4 of the Best Save the Date Magnet Ideas From Our Experts

4 of the Best Save the Date Magnet Ideas From Our Experts

Ideas for the perfect Save the Date magnet cards

Your very special day is as much about you as it is about the special people you want to have there. Save the Date cards are the perfect way to make sure that your loved ones will be able to witness the beginning of this new chapter of your life.

While classic paper cards are fine and dandy, it’s easy to misplace them or lose them in the paper clutter in your home; which is why some people like to hang them on their fridge, to make sure they don’t forget. So why not cut to the chase and make Save the Date magnets from the get-go?

Not only are you gifting your friend a beautiful extra piece of kitchen decor, but you're also being extra thoughtful, showing them that they are really wanted at this event. Everybody opens their fridge, or at least passes by it, multiple times a day - it’s a surefire method to remember the very special date.


Save the Date Magnet Essentials

Send them out 6 months prior to the wedding day. Except if you plan on having a wedding that’s out of town, state or country, or if your date coincides with a major national holiday. In this scenario 8 or 9 months prior would be more acceptable. Here’s more on our Save the Date etiquette.

Make sure to double check the list of people you’re sending the magnets to, as etiquette dictates you need to send a wedding invite to anyone who receives a Save the Date. And yes, you still have to send wedding invites - one or two months ahead of the wedding.

The magnet should include your names, location, and, obviously, the date. In case you’re having a smaller scale wedding you can personalize the magnets and include the names of the people you’re sending them to. Things like RSVP’s, hour, and dress code can be left for when you send out the actual wedding invites.

In case you’re wondering about what you should include on a regular Save the Date card, make sure to read our save the date etiquette article about that.


Design Ideas for Your Save the Date

Doing a magnet as opposed to a regular card may leave you stumped for ideas for a second there, so here are some tips for you to start with. The most important thing is to remember to have fun with them, as they are not as formal as a wedding invitation!

1. The Sweet & Simple

Sometimes the best way to end up with something that pleases the eye is to not overthink it. White backgrounds are trending right now, and with good reason too, as they really put the emphasis on the information that is laid onto them. Choosing a big font for the date and a slightly smaller one for your names will further accentuate the important parts of the magnet.

2. The “Never goes out of Style”

Classics are considered classic for a reason - they almost always work. Choose your favorite picture of you and your significant other. Depending on if it's vertical or horizontal, choose a frame accordingly, even if it’s simply some white space between the edge of the magnet and picture. And then simply add the information that you want to relate, after choosing an appropriate font from Mixbook’s large library.

3. The Photo Booth

The first coin-operated photo booth was featured in Paris in 1889. And as old as it is, the classic 4x1 photo snippet it makes has stayed as sweet and valuable to couples around the world, as ever. You can choose an old one you have (maybe from a first date) and digitalize it, or go to the nearest mall or carnival and make a new one. You could feature your engagement rings in one of the pictures if you opt for the latter one. Then just put it on the side of a vertically oriented magnet and put the info on the opposite side. Voila!

4. The Destination Wedding

In case you have a destination wedding there are a couple of ways to have fun with your Save the Date magnet. If it’s outside of your town of state, you can put part of the map on the card with a route to the destination on it. Outside of the country, you say? Find a suitable picture of a passport cover and write the details in the same font that your passport uses. A fun alternative is to use stylized pictures of you and your partner as if they are straight from your passport ID page. Or you know, if you’re one of the lucky few that came out well on your passport picture, you can just use that!


Ask your friends to take a picture of the magnet on their fridge and post it on your Instagram tagging #Mixbook! Don’t hesitate to tell us which idea you liked best by dropping a message in the comment section!

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