Mixbook Editor 101: Zoom, Rotate and Flip Your Photos

Hello class and welcome to Mixbook Editor 101! 🙂 This is the first post of a series of six that will give you the low down on all the different buttons and features you can find in the editor.

In today’s post, we will be taking a look at the photo toolbar and focusing on the first three buttons: the zoom slider, the rotation button and the flip button.

Photo Toolbar

1. The Zoom Slider
The magnifying glass icon identifies that the slider to the right of it will zoom in and out of your photo. In its current state (the slider resting all the way to the left), our photo is zoomed all the way out. As you move the slider to the right, we gradually zoom in on the photo.

Zoom Options

When zooming into a photo, you will notice a hand icon appear in the middle of the photo.


This hand allows you to pan around the photo within the frame. As you may have already noticed, when a photo is zoomed in on, less of the original photo shows. This hand icon allows you to move the photo within the frame, so you can show just the right part of the photo.

Slider Tool

2. The Rotation Button
This curved arrow signifies the photo rotation button. Clicking on this button will rotate your photo 90° to the right, in a clockwise direction.


The editor also allows you to do free rotation. When you click on a photo on one of your pages,  two curved arrows, creating a circle, will appear above the photo.

Free Rotation

While the rotation button on the toolbar allows you to rotate your photos to the right, free rotation allows you to rotate the photo to the left and right, at any varying degree. Simply click on the curved circles (also known as the “Free Rotation Button”), hold down the “clicker” on your mouse, and move it to the left or right. The photo will move according to the direction the mouse is moved.

3. The Flip Button
The last button has a slightly curved arrow with two triangles. This button will flip, or mirror, your image across the vertical access.

Flip Button

That’s it for today, class! If you are new to Mixbook, check out the Editor Road Map to get better acquainted with the Mixbook basics. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment! Join us next week, when we continue to explore the options the photo toolbar has!

**The layouts used in this class can be found in our Watercolor Washes theme.

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  1. Anne Sterling says

    Where is the toolbar located? I cannot find it on the page when I am in the edit mode.

  2. Mixbook Customer Care Team says

    Hi Anne,

    The toolbar should be located at the bottom right hand corner of your editor. The box is light gray and says “Page Tools” along with the ‘Add blank page’,’Duplicate page and ‘Remove page’ beneath. Please also try maximizing your screen to locate the “Page Tools” bar.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions at support@mixbook.com


  3. surendra garg says

    I am in a process of editing to make a photobook. However you are in the process of updating the program. I am caught in the middle of it. I want to
    give it as birthday present on 12th Nov. Any suggestion and help is appreciated

  4. Marianne says

    Hi. I am working on my first mixbook. When I add a photo to a page it is sometimes too zoomed in and I haven’t been able to correct this. Can you help?

  5. Aaron S. says

    I’m putting together my first book, and so far the Mixbook editor interface is working great, but when using the zoom slider, the image quality looks degraded when zooming in, even in preview mode.

    I’m working with 15MP images, and not zooming in that much. I don’t see the warning icon to indicate the image resolution is low, but the quality looks bad and I’m concerned about print quality.

    If I zoom and crop the same images outside of Mixbook and then import, there is no problem and quality looks good. Should I be concerned with this zoom quality issue or is this normal?


  6. Raffi Apelian says

    Hey Aaron, this is normal. We downsize photo appearance so the editor runs at top speed. Unless you see the yellow caution sign, your photos will be just fine!