Meet Mixbook Studio™

See how fun and easy creating photo books can be.

AI-powered tools for effortless creativity

Let Auto-Create design your photo book

Just upload your photos and we'll organize them into a beautiful story from cover to cover. Could it be any easier?

Instantly swap themes without starting over

Not feeling your photo book theme? Change it up as many times as you like without skipping a beat.

Find the right words with Smart Captions

Choose from our new AI-generated captions that speak to your photos, so you can say more and write less.

Discover the perfect layout in record time

Finish your book faster with custom layouts recommended specifically for your photos.

The best book-building experience and a powerful app.

#1 Rated in Photo Books

Fun-to-use software that helps make the process a breeze.

More free tools to personalize your story

Make your photos shine

Crop, rotate, add borders, change shapes, and more with our editor.

Go wild with stickers

Choose from thousands of stickers in every style or upload your own.

Up your image quality

We automatically enhance photos, so your printed book looks perfect.

Design two-page spreads

Create jaw-dropping designs that seamlessly span across pages.

Add vintage photo filters

Play with nostalgic effects like black and white or sepia tones.

Have fun creating together

Invite friends and family to add photos and work on your design.


Mixbook Studio™ in the palm of your hand

Experience your memories™ in a whole new way with our iOS app. Instantly organize your camera roll into photo-book-ready albums, making it quick and easy to create and customize projects on the go.

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Questions? Answered!

Can I upload photos from my phone?

Of course! That’s where most of our photos live nowadays. To upload from your phone you have a few options:

  1. iOS users can download the Mixbook app to automatically upload from your camera roll
  2. If you start a project on, we will generate a QR code you can scan with your mobile device to directly upload photos to your specific project

For more ways to upload on mobile, check out our FAQs.

What’s the recommended photo quality?

For best print quality, photos should be at least 4MB at 300 dpi. The maximum file size at this time is 15MB. We will try to upscale photos that are close but not quite there. If there are issues with the photo quality, you will see a message prior to checkout flagging potential issues so you can resolve them before printing. For more about sizing and format, check out this help article.

Can I add more pages?

Yes! Just click "Add Pages" on your desktop or tap the ‘+’ icon on your mobile device. You have options to add a "Theme 2-Page Spread" which will have a layout based on the theme you selected for your project, a "Blank 2-Page Spread" or duplicate the 2-page Spread you are currently on.

Can I rearrange pages?

Seamlessly drag and drop from the all pages view on mobile or desktop.

How do I save my progress?

There is a ‘Save’ button in Mixbook Studio but we automatically save your work every few minutes when you make changes - just in case. So when you see the button grayed out and it says "SAVED", that means your changes have already been secured.

Can I add and edit text?

Text is a super fun way to personalize your project, remember details and tell your story. You can add text to any project in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors. We also offer AI-generated smart captions that analyze your photo and recommend captions that can automatically be applied to the page. As is the Mixbook Studio way, everything is customizable.

Can I remove pages?

Absolutely! If you aren’t happy with a page you have created or are trying to reduce the length of your photo book, just tap either the trash can icon on your mobile device or ‘delete’ on desktop.

Can I design with others?

Collaborating on a book can be a fun way to relive memories together. You can easily invite others to view your project using the ‘Share’ button. You can invite others to upload photos, edit, or order.

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