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Senior Farewell

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S: The High School Years of Victoria Ko

BC: This Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

FC: Senior Farewell Victoria Ko Class of 2011

1: It's been a long ride on this "Four Year Run" | From 2007 to 2011 | Part 1: Significant Moments...

2: Stallion Stampede 2009-Cross Country Race I could not feel my toes, due to the fact that it was about 32 degrees and raining droplets like daggers. My coach told me to run my best, but I did not and instead, I jogged the entire race. I was overcome by the environment and surrendered myself to it. October 17th 2009 is a day that will be hard to forget. | The Stranger and the Effects of Nature | “All I could feel were the cymbals of sunlight crashing on my forehead and, indistinctly, the dazzling spear flying up from the knife in front of me” ( Camus 59)

3: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | L ONG RUNS | “Madame Ratigonolle laid her hand over that of Mrs. Pontellier, which was near her. Seeing that the hand was not drawn, she clasped it firmly and warmly” (Chopin 18) | Feminine Bonding & Society's Expectations For cross country, the girls team was sent out for "long runs" for about an hour. It just so happens that an hour is the perfect amount of time to order and eat Chinese food. We went against the rules set forth by our coach and enjoyed each other's company just eating, laughing, and unsuccessfully attempting to run back to school to finish that day's practice.

4: Annie Dillard on Boys: An American Childhood | How light the blond boy’s shoulders felt! With what smooth disdain did the blond boy lead me walking beside him four steps before he pulled me in again to him, as easily as if my arm had been the bowline of a boat! (Dillard 189) | Teenage Girls & Boys Similar to that of the narrator, I began testing the water with boys during my late adolescence. I started dating my first serious boyfriend during the middle of junior year. Even though the speaker's feelings for boys were rather undeveloped, they were still there. | “ | ”

5: Volunteering at the Hospital | “Edg. Tom’s a-cold Glo. In, fellow, there, into the hovel: keep thee warm. Lear. Come, let’s in all. Kent. This way, my lord.Good my lord, soothe him” Act 3 scene IV; pg. 66-7) | King Lear & Volunteering at the Hospital In Shakespeare's "King Lear," Kent, one of King Lear's kinsmen, cares for Lear after he is banished by his daughters and becomes mentally ill. In that similar respect, the volunteer work that I do helps those who are ill (not just mentally!) as they get heal. I have been volunteering for over 2 years and will unfortunately leave upon leaving for college. However, Kent does not leave Lear's side and continues to help him throughout the plot and the play's resolution

6: Annie Dillard--An American Childhood | “I woke up in bits, like all children, piecemeal over the years...I woke up in intervals...I slid into myself perfectly fitted, as a diver meets her reflection in the pool” (Dillard 11) | Similar to that of the speaker, I also felt like "I woke up in intervals," not necessarily to complex thought, but to the progression of high school. It felt as if yesterday was my first day as a scared little, immature freshman; now, I wake up and a university bound senior. My high school experiences seemed to have slipped by, while I lay idle, unaware of my own reflection.

7: The Stranger and Meursault's Voyeurism | “The sky changed again. Above the rooftops the sky had taken on a reddish glow, and with evening coming on the streets came to life. People were straggling back from their walks.” | (Camus 23) | This past winter, my friends and I went to National Harbor to have dinner and roam around. We ended up at the Gaylord Hotel and found a spot overlooking the hotel's entire atrium. From there, we sat up there on our newfound balcony and watched the other guests in the hotel. In this respect, we emulated Meursault and his voyeurism.

8: No More Braces! | “A feeling of exultation overtook her, as if some power of significant import had been given her to control the working of her body and soul. She grew daring and reckless, overestimating her strength.” (Chopin 29; Chapter 5) | When I walked into class that spring morning sophomore year, I knew I had changed; I was stronger and more confident. That day happened to be the day I got my braces off. They had held me back for almost 2 and a half years and I was liberated from them. Edna has a somewhat similar moment of empowerment (shown in the quotation above) in that she too gains a tighter grip on her body and soul. | Metal free!

9: Ice-Skating | “One night during the second week of the big snow I saw Jo Ann Sheehy skating on the street. I remembered this sight for its beauty and strangeness” (Dillard 29) | I've been ice-skating before but this time was different. In the middle of Pentagon Row a professional figure skater--at least by the looks of it--was practicing in the middle of the arena. I watched in awe, hoping that I could one day possess the grace that she kept. In the same way that Annie admired Jo Ann, I admired that anonymous figure skater.

