sign that says “kisses 25¢” and upload it into one Mixbook’s new Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentines Day Photo Ideas*Heart Full of Love Card

Photo Booth Create a photo booth for your kids, complete with Valentine’s Day–themed wrapping paper as a backdrop. Have plenty of props on hand like heart-shaped sunglasses, Steve Martin–inspired arrow-through-the-head contraptions, hand-written messages, red lipstick, heart-shaped lollipops, red silly string, etc. Then let your kids have a little fun with props while you snap photos. If your kids are shy in front of the camera like mine are, tell them they can get as wild and messy as they want as long as they stay inside the designated “booth” (and nobody gets hurt J).

Valentine's Day Photobooth*Our Valentine Confetti card and photo from AtoZebraCelebrations

Nature Love Snap photos of your kids drawing hearts in the sand or creating heart shapes in the grass out of natural, found objects like stones, moss, sticks or pinecones.

Air Kisses Snap a photo of your children or of you and your loved ones blowing on hands. Then use Mixbook heart stickers to create the look of blowing hearts.

Valentine's Day Photo Ideas"Gold Glitter Hearts Card

I Heart Graffiti Have your kids go to town with Valentine’s Day graffiti in chalk on your driveway. Snap pictures of them giggling while they get creative with love-inspired art.

Valentine's Day card ideas*Rainbow Love

Love/War Games If your kids love bow and arrows like mine do, snap photos of them with their toy archery sets, then superimpose images of hearts later. They’ll be none the wiser that they were part of your little love game – and you’ll be pleased that you still play love games J.

Light Me Up Snap slow exposure photos of your kids playing with poi or glow sticks in the dark, then use a caption like “you’re the light of my life” or “you light me up!”

Photo Ideas for Valentine's Day Cards*Pink Patterns card and photo from PBS.com

Red Herring Take photos of your kids (or pets!) in disguise and use the caption: “You have a ‘secret’ admirer – you’ll never guess who!”

Valentine's Day Card Photo Ideas*Loving Owl

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Valentine’s Day card sending!

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