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“It's so fun to remember what is was like to fall in love.”


I have really been missing having photo albums and this is such a perfect way to capture memories in a pleasing and accessible way.


“I am on a roll here, making books, to pass along to my 5-year-old granddaughter.” 


“Memories are so important because that’s all we have when our loved ones depart.”


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Reminds me of all the joy when I forget or life gets in the way.


“They are important because they help me catalog and document the lives of our family members - creating a set of memories for us all.”


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“First present and they're already crying!”


I wanted my project to convey meaning and joy that would last a lifetime. Mixbook helped me deliver that to someone I love.


“2020 may get so much flak, but it certainly gave me the gift of time, to go back in time, with these memories of the kids, and try to make them timeless.”


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I filled pages with great memories and gave this to my husband for our 1-yr anniversary. He loved it and it'll be great keepsake for us in the years to come.


“I just don't want to forget any of these moments.”


“These books are so, so special to me.” 


I really enjoy creating photo albums that capture a moment in life that will tell a story to generations to come.


“You can create something that your family can cherish from year to year.”


“After suffering memory loss from a car accident, photos have become my main source of recalling some of the most important events in my life.”


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“I can hold it dear to my heart.” 


You make it so easy for someone with no talent to look like someone who's been doing it for years.


“I use all the great photos I take on a daily  basis to put into a "scrapbook" for my kids to remember their childhood. If you don't put them into a book, why even take them?”


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I'm a novice but love high quality books to remember the important people and events in my life.


"This is so cool!"


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