Graduation: 5 Tips to Wow Your Grad

Graduation: 5 Tips to Wow Your Grad

5 Tips to Wow Your Grad

Whether you’re going big or small, planning a graduation party doesn’t have to look like final exam week. These days, it’s all about the vibe so no studying needed! We've complied five easy tips to plan the perfect grad party for your accomplished graduate.

1. Personality is key 

First and foremost, who is your grad? Is she the super genius science girl who’s going to MIT to build rocket ships? Is he the football star who won a full ride to college? Or maybe she’s the broody artist who’s going overseas to study the Masters. Whoever your grad is…that is your starting point. Let your grad's persona, hobbies, interests shape the party so they feel celebrated in a way that makes them feel comfortable. 

golden tassel graducation announcement mixbook

2. Décor done right

So now that you have your theme, let’s make it intimate. For the MIT super genius, decorations can be a great big robot holding a personalized congratulations sign. Décor can be stark and modern like the inside of a science lab. And make the cake a big rocket ship that will take your child to the stars. The point is, you don’t need much as long as the vibe is there. Your guests know your child so when they see that robot they’re going to appreciate all that it stands for. 

3. Guest count leads to venue choice

Next, figure out how many guests you want.

20 in the backyard?

40 in a gallery where your budding artist can hang some of her pieces?

Or 150 on the football field with the whole team and tables set up potluck style? Once you get your number, it’s time to spread the word.

4. Pick a trendy design

Pick a design that matches the party you’ve conceived. Put your senior portraits to good use with a photo card announcement. Mixbook has the trendiest designs that your grad will love!

Trendy Script grad announcement mixbook card

Favorite Moment

Wood Grain Grad

Painted Inspired

Vintage Bold

5. Plan a well-deserved surprise

And last, but certainly not least, let your grad know how much you care and how proud you are with one last surprise – something really special to commemorate the hard work, the dedication, and the new voyage ahead. Give your science girl that newfangled computer she’s been saving up for. Let your football star have a week at the beach with his friends before pre-season starts. And perhaps your artist would enjoy a rail pass so she can travel to the Uffizi any time she wants. The point is, wow your grad! Your baby deserves it.

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