How to Address Save the Date Postcards

How to Address Save the Date Postcards

Sending out save the date postcards ­­­has become a rite of passage in the journey from engagement to wedding day. Save the date stationery offers a classy way to inform your prospective wedding guests of your upcoming nuptials, giving them as much information as they need to mark off your date on their calendars.

Putting together save the date photo card can be truly enjoyable as you include your wedding day details and a favorite photo of yourselves as a couple. When it comes time to send out your save the dates, you'll need to go over logistics as well, such as the number of postcard stamps you'll need and how to address your save the date postcards.


Addressing Save the Date Postcards

Stay organized to help your save the date process run more smoothly. Before your save the dates can go out in the mail, you'll need to gather addresses for everyone you plan to invite to the wedding. It may be helpful to make a spreadsheet of anyone on the guest-list so that you can keep track of who's been sent a save the date and who says they can or cannot come to the wedding after the formal invitations go out to everyone.

Follow these steps to properly address your save the date postcards.

1. Address the save the date postcard on the right mailing panel using the formal Mr., Mrs., or Ms. (or Dr., Rev., etc.), depending on your recipient's title. 

a. Tip: For unmarried couples, write out both names completely with "and" in between them. For a single person, you may wish to write "and Guest," or you can do so on the formal invitation.

2. Write out each person's full name instead of using shortenings or nicknames. 

3. Spell out the full address using no abbreviations. That includes Street, Road, Avenue, Boulevard, and so forth.  

4. Double-check the spelling of the city name and spell it out in full. 

5. Look up and use the state's preferred postal abbreviation.

6. Double-check and include the zip code.

7. Add your return address at the top left of the mailing panel, about ¼" from the top.


More Tips on How to Address Save the Date Postcards

Keep these extra special tips in mind when you send out your save the date postcards.

• List the names of any children under age 18 that you plan to invite on the line below their parents' names. 

• Consider hiring a calligrapher for fancy handwriting if you feel your handwriting isn't up to par.

• Instead, you can make it easier on yourself by printing your own address labels using a mail merge from your spreadsheet. 

• You should also consider custom-printed return address labels with your name and your fiancé's name using any font you choose. 


Save the date postcards carry the first hints about your wedding to those people near and dear to you who will be invited. Take some time to personalize these lovely cards and apply your best creative touches to make them special. After, create a photo book to remember your wonderful wedding memories.

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