Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Dads and Grads Gift Guide

The Perfect Gifts for Dads and Grads

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and spring is on the cusp of turning into summer! It’s the season of grads and dads, two wonderful reasons to celebrate those we love.

Graduations start in May for most colleges and last through June for high schools. This provides a nice window of time where you can send graduation announcements and then throw your graduation party before summer officially begins.

Father’s day varies on its date each year, but it’s held on the third Sunday in June. It’s a perfect, sunny June day to celebrate outdoors at family BBQs, picnics, or doing one of Dad’s favorite hobbies together as a family such as hiking or ultimate frisbee.

You grads and dads deserve something extra special on their big day. Celebrate them with a custom photo product from one of Mixbook’s best sellers.

Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Graduation Photo Books

Surprise your graduate with a photo book of their college journey. The easiest way to collect photos is from their Facebook or Instagram. But don’t worry if they’ve hidden their social media life from you, Mom—you can use the photos you took on graduation day!

TIP: Create a photo book as your guest book for your graduation party. Encourage guests to leave inspirational notes and best wishes.

Father’s Day Photo Books

For Dad, create an album that will keep him smiling all year long. You probably have hundreds of family photos in your smart phone. Now’s the time to give them the love they deserve! Create a custom album featuring your favorite hero, Dad.

Include his inside jokes, silly selfies, or candid moments working on his passion projects around the house.

Custom Decor Prints

Home Decor for Graduates

You've taken beautiful graduation portraits, so what now? Well, after you’ve included them in a photo book, create new home decor. Maybe your graduate is moving into a new apartment for grad school or near their new job. They’ll need beautiful pieces to decorate their new space.

Mixbook prints your favorite photos already framed as posters! Available in espresso, black, unframed and mounted, these framed poster prints are affordable and stunning.

Metal Prints are also a fun tabletop option for smaller spaces like cubicles or your grads new studio apartment!

Father’s Day Photo Prints

Give Dad some new decor for his office space or night stand with sleek, modern metal prints! These metal prints come in a cool curved form (self-standing) or flat prints with an easel on the back.

8x10 Canvas Prints are the perfect size to fit in smaller spaces like Dad’s man cave, workshop, or office space.

Personalized Stationery, Cards, and Greeting Cards

Father’s Day Cards

Don’t settle for any old store-bought card. Show Dad you put in the effort and love by creating him a custom photo card wishing him a happy Father’s Day. He’ll appreciate the thought and keep the card long after the holiday ends. Mixbook offers great templates that take less than five minutes to customize.

Graduation Party Invitations, Stationery, and Graduation Announcements

Surprise your graduate with our line of beautiful graduation announcements and party invitations. Match both invitation and announcement so your party has a cohesive theme and color scheme. Another great gift idea is to create custom stationery for your graduate as they enter the workforce. “From the Desk of Jessica Sims” has a great ring to it! They’ll definitely need some Thank You Cards after the grad party is over.

Get started on our favorite Father’s Day picks here and all our favorite Graduation themes here. Happy Grads and Dads season!

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