Create Custom, Personlized Postcards to Send While on Vacation!

With the advancements of technology, snail mail is quickly disappearing from our every day life. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it has become much easier to keep in touch. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love all these apps (follow us, if you aren’t already! :)), but there’s nothing like opening the mailbox and seeing a letter, greeting card or postcard waiting for you! Plus, if you’re the sender, you get to make the recipient feels extra special because they know you took the time to think of them and send them a quick note while you were on vacation. So this brings us to today’s topic – postcards! A postcard is the easiest thing to send, especially when you’re on vacation. It allows you to keep in touch with friends, sending them some love from whatever country or city you may be in. Postcards don’t need an envelope, use cheap postage, yet still provides you with enough space for a quick update. So how does this relate to Mixbook? Well, you can use Mixbook to create your OWN custom postcards!

For the World Traveler Greetings from…Create a pre-made post card that you can order in advance and in bulk. This makes keeping in touch with friends and family very easy, especially when you’re on the go, trying to experience as much of the country as you can!

The above postcard pulls stickers from the Travel Magazine theme. While we’ve pre-written the letter, we’ve added “fill-in-the-blanks,” which will allow us to tailor the card to the specific country we’re in. This type of postcard is perfect for multiple country visits, such as backpacking through Europe. In addition to writing the country name on the front, you can also mark the geographic location on the map. This is a quick and easy way to keep multiple people up to date on your travels.

Insider Tip: If you’re visiting a specific continent or area, you can enlarge the sticker so that it takes up most of the postcard instead! Alternatively, you can also upload your own map as a background!

For the Photographer Wish you were here!This postcard is perfect for the photographer in the family. Showcase some of their best shots on the front and back of the card! The front of this card uses a simple 4 photo layout, while the back of the card uses our background fill button. Simply adjust the transparency of the photo and add a slightly transparent white square sticker for writing space. Not only do you get to keep in touch with family, you can also show off your great photography skills!

For the Kids We’re on VacationNeed something to keep the kids occupied while you travel? Create pre-made postcards that they can write on before, during and after the vacation. They can write about what they’re looking forward to, what they did that day, or what they enjoyed most from the trip. At the post office, have them choose a special stamp exclusive to that area and send the post cards off to Grandma, Grandpa or even their best friends!

Insider Tip: Having kids write letters over the summer will keep their brains active! Benefits include improvement in writing skills, story telling and penmanship! (We’re sure their future teachers will thank you in the fall! :) )

The postcard we created here used our Summer Party invitation. With a few tweaks, you can add an excited photo of your children to the front. We used the shape style tool to crop the photo into an oval shape. Creating the water/beach-like effect on the back of the card is easier than you may think! First, search for a sand sticker using the search bar feature and add it to the bottom of the card. To get the curved water effect, add a circle shape sticker to the card and match it to the color of your background. Next, stretch and rotate the circle till you achieve your desired water line effect. Just like that, you’ve added a beach effect to your card!

These three postcards are only examples of what you can do with our editor. Whether you’re starting from scratch or altering one of our existing themes, there are tons of different designs you can create! If you get stuck, remember, we’re here to help! Send an e-mail, come onto Live Chat, or post in the comments below and we’ll be more than happy to help! We can’t wait to see what postcards you come up with. If you’ve got any extras, send them our way! We love getting surprises in the mail! :)

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