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Brittany Putman RVC

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1: Page 1..... Table of Contents Page 2..... Mesopotamia Page 3.....China Page 4.....Egypt Page 5.....India

2: Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia is located between the Euphrates and the Tigris River. | Mesopotamia's written language is called Cuneiform. | The word Mesopotamia in Greek means "Land between the rivers". | The Sumer's earliest governments were controlled by the temple priests. | The Sumerian's stand out in history as the first people to start a civilization.

3: The Sumerian's earliest government were controlled by the Temple Priests. | From the ziggurat the Priests managed the irrigation system. | The Sumerian's city grew prosperous from the surplus of crops from their farms. | The Sumerian's worked hard to earn the protection of the Gods . | By taking control of Northern and the Southern Mesopotamia, Sargon created the first Empire.

4: China | Two major river systems flow from the mountainous west to the pacific ocean. The Huang He (found in the north) and the Chang Jiang (flows to the east). | When the Huang He deposits huge amounts of yellowish silt when it overflows. This silt is known as loess. | In the Chinese method of writing,each character generally stands for one syllable. | The family was central to Chinese society. The most important virtue was respect for one's parents. | To justify their conquest, the Zhou leaders declared that the final Shang king had been such a poor ruler that the gods had taken away the Shang's rule and given it to the Zhou.

5: China's first civilization developed in a river valley. | In the Chinese view, anyone who lived outside of Chinese civilzation were barbarians. | When a girl was between 13 and 16 years old,her marriage was arranged,and she moved into the house of her husband. | Only by bearing sons for her husband's family, could the mother of the house hope to improve her status. | The Zhou ruled from around 1027 to 256 B.C. The Zhou was generally peaceful and stable

6: China is located between the Yellow (Huang He) and the Yangtze Rivers | China also has the Himalaya Mountains to the South and the Gobi dessert to the North. | When feudalism occurs Kings are giving noble land and the noble gives the military services to the King. | The most important thing at this time was their family. The living and the past family. They thought that ancestors brought blessing or curses (patriarchal families). | Bronze and iron were major parts of working. | Egypt

7: With nature so much in their favor, Egyptians tended to approach life more confidently and optimistically. | Ancient Egyptians lived along the Nile from the mouth well into the interior of Africa. | xxxx

8: India | India is located between the Indus and the Ganges Rivers. | India was the first to use the grid system. They made up this system so they could have major buildings in the middle. | Around this time is when the Hindu culture started. It was polytheistic people. | Seasonal winds called monsoons dominate India's climate. | Indus Valley civilization Is sometimes called Harappan civilization,because of the many archaeological discoveries made at that site.

9: The harappan city was built partially built on mud-brick platforms to protect it from flooding. | The Indus Valley Civilization went from 3100-1500 B.C | The Indus civilization does have a written language but Linguists have not found any inscriptions that are bilingual. | As with the other cultures, the rulers of the Harappan civilization are believed to have close ties to religion. | One of the most remarkable achievements of the Indus Valley people was their sophisticated city planning

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