How to Make Birthday Cards Online

How to Make Birthday Cards Online

You're certainly special all year long, but a birthday celebration just makes life a little more enjoyable here and there. Whether it's your birthday, your child's birthday, or even a surprise party for someone you love, custom photo birthday invitations can be the perfect day to spread the news.

From photo books to photo invites, Mixbook offers hundreds of different styles and themes for birthday invitations, from kid-friendly designs to more elegant options and everything in between. Conveniently design your own invitation from scratch and upload it into our system or start with a template that is a great match and personalizes it the rest of the way until it's just right for your birthday occasion.

Create Personalized Photo Birthday Invitations

  1. Log into your Mixbook account or create a new account if you're new to Mixbook.

  2. Hover over the Cards tab and then over Invitations. Click to choose Birthday Invitations, or more specifically, Girls Birthday Invitations or Boys Birthday Invitations.3. Scroll down through hundreds of birthday invitation designs to find the right one for your needs. You can also filter the invitation results to more easily find what you're seeking. Filter by:

a. Number of photos

b. Format

c. Foil option

d. Trim options

e. Sizes

f. Colors

g. Orientation

h. Styles

i. Gender

4. Once you've found an invitation style that you like, click to preview it. You can also right click the mouse or trackpad and select to view the invitation preview in a new tab to compare multiple invitations.

5. When you are happy with an invitation that you've found, click the button to Personalize.

6. A new window will open, asking you to add your photos. Choose how you will upload your photos:

a. From your device

b. From My Photos (previously uploaded photos)

c. Instagram

d. Facebook

e. Google Photos

f. SmugMug

7. When the prompt appears, be sure to allow your social media and photo accounts to supply photos through Mixbook for your project.

8. Click Upload Photos and choose which images you wish to add to your Mixbook project. (Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple images.)

Customize Your Birthday Invitations

9. Start by updating the sample text to reflect the details of your upcoming party. Double-click the text boxes to edit the text or click once to adjust the font, font size, color, and other specifications.

10. Add a burst of personality to your birthday invitations with creative graphics and text art. Click the Stickers tab and then drag and drop your favorite ones onto the card. Click once and drag the red box from the corners to resize them as needed.

11. Beneath the invitation, click the arrow next to Front Cover to turn to the back side.

12. Click the Layouts tab to choose a collage style or single photo layout for this side of the invitation. Consider adding pictures of the guest of honor to further personalize your photo invitations--this is especially adorable for children!

13. Drag and drop photos into these spaces as well.

14. To add a border, click the image once, click Edit, click Border, and adjust the border settings accordingly.

15. Preview your design, check your spelling and images, and then click the Order button when you are satisfied with your customized invitations.

Your personalized birthday invitations are simple to make with Mixbook. The completed cards become treasured keepsakes celebrating happy moments in life with the ones you love.

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