All You Need to Know About Throwing a Family Reunion

All You Need to Know About Throwing a Family Reunion

How to Throw a Family Reunion

The time has come to get everyone together – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and the cousins of your grandparents. It’s going to be one heck of a party! Here are some tips and ideas to help you organize your family reunion:

"Who do I invite to a family reuion?"

First, decide how big you want your reunion to be. First cousins only? Second cousins? Anyone and everyone? Once you make that decision, stick to those parameters to ensure that no one gets left out.

Choose a Location and Date

Next, think about when and where. For families with children, holidays are a great time to get together without missing school. If your family is spread from coast to coast, maybe a weekend affair in the middle of the country is just what you need to get everyone there. Or perhaps you’re the type of family who enjoys a destination event… or a backyard barbecue… or an activity like heading to the playoffs. Plan your reunion with all of these factors in mind and then reach out to people and see what others think. If not everyone can afford a trip to Scotland, it’s good to know before you rent that 200 bedroom castle.

"When do I send out family reunion invitations?"

Third, send out the call to arms! When there are this many wheels in the machine, it’s crucial to send out your family reunion invitations with advance warning for those who need to travel or have children in school. A year in advance is a good window for large families while a few months notice might suffice for smaller, local gatherings.

Mixbook has an array of fun, thoughtful invitations that can be adapted to suit your purpose.

Demure, festive, colorful, messy – each of Mixbook’s designs will accommodate the theme and time of your reunion. Photo cards can also be a fun way to go. There’s nothing like looking at a photo of your last reunion in 1989 to make people want to show up and prove their hair doesn’t look like that anymore!

After the Family Reunion

Lastly, memorialize your family reunion with a photo album that everyone can enjoy afterward. Mixbook’s Family Reunion album is an easy way to get all of your treasured photos in one place. Or create your own style to reflect exactly what your family reunion felt like.

The picture from that muddy, impromptu football game where Grandpa scored the winning touchdown is a keeper that everyone needs to relish. Or when cousin Maggie (age 2) and cousin Teddy (age 2) kissed and held hands – that definitely needs to be saved in a photo book for blackmail purposes later.

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