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Baby Thank You

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We’ve gathered the top 5 reasons you want to send a beautiful custom Mixbook thank-you card to everyone who attends your baby shower, gives you a gift – or even just shares a touching story or helpful advice. Reason #1: Each and every person who attends your baby shower or shows they care is there to support you as you transition into parenthood. Make sure you thank them, and thank them well! There is nothing better than the support of friends and family – especially in the early years of parenthood. When you customize a Mixbook thank-you note to reflect your style and look really fabulous, people know you really took the time to express your gratitude. Reason #2: You have time to try something new before you have your baby. Once you realize just how easy it is to create custom cards (and books! and more!) on Mixbook, you’ll be nothing short of the family archivist – with superpowers of a sort – as you document your baby’s early years. Reason #3: Once you have your baby, you’ll be even more appreciative of every member of your family – and you’ll be even more grateful for every one of your friends. So say an extra thank-you now. Trust us, it’s money in the bank. Reason #4: You’ll want friends and family to keep the gifts coming. We’re not greedy – babies just grow really fast. Reason #5: Go see a movie with your spouse – in the theatre – now (after you’ve written your baby-shower thank-you notes, of course). All those folks who attended your baby shower told you to, so it’s only polite to heed their advice.