Tips and Ideas for Graduation Announcements

Tips and Ideas for Graduation Announcements

Tips and Ideas for Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements: High School, College, & Grad School

The ceremony is over, the speeches have been made and now it’s time to let the world know what your proud graduate has accomplished.

When it comes to your graduation announcement wording, keep it simple. Here’s an example graduation announcement template to give you an idea of what to write:

• The year of your graduate's class – ex: Class of 2016

• Your graduate’s name – ex: Matthew Luke O’Brian

• The name of the school – ex: Santa Clara University

• The date of the graduation (which should have just recently happened) – ex: June 5, 2016

• A quote or poem is also appropriate if there’s one that’s close to your graduate’s heart.

• For college and post-grad students, it’s correct to also include the degree specifics and honors awarded – ex: Mathew Graduated with His Bachelors of Science in Engineering.

• Some graduates may choose to include the post-graduate job they’ve accepted – ex: Mathew Will Be Working at the Legal Aid Foundation

• For high school graduates, including the name of which college you’ll be attending in the fall is expected – ex: Mathew Will Be Attending Harvard University in the Fall Majoring in Engineering

• Finally, some people like to include the parents in the announcement – ex: Robert and Mary O’Brian are proud to announce the graduation of their son

Sending out your announcements is the fun part. Unlike the actual graduation, which probably has a guest limit, the announcement can go to everyone you’d like to share the news with. It needn’t be limited to close friends and family.

If you want to share where you’re off to in the next stage less formally, a short handwritten note is acceptable. “I’m off to Harvard in the fall!” or “I’ve just accepted a position at University Hospital!” It should be noted that some recipients of your announcement might send a gift in which case an immediate thank you note must be sent. No thank you is required for a letter of congratulations.

Last, but not least, envelopes should be addressed by hand with care. Formal standards apply unless you’re adding a personal touch to Uncle John’s announcement by writing his name as Uncle John O’Brian instead of Mr. Jonathan O’Brian. All abbreviations should be fully written out.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert O’Brian
22 Apple Street Court
Miami, Ohio 12345

The announcement should be placed face up inside the envelope. If there are two envelopes, the inner envelope should not be sealed.

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