How to Write Graduation Announcements and Invitations

How to Write Graduation Announcements and Invitations

How to Write Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Graduation season is almost here - and that means it's time to put together your announcements and invitations. Here's what you need to know to put together the most memorable designs of the year.

 Writing Graduation Announcements and Invitations

The best graduation announcements and invitations pack a lot of information in just a handful of words - and they're vibrant and visually engaging. Your favorite grad's senior pictures can handle the visually engaging part, but the words are up to you. Use these tips to stir up excitement and connect with family and friends:

•   Include all the basics

 • Include future plans

•   Let your template be your guide

Graduation Announcements: The Basics

Send out graduation announcements several weeks before the event - they're a great way to share the news, and they give people a heads-up that a graduation party invitation is on the way.

 When you're creating graduation announcements, include:

•   Full name

•   School name

•   Class year

If you'd like, you can also include more information - like the type of degree your grad is earning, where he or she is headed next, and a quick list of honors earned. Typically, this kind of info looks best on the back of the announcement, mixed in with a collage or above, below or beside a large photo of the graduate.

Tips for Awe-Inspiring Graduation Announcements

Because you're letting the world know that your favorite grad is taking the next leap, you can rely heavily on photos. Choose a blend of professional and candid photos to make a fun, whimsical statement or be more formal and use only professional photos. You can also:

•   Be bold with large photos

•   Get creative with a series of smaller photos

•   Choose foil accents to make announcements even more dramatic

Printed frames around photos offer a more classic look, but using a full-width photo and embedding text is dramatic and modern. Your best bet: Choose a design that matches your graduate's personality, whether it's whimsical and fun or serious and focused (or something in between).

 Graduation Invitations: The Basics

Graduation invitations serve two purposes - first, they let everyone know how to share in the celebration, and second, they're a precious keepsake for people who love your grad. Send invitations at least 2 weeks before the big day so your guests will have time to prepare, and pack them with all the information they need to be in the right place at the right time.

Each invitation needs:

•   A party announcement (like "Grad Party" or "You're Invited")

•   The graduate's full name

•   Date

•   Time

•   Location

•   RSVP contact information and deadline

You can enhance your invitation with photos of the graduate and information on where he or she is headed next, or you can keep it simple.

 Tips for Creating Amazingly Memorable Graduation Invitations

Unlike announcements, graduation invitations need a lot more information - and you have to pack it into a relatively compact space. You can stick to the same theme you used for the announcements or choose something entirely different; your guests will be happy either way. Here's what you need to remember:

•   Two-sided graduation invitations give you more room to get creative and include more photos of your graduate

•   Put all the important info on the front for easy access

•   Don't be afraid to mix-and-match fonts and colors to create something truly unique

•   Choose a non-standard shape (like vintage crest or double round) to make your invites really stand out

Pick something that suits your grad's personality, whether it's rustic-chic, vintage classic or simple and fun.

Theme: Floral Color Graduation

Theme: Floral Color Graduation

Mixbook Tip: Don't forget to pick up graduation thank you cards your grad can sign to express his or her gratitude.

 Let your creativity run wild or use a Mixbook template to put together this year's most memorable graduation announcements and invitations - it's all up to you.

When you're done, share a photo of your graduation announcements and invitations on social media and tag us (@Mixbook) or use the hashtag #MixbookMoments - we can't wait to see your creativity in action! For the latest Mixbook deals, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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