10: California w/ friends | The Ramsays's vacationed on the Isle of Skye during the summer where most of the novel takes place. It is described to have a beautiful setting with"far sand hills" that the characters continuously admire throughout the course of this novel. (Woolf 1.4) | The summer before senior year, I went to California with one of my friends. The geography of Southern California (where I stayed!) paralleled the rolling hills of the Isle of Skye with its relatively mountainous terrain.

11: Sweet 16 | “Okonkwo brought out kola nut. And placed it before the priest” (Achebe 30) | The way in which Okonkwo and his tribe held close to their traditions is similar to the tradition of celebrating a "Sweet 16." One's Sweet 16 in itself is somewhat of a ritual similar to that of the kola nut breaking. Olivia and I ended up inviting a couple of our friends for a fancy dinner at Rue 123.


13: Theme: Perception vs. Reality | After "graduating" from Poe Middle School, I thought I was now a new, cool high schooler. It has lately occurred to me how "cool" I actually was. My perception of myself was clouded by my freshmen arrogance. It is funny to reminisce about the stupid things I did as a freshman that I believed to be "cool"

14: USE OF MINOR CHARACTERS | Jonathan and SNHS's sponsors | This year with Annandale's Science National Honor Society (SNHS), I participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) "Pennies for Patients." During the movie night we hosted to raise money, we were visited by Jonathan (last name was unavailable for privacy reasons) who is LLS's "Honored Hero." He had leukemia when he was younger and over the past few years he has had multiple relapses. Yet, that does not stop him from pursuing is dreams in going to university. He is looking to go to medical school specializing in oncology and is truly inspiring

15: Symbolism: Piano | May 2002 | I have been playing piano for most of my life, starting in 2001. It has been a medium for me to express my inner thoughts and feelings. I believe that my piano playing is symbolic of my maturation. I began with simple, one handed songs in 2nd grade and have now advanced to more intricate pieces. This is reflective of how my life has become increasingly more complex as time goes on. It has become a major part of my life.

16: FLASHBACK to my underclassmen years | Especially now that I am a senior, I have been looking back on my years at Annandale High School. It has been interesting to say the least. The way that my peers as well as myself have changed is uncanny. I cannot seem to fathom as to where all the time has gone! From pretending to be a gangster, to running camp, to cross country and sports; it has truly been a fun run (no pun intended).

17: HYPERBOLE | high school kills me... | Victoria Ko lack of sleep | There were numerous points in my high school career in which I thought I was going to die (mainly due to sleep deprivation). I will never forget the fact that my first all-nighter was not for pleasure, but for finishing an English project junior year. Despite the fact that this statement is an over exaggeration, it does correctly express my sentiments towards the rigorous work load!

18: Conflict: Individual vs. Self | I believe that one of the major processes throughout high school is to find out who you are. High school is the place where students transition from their youth into their lives as young adults. It is important to choose wisely, as high school serves as a foundation of who one will become for the rest of one's life. | Who to be...? | Who to be...?

19: Track & Cross Country | IRONY | Throughout high school, I have actively participated in 11 out of the 12 sports seasons. One would think that I enjoy running track and cross country...truth is: I hate competitive running. Despite my dislike, I do not regret joining the teams; I met a few of my good friends there and we have shared a countless number of memories!

20: SIMILE: my backpack makes me feel like a mule | I remember the days in elementary school where all we had to carry were folders with a few papers in them. High school, on the other hand, gives a while new meaning to the word backpack. The sheer enormity was enough to knock down a building! The toting of books from class A to class B made me feel like an animal hauling goods.

21: Part 3: Remember Me Poem

22: Remember Me... Remember me when I leave Annandale: a place I have grown to love. Remember me when I go off to university, away from my family and those closest to me. Remember me when I get into medical school and start my rounds, going from patient to patient. Remember me when I receive my doctorate and cure those who are ill. Remember me when you see me an a white flowing gown, standing at the altar. Remember me when I have my first child who might someday become an Atom. Remember me when I retire, old but still full of life. Remember my life as I pass on anew. Remember me as Victoria Ko.

23: Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor, 1994. Print. Camus, Albert. The Stranger. New York: Knopf, 1993. Print. Chopin, Kate. The Awakening. New York: Avon, 1972. Print. Dillard, Annie. An American Childhood. New York: Harper & Row, Shakespeare, William. King Lear. New Haven: Yale UP, 2007. Print. Woolf, Virginia. To the Lighthouse. New York: Harcourt, Brace &, | 1987. Print. | 1927. Print.

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